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2021 Connexins and cAMP Cross-Talk in Cancer Progression and Metastasis. cAMP
2021 Connexins in Lung Cancer and Brain Metastasis. ---
2020 Connexin43 is differentially distributed within renal vasculature and mediates profibrotic differentiation in medullary fibroblasts. ---
2020 Connexins in melanoma: Potential role of Cx46 in its aggressiveness. ---
2020 Inhibition of ERK or Akt ameliorates intimal hyperplasia via up-regulation of Cx37 and down-regulation of Cx43 in balloon injury rat model. BI, IH, PCNA
2020 Role of connexins in spinal cord injury: An update. SCI
2020 Role of ROS/RNS in Preeclampsia: Are Connexins the Missing Piece? GJCs, ROS/RNS
2020 Spatio-temporal patterning of different connexins in developing and postnatal human kidneys and in nephrotic syndrome of the Finnish type (CNF). CKD
2019 Ablation of both Cx40 and Panx1 results in similar cardiovascular phenotypes exhibited in Cx40 knockout mice. EC, MCh, WT
10  2019 Connexins-Based Hemichannels/Channels and Their Relationship with Inflammation, Seizures and Epilepsy. ---
11  2019 Expression of Connexin 43 in 32 Cases of Merkel Cell Carcinoma. MCC, MCPyV
12  2019 Structure and Function of Cochlear Gap Junctions and Implications for the Translation of Cochlear Gene Therapies. EP, GJs, HCs
13  2019 TGF-beta1-induced connexin43 promotes scar formation via the Erk/MMP-1/collagen III pathway. ---
14  2018 Connexins and Pannexins in Vascular Function and Disease. ---
15  2018 Gap Junctions and Wnt Signaling in the Mammary Gland: a Cross-Talk? GJs
16  2018 Increased expression and functionality of the gap junction in peripheral blood lymphocytes is associated with hypertension-mediated inflammation in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Con A, FC, GJIC, SBP, SHRs, WKY
17  2018 Site specific hypermethylation of CpGs in Connexin genes 30, 26 and 43 in different grades of glioma and attenuated levels of their mRNAs. CpGs, HG, SSCA
18  2017 Blocking connexin channels improves embryo development of vitrified bovine blastocysts. GJs, HCs
19  2017 Connexin 43: Key roles in the skin. Cx43
20  2017 Mitochondrial connexin40 regulates mitochondrial calcium uptake in coronary endothelial cells. Cx40 KO, ECs, MCECs, ROS, WT
21  2017 Recruitment of RNA molecules by connexin RNA-binding motifs: Implication in RNA and DNA transport through microvesicles and exosomes. Cx43, GJs
22  2017 Role of connexin 43 in cadmium-induced proliferation of human prostate epithelial cells. ---
23  2017 Up-regulation of gap junction in peripheral blood T lymphocytes contributes to the inflammatory response in essential hypertension. EHs, GJCs, HCs, NTs, PBMCs
24  2016 Charged Residues at the First Transmembrane Region Contribute to the Voltage Dependence of the Slow Gate of Connexins. ---
25  2016 Rutaecarpine Reverses the Altered Connexin Expression Pattern Induced by Oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein in Monocytes. oxLDL
26  2015 Combining Foxc2 and Connexin37 deletions in mice leads to severe defects in lymphatic vascular growth and remodeling. ---
27  2015 Connexin 43 ubiquitination determines the fate of gap junctions: restrict to survive. IC
28  2015 Interplay between connexin40 and nitric oxide signaling during hypertension. 1K1C, 2K1C, eNOS
29  2015 New cellular mechanisms of gap junction degradation and recycling. AGJ
30  2014 Asymmetric expression of connexins between luminal epithelial- and myoepithelial- cells is essential for contractile function of the mammary gland. Tg
31  2014 Characterization of a novel water pocket inside the human Cx26 hemichannel structure. GJCs, hCx26, IC, MD
32  2014 Connexin and Pannexin hemichannels are regulated by redox potential. NO
