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Abbreviation:   CTMC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   connective tissue mast cells
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Mast cells promote small bowel cancer in a tumor stage-specific and cytokine-dependent manner. MCs, SB
2015 Lipopolysaccharides facilitate colonic motor alterations associated to the sensitization to a luminal antigen in rats. IBS, LPS, MMC, OVA
2013 Disodium cromoglycate reverses colonic visceral hypersensitivity and influences colonic ion transport in a stress-sensitive rat strain. DSCG, GI, IBS, WKY
2013 Mast Cell Subsets and Their Functional Modulation by the Acanthocheilonema viteae Product ES-62. PDMC
2012 Liver impairment after portacaval shunt in the rat: the loss of protective role of mast cells? MMC, RMCP-II
2011 Mast cells and ethanol consumption: interactions in the prostate, epididymis and testis of UChB rats. MMC
2008 Establishment of the culture model system that reflects the process of terminal differentiation of connective tissue-type mast cells. ---
2008 Experimental infection of Haemonchus contortus strains resistant and susceptible to benzimidazoles and the effect on mast cells distribution in the stomach of Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus). BZ, MMC
2008 Two pharmacological phases in antigen-induced immediate airway response in rats. EP, IAR, MMCs, OVA, QP
10  2006 Lymphocyte-independent connective tissue mast cells populate murine synovium. MCs, mMCP
11  2005 Antigen challenge induces a supraglottic but not a subglottic edema in the rat larynx. MMC, OA
12  2004 Association of N-myc downregulated gene 1 with heat-shock cognate protein 70 in mast cells. BMMCs, Hsc70, NDRG
13  2003 Differential regulation of the release of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and of eicosanoids by mast cells in rat airways after antigen challenge. DT, MMC, OVA, PT, TNF-alpha
14  2003 Identification of NDRG1 as an early inducible gene during in vitro maturation of cultured mast cells. BMMC, SCF
15  2003 Induction of PYPAF1 during in vitro maturation of mouse mast cells. BMMC, SCF
16  2002 Temporal distribution of distinct mast cell phenotypes during intestinal schistosomiasis in mice. MMC, mMCP-1, p.i
17  2001 Effects of sepsis on mast cells in rat dura mater: influence of L-NAME and VIP. L-NAME, LPS, NO, RMCP1, VIP
18  2001 Mast cells are involved in the gastric hyperemic response to acid back diffusion via release of histamine. CgA IR, GBF, MMC
19  2000 Chondroitin sulphate inhibits connective tissue mast cells. IgE, MMC, NT, RBL, SP
20  2000 Development of dextran sulphate sodium-induced experimental colitis is suppressed in genetically mast cell-deficient Ws/Ws rats. DSS, MMC, MPO
21  2000 Mast cell types and cell-to-cell interactions in lymph nodes of the opossum Didelphis albiventris. LSMC
22  1999 Expression of mast cell proteases in rat lung during helminth infection: mast cells express both rat mast cell protease II and tryptase in helminth infected lung. MMC, RMCP, RMCT
23  1999 Immature peritoneal mast cells in neonatal rats express the CTMC phenotype, as well as functional IgE receptors. MMC, RMCP
24  1999 Immunohistochemical localization of vascular endothelial growth factor in the globule leukocyte/mucosal mast cell of the rat respiratory and digestive tracts. GL, MMC, VEGF
25  1999 Morphological and functional demonstration of rat dura mater mast cell-neuron interactions in vitro and in vivo. CRH, NGF, RMCP I, SP
26  1999 Stem cell factor and interleukin-4 induce murine bone marrow cells to develop into mast cells with connective tissue type characteristics in vitro. BM, IL-4, SCF
27  1998 Induction of cyclooxygenase-2 by secretory phospholipases A2 in nerve growth factor-stimulated rat serosal mast cells is facilitated by interaction with fibroblasts and mediated by a mechanism independent of their enzymatic functions. COX-2, NGF, PLA2, sPLA2
28  1997 Cyclooxygenase-2-dependent delayed prostaglandin D2 generation is initiated by nerve growth factor in rat peritoneal mast cells: its augmentation by extracellular type II secretory phospholipase A2. COX, LysoPS, NGF, PGD2, sPLA2
