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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 An oroxylin A-loaded aggregation-induced emission active polymeric system greatly increased the antitumor efficacy against squamous cell carcinoma. AIE, OA, SCC
2020 An Overview of Drug Delivery Systems. ---
2020 Anticancer DOX delivery system based on CNTs: Functionalization, targeting and novel technologies. CNTs, DOX
2020 Bicomponent polymeric micelles for pH-controlled delivery of doxorubicin. CTP, DOX, PDMA, PVBA, RAFT
2020 Biocompatible, Crystalline, and Amorphous Bismuth-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks for Drug Delivery. alpha-CHC, DCA, MOFs
2020 Cancer Cell Membrane-Decorated Zeolitic-Imidazolate Frameworks Codelivering Cisplatin and Oleanolic Acid Induce Apoptosis and Reversed Multidrug Resistance on Bladder Carcinoma Cells. HP, OLA
2020 Cellular Responses of Human Lymphatic Endothelial Cells to Carbon Nanomaterials. CB, CNHs, CNMs, MWCNTs
2020 Ceria-Doped Titania Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery System. DNR
2020 Coaxial mussel-inspired biofibers: making of a robust and efficacious depot for cancer drug delivery. ---
10  2020 Controlled Transdermal Release of Antioxidant Ferulate by a Porous Sc(III) MOF. ---
11  2020 Current Trends in ATRA Delivery for Cancer Therapy. APL, ATRA, NB
12  2020 Deep eutectic solvents for pharmaceutical formulation and drug delivery applications. DES
13  2020 Delivery of benzoylaconitine using biodegradable nanoparticles to suppress inflammation via regulating NF-kappaB signaling. BAC, mPEG-PLGA, NPs, RA
14  2020 Doxorubicin-doxorubicin conjugate prodrug as drug self-delivery system for intracellular pH-triggered slow release. DSDS
15  2020 Dual Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Self-Assemblies Based on the Host-Guest Interaction between beta-Cyclodextrin and Azobenzene for Cellular Drug Release. Azo-PCL, beta-CD-g-PDMAEMA
16  2020 Engineering approaches for drug delivery systems production and characterization. ---
17  2020 Functional peptide-based drug delivery systems. ---
18  2020 Host-Guest Interactions between Oxaliplatin and Cucurbit[7]uril/Cucurbit[7]uril Derivatives under Pseudo-Physiological Conditions. OxPt
19  2020 Improving drug delivery performance of pH-triggered prodrug nanoparticles with an adaptive polycation block as pH-sensitive gatekeeper. PDPA
20  2020 Intelligent Drug Delivery Microparticles with Visual Stimuli-Responsive Structural Color Changes. NIR, OD
21  2020 Intravitreal anti-VEGF drug delivery systems for age-related macular degeneration. ---
22  2020 Ligand-Modified Erythrocyte Membrane-Cloaked Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles for Targeted Antitumor Therapy. cRGD, DOX, EPR, HeLa, NPs, ZIF-8
23  2020 Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Nanoplatforms for Colorectal Cancer Therapy. ACs, CRC
24  2020 Manufacturing of hybrid drug delivery systems by utilizing the fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology. FFF
25  2020 Metal-organic frameworks for stimuli-responsive drug delivery. ATP, MOF
26  2020 Montmorillonite Intercalated Norfloxacin and Tobramycin for New Drug-Delivery Systems. FTIR, MMT, SEM, XRD
27  2020 Nanoscale Self-Assembly for Therapeutic Delivery. ---
28  2020 Near-infrared photoresponsive drug delivery nanosystems for cancer photo-chemotherapy. NIR
29  2020 Nitric Oxide Nano-Delivery Systems for Cancer Therapeutics: Advances and Challenges. NO
30  2020 pH-Activated surface charge-reversal double-crosslinked hyaluronic acid nanogels with feather keratin as multifunctional crosslinker for tumor-targeting DOX delivery. FK, HA
31  2020 pH-Responsive Vesicle Formation by PEGylated Cholesterol Derivatives: Physicochemical Characterization, Stability, Encapsulation, and Release Study. Chol
32  2020 Photo-triggered release of doxorubicin from liposomes formulated by amphiphilic phthalocyanines for combination therapy to enhance antitumor efficacy. DOX
33  2020 Polymeric Nanocarriers of Drug Delivery Systems in Cancer Therapy. NPs
