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Abbreviation:   CeA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   central nucleus of the amygdala
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A basal ganglia-like cortical-amygdalar-hypothalamic network mediates feeding behavior. DREADD, INS, LHA, PSTN, STN
2020 A brainstem-central amygdala circuit underlies defensive responses to learned threats. LA, LC, NE
2020 Alcohol Dependence and Withdrawal Impair Serotonergic Regulation of GABA Transmission in the Rat Central Nucleus of the Amygdala. ---
2020 Amygdalar corticotropin-releasing factor mediates stress-induced anxiety. BNST, CRF
2020 Anatomic alterations across amygdala subnuclei in medication-free patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. BLA, OCD
2020 Anxiety during abstinence from alcohol: A systematic review of rodent and human evidence for the anterior insula's role in the abstinence network. AUD, BNST, NAcc
2020 beta-Endorphin and sex differentially modulate the response to EtOH in a site-specific manner. beta-E, EtOH, EW, NAc, PVA, PVN, TH, VTA
2020 Brain control of humoral immune responses amenable to behavioural modulation. CRH, PVN
2020 Central afferents to the nucleus of the solitary tract in rats and mice. NTS, PVH
10  2020 Comparison of GABA, somatostatin, and corticotrophin releasing hormone expression in axon terminals that target the parabrachial nucleus. CRH, EYFP, PBN, SST
11  2020 Corticotropin releasing factor, but not alcohol, modulates norepinephrine release in the rat central nucleus of the amygdala. CRF, NE
12  2020 Depletion of the Microbiome Alters the Recruitment of Neuronal Ensembles of Oxycodone Intoxication and Withdrawal. AI, BLA, BNST, LC, PAG, PVT
13  2020 Distinct populations of amygdala somatostatin-expressing neurons project to the nucleus of the solitary tract and parabrachial nucleus. NST, PBN, SST
14  2020 Diurnal Patterns of Gene Expression in the Dorsal Vagal Complex and the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala - Non-rhythm-generating Brain Regions. DVC
15  2020 Environmental enrichment prevents chronic stress-induced brain-gut axis dysfunction through a GR-mediated mechanism in the central nucleus of the amygdala. CBT, EE, GR, IBS, SH, WAS
16  2020 Exogenous Orexin-A Microinjected Into Central Nucleus of the Amygdala Modulates Feeding and Gastric Motility in Rats. DMV, HFF, LHA, NAc, VTA
17  2020 Fatigue-induced Fos immunoreactivity within the lumbar cord and amygdala decreases after С60 fullerene pretreatment. ---
18  2020 Forced Abstinence From Alcohol Induces Sex-Specific Depression-Like Behavioral and Neural Adaptations in Somatostatin Neurons in Cortical and Amygdalar Regions. AUD, BLA, EPM, FA, FST, OFT, PFC, SPT, SST, vBNST
19  2020 GluA1 in Central Amygdala Promotes Opioid Use and Reverses Inhibitory Effect of Pain. AMPARs, CFA, MSA
20  2020 Higher resting-state BNST-CeA connectivity is associated with greater corrugator supercilii reactivity to negatively valenced images. BNST, EMG, MIDUS
21  2020 Inhibition of Microglial Activation in the Amygdala Reverses Stress-Induced Abdominal Pain in the Male Rat. GR, MAPK, WAS
22  2020 Kappa opioid receptor and dynorphin signaling in the central amygdala regulates alcohol intake. DID, IA, KOR, PDYN
23  2020 Kappa opioid receptors in the central amygdala modulate spinal nociceptive processing through an action on amygdala CRF neurons. CRF, KOR
24  2020 Kindling of the basolateral or central nucleus of the amygdala increases suboptimal choice in a rat gambling task and increases motor impulsivity in risk-preferring animals. BLA, IGT, rGT, TLE
25  2020 Left and right hemispheric lateralization of the amygdala in pain. PBN
