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Abbreviation:   Cas9  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   CRISPR-associated 9
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing strategies in cardiovascular cells. CRISPR, hiPSCs, TALENs, ZFNs
2020 Current progress of genome editing in livestock. CRISPR, GE, HDR, NHEJ, SCNT, TALENs, ZFNs
2020 Investigation of CRISPR/Cas9-induced SD1 rice mutants highlights the importance of molecular characterization in plant molecular breeding. CRISPR, SD1
2020 Reporter gene knock-in into Marc-145 cells using CRISPR/Cas9-mediated homologous recombination. ASIC1, CRISPR, EGFP, HR, RACGAP1
2020 RNA-based CRISPR-Mediated Loss-of-Function Mutagenesis in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. CRISPR, PS
2020 Successful correction of factor V deficiency of patient-derived iPSCs by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing. CRISPR, FV, HLCs, iPSCs, RNP
2019 Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated 9-mediated mutagenesis of the multiple edematous wings gene induces muscle weakness and flightlessness in Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae). CRISPR
2019 Effect of the sonic hedgehog inhibitor GDC-0449 on an in vitro isogenic cellular model simulating odontogenic keratocysts. CRISPR, NBCCS, OKCs, SHH
2019 Gene Editing in Clinical Practice: Where are We? CRISPR
10  2019 Genome editing for horticultural crop improvement. CRISPR
11  2019 Genome Editing in Mammalian Cell Lines using CRISPR-Cas. CRISPR, HDR, NHEJ, ssODN
12  2019 Hairless-knockout piglets generated using the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat/CRISPR-associated-9 exhibit abnormalities in the skin and thymus. CRISPR, hr
13  2019 Mutagenesis Approaches and Their Role in Crop Improvement. CRISPR, NGS, TALENs
14  2019 Therapeutic Genome Editing by CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Strategy to Cure Genetic Disorders in Humans: Guide for Molecular Surgeons. CRISPR, iPSCs
15  2019 Tracking CRISPR's Footprints. CRISPR, DBSs
16  2018 A patient-derived iPSC model revealed oxidative stress increases facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy-causative DUX4. CRISPR, DDR, DUX4, FSHD, FSHD1, FSHD2, OS
17  2018 Activation of Myofibroblast TRPA1 by Steroids and Pirfenidone Ameliorates Fibrosis in Experimental Crohn's Disease. CD, CRISPR, InMyoFibs, TNBS, TRPA1
18  2018 Advances with using CRISPR/Cas-mediated gene editing to treat infections with hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus. cccDNA, CRISPR
19  2018 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated MSTN disruption and heritable mutagenesis in goats causes increased body mass. CRISPR
20  2018 Generation of new glutinous rice by CRISPR/Cas9-targeted mutagenesis of the Waxy gene in elite rice varieties. AC, CRISPR
22  2018 OsGPAT3 Plays a Critical Role in Anther Wall Programmed Cell Death and Pollen Development in Rice. CRISPR, PCD
23  2018 Site-Specific Fat-1 Knock-In Enables Significant Decrease of n-6PUFAs/n-3PUFAs Ratio in Pigs. CRISPR, n-3 PUFAs, n-6 PUFAs, pRosa26
24  2018 Strategies for In Vivo Genome Editing in Nondividing Cells. CRISPR, DSBs, HDR, TALENs, ZFNs
25  2018 Use of gene-editing technology to introduce targeted modifications in pigs. CRISPR, DSBs, GE, HDR, NHEJ, SCNT, TALENs, ZFNs
26  2018 Verification of DNA motifs in Arabidopsis using CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis. ChIP-seq, CMFs, CRISPR, sgRNA, TFs
27  2018 [Advances in application of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated 9 system in stem cells research]. CRISPR
28  2018 [Research progress of producing genetically modified pigs by CRISPR/Cas9 in the medical field]. CRISPR
