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Long Form:   degree of acetylation
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 In situ synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles coated by chito-oligosaccharides: physico-chemical characterizations and cytotoxicity evaluation for biomedical applications. COS
2020 The Pattern of Acetylation Defines the Priming Activity of Chitosan Tetramers. DP, PA
2019 3D chitosan scaffolds impair NLRP3 inflammasome response in macrophages. BMDM, CH
2019 Amphipathic chitosans improve the physicochemical properties of siRNA-chitosan nanoparticles at physiological conditions. DS, siRNA
2019 Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Diabetes Potential of Water-Soluble Chitosan-Glucose Derivatives Produced by Maillard Reaction. DS, HPLC SEC, WSC, WSCGDs
2019 beta-Chitin samples with similar microfibril arrangement change mechanical properties varying the degree of acetylation. ---
2019 Chitosan-Azide Nanoparticle Coating as a Degradation Barrier in Multilayered Polyelectrolyte Drug Delivery Systems. CS, CS-Az, LbL, TPP
2019 Chitosan-DNA polyelectrolyte complex: Influence of chitosan characteristics and mechanism of complex formation. ---
2019 Extraction of a novel fungal chitin from Hericium erinaceus residue using multistep mild procedures. MW
10  2019 Preparation of alpha-chitin-based nanocomposite as an effective biocatalyst for microwave aided domino reaction. Ch, DS, EDX, FT-IR, SEM, TGA, XRD
11  2019 Study of chitosan with different degrees of acetylation as cardboard paper coating. ---
12  2018 'Slipped Sandwich' Model for Chitin and Chitosan Perception in Arabidopsis. DP
13  2018 Assessment of the Quorum Sensing Inhibition Activity of a Non-Toxic Chitosan in an N-Acyl Homoserine Lactone (AHL)-Based Escherichia coli Biosensor. AHL, AHLs, MW, QS, SEM
14  2018 Chitin from Agaricus bisporus: Extraction and characterization. CrI
15  2018 Endochitinase 1 (Tv-ECH1) from Trichoderma virens has high subsite specificities for acetylated units when acting on chitosans. DP, GH, PA
16  2018 Extraction and physicochemical characterization of chitin and chitosan from Zophobas morio larvae in varying sodium hydroxide concentration. DSC, FT-IR, SEM, TGA, XRD
17  2018 Morphological, Mechanical and Mucoadhesive Properties of Electrospun Chitosan/Phospholipid Hybrid Nanofibers. CH, MW, SEM
18  2017 Acetylated pectins in raw and heat processed carrots. ChSS, DM, HG, RG-I, WSS
19  2017 Chitin hoops obtained from Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Diplopoda, Julidae) used for bovine serum albumin adsorption. ---
20  2017 Effect of Protonation State and N-Acetylation of Chitosan on Its Interaction with Xanthan Gum: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study. CS, MDs, XG
21  2017 Enzymatic production of all fourteen partially acetylated chitosan tetramers using different chitin deacetylases acting in forward or reverse mode. CDAs, DP, PA, paCOS
22  2017 Investigation of cell adhesion in chitosan membranes for peripheral nerve regeneration. CHT
23  2017 N-Reacetylated Oligochitosan: pH Dependence of Self-Assembly Properties and Antibacterial Activity. MW
24  2017 Physical chitosan microhydrogels as scaffolds for spinal cord injury restoration and axon regeneration. Chitosan-FPHS, SCI
25  2017 Preparation and optimization of submicron chitosan capsules by water-based electrospraying for food and bioactive packaging applications. DP
26  2016 A high-throughput bioimaging study to assess the impact of chitosan-based nanoparticle degradation on DNA delivery performance. NPs, TMC
27  2016 Cellobiohydrolases Produce Different Oligosaccharides from Chitosan. COSs
28  2016 Cytotoxicity of chitosans with different acetylation degrees and molecular weights on bladder carcinoma cells. MW
29  2016 Development of a Coarse-Grained Model of Chitosan for Predicting Solution Behavior. CG, GlcNAc
30  2016 Electrospinning chitosan/poly(ethylene oxide) solutions with essential oils: Correlating solution rheology to nanofiber formation. Ce, CIN, CS, H-CIN, PEO