33  2014 Cxs and Panx- hemichannels in peripheral and central chemosensing in mammals. Panx, VLM
34  2014 Extensive dysregulations of oligodendrocytic and astrocytic connexins are associated with disease progression in an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mouse model. ALS, AQP4, EAAT2, GFAP, GJs, MOG, mSOD1, mSOD1-Tg, non-Tg
35  2014 Fluoride alters connexin expression in rat incisor pulp. ALP
36  2014 Mutations in cardiovascular connexin genes. ---
37  2014 Understanding of the molecular evolution of deafness-associated pathogenic mutations of connexin 26. Cx26, GJB2
38  2012 Compound heterozygosity of the novel c.292C>T (p.R98W) and the c.35delG GJB2 mutations in postlingual, non-syndromic, sensorineural deafness. ---
39  2012 Connexins regulate cell functions in pancreatic stellate cells. PSCs
40  2012 Expression of connexin 32 and connexin 43 in acute myeloid leukemia and their roles in proliferation. AML, Cx32, Cx43
41  2012 Higher susceptibility of spontaneous and NNK-induced lung neoplasms in connexin 43 deficient CD1  AJ F1 mice: paradoxical expression of connexin 43 during lung carcinogenesis. Cx43
42  2012 Mechanism of two novel human GJC3 missense mutations in causing non-syndromic hearing loss. WT
43  2011 Connexin 43 is a potential prognostic biomarker for ewing sarcoma/primitive neuroectodermal tumor. EWS, GJs, PNET
44  2011 Connexin43 Expression Increases in the Epithelium and Stroma along the Colonic Neoplastic Progression Pathway: Implications for Its Oncogenic Role. ---
45  2011 Human connexin30.2/31.3 (GJC3) does not form functional gap junction channels but causes enhanced ATP release in HeLa cells. ---
46  2010 An angiotensin II- and NF-kappaB-dependent mechanism increases connexin 43 in murine arteries targeted by renin-dependent hypertension. Ang II, NF-kappaB, WT
47  2010 Connexins and the kidney. ---
48  2010 Enhanced connexin 43 expression delays intra-mitotic duration and cell cycle traverse independently of gap junction channel function. GA, GJ, HeLa-43
49  2010 Gap junctions and connexins as therapeutic targets in cancer. BE, GJICs
50  2010 Novel mutations in the connexin43 (GJA1) and GJA1 pseudogene may contribute to nonsyndromic hearing loss. WT
51  2010 Prognostic value of connexin43 expression in patients with clinically localized prostate cancer. Cx43
52  2009 A novel mutation in the connexin 29 gene may contribute to nonsyndromic hearing loss. Cx29, ER
53  2009 Pannexin2 as a novel growth regulator in C6 glioma cells. Panx2
54  2008 Substitution of connexin40 with connexin45 prevents hyperreninemia and attenuates hypertension. ---
55  2006 A novel N14Y mutation in Connexin26 in keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome: analyses of altered gap junctional communication and molecular structure of N terminus of mutated Connexin26. ---
56  2006 Connexin29 is highly expressed in cochlear Schwann cells, and it is required for the normal development and function of the auditory nerve of mice. MAG, SG
57  2006 Gating properties of heterotypic gap junction channels formed of connexins 40, 43, and 45. GJ
58  2005 Adenovirus vector E4 gene regulates connexin 40 and 43 expression in endothelial cells via PKA and PI3K signal pathways. CRE, ECs
59  2005 Connexin-based gap junction hemichannels: gating mechanisms. ---
60  2005 Dysregulation of connexins and inactivation of NFATc1 in the cardiovascular system of Nkx2-5 null mutants. dpc
61  2002 Irsogladine malate up-regulates gap junctional intercellular communication between pancreatic cancer cells via PKA pathway. GJIC, GJs, IM, PC cells
62  2000 Connexins in salivary glands. ---
63  1999 Gap junctions in intestinal smooth muscle and interstitial cells of Cajal. CM, Co, DMP, GJs, ICC, ICM, LM, MyP, OCM, SmIn, SP