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Abbreviation:   Cd  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   caudate nucleus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Direct and indirect pathways for choosing objects and actions. CDh, CDt, SC, SNr
2019 Locomotion and eating behavior changes in Yucatan minipigs after unilateral radio-induced ablation of the caudate nucleus. ---
2018 Atlas of the Striatum and Globus Pallidus in the Tree Shrew: Comparison with Rat and Mouse. IC, PU
2018 Increased Iron Deposition on Brain Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Correlates with Decreased Cognitive Function in Alzheimer's Disease. AD, DN, GP, MMSE, MoCA, MRI, PT, QSM, RN, ROIs, SN, TH
2015 Age and sex related differences in subcortical brain iron concentrations among healthy adults. DN, GP, PT, Pul, QSM, RN, ROIs, SN, TH
2015 Functional territories in primate substantia nigra pars reticulata separately signaling stable and flexible values. cdlSNr, rvmSNr, SC, SNr
2014 Grasp force matching and brain iron content estimated in vivo in older women. BG, CC, CR, GP, IR, PT
2014 Regional brain shrinkage over two years: individual differences and effects of pro-inflammatory genetic polymorphisms. APOE, CbH, HC, LPFC, OF, PFw, PHG, PT, ROIs, VC
2013 Predeliberation activity in prefrontal cortex and striatum and the prediction of subsequent value judgment. DLPFC, VS, WTA
10  2013 The role of hippocampal iron concentration and hippocampal volume in age-related differences in memory. HC, VC
11  2012 Dopamine affects the change of pain-related electrical activity induced by morphine dependence. DA, PENs, PINs
12  2011 Differential effects of age and history of hypertension on regional brain volumes and iron. EC, HC, PFC, PT, VC
13  2011 Evaluation of markers of oxidative stress, antioxidant function and astrocytic proliferation in the striatum and frontal cortex of Parkinson's disease brains. CI, FC, gamma-GT, GFAP, PD, PUT, SN
14  2010 Comparative transduction efficiency of AAV vector serotypes 1-6 in the substantia nigra and striatum of the primate brain. AAV, AAV2, GFP, SN
15  2009 Biochemical analysis of protein stability in human brain collected at different post-mortem intervals. CB, FC, GFAP, NF, PMI, SN
16  2008 Morphine dependence changes the role of droperidol on pain-related electric activities in caudate nucleus. PENs, PINs
17  2007 Basal ganglia mechanisms of reward-oriented eye movement. SC, SNc, SNr
18  2007 Differential effects of dopamine on pain-related electric activities in normal rats and morphinistic rats. DA, PEN
19  2007 Functional differences between macaque prefrontal cortex and caudate nucleus during eye movements with and without reward. LPFC
20  2007 PET imaging of dopamine D2 receptor and transporter availability during acquisition of cocaine self-administration in rhesus monkeys. ACC, AMY, D2R, PET, PT
21  2006 Positron emission tomography of monoaminergic vesicular binding in aging and Parkinson disease. HY, PD, PET, PP, SE, UPDRS
22  2005 Age, sex and regional brain volumes predict perceptual-motor skill acquisition. Cb, HC, LPFC
23  2002 Neurochemical organization of the human basal ganglia: anatomofunctional territories defined by the distributions of calcium-binding proteins and SMI-32. Acb, CR, PUT, PV, SNr, STh, VTA
24  2002 Reward-dependent spatial selectivity of anticipatory activity in monkey caudate neurons. ADR
25  2001 Changes in striatal dopamine D3 receptor regulation during expression of and recovery from MPTP-induced parkinsonism. DA, IC, MPTP, NAcc
26  2000 Role of the basal ganglia in the control of purposive saccadic eye movements. SC, SNr
27  1999 Spontaneous blink rates correlate with dopamine levels in the caudate nucleus of MPTP-treated monkeys. DA
28  1999 [Opioid mu receptors in caudate nucleus contribute to electroacupuncture and Sm I generating inhibition on nociceptive responses of Pf neurons]. AA, EA, Pf, SM I
29  1994 Spontaneous functional recovery from parkinsonism is not due to reinnervation of the dorsal striatum by residual dopaminergic neurons. SNc, TH
30  1993 Laminar organization of the substantia nigra pars reticulata in the macaque monkey, with special reference to the caudato-nigro-tectal link. SNr
31  1993 Response of caudate neurons to stimulation of intrinsic and peripheral afferents in normal, symptomatic, and recovered MPTP-treated cats. MPTP