31  2016 Physical Properties and Stability of Soft Gelled Chitosan-Based Nanoparticles. CS, NGs, NPs, TPP, zeta
32  2016 Polyelectrolyte complexes via desalting mixtures of hyaluronic acid and chitosan-Physicochemical study and structural analysis. CS, HyA, PECs, SAXS
33  2016 Synthesis of carboxymethyl chitin in aqueous solution and its thermo- and pH-sensitive behaviors. CMCHs, DS
34  2016 Towards a less biased dissolution of chitosan. CE, PM, SEC
35  2015 A rational approach towards the design of chitosan-based nanoparticles obtained by ionotropic gelation. MW, TPP
36  2015 Chitin and chitosan preparation from marine sources. Structure, properties and applications. MW
37  2015 Macro-hydrogels versus nanoparticles by the controlled assembly of polysaccharides. ---
38  2015 Production of bioactive chitosan oligosaccharides using the hypertransglycosylating chitinase-D from Serratia proteamaculans. DP, PA, SpChiD
39  2015 Structure of an arabinogalactan from the edible tropical fruit tamarillo (Solanum betaceum) and its antinociceptive activity. DE
40  2014 Affinity protein-based FRET tools for cellular tracking of chitosan nanoparticles and determination of the polymer degree of acetylation. CS, CsNps, FRET
41  2014 O-acetylation of glucuronoxylan in Arabidopsis thaliana wild type and its change in xylan biosynthesis mutants. AcGX, Xylp
42  2014 Reversible controlled assembly of chitosan and dextran sulfate: a new method for nanoparticle elaboration. PECs, SSC
43  2014 Structural differences between chitin and chitosan extracted from three different marine sources. ---
44  2014 Structure of chitosan determines its interactions with mucin. CS, ITC, rel
45  2014 [Activity of protective proteins in wheat plants treated with chitooligosaccharides with different degrees of acetylation and infection with Bipolaris sorokiniana]. COS, PR
46  2014 [Effect of chitooligosaccharides with different degrees of acetylation on the activity of wheat pathogen-inducible anionic peroxidase]. CHOSs
47  2013 Characterisation of commercial LM-pectin in aqueous solution. AA, DE
48  2013 Disclosing an NMR-invisible fraction in chitosan and PEGylated copolymers and its role on the determination of degrees of substitution. CS, IF
49  2013 Effect of extraction conditions on the yield and chemical properties of pectin from cocoa husks. DM
50  2013 Endothelialization of chitosan porous conduits via immobilization of a recombinant fibronectin fragment (rhFNIII7-10). CH, EC
51  2013 Fragmentation of chitosan by acids. ---
52  2013 Polysaccharide-anchored fatty acid liposome. OA, OA
53  2013 Preparation and characterization of glycol chitin as a new thermogelling polymer for biomedical applications. ---
54  2012 Applications of magnetic resonance spectroscopy to chitin from insect cuticles. ---
55  2012 beta-Chitin nanofibrils for self-sustaining hydrogels preparation via hydrothermal treatment. CNF
56  2012 Expression of mung bean pectin acetyl esterase in potato tubers: effect on acetylation of cell wall polymers and tuber mechanical properties. CWM
57  2012 Solid-state spectroscopic characterization of alpha-chitins deacetylated in homogeneous solutions. ---
58  2011 Chitosan nanocapsules: Effect of chitosan molecular weight and acetylation degree on electrokinetic behaviour and colloidal stability. HMW, LMW
59  2011 From fibers to micelles using point-mutated amphiphilic peptides. CMC, gA, SPPS
60  2011 Imidazole-grafted chitosan-mediated gene delivery: in vitro study on transfection, intracellular trafficking and degradation. ---
61  2011 Structural characterization of chitin and chitosan obtained by biological and chemical methods. BIO-C, CH-C, FPT, LAF
62  2011 [Chitosan antiviral activity: dependence on structure and depolymerization method]. LM, TMV
63  2010 A monoclonal antibody that specifically binds chitosan in vitro and in situ on fungal cell walls. ---
64  2010 Controlled release properties and final macroporosity of a pectin microspheres-calcium phosphate composite bone cement. CPC, DE, LMAP
65  2010 Evaluation of the effect of the degree of acetylation on the inflammatory response to 3D porous chitosan scaffolds. CH