26  2020 Lidocaine Reversible Inactivation of the Central Nucleus of Amygdala Impairs Acquisition, Consolidation, and Retrieval of Morphine State-Dependent Learning in Rat. ---
27  2020 Long-term Changes in the Central Amygdala Proteome in Rats with a History of Chronic Cocaine Self-administration. CUD
28  2020 Microglia Control Escalation of Drinking in Alcohol-Dependent Mice: Genomic and Synaptic Drivers. ---
29  2020 Multi-dimensional role of the parabrachial nucleus in regulating pain-related affective disturbances in trigeminal neuropathic pain. PBN
30  2020 Neural Circuit Mechanism Underlying the Feeding Controlled by Insula-Central Amygdala Pathway. ---
31  2020 Nicotine-induced neuroplasticity in striatum is subregion-specific and reversed by motor training on the rotarod. DLS, DMS, eCB-LTD, NAc
32  2020 NMDA receptors in the CeA and BNST differentially regulate fear conditioning to predictable and unpredictable threats. APV, BNST, BW, CS, FW, NMDA, US
33  2020 Nociceptin attenuates the escalation of oxycodone self-administration by normalizing CeA-GABA transmission in highly addicted rats. GABA, HA, LA
34  2020 NOP receptor antagonism reduces alcohol drinking in male and female rats through mechanisms involving the central amygdala and ventral tegmental area. N/OFQ, NAc, VTA
35  2020 Orchestrating Opiate-Associated Memories in Thalamic Circuits. NAc, PVT
36  2020 Oxytocin Promotes Accurate Fear Discrimination and Adaptive Defensive Behaviors. BLA, BNST, OT, OTR
37  2020 Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of the Central Amygdala in Neuropathic Pain Model Rats. SNT
38  2020 Reconsolidation of a post-ingestive nutrient memory requires mTOR in the central amygdala. mTORC1
39  2020 Role of the GABAa and GABAb receptors of the central nucleus of the amygdala in compulsive cocaine-seeking behavior in male rats. ---
40  2020 Sex differences in the epigenetic regulation of chronic visceral pain following unpredictable early life stress. CRH, ELS, GR
41  2020 Significance of medial preoptic area among the subcortical and cortical areas that are related to pain regulation in the rats with stress-induced hyperalgesia. ACC, BLA, DMH, MPO, pCREB, SIH
42  2020 Silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) in the central amygdala protect the rat conditioned by morphine from withdrawal attack due to naloxone via high-level nitric oxide. CPP, NLX, NO, s.c
43  2020 Spared nerve injury differentially alters parabrachial monosynaptic excitatory inputs to molecularly specific neurons in distinct subregions of the central amygdala. CeC, PBN
44  2020 State-dependent memory and its modulation by different brain areas and neurotransmitters. Fig. 1, NAc, VTA
45  2020 The central amygdala recruits mesocorticolimbic circuitry for pursuit of reward or pain. ---
46  2020 The central nucleus of the amygdala lesion attenuates orthodontic pain during experimental tooth movement in rats. ---
47  2020 The Rewarding and Anxiolytic Properties of Ethanol within the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala: Mediated by Genetic Background and Nociceptin. CRF, EtOH, tP
48  2020 The role of D2 dopamine receptors in oxytocin induced place preference and anxiolytic effect. DA, OT
49  2020 The Role of the Central Amygdala in Alcohol Dependence. AMPA, CRF, GABA, NMDA, NMDAR
50  2019 A neural circuit for comorbid depressive symptoms in chronic pain. 5-HT, CDS, SOM
51  2019 A VTA GABAergic Neural Circuit Mediates Visually Evoked Innate Defensive Responses. SC, VTA
52  2019 Activity dynamics of amygdala GABAergic neurons during cataplexy of narcolepsy. ---
53  2019 Amygdala Arginine Vasopressin Modulates Chronic Ethanol Withdrawal Anxiety-Like Behavior in the Social Interaction Task. AVP, BLA, CIE, EtOH
