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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Atmospheric CO2 and VPD alter the diel oscillation of leaf elongation in perennial ryegrass: compensation of hydraulic limitation by stored-growth. LGDZ, VPD
2020 Maximizing leaf carbon gain in varying saline conditions: An optimization model with dynamic mesophyll conductance. Ci
2020 Strong overestimation of water-use efficiency responses to rising CO2 in tree-ring studies. iWUE
2020 Tree water-use efficiency and growth dynamics in response to climatic and environmental changes in a temperate forest in Beijing, China. iWUE, MRB
2019 Linking variation in intrinsic water-use efficiency to isohydricity: acomparison at multiple spatiotemporal scales. iWUE
2019 Water use efficiency and its influencing factors of Platycladus orientalis plantation in Beijing mountains area, China. Ms, Ra, RH, Ta, VPD, WS, WUE
2018 Additive effect of calcium depletion and low resource quality on Gammarus fossarum (Crustacea, Amphipoda) life history traits. HQ1, HUFA
2018 Increased water-use efficiency translates into contrasting growth patterns of Scots pine and sessile oak at their southern distribution limits. BAI, Ci, iWUE
2018 Responses of Intrinsic Water-use Efficiency and Tree Growth to Climate Change in Semi-Arid Areas of North China. iWUE
10  2017 Acute effects of cinacalcet on arterial stiffness and ventricular function in hemodialysis patients: A randomized double-blinded crossover study. cfPWV, crPWV, PTH
11  2017 Association between subclinical hypocalcemia in the first 3 days of lactation and reproductive performance of dairy cows. cSCH, SCH
12  2017 Climate, intrinsic water-use efficiency and tree growth over the past 150 years in humid subtropical China. Ci, iWUE, NML
13  2017 SPME-Based Ca-History Method for Measuring SVOC Diffusion Coefficients in Clothing Material. DiBP, DnBP, RSD, SPME, SVOCs, TCPP
14  2016 Increased water use efficiency does not prevent growth decline of Pinus canariensis in a semi-arid treeline ecotone in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain). iWUE
15  2016 No evidence of general CO2 insensitivity in ferns: one stomatal control mechanism for all land plants? Ci
16  2016 Reductive dehalogenation of endosulfan by cast iron: Kinetics, pathways and modeling. Ct, HCIF
17  2016 Two tropical conifers show strong growth and water-use efficiency responses to altered CO2 concentration. WUE
18  2016 Using models to guide field experiments: a priori predictions for the CO2 response of a nutrient- and water-limited native Eucalypt woodland. NPP
19  2015 A CO2 Concentration Gradient Facility for Testing CO2 Enrichment and Soil Effects on Grassland Ecosystem Function. ---
20  2015 Characterization of VOC Emission from Materials in Vehicular Environment at Varied Temperatures: Correlation Development and Validation. ---
21  2015 Does the growth response of woody plants to elevated CO2 increase with temperature? A model-oriented meta-analysis. MAT, NPP
22  2015 Elevated carbon dioxide is predicted to promote coexistence among competing species in a trait-based model. eC a
23  2015 Elevation-dependent variations of tree growth and intrinsic water-use efficiency in Schrenk spruce (Picea schrenkiana) in the western Tianshan Mountains, China. BAI, iWUE
24  2015 Enhanced osteoblastic differentiation and bone formation in co-culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells with exogenous VEGF. ALP, BM, MNCs, MSCs, PB, VEGF
25  2014 Determination of calcium mobility in alkaline-cooked grounded corn in presence of a magnetic field. ---
26  2014 Role of calcium channels in the protective effect of hydrogen sulfide in rat cardiomyoblasts. VOCCs
27  2014 Tree growth and intrinsic water-use efficiency of inland riparian forests in northwestern China: evaluation via delta13C and delta18O analysis of tree rings. BAI, iWUE
28  2013 Direct and indirect effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on net ecosystem production in a Chesapeake Bay tidal wetland. ---
29  2013 Plaque fluoride concentrations associated to the use of conventional and low-fluoride dentifrices. ---
30  2012 Stability and sustained oscillations in a ventricular cardiomyocyte model. EADs, si
31  2012 [Photosynthetic characteristics of Drynaria fortunei and its relation to environmental factors]. NPR, RH, Ta
32  2011 The role of photon scattering in voltage-calcium fluorescent recordings of ventricular fibrillation. MI, opt, VF
33  2010 5-HT4 and 5-HT2 receptors antagonistically influence gap junctional coupling between rat auricular myocytes. Cxs