34  2020 Potentiality of Q3 characterization of nanosystem: Surrogate data for obtaining a biowaiver. RLD
35  2020 Prospects and challenges of extracellular vesicle-based drug delivery system: considering cell source. EVs
36  2020 Reactive oxygen species and enzyme dual-responsive biocompatible drug delivery system for targeted tumor therapy. EGFR, hROS, MAMA, MTX, MUA-Au NCs
37  2020 Redox dual-stimuli responsive drug delivery systems for improving tumor-targeting ability and reducing adverse side effects. ROS
38  2020 Regulation of the Ocular Cell/Tissue Response by Implantable Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems. ---
39  2020 Renal clearable nanocarriers: Overcoming the physiological barriers for precise drug delivery and clearance. ---
40  2020 Research Progress in Bioinspired Drug Delivery Systems. BDDSs, EVs, NP
41  2020 Single-Molecule Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems. ---
42  2020 Smart Hydrogels - Synthetic Stimuli-Responsive Antitumor Drug Release Systems. ---
43  2020 Sterilization process of polyester based anticancer-drug delivery systems. ---
44  2020 Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels for Local Post-Surgical Drug Delivery. ---
45  2020 Stimuli-responsive nano-assemblies for remotely controlled drug delivery. ---
46  2020 Study on the release behaviors of berberine hydrochloride based on sandwich nanostructure and shape memory effect. BCH
47  2020 The Progress and Prospect of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks in Cancer Therapy, Antibacterial Activity, and Biomineralization. MOFs, ZIFs
48  2020 Therapeutic impacts of enzyme-responsive smart nanobiosystems. NSs, TME
49  2020 Ultrasound and magnetic responsive drug delivery systems for cardiovascular application. CVD
50  2019 A Novel Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Process for Drug Delivery Systems with Locally Incorporated Drug Depots. AM, SLA
51  2019 Advances in drug delivery for post-surgical cancer treatment. CTCs
52  2019 Amino modified metal-organic frameworks as pH-responsive nanoplatforms for safe delivery of camptothecin. CPT, Fe, MOFs
53  2019 Anti-inflammatory role of TPCA-1 encapsulated nanosomes in porcine chondrocytes against TNF-alpha stimulation. ACAN, HIF-2alpha, MMP-13, NF-kappaB, TNF-alpha
54  2019 Applications of daunorubicin-loaded PLGA-PLL-PEG-Tf nanoparticles in hematologic malignancies: an in vitro and in vivo evaluation. DNR, NPs, Tf
55  2019 Aptamedicine: a new treatment modality in personalized cancer therapy. Aps, ASOs, CMMs
56  2019 Augmenting the synergies of chemotherapy and immunotherapy through drug delivery. ---
57  2019 Biological Therapy of Hematologic Malignancies: Toward a Chemotherapy- free Era. ---
58  2019 Cancer cell membrane coated silica nanoparticles loaded with ICG for tumour specific photothermal therapy of osteosarcoma. CM, ICG, PTT, SLN
59  2019 Carrageenan: A Wonder Polymer from Marine Algae for Potential Drug Delivery Applications. ---
60  2019 Chlorins e6 loaded silica nanoparticles coated with gastric cancer cell membrane for tumor specific photodynamic therapy of gastric cancer. Ce6, CM, PDT, SLN
61  2019 Co-encapsulation of magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles and doxorubicin into biocompatible PLGA-PEG nanocarriers for early detection and treatment of tumours. NDDS
62  2019 Colorectal Cancer Therapy Using a Pediococcus pentosaceus SL4 Drug Delivery System Secreting Lactic Acid Bacteria-Derived Protein p8. CRC, LAB, LR, r-p8
63  2019 Comparison of Traditional and Ultrasound-Enhanced Electrospinning in Fabricating Nanofibrous Drug Delivery Systems. PEO, TES, USES
64  2019 Contemporary Formulations for Drug Delivery of Anticancer Bioactive Compounds. NPs
65  2019 Correlating Anticancer Drug Delivery Efficiency with Vascular Permeability of Renal Clearable Versus Non-renal Clearable Nanocarriers. DOX
66  2019 Development of Organelle Replacement Therapy Using a Stearyl-Polyhistidine Peptide against Lysosomal Storage Disease Cells. His16-Lyso, LSD, ORT