54  2019 Amygdala group II mGluRs mediate the inhibitory effects of systemic group II mGluR activation on behavior and spinal neurons in a rat model of arthritis pain. mGluRs
55  2019 Cell-type specific parallel circuits in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and the central nucleus of the amygdala of the mouse. BSTL, LPB, PKCdelta, SOM
56  2019 Central nucleus of the amygdala is involved in induction of yawning response in rats. CRF, OT, PVN
57  2019 Chronic cocaine administration upregulates FKBP5 in the extended amygdala of male and female rats. BNST, PVN
58  2019 Chronic stress increases pain sensitivity via activation of the rACC-BLA pathway in rats. BLA, CFSS, FPP, FS, HNS, LFP, LIS, PDC, rACC, SIH
59  2019 Corticotropin-Releasing Factor-Producing Cells in the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus and Extended Amygdala Show Age-Dependent FOS and FOSB/DeltaFOSB Immunoreactivity in Acute and Chronic Stress Models in the Rat. AP-1, ARS, CRF, CVMS, IR, PVN
60  2019 Dual and Opposing Functions of the Central Amygdala in the Modulation of Pain. CeA-PKCdelta, CeA-Som, PB
61  2019 Dynorphin-kappa opioid receptor activity in the central amygdala modulates binge-like alcohol drinking in mice. DID, DYN/KOR
62  2019 Escalated Alcohol Self-Administration and Sensitivity to Yohimbine-Induced Reinstatement in Alcohol Preferring Rats: Potential Role of Neurokinin-1 Receptors in the Amygdala. NK1R
63  2019 Evidence that preimmunization with a heat-killed preparation of Mycobacterium vaccae reduces corticotropin-releasing hormone mRNA expression in the extended amygdala in a fear-potentiated startle paradigm. BNST, CRH, FPS, HPA, PTSD, PVN
64  2019 Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Induces Chronic Glutamatergic Dysfunction in Amygdala Circuitry Known to Regulate Anxiety-Like Behavior. BLA, dpi, TBI
65  2019 Inactivation of a CRF-dependent amygdalofugal pathway reverses addiction-like behaviors in alcohol-dependent rats. BNST, CRF
66  2019 Increased IL-6 expression in astrocytes is associated with emotionality, alterations in central amygdala GABAergic transmission, and excitability during alcohol withdrawal. ---
67  2019 Inhibitory effects of peripheral administration of exendin-4 on food intake are attenuated by lesions of the central nucleus of amygdala. GLP-1R
68  2019 Kappa opioid signaling in the central nucleus of the amygdala promotes disinhibition and aversiveness of chronic neuropathic pain. CPP, KOR, nor-BNI, SNL
69  2019 Local inhibition of uptake2 transporters augments stress-induced increases in serotonin in the rat central amygdala. OCT3
70  2019 Methanol extract of semen Ziziphi Spinosae attenuates ethanol withdrawal anxiety by improving neuropeptide signaling in the central amygdala. CORT, CRF, CRFR1, EPM, EtOHW, N/OFQ, OF, SZS
71  2019 MicroRNA-137 Drives Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Adult Amygdala and Behavioral Changes after Adolescent Alcohol Exposure. AIE, AIS, AUD, LSD1, miR-137, PND, siRNA
72  2019 Molecular basis for and chemogenetic modulation of comorbidities in GABRG2-deficient epilepsies. GABAA
73  2019 Molecular, Morphological, and Functional Characterization of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptor 1-Expressing Neurons in the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala. CB, CR, PKCdelta, PV
74  2019 Neurochemically distinct circuitry regulates locus coeruleus activity during female social stress depending on coping style. CRF, CRF1, ENK, FG, LC, LL, PGi, SL
75  2019 Oxytocin blocks enhanced motivation for alcohol in alcohol dependence and blocks alcohol effects on GABAergic transmission in the central amygdala. ---
