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Abbreviation:   CTC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   charge transfer complex
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Redox- and Ligand Binding-Dependent Conformational Ensembles in the Human Apoptosis-Inducing Factor Regulate Its Pro-Life and Cell Death Functions. hAIF, HTS, IMS
2018 Charge transfer complex between 2,3-diaminopyridine with chloranilic acid. Synthesis, characterization and DFT, TD-DFT computational studies. AN, CLA, DAP, MeOH
2018 Halobenzoquinone-mediated assembly of amino acid modified Mn-doped ZnS quantum dots for halobenzoquinones detection in drinking water. DBBQ, DBPs, DCBQ, HBQs, PCA, SLDA, TCBQ
2018 Immobilization of dextransucrase on functionalized TiO2 supports. DS
2018 Influence of hierarchization on electron transfers in structured MFI-type zeolites. BSLP, t-St
2018 Multivariate analysis of tioconazole - TCNQ charge transfer interaction: Kinetics, thermodynamics and twofold response optimization. FCCCD, FFD, TCNQ, TCZ
2018 N-Type Organic Thermoelectrics of Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: Improved Power Factor by Molecular Tailoring of the Density of States. D-A, DOS
2018 Regulation of the mechanism of Type-II NADH: Quinone oxidoreductase from S. aureus. S. aureus, tDBDF
2017 Fast photoelectro-reduction of CrVI over MoS2@TiO2 nanotubes on Ti wire. LOAs, PEC
10  2017 Reaction Mechanism of 4-Chlorobiphenyl and the NO3 Radical: An Experimental and Theoretical Study. 4-CB, DFT, LFP
11  2016 Defining NADH-Driven Allostery Regulating Apoptosis-Inducing Factor. AIF, SAXS
12  2016 Electrochemical Performance of Glucose/Oxygen Biofuel Cells Based on Carbon Nanostructures. CNF, f-CNF, f-MWCNT, GOx, MWCNT
13  2016 Threshold-like complexation of conjugated polymers with small molecule acceptors in solution within the neighbor-effect model. MEH-PPV, NE, P3HT
14  2015 Key Residues Regulating the Reductase Activity of the Human Mitochondrial Apoptosis Inducing Factor. hAIF
15  2015 Simultaneous enzymatic and SERS properties of bifunctional chitosan-modified popcorn-like Au-Ag nanoparticles for high sensitive detection of melamine in milk powder. CSPNPs, LOD, SERRS, SERS, TMB
16  2014 Charge-transfer interactions of metoclopramide nausea drug against six kind of pi-acceptors: spectral and thermal discussions. DDQ, DNB, MCP, p-NBA, PA, RN, TCNQ, XRD
17  2013 High color rending index and high-efficiency white organic light-emitting diodes based on the control of red phosphorescent dye-doped hole transport layer. CRI, TCTA
18  2013 Neighbor effect in complexation of a conjugated polymer. ---
19  2011 Electrochemical and spectrophotometrical investigation of the electron-accepting strength of organic superelectrophiles: X-ray structure of their charge transfer complexes with tetrathiafulvalene. CT, CT, CTS, TTF
20  2011 Estimation of sigma- and pi-donor properties of heterocyclic thioamides by spectroscopic and magnetic resonance methods. BOZ, BTZ, MMI, TCNE
21  2011 IR, 1H NMR, mass, XRD and TGA/DTA investigations on the ciprofloxacin/iodine charge-transfer complex. CIP
22  2011 Macromolecular dynamics of conjugated polymer in donor-acceptor blends with charge transfer complex. DLS, TNF
23  2010 Association function of conjugated polymer charge-transfer complex. TNF
24  2010 Role of specific residues in coenzyme binding, charge-transfer complex formation, and catalysis in Anabaena ferredoxin NADP+-reductase. FNR, HT
25  2010 Synthesis, characterization, spectrophotometric, structural and antimicrobial studies of the newly charge transfer complex of p-phenylenediamine with pi acceptor picric acid. PPD
26  2010 Synthesis, spectrophotometric, structural and thermal studies of the charge transfer complex of p-phenylenediamine, as an electron donor with pi acceptor 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid. DNB, PPD
27  2009 Efficient two-step photogeneration of long-lived charges in ground-state charge-transfer complexes of conjugated polymer doped with fullerene. ---
28  2009 Redox-linked conformational dynamics in apoptosis-inducing factor. AIF
29  2009 Spectrophotometric and spectroscopic studies of complexation of 8-hydroxyquinoline with pi acceptor metadinitrobenzene in different polar solvents. 8-HQ, CT, CTCs, MNB
30  2009 Study of fluorescence characteristics of the charge-transfer reaction of quinolone agents with bromanil. CIP, NOR, OFL
31  2009 Thermal vibrational disorder of a conjugated polymer in charge-transfer complex. MEH-PPV
32  2008 Charge transfer in the TCNQ-sexithiophene complex. ---
33  2008 Spectrophotometric study of the charge transfer complexation of some porphyrin derivatives as electron donors with tetracyanoethylene. HOMO, LUMO, TCNE, TMP, TPP, TTP, Zn-TPP, Zn-TTP
34  2007 An EQCM study on the interaction of heparin with the charge-transfer complex generated during o-tolidine electrooxidation: a biosensing mode with a dynamically renewed surface. EQCM, oTD
35  2007 Raman spectroscopy of intermolecular charge transfer complex between a conjugated polymer and an organic acceptor molecule. MEH-PPV, TNF
36  2006 Remarkable interplay of redox states and conformational changes in a sterically crowded, cross-conjugated tetrathiafulvalene vinylog. DTeF
37  2003 Molecular complexes of antipsychotic pharmaceutical parent molecule phenothiazine and unsaturated acid anhydrides. ClNA, HONA, MA, NA, SA, THPA
38  2002 The charge-transfer complex between protochlorophyllide and NADPH: an intermediate in protochlorophyllide photoreduction. ES, ET, GS, LE
39  2000 Electron acceptors of the fluorene series. 10.(1) novel acceptors containing butylsulfanyl, butylsulfinyl, and butylsulfonyl substituents: synthesis, cyclic voltammetry, charge-transfer complexation with anthracene in solution, and X-ray crystal structures of two tetrathiafulvalene complexes TTF
40  2000 Why is electron transport in the reaction centers of purple bacteria unidirectional? RC
41  1999 Synthesis, X-ray Structure, and Electrochemical Oxidative Coupling Reactions of 1,5- and 2,6-Bis(1,4-dithiafulven-6-yl)naphthalenes. TTF
42  1997 Study of 7,7',8,8'-tetracyanoquinodimethane charge transfer complexes with some lone-pair-donating drugs. TCNQ
43  1996 Design of a stable charge transfer complex electrode for a third-generation amperometric glucose sensor. GOx, SEC, TTF-TCNQ
44  1996 Organic charge transfer complex based printable biosensor. GOD