34  2010 [CIP and CAP fragments of parathormone and selected parameters of calcium-phosphate balance in patients with chronic kidney disease treated with repeated haemodialysis]. CKD
35  2009 A review of recent insights into the role of the sarcoplasmic reticulum and Ca entry in uterine smooth muscle. RyR, SR
36  2009 Effects of acute variation of dialysate calcium concentrations on arterial stiffness and aortic pressure waveform. AIx, C-R, cf, cPWP, HD, iCa, PTH, PWV, Tr
37  2008 Structural changes in dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer promoted by Ca2+ ions: a small-angle neutron scattering study. DPPC, SANS
38  2007 Estimation of interindividual pharmacokinetic variability factor for inhaled volatile organic chemicals using a probability-bounds approach. HKAF, IVF, P-bounds, Pb, PBPK, PD, PK, RAM, RfCs, SS-ID, VOCs
39  2007 Normocalcemic, subclinical, asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism in patients with goiter or papillary thyroid cancer--preliminary report. Normocalcemic primary hyperparathyroidism and thyroid pathology. ALP, PHPT, PTC, PTH
40  2007 Recombinant Mycobacterium leprae protein associated with entry into mammalian cells of respiratory and skin components. ---
41  2007 Regulation of cardiac L-type Ca2+ current in Na+-Ca2+ exchanger knockout mice: functional coupling of the Ca2+ channel and the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger. KO, WT
42  2006 Fluoride concentrations in dental plaque and saliva after the use of a fluoride dentifrice preceded by a calcium lactate rinse. ---
43  2006 Restless legs syndrome in hemodialysis patients: health-related quality of life and laboratory data analysis. HRQoL, KDQOL-SF, PSQI
44  2006 Sub-second calcium coupling between outside medium and subplasmalemmal stores during overstimulation/depolarisation-induced ciliary beat reversal in Paramecium cells. ---
45  2006 The effect of high-dose vitamin D supplementation on serum vitamin D levels and milk calcium concentration in lactating women and their infants. ---
46  2006 [Prospective study on incidence of primary hyperparathyroidism in patients with goiter]. ALP, PHPT, PTH
47  2005 Prospective randomized multicenter trial of sevelamer hydrochloride and calcium carbonate for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in hemodialysis patients in Japan. CC
48  2004 One-way calcium spill-over during signal transduction in Paramecium cells: from the cell cortex into cilia, but not in the reverse direction. EDX
49  2003 Increments in the concentrations of sodium and calcium in cell compartments of stretched mouse ventricular myocytes. EPMA, SAC
50  2003 [The effects of normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass on plasma concentrations of propofol in arterial, internal jugular bulb, and mixed venous blood]. CPB
51  2002 Influence of arterial vs. venous sampling site on nicotine tolerance model selection and parameter estimation. PK
52  2002 Partitioning of alveolar and conducting airway nitric oxide in scleroderma lung disease. CO, NO
53  2001 Ca(2+) regulation of gap junctional coupling in lens epithelial cells. ---
54  2001 Leaf gas exchange and carbohydrates in tropical trees differing in successional status in two light environments in central Amazonia. NL, Pr, Rd, TNC
55  2000 Sub-second quenched-flow/X-ray microanalysis shows rapid Ca2+ mobilization from cortical stores paralleled by Ca2+ influx during synchronous exocytosis in Paramecium cells. ---
56  1998 Calcium dependent shifts of Na+ channel activation correlated with the state dependence of calcium-binding to the pore. ---
57  1998 Red blood cell rouleaux formation in dextran solution: dependence on polymer conformation. RF, RFV
58  1998 Suppressive responses to calcium and catecholamines in immobilization stress-loaded rats. ---
59  1998 Vitamin D3 and its synthetic analogue secocholestra-trien-1,2, 24-triol influence the metabolism and the isomerization of retinoic acid in human keratinocytes. RA
60  1997 Ionic mechanisms of propagation in cardiac tissue. Roles of the sodium and L-type calcium currents during reduced excitability and decreased gap junction coupling. SF
61  1997 Relationships among calving season, heat load, energy balance and postpartum ovulation of dairy cows in a subtropical environment. FOVL, Glu, MYD, RT, THI
62  1996 Ethanol actions on the mechanisms of Ca2+ mobilization in rat hippocampal cells are mediated by protein kinase C. PKC