66  2010 Polysaccharide-based vaccine delivery systems: Macromolecular assembly, interactions with antigen presenting cells, and in vivo immunomonitoring. DCs, FACS, iDCs, PECs
67  2009 An efficient method for 15N-labeling of chitin in fungi. SSNMR
68  2009 Chitosan selectivity for removing cadmium (II), copper (II), and lead (II) from aqueous phase: pH and organic matter effect. NOM
69  2009 Influence of the degree of acetylation on the enzymatic degradation and in vitro biological properties of trimethylated chitosans. TEER, TMC
70  2008 A novel synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles in reverse emulsion. ---
71  2008 Chemical preparation and structural characterization of a homogeneous series of chitin/chitosan oligomers. chito-oligomers, DP, GlcN, MALDI-TOF MS
72  2008 Evaluation of chitosans and Pichia guillermondii as growth inhibitors of Penicillium digitatum. FPT, RTHD
73  2008 Preparation and characterization of amidated pectin based hydrogels for drug delivery system. EA, FTIR, XRD
74  2007 Amidated pectin based hydrogels: synthesis, characterization and cytocompatibility study. DAMP, FTIR, GA, XRD
75  2007 Polyelectrolyte microstructure in chitosan aqueous and alcohol solutions. ---
76  2007 Synthesis and characterization of photocurable elastomers from poly(glycerol-co-sebacate). PGSA
77  2006 Chitosan oligomers and copper sulfate induce grapevine defense reactions and resistance to gray mold and downy mildew. CHN, MW
78  2006 Determination of the degree of acetylation of chitosan by UV spectrophotometry using dual standards. ---
79  2006 Purification, characterization, and gene cloning of 46 kDa chitinase (Chi46) from Trichoderma reesei PC-3-7 and its expression in Escherichia coli. GlcNAc, rChi46
80  2006 Three-dimensional culture of human osteoblastic cells in chitosan sponges: the effect of the degree of acetylation. ---
81  2005 Physicochemical behavior of homogeneous series of acetylated chitosans in aqueous solution: role of various structural parameters. ---
82  2005 Rat bone marrow stromal cell osteogenic differentiation and fibronectin adsorption on chitosan membranes: the effect of the degree of acetylation. CH, FN, rBMSCs
83  2005 Rheometric study of the gelation of chitosan in a hydroalcoholic medium. ---
84  2005 Rheometric study of the gelation of chitosan in aqueous solution without cross-linking agent. ---
85  2004 Chitin and chitosan--value-added products from mushroom waste. dw
86  2004 Comparative study of the second and third heterogeneous deacetylations of alpha- and beta-chitins in a multistep process. ---
87  2004 Effect of deacetylation rate on gelation kinetics of konjac glucomannan. KGM
88  2004 Effect of degree of acetylation on gelation of konjac glucomannan. CNa, KGM
89  2004 Low molecular weight chitosans: preparation with the aid of papain and characterization. CD, CrI, LMWC, MIC, SEM
90  2003 Light scattering studies of the solution properties of chitosans of varying degrees of acetylation. QELS
91  2003 Optimization of chitin extraction from shrimp shells. ---
92  2003 Synthesis and characterization of sugar-bearing chitosan derivatives: aqueous solubility and biodegradability. SBCs
93  2002 An optimised method to determine the degree of acetylation of chitin and chitosan by FTIR spectroscopy. ---
94  2002 Gelation behavior of native and acetylated konjac glucomannan. KGM
95  2002 Relation between solution properties and degree of acetylation of chitosan: role of aging. ---
96  2001 Concepts for improved regioselective placement of O-sulfo, N-sulfo, N-acetyl, and N-carboxymethyl groups in chitosan derivatives. NAc
97  2001 Effects of N-acetylation degree on N-acetylated chitosan hydrolysis with commercially available and modified pectinases. NACs, PEO-MA copolymer
98  2001 Influence of the degree of acetylation on some biological properties of chitosan films. ---
99  2000 Physicochemical behaviour of chitin gels. ---
100  2000 Solid state NMR for determination of degree of acetylation of chitin and chitosan. ---