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Abbreviation:   CTC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   chlortetracycline
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A quadruple-channel fluorescent sensor array based on label-free carbon dots for sensitive detection of tetracyclines. B-CDs, CDs, Dox, G-CDs, OTC, PCA, TC, TCs
2019 Abiotic transformation products of tetracycline and chlortetracycline in salt solutions and manure. TC
2019 Adsorption properties, kinetics & thermodynamics of tetracycline on carboxymethyl-chitosan reformed montmorillonite. BET, CMC, FTIR, Na-Mt, Tet, TGA, XRD
2019 Attenuation of tetracyclines during chicken manure and bagasse co-composting: Degradation, kinetics, and artificial neural network modeling. OTC, TCH, TCs
2019 Chlorella vulgaris enhance the photodegradation of chlortetracycline in aqueous solution via extracellular organic matters (EOMs): Role of triplet state EOMs. EOMs
2019 Contrastive removal of oxytetracycline and chlortetracycline from aqueous solution on Al-MOF/GO granules. OTC, TCs
2019 Development and evaluation of diffusive gradients in thin films based on nano-sized zinc oxide particles for the in situ sampling of tetracyclines in pig breeding wastewater. DGT, nanoZnO, OTC, PES, TC, TCs
2019 Dietary effects of commercial probiotics on growth performance, digestibility, and intestinal morphometry of broiler chickens. AGP
2019 Effects of chlortetracycline on biological nutrient removal from wastewater. ---
10  2019 Engineered biochar composites with zeolite, silica, and nano-zerovalent iron for the efficient scavenging of chlortetracycline from aqueous solutions. DBC
11  2019 Exploring microbial community structure and biological function in manured soil during ten repeated treatments with chlortetracycline and ciprofloxacin. ARB, CAT, CIP, NPA, OM
12  2019 Metal-Organic Framework Enhances Aggregation-Induced Fluorescence of Chlortetracycline and the Application for Detection. AIE, LOD, Zn-BTEC
13  2019 Tetracycline antibiotics as PI3K inhibitors in the Nrf2-mediated regulation of antioxidative stress in zebrafish larvae. OTC, VAs
14  2019 Tetracycline Residues in Bovine Muscle and Liver Samples from Sicily (Southern Italy) by LC-MS/MS Method: A Six-Year Study. Dox, OTC, TC
15  2019 Uptake, translocation and distribution of three veterinary antibiotics in Zea mays L. RCF, SCFs, SHAM, SMZ, ST, TF, VAs
16  2019 Which animal type contributes the most to the emission of antibiotic resistance genes in large-scale swine farms in China? ARGs, GFP, GS, MGEs, NP, pRDA
17  2018 A fluorescent material for the detection of chlortetracycline based on molecularly imprinted silica-graphitic carbon nitride composite. ---
18  2018 A new approach for the extraction of tetracyclines from soil matrices: application of the microwave-extraction technique. MAE, OTC, TC, TCs
19  2018 A pressurized liquid extraction approach followed by standard addition method and UPLC-MS/MS for a fast multiclass determination of antibiotics in a complex matrix. ASE, CIP, ENR, ME, OTC, ROX, SAM
20  2018 Activation of persulfate by homogeneous and heterogeneous iron catalyst to degrade chlortetracycline in aqueous solution. PS
21  2018 Adsorption of chlortetracycline onto biochar derived from corn cob and sugarcane bagasse. CC, CCB, SB, SBB
22  2018 Antibiotic degradation and microbial community structures during acidification and methanogenesis of swine manure containing chlortetracycline or oxytetracycline. AD, OTC
23  2018 Assessment of Three Antimicrobial Residue Concentrations in Broiler Chicken Droppings as a Potential Risk Factor for Public Health and Environment. 4-epi-CTC, FF, FFA, SCP
24  2018 Biodegradation of tetracycline antibiotics in A/O moving-bed biofilm reactor systems. OTC, TC, TCs
