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Abbreviation:   CSTR  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   continuous stirred tank reactor
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Laser Driven Flow Chemistry Platform for Scaling Photochemical Reactions with Visible Light. ---
2019 Acclimatization contributes to stable anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste under extreme ammonia levels: Focusing on microbial community dynamics. AD, OFMSW
2019 Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Vegetable and Fruit Market Waste in LBR + CSTR Two-Stage Process for Waste Reduction and Biogas Production. LBR, VFA, VFW, VS
2019 Anaerobic digestion performance and microbial community structure of corn stover in three-stage continuously stirred tank reactors. AD, OLR, TSAD
2019 Application of IWA Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 to simulate butyric acid, propionic acid, mixed acid, and ethanol type fermentative systems using a variable acidogenic stoichiometric approach. ABR
2019 Changes of nitrogen-removal performance and that of the bacterial community in a mixed culture comprising freshwater and marine anammox bacteria under averaged environmental condition. FAB, MAB
2019 Characterising the two-phase flow and mixing performance in a gas-mixed anaerobic digester: Importance for scaled-up applications. CFD, LFR
2019 Co-digestion of organic and mineral wastes for enhanced biogas production: Reactor performance and evolution of microbial community and function. AD, DFFM, LRFM, MWs
2019 Cultivation and Transcriptional Analysis of a Canonical Nitrospira Under Stable Growth Conditions. NOB, NXR
10  2019 Data of metal and microbial analyses from anaerobic co-digestion of organic and mineral wastes. MWs
11  2019 Diversity and metabolism of xylose and glucose fermenting microbial communities in sequencing batch or continuous culturing. SBR
12  2019 Evaluation of deammonification reactor performance and microrganisms community during treatment of digestate from swine sludge CSTR biodigester. EGSB, NRE, TOC
13  2019 Event-triggered distributed dynamic output-feedback dissipative control of multi-weighted and multi-delayed large-scale systems. CCL, DOFC
14  2019 Improvement of continuous hydrogen production using individual and binary enzymatic hydrolysates of agave bagasse in suspended-culture and biofilm reactors. TBR
15  2019 Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics analyses reveal oxygen detoxification and mixotrophic potentials of an enriched anammox culture in a continuous stirred-tank reactor. CcP, SOD
16  2019 Novel, linked bioreactor system for continuous production of biologics. ---
17  2019 Performance of Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken Manure Under Gradually Elevated Organic Loading Rates. AD, OLRs, TAN, VBPR, VS
18  2019 Removal of metals from wastewaters by mineral and biomass-based sorbents applied in continuous-flow continuous stirred tank reactors followed by sedimentation. ---
19  2019 Removal of silica from brackish water by integrated adsorption/ultrafiltration process. IOAs, UF
20  2019 Synergic effect of adsorption and biodegradation enhance cyanide removal by immobilized Alcaligenes sp. strain DN25. PUF, SAB
21  2019 Temporal variation in bacterial and methanogenic communities of three full-scale anaerobic digesters treating swine wastewater. AF, GJ, HS, SC
22  2019 The impact of mixtures of xylose and glucose on the microbial diversity and fermentative metabolism of sequencing-batch or continuous enrichment cultures. SBR
23  2019 Use of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor for the Determination of Electrospray Response Factors and Its Application to Underivatized Sugars Under Various Solvent Parameters. ESI
24  2019 [Carbon and Nitrogen Removal Characteristics of ABR Decarbonization-CANON Coupling Process]. ANAMMOX, CANON
25  2019 [Influence of Sludge Retention Time on the Performance and Stability of Mesophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of Food Waste with Waste Activated Sludge]. FW, OLR, SRT, WAS
26  2018 A hybrid constructed wetland for organic-material and nutrient removal from sewage: Process performance and multi-kinetic models. BMA, LMG, MR, PFR
27  2018 A novel approach of modeling continuous dark hydrogen fermentation. FIW, HRT
28  2018 Achieving an extraordinary high organic and hydraulic loadings with good performance via an alternative operation strategy in a multi-stage constructed wetland system. CW, HLR, RT
29  2018 Analysis of a bio-electrochemical reactor containing carbon fiber textiles for the anaerobic digestion of tomato plant residues. BER, CFT, TPRs
30  2018 Continuous hydrogen and methane production from Agave tequilana bagasse hydrolysate by sequential process to maximize energy recovery efficiency. OLR, VHPR, VMPR
31  2018 Effect of long residence time and high temperature over anaerobic biodegradation of Scenedesmus microalgae grown in wastewater. AnMBR