63  1995 Plasmalemmal and intracellular Ca2+ pumps as main determinants of slow Ca2+ buffering in rat hippocampal neurones. TG
64  1995 Relaxation in ferret ventricular myocytes: role of the sarcolemmal Ca ATPase. ---
65  1995 The effects of endothelin on vascular tonus. EDRF, ET, IAP
66  1994 Acclimation of photosynthetic proteins to rising atmospheric CO2. Ci
67  1994 Effects of gender and pregnancy on hepatocellular uptake of palmitic acid: facilitation by albumin. HSA, PA
68  1994 Metabotropic ATP receptor in hippocampal and thalamic neurones: pharmacology and modulation of Ca2+ mobilizing mechanisms. ---
69  1993 Spatial and temporal control of intracellular free Ca2+ in chick sensory neurons. ---
70  1993 Two distinct cytosolic calcium responses to extracellular ATP in rat parotid acinar cells. ---
71  1992 Calcium changes in rabbit CSF during endotoxin, IL-1 beta, and PGE2 fever. ASA, CSF, hrIL-1 beta, PGE2, Tr
72  1992 Effects of intravenous dexmedetomidine in humans. II. Hemodynamic changes. CO, DMED, HR
73  1992 Phosphorylation of phospholamban in the intact heart. A study on the physiological role of the Ca(2+)-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase system. PHPL, PSP
74  1992 [Hematological and serum biochemical effects of nursing on the mother in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)]. BUN, Ht, RBC, WBC
75  1991 [Canonical discriminant analysis for hematological and serum biochemical changes during pregnancy period in squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciurea)]. ALB, ALP, BUN, Hb, Ht, MCV, RBC, TCHO, TG, WBC
76  1990 A new approach to the study of aqueous humor dynamics by measuring the intensity of Tyndall's effect. ---
77  1989 Endothelin-induced Ca-independent contraction of the porcine coronary artery. ---
78  1989 Heart rate response to breath-holding during supramaximal exercise. BH, HR
79  1989 Semiparametric approach to pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic data. Ce, Cv, PD, PK
80  1988 Small-conductance chloride channels activated by calcium on cultured endocrine cells from mammalian pars intermedia. IL, Po
81  1988 Soil drying and its effect on leaf conductance and CO2 assimilation of Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp : I. The response to climatic factors and to the rate of soil drying in young plants. Amax, Ci, W e
82  1988 [Multivariate analysis of hematological and serum biochemical values in female cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) aged less than a year]. ALB, ALP, BUN, FCHO, Glu, GOT, GPT, Hb, Ht, MCV, RBC, TCHO, TG, TP, WBC
83  1987 American College of Sports Medicine position stand on blood doping as an ergogenic aid. RBC
84  1987 Quantitative X-ray microanalysis of calcium with the Camebax-TEM system in frozen, freeze-substituted and resin-embedded tissue sections. Application to molluscan glio-interstitial granules. ---
85  1987 The role of extracellular sodium on heart muscle energetics. ---
86  1986 Acetylcholine modulation of the conductance of intercellular junctions between rat lacrimal cells. ACh
87  1986 Calcium currents and transmitter output in cultured spinal cord and dorsal root ganglion neurons. 4-AP, DRG, SC, TEA, TTX
88  1986 Calcium dependence of presynaptic calcium current and post-synaptic response at the squid giant synapse. p.s.c.s
89  1986 Calcium-dependent chloride currents in isolated cells from rat lacrimal glands. ---
90  1986 Fast calcium transients in rat peritoneal mast cells are not sufficient to trigger exocytosis. ---
91  1986 Serial analysis of renal blood flow by positron tomography with rubidium-82. 82Rb, PET
92  1986 The probability of quantal secretion along visualized terminal branches at amphibian (Bufo marinus) neuromuscular synapses. ME
93  1986 The regulation of cytosolic calcium in rat brain synaptosomes by sodium-dependent calcium efflux. ---
94  1985 An alternate method for estimating efferent arteriolar plasma colloid osmotic pressure. Ce, COP
95  1985 Calcium and norepinephrine levels of rat salivary glands after terbutaline, dobutamine or isoproterenol. CC, ISO, NE, RES
96  1985 Changes in intracellular free Ca ion concentration evoked by electrical activity in cat spinal neurons in situ. ---
97  1985 Concentration of ethylene oxide in the alveolar air of occupationally exposed workers. Ci
98  1984 Discrimination of parallel neutral amino acid transport systems in the basolateral membrane of cat salivary epithelium. ---
99  1984 Effect of ions on retinal rods from Bufo marinus. Na
100  1984 Mechanism of caffeine-induced arrhythmias in canine cardiac Purkinje fibers. ---