67  2019 Drug delivery systems based on intrinsically conducting polymers. ICPs
68  2019 Endogenous stimuli-responsive linkers in nanoliposomal systems for cancer drug targeting. ---
69  2019 Engineering of Exosomes: Steps Towards Green Production of Drug Delivery System. ---
70  2019 Enzyme-Catalytic Self-Triggered Release of Drugs from a Nanosystem for Efficient Delivery to Nuclei of Tumor Cells. DOX, NQO1, ROS
71  2019 Extracellular Vesicles as Drug Delivery Systems - Methods of Production and Potential Therapeutic Applications. EVs
72  2019 Folic acid functionalized nanoparticles as pharmaceutical carriers in drug delivery systems. FA, FR, NPs
73  2019 Hyaluronic acid-targeted and pH-responsive drug delivery system based on metal-organic frameworks for efficient antitumor therapy. alpha-TOS, HA, HAase, TME, ZIF-8
74  2019 In vivo Antiplasmodial Activity of Curcumin-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers. CUR, Cur-NLC, NLCs, PI, TEM
75  2019 Investigation of the Size Distribution for Diffusion-Controlled Drug Release From Drug Delivery Systems of Various Geometries. ---
76  2019 Laminin-derived peptides: Applications in drug delivery systems for targeting. ---
77  2019 Latest Advances in the Development of Eukaryotic Vaults as Targeted Drug Delivery Systems. MVP
78  2019 Lipid-based carriers for the delivery of local anesthetics. LA
79  2019 Low-density lipoprotein-decorated and Adriamycin-loaded silica nanoparticles for tumor-targeted chemotherapy of colorectal cancer. ADR, LDL, LDLR, SLNs
80  2019 Managing efficacy and toxicity of drugs: Targeted delivery and excretion. ---
81  2019 Mathematical and computational modeling of nano-engineered drug delivery systems. ---
82  2019 Mesoporous Silica-Based Materials with Bactericidal Properties. MS, MSMs
83  2019 Nano-, micro-, and macroscale drug delivery systems for cancer immunotherapy. DCs
84  2019 Nanoscale drug delivery strategies for therapy of ovarian cancer: conventional vs targeted. EPR
85  2019 Near infrared light-triggered nanoparticles using singlet oxygen photocleavage for drug delivery systems. NP, PS
86  2019 Peptide Sequence-Dominated Enzyme-Responsive Nanoplatform for Anticancer Drug Delivery. ---
87  2019 pH-Triggered Conformational Change of Antp-Based Drug Delivery Platform for Tumor Treatment with Combined Photothermal Therapy and Chemotherapy. AMP, AMP-NPs, DOX, ICG, NIR
88  2019 Platelet-membrane-biomimetic nanoparticles for targeted antitumor drug delivery. Bu, CS, PLGA, PLTM
89  2019 Poly(amino acid)/ZnO/mesoporous silica nanoparticle based complex drug delivery system with a charge-reversal property for cancer therapy. DOX, LbL, MSNs, PLL
90  2019 Polymeric Engineering of Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems. ---
91  2019 Polymeric prodrug microspheres with tumor intracellular microenvironment bioreducible degradation, pH-triggered "off-on" fluorescence and drug release for precise imaging-guided diagnosis and chemotherapy. DOX, PEG-PGMA
92  2019 Programming Drug Delivery Kinetics for Active Burst Release with DNA Toehold Switches. HCR, SNAgel
93  2019 Recent advances in electrospun for drug delivery purpose. ---
94  2019 Recent trends and advances in microbe-based drug delivery systems. IBD
95  2019 Redox-responsive polymer inhibits macrophages uptake for effective intracellular gene delivery and enhanced cancer therapy. P-CSO-SA
96  2019 Smart Unimolecular Micelle-Based Polyprodrug with Dual-Redox Stimuli Response for Tumor Microenvironment: Enhanced in Vivo Delivery Efficiency and Tumor Penetration. CPG, CPGR, CPR, CPT, ROS, TME
97  2019 Stimuli-responsive nanoscale drug delivery systems for cancer therapy. ---
98  2019 Strategies of targeting pathological stroma for enhanced antitumor therapies. CAFs
99  2019 Supramolecular micellar drug delivery system based on multi-arm block copolymer for highly effective encapsulation and sustained-release chemotherapy. DLE, DOX
100  2019 Sustained Release of Minor-Groove-Binding Antibiotic Netropsin from Calcium-Coated Groove-Rich DNA Particles. DNAp, RCA