25  2018 Biotic and abiotic dissipation of tetracyclines using simulated sunlight and in the dark. OTC, TC
26  2018 Carbon dots derived from tobacco for visually distinguishing and detecting three kinds of tetracyclines. CDs, OTC, QY, TC
27  2018 Changes to tetracyclines and tetracycline resistance genes in arable soils after single and multiple applications of manure containing tetracyclines. OTC, TC, TCs, TRGs
28  2018 Determination of Chlortetracycline Residues, Antimicrobial Activity and Presence of Resistance Genes in Droppings of Experimentally Treated Broiler Chickens. ---
29  2018 Development of an optical sensor for chlortetracycline detection based on the fluorescence quenching of l-tryptophan. l-Trp
30  2018 Dissipation of antimicrobial resistance genes in compost originating from cattle manure after direct oral administration or post-excretion fortification of antimicrobials. ARG, CTCSMZ, DM, erm, qPCR, sul, Tet, TYL
31  2018 Distribution Characteristics and Ecological Risk Assessment of Tetracyclines Pollution in the Weihe River, China. MC, OTC
32  2018 Effects of chlortetracycline alone or in combination with direct fed microbials on nursery pig growth performance and antimicrobial resistance of fecal Escherichia coli. AMR, DFM, Tet
33  2018 Effects of chlortetracycline on the fate of multi-antibiotic resistance genes and the microbial community during swine manure composting. ARGs, ENR, ERY, SMZ
34  2018 Effects of chlortetracycline, Cu and their combination on the performance and microbial community dynamics in swine manure anaerobic digestion. ---
35  2018 Effects of In-Feed Chlortetracycline Prophylaxis in Beef Cattle on Antimicrobial Resistance Genes. ARGs, BRD, dpt
36  2018 Evolution of microbial communities during electrokinetic treatment of antibiotic-polluted soil. ARGs, EKA, OTC, TC
37  2018 Factors influencing the removal of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes by the electrokinetic treatment. ARB, ARGs, OTC, TC
38  2018 Highly luminescent nitrogen-doped carbon dots for simultaneous determination of chlortetracycline and sulfasalazine. N-CDs, QY, SSZ
39  2018 Inhibitive effects of chlortetracycline on performance of the nitritation-anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) process and strategies for recovery. AnAOB, AOB
40  2018 Macleaya cordata helps improve the growth-promoting effect of chlortetracycline on broiler chickens. OTU
41  2018 Magnetic chitosan-based adsorbent prepared via Pickering high internal phase emulsion for high-efficient removal of antibiotics. CTS-g-AMPS, Pickering-HIPEs, TC
42  2018 Pharmacokinetics of chlortetracycline in maternal plasma and in fetal tissues following oral administration to pregnant ewes. ---
43  2018 Polyethyleneimine capped bimetallic Au/Pt nanoclusters are a viable fluorescent probe for specific recognition of chlortetracycline among other tetracycline antibiotics. NCs, TCs
44  2018 Prediction of chlortetracycline adsorption on the Fe3O4 nanoparticle using molecular dynamics simulation. MD, NP
45  2018 Qualitative and quantitative drug residue analyses: Chlortetracycline in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and supermarket meat by liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry. 4-epi-CTC, HLB, MRL
46  2018 Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals that chemotaxis is involved in chlortetracycline resistance of Aeromonas hydrophila. TCA
47  2018 Reprint of: Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals that chemotaxis is involved in chlortetracycline resistance of Aeromonas hydrophila. TCA
48  2018 Systematic analysis of occurrence and variation tendency about 58 typical veterinary antibiotics during animal wastewater disposal processes in Tianjin, China. COD, TCs, TN, TP, VAs