76  2019 PACAP increases Arc/Arg 3.1 expression within the extended amygdala after fear conditioning in rats. BNST, FC, i.c.v, LA/BLA, PACAP
77  2019 Phasic amygdala and BNST activation during the anticipation of temporally unpredictable social observation in social anxiety disorder patients. BNST, fMRI, HC, SAD
78  2019 Reduced phosphodiesterase-2 activity in the amygdala results in anxiolytic-like effects on behavior in mice. EPM, PDE2
79  2019 Role of the PACAP system of the extended amygdala in the acoustic startle response in rats. ASR, BNST, PACAP, VIP
80  2019 Role of the posterodorsal medial amygdala in predator odour stress-induced puberty delay in female rats. CRF, CRF-R2, CRFR1, MeA, MePD, PVN, VO
81  2019 Scn4b regulates the hypnotic effects of ethanol and other sedative drugs. KO, SCN4B, WT
82  2019 Sleep Regulation by Neurotensinergic Neurons in a Thalamo-Amygdala Circuit. NREM, NTS
83  2019 Synaptic adaptations in the central amygdala and hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus associated with protracted ethanol abstinence in male rhesus monkeys. PVN, sEPSC, sIPSC
84  2019 Synaptic GABAergic transmission in the central amygdala (CeA) of rats depends on slice preparation and recording conditions. CRF, sIPSC
85  2019 The loop neural circuit between the medial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala in the rat brain. mPFC, pBLA
86  2019 Why is running a marathon like giving birth? The possible role of oxytocin in the underestimation of the memory of pain induced by labor and intense exercise. ---
87  2019 [Effects of CeA lesions on the initiation and expression of sodium appetite in sodium-deficient rats]. NTS
88  2018 A relationship between the aldosterone-mineralocorticoid receptor pathway and alcohol drinking: preliminary translational findings across rats, monkeys and humans. AUDs, MRs, PFC
89  2018 Activation of immediate early genes by nicotine after chronic neonatal nicotine exposure in brain areas involved in stress and anxiety responses. CNN, IEGs, LC
90  2018 Acute sleep deprivation induces cardioprotection against ischemia/ reperfusion injury through reducing inflammatory responses: the role of central GABA-A receptors. BIC, GABA, LDH, PAB, SD
91  2018 Altered Neuronal Activity in the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala Induced by Restraint Water-Immersion Stress in Rats. RS, RWIS
92  2018 Analgesic Effects of Duloxetine on Formalin-Induced Hyperalgesia and Its Underlying Mechanisms in the CeA. DUL, ERK
93  2018 Angiotensin II facilitates GABAergic neurotransmission at postsynaptic sites in rat amygdala neurons. Ang II, AT1, EPSCs, IPSCs, mIPSCs
94  2018 Aqueous Extract of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae Exerts Anxiolytic Effects during Nicotine Withdrawal via Improvement of Amygdaloid CRF/CRF1R Signaling. AESZS, CRF, CRF1R, EPM, NIC, NicW, SZS
95  2018 Behavioral sensitization induced by dorsal periaqueductal gray electrical stimulation is counteracted by NK1 receptor antagonism in the ventral hippocampus and central nucleus of the amygdala. dPAG, EPM, ES, NK-1, PSF, SP, VH
96  2018 Bidirectional cardiovascular responses evoked by microstimulation of the amygdala in rats. AP, HR
97  2018 Brain Circuits Mediating Opposing Effects on Emotion and Pain. BLA, PBN
98  2018 Central Amygdala Circuits Mediate Hyperalgesia in Alcohol-Dependent Rats. PAG
99  2018 Characterization of McDonald's intermediate part of the Central nucleus of the amygdala in the rat. CB, CR, LHA, Met-Enk, TH
100  2018 Chronic stress changes prepulse inhibition after amphetamine challenge: the role of the dopaminergic system. 3-MT, CMS, GABA, NAc, PPI