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Abbreviation:   CeA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   central amygdala
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Neural correlates of safety learning. BNST
2021 Optogenetic Stimulation of the Central Amygdala Using Channelrhodopsin. ---
2020 A central amygdala-globus pallidus circuit conveys unconditioned stimulus-related information and controls fear learning. GPe, US
2020 A Neural Circuit from Thalamic Paraventricular Nucleus to Central Amygdala for the Facilitation of Neuropathic Pain. pPVT, pPVT, PVT, RV, SNI
2020 A VTA to Basal Amygdala Dopamine Projection Contributes to Signal Salient Somatosensory Events during Fear Learning. BA, DAT, VTA
2020 Activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma reduces alcohol drinking and seeking by modulating multiple mesocorticolimbic regions in rats. NAc, PPARgamma, RMTg, VTA
2020 Amygdala-Midbrain Connections Modulate Appetitive and Aversive Learning. ---
2020 Central amygdala mineralocorticoid receptors modulate alcohol self-administration. ASO, AUD, MR
2020 Cessation of fluoxetine treatment increases alcohol seeking during relapse and dysregulates endocannabinoid and glutamatergic signaling in the central amygdala. AUD, CB1, FAAH, NAPE-PLD, SSRIs
10  2020 Differential changes in GAP-43 or synaptophysin during appetitive and aversive taste memory formation. BLA, CTA, GAP-43, GC, SYN
11  2020 Divergent Neural Pathways Emanating from the Lateral Parabrachial Nucleus Mediate Distinct Components of the Pain Response. BNST, lPAG, LPBN, VMH
12  2020 Electroacupuncture Alleviates Pain-Related Emotion by Upregulating the Expression of NPS and Its Receptor NPSR in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Hypothalamus. ACC, C-CPA, EA, EOM
13  2020 Frustrative nonreward: Chemogenetic inactivation of the central amygdala abolishes the effect of reward downshift without affecting alcohol intake. CNO, cSNC, PT
14  2020 Functional deletion of neuropeptide Y receptors type 2 in local synaptic networks of anteroventral BNST facilitates recall and increases return of fear. BNST, BNST, Y2R
15  2020 Genome-wide translational profiling of amygdala Crh-expressing neurons reveals role for CREB in fear extinction learning. CRH, TRAP
16  2020 Importance of sex and trauma context on circulating cytokines and amygdalar GABAergic signaling in a comorbid model of posttraumatic stress and alcohol use disorders. AUD, FAM, NOV, PTSD
17  2020 Individual susceptibility or resistance to posttraumatic stress disorder-like behaviours. DG, HPA, IL, LA, pPVN, PTSD
18  2020 Interactions between prelimbic cortex and basolateral amygdala contribute to morphine-induced conditioned taste aversion in conditioning and extinction. BLA, CORT, CTA, DG, IL, LH, NAc, PC, PrL
19  2020 Intermittent Ethanol Access Increases Sensitivity to Social Defeat Stress. AMY, BLA, IEA, IkB, MeA, NAc, SDS
20  2020 Oxytocin receptors excite lateral nucleus of central amygdala by phospholipase Cbeta- and protein kinase C-dependent depression of inwardly rectifying K+ channels. CeL, OXT, OXTRs, OXTRs
21  2020 PACAP regulation of central amygdala GABAergic synapses is altered by restraint stress. PACAP
22  2020 Persistent activation of central amygdala CRF neurons helps drive the immediate fear extinction deficit. CRF
23  2020 Role of the central amygdala in acupuncture inhibition of methamphetamine-induced behaviors in rats. DA, METH, NAc, USVs
24  2020 Selective sub-nucleus effects of intra-amygdala oxytocin on fear extinction. BLA, OT
25  2020 Sex differences in corticotropin releasing factor peptide regulation of inhibitory control and excitability in central amygdala corticotropin releasing factor receptor 1-neurons. AUD, CRF1
26  2020 Somatostatin neurons in the central amygdala mediate anxiety by disinhibition of the central sublenticular extended amygdala. SLEAc, SOM
27  2020 Taurine Suppression of Central Amygdala GABAergic Inhibitory Signaling via Glycine Receptors Is Disrupted in Alcohol Dependence. AUD, eIPSP, EtOH
28  2020 The amygdala via the paraventricular nucleus regulates asthma attack in rats. BALF, KA, MeA, MVV, OT, PVN
29  2020 The insula cortex contacts distinct output streams of the central amygdala. BNST, IC, LH
30  2020 The role of central amygdala corticotropin-releasing factor in predator odor stress-induced avoidance behavior and escalated alcohol drinking in rats. AUD, CRF, CRFR1, PTSD, SA
31  2020 The role of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in negative reinforcement learning and plasticity in alcohol dependence. ACC, ECM, MMPs, NAc
32  2020 The Zebrafish Amygdaloid Complex - Functional Ground Plan, Molecular Delineation, and Everted Topology. CR, MeA, NLOT, PV