49  2018 Tetracycline antibiotics transfer from contaminated milk to dairy products and the effect of the skimming step and pasteurisation process on residue concentrations. DC, OTC, TC, TCs
50  2018 [Effects of Tetracycline Antibiotics on Growth and Characteristics of Enrichment and Transformation in Two Vegetables]. BCF, OTC, Pn, TC, TF, Tr
51  2017 A novel biochar derived from cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L.) roots could remove norfloxacin and chlortetracycline efficiently. NOR
52  2017 Degradation of chlortetracycline in wastewater sludge by ultrasonication, Fenton oxidation, and ferro-sonication. FO, FO, RSM, UlS
53  2017 Direct extraction of tetracyclines from bovine milk using restricted access carbon nanotubes in a column switching liquid chromatography system. Dox, OXI, RACNTs, TC
54  2017 Effects of chlortetracycline and copper on tetracyclines and copper resistance genes and microbial community during swine manure anaerobic digestion. ARGs, HMRGs, MGEs
55  2017 Effects of several in-feed antibiotic combinations on the abundance and diversity of fecal microbes in weaned pigs. COL, ER, OLA, VIR, ZB
56  2017 Elucidating the Stimulatory and Inhibitory Effects of Dissolved Organic Matter from Poultry Litter on Photodegradation of Antibiotics. CIP, DOM, ROX, SMX, SRN
57  2017 Evaluation of the antibiotics effects on the physical and chemical parameters during the co-composting of sewage sludge with palm wastes in a bioreactor. C/N, CIP, ENR, OTC, RXY
58  2017 From illite/smectite clay to mesoporous silicate adsorbent for efficient removal of chlortetracycline from water. IS
59  2017 Global protein expression profile response of planktonic Aeromonas hydrophila exposed to chlortetracycline. ---
60  2017 Gold Nanostar Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance Detection of an Antibiotic at Attomolar Concentrations via an Aptamer-Antibody Sandwich Assay. GNS, HPLC, OTC, SPR, TC
61  2017 Interactions of tetracyclines with ovalbumin, the main allergen protein from egg white: Spectroscopic and electrophoretic studies. OTC, OVA, TC
62  2017 Participation of phosphofructokinase, malate dehydrogenase and isocitrate dehydrogenase in capacitation and acrosome reaction of boar spermatozoa. AR, IDH, MDH, PFK
63  2017 Study of TALP and TRIS citrate medium on caprine sperm capacitation and subsequent in vitro embryo production. COCs, TALP
64  2017 Toxicity and Genotoxicity of Three Antimicrobials Commonly Used in Veterinary Medicine. CA, ENF, MN, OTC
65  2017 Uptake of the veterinary antibiotics chlortetracycline, enrofloxacin, and sulphathiazole from soil by radish. ENR, RSD, STZ
66  2017 [Removal of Chlortetracycline and Morphological Changes in Heavy Metals in Swine Manure Using the Composting Process]. ---
67  2016 Adsorption study of environmentally relevant concentrations of chlortetracycline on pinewood biochar. PhACs, SEM
68  2016 Antimicrobial growth promoters modulate host responses in mice with a defined intestinal microbiota. ASF, TYL
69  2016 Changes in soil microbial community structure and function associated with degradation and resistance of carbendazim and chlortetracycline during repeated treatments. CBD
70  2016 Combination of antibiotics suppressed the increase of a part of ARGs in fecal microorganism of weaned pigs. ARGs, BC, CBC, CT, DFs, qPCR
71  2016 Degradation of Tetracyclines in Pig Manure by Composting with Rice Straw. DT50, OTC, TC, TCs
72  2016 Dissipation kinetics of oxytetracycline, tetracycline, and chlortetracycline residues in soil. AAFO, FODED, OTC, SFOK, TC, TCs
73  2016 Effects of In-Feed Chlortetracycline Prophylaxis in Beef Cattle on Animal Health and Antimicrobial-Resistant Escherichia coli. 5 dpt, AMR, Tetr
74  2016 Ozonation of chlortetracycline in the aqueous phase: Degradation intermediates and pathway confirmed by NMR. MS, MW, NMR