32  2018 Fermentative hydrogen and methane co-production from anaerobic co-digestion of organic wastes at high loading rate coupling continuously and sequencing batch digesters. ASBRs, CM, FVW, OLR, OMW, VS, WAS
33  2018 Influences of model structure and calibration data size on predicting chlorine residuals in water storage tanks. FO, MC, SRSO, VRRC
34  2018 Magnetite synthesis from ferrous iron solution at pH 6.8 in a continuous stirred tank reactor. ---
35  2018 Mass transfer approach and the designing of horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland systems treating waste stabilisation pond effluent. COD, CWs, HSSF-CWs, WSPs
36  2018 Methane potential of fruit and vegetable waste: an evaluation of the semi-continuous anaerobic mono-digestion. AD, BMP, FVW, OLRs, VFA
37  2018 Modeling and simulation of enzymatic gluconic acid production using immobilized enzyme and CSTR-PFTR circulation reaction system. CSTR-PFTR, GOD, PFTR
38  2018 Modelling of an anaerobic plug-flow reactor. Process analysis and evaluation approaches with non-ideal mixing considerations. PFR, PR, TR
39  2018 Performance intensification of a stirred bioreactor for fermentative biohydrogen production. ---
40  2018 Reaction kinetics in open reactors and serial transfers between closed reactors. ---
41  2018 Remediation of sedimented fiber originating from pulp and paper industry: Laboratory scale anaerobic reactor studies and ideas of scaling up. HRT, OLR
42  2018 Stratification of microbial communities throughout a biological sulphate reducing up-flow anaerobic packed bed reactor, revealed through 16S metagenomics. BSR, HRT, UAPBR
43  2018 Synthetic olive mill wastewater treatment by Fenton's process in batch and continuous reactors operation. tau, TPh
44  2018 Upgrading methane fermentation of food waste by using a hollow fiber type anaerobic membrane bioreactor. HF-AnMBR, OLRs, SAR
45  2018 [Granular Characteristics of Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation Sludge During the Recovery Process]. ANAMMOX, EPS
46  2018 [Reactivation Performance of Nitrosation Flocculent Sludge After Long-term Storage]. EPS, MLSS, MLVSS, SVI
47  2017 Adaptation of continuous biogas reactors operating under wet fermentation conditions to dry conditions with corn stover as substrate. CS, SS-AD
48  2017 Ammonia tolerant inocula provide a good base for anaerobic digestion of microalgae in third generation biogas process. BMP
49  2017 Development and testing of a fast conceptual river water quality model. PFR
50  2017 Different cultivation methods to acclimatise ammonia-tolerant methanogenic consortia. ---
51  2017 Effect of biogas sparging on the performance of bio-hydrogen reactor over a long-term operation. HPR, UASB
52  2017 Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time on Anaerobic Digestion of Wheat Straw in the Semicontinuous Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactors. HRT
53  2017 Effect of hydraulic retention time on suppression of methanogens during a continuous biohydrogen production process using molasses wastewater. HPR, HRT, OLR
54  2017 Effect of pH on ethanol-type acidogenic fermentation of fruit and vegetable waste. ---
55  2017 Effects of loading rate and temperature on anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge in a high frequency feeding system, looking in particular at stability and efficiency. HFF, OLR
56  2017 Importance of inoculum source and initial community structure for biogas production from agricultural substrates. HRT
57  2017 Influence of fluid dynamics on anaerobic digestion of food waste for biogas production. CFD
58  2017 Investigation of different ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic acid-enhanced washing configurations for remediation of a Cu-contaminated soil: process kinetics and efficiency comparison between single-stage and multi-stage configurations. EDDS, L/S
59  2017 Long-term performance of anaerobic digestion for crop residues containing heavy metals and response of microbial communities. ---
60  2017 Microbial communities of biomethanization digesters fed with raw and heat pre-treated microalgae biomasses. ---
61  2017 Nitrification in a completely stirred tank reactor treating the liquid phase of digestate: The way towards rational use of nitrogen. FNA, LPD, NOB
62  2017 Optimization of ion exchange sigmoidal gradients using hybrid models: Implementation of quality by design in analytical method development. CEX-HPLC, DoE, mAbs, QbD
63  2017 Oxidative degradation of tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) by UV/persulfate and associated acute toxicity assessment. HRT, TMAH, UV
64  2017 Removal of hydrogen sulfide generated during anaerobic treatment of sulfate-laden wastewater using biochar: Evaluation of efficiency and mechanisms. COD, HRT
65  2017 Rotating packed bed reactor for enzymatic synthesis of biodiesel. RPB
66  2017 Serial completely stirred tank reactors for improving biogas production and substance degradation during anaerobic digestion of corn stover. ---