33  2020 [Is dorsal vagal complex the key nucleus of acupuncture regulation of gastric function?]. ARC, DVC, FN, LC, NRM, PAG, PBN, PVN, SRD
34  2019 A Corticotropin Releasing Factor Network in the Extended Amygdala for Anxiety. BST, CRF, dlBST
35  2019 A Novel Role for the Endocannabinoid System in Ameliorating Motivation for Alcohol Drinking and Negative Behavioral Affect after Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats. GluR1, GR, TBI, VS
36  2019 Acquisition of analgesic properties by the cholecystokinin (CCK)/CCK2 receptor system within the amygdala in a persistent inflammatory pain condition. CCK, CFA
37  2019 Activation of enkephalinergic (Enk) interneurons in the central amygdala (CeA) buffers the behavioral effects of persistent pain. ENK, vlPAG
38  2019 Acute stress imposed during adolescence yields heightened anxiety in Sprague Dawley rats that persists into adulthood: Sex differences and potential involvement of the Medial Amygdala. CRH, HPA, IL-1beta, IL-6, ITI, MeA, PND, PVN, vHPC
39  2019 Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure: Effects on pubertal development, novelty seeking, and social interaction in adulthood. AIE, CORT, LS, OXTR
40  2019 Brain Regional and Temporal Changes in BDNF mRNA and microRNA-206 Expression in Mice Exposed to Repeated Cycles of Chronic Intermittent Ethanol and Forced Swim Stress. BDNF, CIE, FSS, HPC, mPFC
41  2019 Central Amygdala Prepronociceptin-Expressing Neurons Mediate Palatable Food Consumption and Reward. NTS, PBN, PnocCeA, vBNST
42  2019 Chronic nicotine administration restores brain region specific upregulation of oxytocin receptor binding levels in a G72 mouse model of schizophrenia. Acb, CgCx, OTR, WT
43  2019 Dissecting the Roles of GABA and Neuropeptides from Rat Central Amygdala CRF Neurons in Anxiety and Fear Learning. CRF
44  2019 Estrogen receptors alpha and beta in the central amygdala and the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus: Sociosexual behaviors, fear and arousal in female rats during emotionally challenging events. ER, VMN
45  2019 Expression and Function of Neuron-Glia-Related Cell Adhesion Molecule (NrCAM) in the Amygdalar Pathway. BNST, NrCAM
46  2019 IL-1beta expression is increased and regulates GABA transmission following chronic ethanol in mouse central amygdala. DEP, IL-1, Non-Dep, sIPSCs
47  2019 Interhemispheric Connectivity Potentiates the Basolateral Amygdalae and Regulates Social Interaction and Memory. BLA
48  2019 Interleukin-6 in the central amygdala is bioactive and co-localised with glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor. GLP-1, IL, IL-6Ralpha
49  2019 Methyleugenol Potentiates Central Amygdala GABAergic Inhibition and Reduces Anxiety. ME
50  2019 Mu opioid receptor regulation of glutamate efflux in the central amygdala in response to predator odor. BLA, MOR
51  2019 Neural Circuits Associated with 5-HT1B Receptor Agonist Inhibition of Methamphetamine Seeking in the Conditioned Place Preference Model. 5-HT1BRs, BLA, CPP, METH, NAc, VTA
52  2019 NMDA receptor and nitric oxide synthase activity in the central amygdala is involved in the acquisition and consolidation of conditioned odor aversion. COA, CTA, NOS
53  2019 Optogenetic activation of the central amygdala generates addiction-like preference for reward. ChR2
54  2019 Oxytocin Signaling in the Central Amygdala Modulates Emotion Discrimination in Mice. OXT, PVN
55  2019 Peripubertal stress-induced heightened aggression: modulation of the glucocorticoid receptor in the central amygdala and normalization by mifepristone treatment. GR, MR
56  2019 Phenotyping neurons activated in the mouse brain during restoration of salt debt. cNTS, iNTS, LPBN, PKCdelta
57  2019 Predator odor stress blunts alcohol conditioned aversion. BNST, CPA, STEP
58  2019 Regulation of HDAC1 and HDAC2 during consolidation and extinction of fear memory. CeL, CeM, HDAC1, HDAC2, HDACs, IL, PFC, PL, PTSD
59  2019 Role of MyD88 in IL-1beta and Ethanol Modulation of GABAergic Transmission in the Central Amygdala. TLR
60  2019 Synaptic GABAergic transmission in the central amygdala (CeA) of rats depends on slice preparation and recording conditions. CRF, sIPSC
61  2019 The contribution of the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system in the emergence of defeat-induced inflammatory priming. DR, LC, NE
62  2019 The guanine nucleotide exchange factor, Spata13, influences social behaviour and nocturnal activity. GEF, Spata13
63  2019 The Mating Call of the Terrestrial Toad, Rhinella arenarum, as a Cue for Spatial Orientation and Its Associated Brain Activity. HF, MS
64  2019 [Corticotrophin-releasing hormone neurons in the central amygdala mediate morphine withdrawal-induced negative emotions]. CPA, CRH, DREADDs
65  2018 A Central Extended Amygdala Circuit That Modulates Anxiety. BNST