29  1997 Increased transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) immunoreactivity is independently associated with chronic injury in both consequential and primary radiation enteropathy. RIS, TGF-beta
30  1997 Nitric oxide pathway is induced by Fc epsilon RI and up-regulated by stem cell factor in mouse mast cells. iNOS, MMC, NO, SCF
31  1996 Anti-gastric acid secretory mechanism of 1,6-dihydro-2-[2-(2-methylpropoxy)anilino]-6-oxo-5-pyrimidinecarboxylic acid. Effect on mucosal mast cell. MMC
32  1996 Rat bone marrow-derived mast cells co-cultured with 3T3 fibroblasts in the absence of T-cell derived cytokines require stem cell factor for their survival and maintain their mucosal mast cell-like phenotype. BMMC, CM, RMCP-II, rrSCF
33  1994 Characterization of cultured mast cells derived from Ws/Ws mast cell-deficient rats with a small deletion at tyrosine kinase domain of c-kit. MMC, RCMC, RMCP I
34  1994 Effects of stem cell factor (kit-ligand) and interleukin-3 on the growth and serine proteinase expression of rat bone-marrow-derived or serosal mast cells. BMMC, IL-3, LNCM, RMCP I, SCF
35  1993 Distribution and histochemical characteristics of mast cells in stroma of the cervix squamous cell carcinoma. ---
36  1993 Infection of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis induces development of mucosal-type but not connective tissue-type mast cells in genetically mast cell-deficient Ws/Ws rats. MMC, Nb, RMCP
37  1993 Infection of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis induces normal increase of basophils in mast cell-deficient Ws/Ws rats with a small deletion at the kinase domain of c-kit. MMC, Nb
38  1993 The effect of age on the response of Romney sheep to gastrointestinal nematodes during grazing. FECs, GL/MMC
39  1993 [Study on the relationship between most cells and tumor growth speed during hepatocarcinogenesis in the rats]. MC, MMC, NORs
40  1992 Characteristics and possible functions of mast cell phospholipases A2. BMMC, PC, PE, PS
41  1992 Low c-kit expression of cultured mast cells of mi/mi genotype may be involved in their defective responses to fibroblasts that express the ligand for c-kit. IL-3, MMCP-6, SCF
42  1992 Modulation of integrin expression during mast cell differentiation. BMMC, IL, LPAM
43  1992 Postnatal maturation of mast cell subpopulations in the rat respiratory tract. AB, BN, MMC, RMCP I, SAF, WAG
44  1992 Stimulation of mouse connective tissue-type mast cells by hemopoietic stem cell factor, a ligand for the c-kit receptor. rrSCF, SCF
45  1992 [Phenotypic changes of mast cells during hepatocarcinogenesis in rats]. MMC
46  1992 [Role of mast cells in the development of liver fibrosis during experimental hepatocarcinogenesis in rats]. MC, MMC
47  1991 Cloning of the cDNA and gene for mouse mast cell protease 4. Demonstration of its late transcription in mast cell subclasses and analysis of its homology to subclass-specific neutral proteases of the mouse and rat. KiSV-MC, MMC, mMCP-4
48  1991 Induction of mast cell proliferation, maturation, and heparin synthesis by the rat c-kit ligand, stem cell factor. BMCMC, IL-3, rrSCF164, SCF
49  1991 Murine mast cell colony formation supported by IL-3, IL-4, and recombinant rat stem cell factor, ligand for c-kit. BMMC, SCF
50  1991 Nerve growth factor induces development of connective tissue-type mast cells in vitro from murine bone marrow cells. BMCMC, IL-3, NBMC, NGF
51  1991 Occurrence of mast cells in relation to the distribution of nerve fibers in the rat larynx. 5-HT, CGRP, SP
52  1991 Phenotypic changes in hepatic mast cells accumulating around the metacestodes of Taenia taeniaeformis in rats. HMC, MMC, p.i
53  1991 Role of laminin in localization of human dermal mast cells. BM
54  1991 Study on staining methods for mast cells in the nasal mucosa. AB, MMC, NAS-DC, p less than 0.01, TB
55  1991 The rat c-kit ligand, stem cell factor, induces the development of connective tissue-type and mucosal mast cells in vivo. Analysis by anatomical distribution, histochemistry, and protease phenotype. MMC, RMCP, SCF
56  1990 Differences in irradiation susceptibility and turnover between mucosal and connective tissue-type mast cells of mice. MMC