67  2017 Short- and long-term orange dye effects on ammonium oxidizing and anammox bacteria activities. AOB, SBR
68  2017 Swine manure treatment by anaerobic membrane bioreactor with carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus recovery. AnMBR, MLSS
69  2017 The completely annotated genome and comparative genomics of the Peptoniphilaceae bacterium str. ING2-D1G, a novel acidogenic bacterium isolated from a mesophilic biogas reactor. rrn
70  2017 [Effect of the Flow Patterns of Main-stream Reactors on the Efficiency of Nitrification Enhancement with Bioaugmentation]. AOB, AUR, FISH, NOB, NUR, SBR
71  2017 [Fast Start-up of Shortcut Nitrification in a CSTR and an MBR]. DO, HRT, MBR, MLSS, MLVSS, SVI
72  2016 3-Chloro-1,2-propanediol biodegradation by Ca-alginate immobilized Pseudomonas putida DSM 437 cells applying different processes: mass transfer effects. 3CPD, PBR
73  2016 Adaptive control of nonlinear system using online error minimum neural networks. ELM, OEM-ELM
74  2016 Anaerobic digestion of sulfate-acidified cattle slurry: One-stage vs. two-stage. AcCM, CM
75  2016 Bioflocculation management through high-rate contact-stabilization: A promising technology to recover organic carbon from low-strength wastewater. CS, HRAS, PF, RAS, SRT
76  2016 Biohydrogen production from waste bread in a continuous stirred tank reactor: A techno-economic analysis. NPV, TAPC, TCI
77  2016 Cascade degradation of organic matters in brewery wastewater using a continuous stirred microbial electrochemical reactor and analysis of microbial communities. CMZ, CSMER, MEZ
78  2016 Continuous biohydrogen production from waste bread by anaerobic sludge. COD
79  2016 Coupling of acrylic dyeing wastewater treatment by heterogeneous Fenton oxidation in a continuous stirred tank reactor with biological degradation in a sequential batch reactor. SBR, TOC
80  2016 Development of an Intermittent-Flow Enantioselective Aza-Henry Reaction Using an Arylnitromethane and Homogeneous Bronsted Acid-Base Catalyst with Recycle. PFR
81  2016 Dissipation and runoff transport of metazachlor herbicide in rapeseed cultivated and uncultivated plots in field conditions. ---
82  2016 Effect of organic loading rate on dark fermentative hydrogen production in the continuous stirred tank reactor and continuous mixed immobilized sludge reactor from waste pastry hydrolysate. CMISR, OLR
83  2016 Efficient azo dye decolorization in a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) with built-in bioelectrochemical system. AYR, CSTR-BES, DE
84  2016 High-rate anaerobic co-digestion of kraft mill fibre sludge and activated sludge by CSTRs with sludge recirculation. VS
85  2016 HRT dependent performance and bacterial community population of granular hydrogen-producing mixed cultures fed with galactose. HPR, HY, OLR
86  2016 Hydrolysis-acidogenesis of food waste in solid-liquid-separating continuous stirred tank reactor (SLS-CSTR) for volatile organic acid production. FW, Hy-Aci, OLR, SLS-CSTR, SLS-CSTR, VFA
87  2016 Identifiability of sorption parameters in stirred flow-through reactor experiments and their identification with a Bayesian approach. EK
88  2016 Microbial granulation for lactic acid production. HRT, LA, UASB
89  2016 Production of biohythane from food waste via an integrated system of continuously stirred tank and anaerobic fixed bed reactors. AFBR, HRT
90  2016 Radiocesium removal system for environmental water and drainage. PBN, RCs
91  2016 Reduction of the hydraulic retention time at constant high organic loading rate to reach the microbial limits of anaerobic digestion in various reactor systems. ASBR, FBR, HRT
92  2016 Water-energy nexus: Anaerobic co-digestion with elephant grass hydrolyzate. EGH, HRT, OLR, SCOD, SS
93  2015 Adaptation of acidogenic sludge to increasing glycerol concentrations for biohydrogen production. DGGE, HRT, rRNA, SSCP
94  2015 An integrated approach for efficient biomethane production from solid bio-wastes in a compact system. AD, BSG, EGSB, OLRs, PM, SBR
95  2015 Anaerobic digestion of paunch in a CSTR for renewable energy production and nutrient mineralization. HRT, OLR
96  2015 Anaerobic digestion performance of vinegar residue in continuously stirred tank reactor. AD, OLR
97  2015 Analysis of conservative tracer measurement results using the Frechet distribution at planted horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands filled with coarse gravel and showing the effect of clogging processes. CDT, HRT, HSFCW-C
98  2015 Bacterial community dynamics in a swine wastewater anaerobic reactor revealed by 16S rDNA sequence analysis. COD, HRT, OTUs
99  2015 Batch, design optimization, and DNA sequencing study for continuous 1,3-propanediol production from waste glycerol by a soil-based inoculum. 1,3-PD
100  2015 Biofilm formation by designed co-cultures of Caldicellulosiruptor species as a means to improve hydrogen productivity. c-di-GMP, UA