75  2016 Performance evaluation and microbial community of a sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR) treating mariculture wastewater at different chlortetracycline concentrations. COD, EPS, LB-EPS, SBBR, TB-EPS
76  2016 Residues of chlortetracycline, doxycycline and sulfadiazine-trimethoprim in intestinal content and feces of pigs due to cross-contamination of feed. Dox, SDZ-TRIM
77  2016 The occurrence and fate of tetracyclines in two pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants of Northern China. MS/MS, OTC, PWWTPs, SPE, TC
78  2016 Transformation of Tetracycline Antibiotics and Fe(II) and Fe(III) Species Induced by Their Complexation. HA, OTC, ROS, TCs, TTC
79  2015 6-Iso-chlortetracycline or keto form of chlortetracycline? Need for clarification for relevant monitoring of chlortetracycline residues in food. 4-epi-6-iso-CTC, 4-epi-CTC, 6-iso-CTC, MRL
80  2015 Competitive adsorption/desorption of tetracycline, oxytetracycline and chlortetracycline on two acid soils: Stirred flow chamber experiments. ka, OTC, TC
81  2015 Effect of oxytocin and PGF2alpha on chlortetracycline absorption from the uterus of early postpartum camels (Camelus dromedarius). ---
82  2015 Effects of chlortetracycline and copper supplementation on the prevalence, distribution, and quantity of antimicrobial resistance genes in the fecal metagenome of weaned pigs. tet
83  2015 Oxidation of tetracycline antibiotics induced by Fe(III) ions without light irradiation. OTC, TCs, TTC
84  2015 Performance of vertical up-flow constructed wetlands on swine wastewater containing tetracyclines and tet genes. ARGs, OTC, TC, TCs, VUF-CWs
85  2015 Removal of tetracyclines from swine manure at full-scale activated sludge treatment plants. DC, OTC, TCs
86  2015 Removal of veterinary antibiotics, alkylphenolic compounds, and estrogens from the Wuluo constructed wetland in southern Taiwan. BPA, CAP, CIP, ENR, LMG, MG, NP, OP, OTC, OXO, SDM, SMM, SMR, SMZ, TC
87  2015 Screening method for the determination of tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones in animal drinking water by liquid chromatography with diode array detector. CIP, DC, ENR, FLU, LOD, LOQ, OTC, SAR, SPE, TC
88  2015 The combined and second exposure effect of copper (II) and chlortetracycline on fresh water algae, Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Microcystis aeruginosa. CA, TU
89  2015 Toxicity of chlortetracycline and its metal complexes to model microorganisms in wastewater sludge. Bt, Ea, WWS
90  2015 Use of generalized ordered logistic regression for the analysis of multidrug resistance data. MDR, Prop OR
91  2014 A novel electrochemiluminescence tetracyclines sensor based on a Ru(bpy)₃⁺-doped silica nanoparticles/Nafion film modified electrode. ECL, OTC, TC, TCs
92  2014 A survey of chlortetracycline concentration in feed and its residue in chicken egg in commercial layer farms. ---
93  2014 Biodegradation of three tetracyclines in swine wastewater. OTC, SMC, TC, TCs
94  2014 Effect of the chlortetracycline addition method on methane production from the anaerobic digestion of swine wastewater. ---
95  2014 Effects of chlortetracycline and copper supplementation on antimicrobial resistance of fecal Escherichia coli from weaned pigs. AMR, MDR
96  2014 Feasibility of conventional and single-stage anaerobic ammonium oxidation processes for treating chlortetracycline wastewater. ANAMMOX, TN
97  2014 Microbial response to repeated treatments of manure containing sulfadiazine and chlortetracycline in soil. AWCD, SDZ, TGGE
98  2014 NAADP-sensitive Ca2+ stores in permeabilized rat hepatocytes. ER, NAADP
99  2014 Pharmacokinetics of oral chlortetracycline in nonpregnant adult ewes. AUC
100  2014 Preparation of a novel magnetic microporous adsorbent and its adsorption behavior of p-nitrophenol and chlorotetracycline. ---