66  2018 Activation of 5-HT2A receptor disrupts rat maternal behavior. DR, mPFC, MPOA, vBNST
67  2018 Activation of the neural pathway from the dorsolateral bed nucleus of the stria terminalis to the central amygdala induces anxiety-like behaviors. BNST, dlBNST, LH, VTA
68  2018 Amygdala central nucleus modulation of cerebellar learning with a visual conditioned stimulus. BPN, CS, EBC
69  2018 An Insula-Central Amygdala Circuit for Guiding Tastant-Reinforced Choice Behavior. IC
70  2018 Baclofen acts in the central amygdala to reduce synaptic transmission and impair context fear conditioning. ---
71  2018 CB1 and ethanol effects on glutamatergic transmission in the central amygdala of male and female msP and Wistar rats. CB1, EPSPs, msP
72  2018 Cell-type-specific interrogation of CeA Drd2 neurons to identify targets for pharmacological modulation of fear extinction. TRAP
73  2018 Central amygdala circuit dynamics underlying the benzodiazepine anxiolytic effect. BZDs, DZP, IEG
74  2018 Comparative Analysis of Nkx2.1 and Islet-1 Expression in Urodele Amphibians and Lungfishes Highlights the Pattern of Forebrain Organization in Early Tetrapods. BST, Isl1, LA, MeA, TP, VP
75  2018 Differential activation of arginine-vasopressin receptor subtypes in the amygdaloid modulation of anxiety in the rat by arginine-vasopressin. AVP
76  2018 Dopamine D2 receptor-mediated circuit from the central amygdala to the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis regulates impulsive behavior. BNST
77  2018 Extended amygdala connectivity changes during sustained shock anticipation. BNST, vmPFC
78  2018 Genome-wide transcriptional profiling of central amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex during incubation of methamphetamine craving. DEGs, METH, OFC
79  2018 Inhibition of fatty acid amide hydrolase in the central amygdala alleviates co-morbid expression of innate anxiety and excessive alcohol intake. FAAH, msP
80  2018 Innately activated TLR4 signal in the nucleus accumbens is sustained by CRF amplification loop and regulates impulsivity. CRF, CRFR1, NAc shell, pHSVsiTLR4, TLR4, VTA
81  2018 Interactive effects of morphine and nicotine on memory function depend on the central amygdala cannabinoid CB1 receptor function in rats. ACPA, CB1Rs
82  2018 Neuropeptide S Counteracts Paradoxical Sleep Deprivation-Induced Anxiety-Like Behavior and Sleep Disturbances. BLA, EEG, MeA, MMPM, NPS, NPSR, PS, PSD
83  2018 Neurotensin and dynorphin Bi-Directionally modulate CeA inhibition of oval BNST neurons in male mice. DYN, KOR, NT, NTR1, ov
84  2018 Opposite Effects of Basolateral Amygdala Inactivation on Context-Induced Relapse to Cocaine Seeking after Extinction versus Punishment. BLA
85  2018 Pain-Associated Neural Plasticity in the Parabrachial to Central Amygdala Circuit : Pain Changes the Brain, and the Brain Changes the Pain. LPB
86  2018 The Basolateral Amygdala Is Essential for Rapid Escape: A Human and Rodent Study. BLA
87  2018 The center of the emotional universe: Alcohol, stress, and CRF1 amygdala circuitry. AUDs, BLA, CRF, CRF1
88  2018 The Central Amygdala Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) Neurons Modulation of Anxiety-like Behavior and Hippocampus-dependent Memory in Mice. CRH, LC, LDB, NOR
89  2018 Traumatic Stress Produces Distinct Activations of GABAergic and Glutamatergic Neurons in Amygdala. BLA, PTSD, SPS
90  2018 Updates on the neurobiology of food reward and their relation to the obesogenic environment. NAc, OFC
91  2017 A Central Amygdala-Substantia Innominata Neural Circuitry Encodes Aversive Reinforcement Signals. SI
92  2017 A competitive inhibitory circuit for selection of active and passive fear responses. ---
93  2017 Age-dependent regulation of GABA transmission by kappa opioid receptors in the basolateral amygdala of Sprague-Dawley rats. BLA, KORs, sIPSCs
94  2017 Alcohol Dependence Disrupts Amygdalar L-Type Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Mechanisms. CRF1s, LTCCs, LTCCs
95  2017 Altered reactivity of central amygdala to GABAAR antagonist in the BACHD rat model of Huntington disease. GABAAR, HD, mHTT
96  2017 Amygdala-mediated mechanisms regulate visceral hypersensitivity in adult females following early life stress: importance of the glucocorticoid receptor and corticotropin-releasing factor. CRF, ELS, GR
97  2017 Basolateral to Central Amygdala Neural Circuits for Appetitive Behaviors. BLA
98  2017 Calcium signalling in medial intercalated cell dendrites and spines. bAP, BLA, mITC
99  2017 CART neuropeptide modulates the extended amygdalar CeA-vBNST circuit to gate expression of innate fear. CART, TMT, vBNST
100  2017 Constitutive Increases in Amygdalar Corticotropin-Releasing Factor and Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Drive an Anxious Phenotype. CRF, CRF1, eCB, FAAH, msP