32  1992 Chemical lesion of the circumventricular organs with monosodium glutamate reduces the blood pressure of spontaneously hypertensive but not of one kidney-one clip hypertensive rats. ACE, Ang II, ChP, GP, MSG, PVN, SFO, SHR, WKY
33  1991 Basal ganglia neural activity during operant feeding behavior in the monkey: relation to sensory integration and motor execution. GP, SNr, VTA
34  1991 Differential roles of the caudate nucleus and putamen in motor behavior of the cat as investigated by local injection of GABA antagonists. BIC, PTX, PUT
35  1991 Long-term potentiation of the amygdalo-striatal synaptic transmission in the course of development of amygdaloid kindling in cats. Acb, BL, LTP
36  1989 Monosynaptic striatal inputs to the nigrotegmental neurons: an electron microscopic study in the cat. SN, TPC
37  1988 A morphological evidence for monosynaptic projections from the nucleus tegmenti pedunculopontinus pars compacta (TPC) to nigrostriatal projection neurons. HRP, SNc, TPC
38  1987 Changes of neurotensinlike immunoreactivity in the striatum of the cat after intrastriatal injection of kainic acid. KA, NT-LI
39  1987 Neurophysiological alterations in caudate neurons in aged cats. CX, SN
40  1986 Immunohistochemical demonstration of neurotensin in striatal neurons of the cat, with particular reference to coexistence with enkephalin. ENK, NT-LI, PUT
41  1986 Neuropeptide Y-immunoreactive neurons in the striatum of cat and monkey: morphological characteristics, intrinsic organization and co-localization with somatostatin. NPY, PAP, PUT
42  1986 Neurotoxic effects of N-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) in the cat. Tyrosine hydroxylase immunohistochemistry. ACC, MPTP, SNc, TH
43  1986 Postnatal development of identified medium-sized caudate spiny neurons in the cat. HRP
44  1986 Pyramidal input to the basal ganglia in the cat. EN, GP, MPT, PU
45  1985 An intracellular analysis of the entopeduncular inputs on the centrum medianum-parafascicular nuclear complex in cats. CN, EPSPs
46  1985 Development of somatosensory responsiveness in the basal ganglia in awake cats. GP-ENTO
47  1985 Immunological study of the rat hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus. ---
48  1985 Topographical projections from the posterior thalamic regions to the striatum in the cat, with reference to possible tecto-thalamo-striatal connections. caudal Put, PUT, SC, SG
49  1984 Caudate unit activity during operant feeding behavior in monkeys and modulation by cooling prefrontal cortex. ---
50  1984 Interhemispheric organization of corticocaudate projections in the cat: a retrograde double-labelling study. ---
51  1984 Neurophysiological processes in the striopallidum in shaping of avoidance reactions. EP, GP, VL
52  1984 Subcortical crossed axonal projections to the caudate nucleus of the cat: a double-labelling study. ---
53  1984 The thalamostriatal projection in the cat. ACC, CeM, CL, CM, PC, Pf, PU, PV, Rh, subPF, TO
54  1983 Caudate stimulation prolongs latency of acoustically and visually signalled reaching in rats. ---
55  1983 Intracellular studies of the convergence of sensory input on caudate neurons of cat. ---
56  1983 Postnatal development of caudate input neurons in the cat. ---
57  1982 Stimulation induced recurrent epileptiform discharges block cortical and subcortical spreading depression in rats. Co, HI, SD, TH
58  1981 Control of reaction time performance involves the striatum. ---
59  1981 Thalamocaudate projection neurons with a branching axon to the cerebral motor cortex. CL, MCx, VA
60  1980 Inhibition of neuronal activity of the substantia nigra by noxious stimuli and its modification by the caudate nucleus. SC, SNc
61  1980 Sensory-motor processing in the caudate nucleus and globus pallidus: a single-unit study in behaving primates. GP
62  1979 Distribution of thalamo-caudate neurons in the cat as demonstrated by horseradish peroxidase. AM, Ce, CL, cL, CM-Pf, DR, HRP, MD, Rh, rL, RR, SN, vT
63  1979 Neurons of the motor cortex projecting commonly on the caudate nucleus and the lower brain stem in the cat. ---
64  1978 Caudate afferents from the retrorubral nucleus and other midbrain areas in the cat. HRP, RR, SN
65  1978 Common projection of the motor cortex to the caudate nucleus and the cerebellum. ASG, CF, MF
66  1976 Excitatory nature of dopamine in the nigro-caudate pathway. MFB, SN