29  2017 Applications of genome editing tools in precision medicine research. CRISPR
30  2017 Big Data and Genome Editing Technology: A New Paradigm of Cardiovascular Genomics. CRISPR, CVDs, TALENs, ZFNs
31  2017 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated loss of FGF5 function increases wool staple length in sheep. CRISPR, FGF5, GM, WT
32  2017 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeting of the Rosa26 locus produces Cre reporter rat strains for monitoring Cre-loxP-mediated lineage tracing. CRISPR, imCherry
33  2017 Engineering Molecular Immunity Against Plant Viruses. CRISPR
34  2017 Genome Editing for the Study of Cardiovascular Diseases. CRISPR
35  2017 Genome editing in cardiovascular diseases. CRISPR, TALENs, ZFNs
36  2017 Production of alpha1,3-galactosyltransferase and cytidine monophosphate-N-acetylneuraminic acid hydroxylase gene double-deficient pigs by CRISPR/Cas9 and handmade cloning. CMAH, CRISPR, DKO, HMC, PFFs, SCNT
37  2017 Targeted genome regulation via synthetic programmable transcriptional regulators. CRISPR, TALE, ZFs
38  2017 Transgenic Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat/Cas9-Mediated Viral Gene Targeting for Antiviral Therapy of Bombyx mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus. BmNPV, CRISPR, IE1
39  2017 Treatment of Dyslipidemia Using CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing. CRISPR, PCSK9
40  2016 Combination of the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)-associated 9 technique with the piggybac transposon system for mouse in utero electroporation to study cortical development. CRISPR, NPCs, PB, SOX2
41  2016 CRISPR/Cas9 for Human Genome Engineering and Disease Research. CRISPR
42  2016 Effective screen of CRISPR/Cas9-induced mutants in rice by single-strand conformation polymorphism. CRISPR, SSCP
43  2016 Efficient Generation of Gene-Modified Pigs Harboring Precise Orthologous Human Mutation via CRISPR/Cas9-Induced Homology-Directed Repair in Zygotes. CRISPR, HDR, NHEJ, ssODN
44  2016 Genome editing: the road of CRISPR/Cas9 from bench to clinic. CRISPR, TALENs, ZFNs
45  2016 Genome-Edited Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Macrophages as a Model of Reverse Cholesterol Transport--Brief Report. CRISPR
46  2016 Manipulating the Biosynthesis of Bioactive Compound Alkaloids for Next-Generation Metabolic Engineering in Opium Poppy Using CRISPR-Cas 9 Genome Editing Technology. BIAs, CRISPR
47  2016 The use of CRISPR/Cas associated technologies for cell transplant applications. CRISPR
48  2016 [The application of genome editing in identification of plant gene function and crop breeding]. CRISPR, DSB, HR, NHEJ, TALEN, ZFN
49  2015 Efficient CRISPR/Cas9-mediated biallelic gene disruption and site-specific knockin after rapid selection of highly active sgRNAs in pigs. CRISPR, sgRNA
50  2015 Homology arms of targeting vectors for gene insertions and CRISPR/Cas9 technology: size does not matter; quality control of targeted clones does. CRISPR
51  2015 Improved hematopoietic differentiation efficiency of gene-corrected beta-thalassemia induced pluripotent stem cells by CRISPR/Cas9 system. beta-Thal, CRISPR, hESCs, HSC, iPSCs
52  2014 Dual sgRNAs facilitate CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mouse genome targeting. CRISPR, sg
53  2014 Efficient in vivo deletion of a large imprinted lncRNA by CRISPR/Cas9. CRISPR, lncRNAs, ncRNAs
54  2014 Improving CRISPR-Cas nuclease specificity using truncated guide RNAs. CRISPR, gRNAs, RGNs
55  2014 Microhomology-mediated end-joining-dependent integration of donor DNA in cells and animals using TALENs and CRISPR/Cas9. CRISPR, HR, TALENs