57  1990 Effects of interleukin-3 and interleukin-4 on the development of "connective tissue-type" mast cells: interleukin-3 supports their survival and interleukin-4 triggers and supports their proliferation synergistically with interleukin-3. IL-3, IL-4
58  1990 Synergistic action of phorbol ester and IL-3 in the induction of "connective tissue-type" mast cell proliferation. PKC, TPA
59  1989 Isolation and molecular cloning of mast cell carboxypeptidase A. A novel member of the carboxypeptidase gene family. KiSV-MC
60  1989 Stimulation of connective tissue-type mast cell proliferation by crosslinking of cell-bound IgE. ---
61  1989 Stimulation of mast cell chemotaxis by interleukin 3. SCCM
62  1989 Stochastic model for mast cell proliferation in culture of murine peritoneal cells. MMC
63  1989 Studies of connective tissue mast cell-mediated cytotoxicity. MCG, TNF-alpha, UVB
64  1989 [Alpha-thrombin stimulation of heparin secretion by the peritoneal mast cells in rats]. HMS
65  1988 Generation of leukotriene C4, leukotriene B4, and prostaglandin D2 by immunologically activated rat intestinal mucosa mast cells. LT, MMC, PGD2
66  1988 Histochemical heterogeneity of dermal mast cells in athymic and normal rats. MMC
67  1988 Immortalization of murine connective tissue-type mast cells at multiple stages of their differentiation by coculture of splenocytes with fibroblasts that produce Kirsten sarcoma virus. ---
68  1988 Induction of intestinal mastocytosis in nude mice by repeated injection of interleukin-3. IL-3, MMC
69  1988 Multiple bidirectional alterations of phenotype and changes in proliferative potential during the in vitro and in vivo passage of clonal mast cell populations derived from mouse peritoneal mast cells. MMC, PMC
70  1988 The effect of compound 48/80 and of electrical field stimulation on mast cells in the isolated mouse stomach. EFS, MMC
71  1988 The role of mast cells in wound healing. MLMC, MLMC
72  1987 Changing processes from bone marrow-derived cultured mast cells to connective tissue-type mast cells in the peritoneal cavity of mast cell-deficient w/wv mice: association of proliferation arrest and differentiation. ---
73  1987 Genetically mast cell-deficient W/Wv mice as a tool for studies of differentiation and function of mast cells. MMC
74  1987 Induction of an auto-anti-IgE response in rats. II. Effects on mast cell populations. ISR
75  1987 Interleukin 4 as an essential factor for in vitro clonal growth of murine connective tissue-type mast cells. PWM-SCM
76  1987 Mutual phenotypic changes between connective tissue type and mucosal mast cells. MMC
77  1987 Ontogeny of in vitro-differentiated mouse mast cells. BMMC, MMC
78  1987 Phenotypic analysis of mast cell granule proteinases in normal rat bone marrow cultures. MMC, RMCP I, RMCPII
79  1987 Phenotypic expression of mast cell granule proteinases. Distribution of mast cell proteinases I and II in the rat digestive system. MMC, RMCP I, RMCPII
80  1986 Development of mucosal mast cells after injection of a single connective tissue-type mast cell in the stomach mucosa of genetically mast cell-deficient W/Wv mice. MMC
81  1986 Extensive proliferation of mature connective-tissue type mast cells in vitro. IL-3, MMC
82  1986 Mast cell subsets in the rat distinguished immunohistochemically by their content of serine proteinases. MMC, RMCP 1
83  1984 Bone marrow origin of mucosal mast cells. MMC
84  1984 Turnover of different mast cell pools of histamine in the rat. MMC
85  1984 Turnover of histamine in mucosal and connective tissue mast cells of the rat. 5-HT, MMC
86  1983 Increase of mucosal mast cells in the jejunum of patients infected with Trichinella spiralis. MMC
87  1983 The athymic nude rat. IV. Immunocytochemical study to detect T-cells, and immunological and histopathological reactions against Trichinella spiralis. GL, IMC
88  1982 Effect of fixation on the light microscopical visualization of mast cells in the mucosa and connective tissue of the human duodenum. FA, MMC
89  1972 Immune reactions in mucous membranes. IV. Histochemistry of intestinal mast cells during helminth expulsion in the rat. ---