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Abbreviation:   DEJ  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   dentin-enamel junction
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Anisotropic ultimate strength and microscopic fracture patterns during tensile testing in the dentin-enamel junction region. ---
2020 Breaking crown dentine in whole teeth: 3D observations of prevalent fracture patterns following overload. muCT
2020 The impact of head and neck radiotherapy on the dentine-enamel junction: a systematic review. HNRT, RRC
2019 Cavity adaptation of composite restorations prepared at crown and root: Optical assessment using SS-OCT. CC, CR, SS-OCT
2019 Characteristics of the transverse 2D uniserial arrangement of rows of decussating enamel rods in the inner enamel layer of mouse mandibular incisors. ---
2019 Direct radiation-induced effects on dental hard tissue. AFM, SEM
2019 Enamel crack association with tooth age and wear severity: An optical coherence tomography study. ---
2019 In Vivo Comparative Enactment of CarieScanPRO™ with Conventional Methods to Detect Occlusal Carious Lesions in the Mandibular Primary Molars. FDR, FPR, ICDAS II, NPV, PPV, ROC, RVG
2019 Mutations in RELT cause autosomal recessive amelogenesis imperfecta. AI, TNFRSF
10  2019 Proteomic analysis of dentin-enamel junction and adjacent protein-containing enamel matrix layer of healthy human molar teeth. EOM
11  2019 Radiotherapy Activates and Protease Inhibitors Inactivate Matrix Metalloproteinases in the Dentinoenamel Junction of Permanent Teeth. CHX, EGCG, MMP
12  2019 Wild boar's tusk enamel: Structure and mechanical behavior. HAP
13  2018 Dentinal mineralization is not limited in the mineralization front but occurs along with the entire odontoblast process. ---
14  2018 Durability of adhesive bonds to tooth structure involving the DEJ. ---
15  2018 Indirect adhesive rehabilitation by cementation under pressure of a case of Dentinogenesis Imperfecta type II: follow-up after 13 years. DI
16  2018 Mapping the mechanical gradient of human dentin-enamel-junction at different intratooth locations. ---
17  2018 Missing Surface Estimation Based on Modified Tikhonov Regularization: Application for Destructed Dental Tissue. ER, MD
18  2017 Confocal Raman mapping of collagen cross-link and crystallinity of human dentin-enamel junction. ---
19  2017 Head and neck radiotherapy does not increase gelatinase (metalloproteinase-2 and -9) expression or activity in teeth irradiated invivo. MMPs
20  2017 Mesoscale porosity at the dentin-enamel junction could affect the biomechanical properties of teeth. CLSM
21  2017 Near-IR and CP-OCT imaging of suspected occlusal caries lesions. CP-OCT, QOC's
22  2017 Postradiation Matrix Metalloproteinase-20 Expression and Its Impact on Dental Micromorphology and Radiation-Related Caries. HNRT, MMP-20, RRC
23  2017 Remineralization ability of sodium fluoride on the microhardness of enamel, dentin, and dentinoenamel junction: An in vitro study. ---
24  2017 Stress analysis of irradiated human tooth enamel using finite element methods. FE
25  2017 Subtraction Radiographic Assessment of Underlying Dentin After Partial Carious Dentin Removal in Primary Teeth. GIC
26  2017 The influence of infantile thiamine deficiency on primary dentition. ITD
27  2016 Dental prostheses mimic the natural enamel behavior under functional loading: A review article. ---
28  2016 Effect of Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Bond Strength of a Self-Etch Primer and an Etch and Rinse Adhesive to Surface and Deep Dentin. ASB, DMSO, SA, SBS, SSB, SSP
29  2016 Heat Transfer Behavior across the Dentino-Enamel Junction in the Human Tooth. ---
30  2016 Histo-anatomic 3D printing of dental structures. OES
31  2016 Ultrastructural features of dentinoenamel junction revealed by focused gallium ion beam milling. FIB
32  2016 Understanding nature's residual strain engineering at the human dentine-enamel junction interface. DIC, FIB
33  2015 Evolution and Function of Dinosaur Teeth at Ultramicrostructural Level Revealed Using Synchrotron Transmission X-ray Microscopy. ---
34  2015 Radiotherapy effect on nano-mechanical properties and chemical composition of enamel and dentine. ---
35  2014 Abrasive wear of enamel by bioactive glass-based toothpastes. ---
36  2014 Deformation behavior of human enamel and dentin-enamel junction under compression. ---
37  2014 Dentinogenesis imperfecta type I: A case report with literature review on nomenclature system. DI, DSPP, OI
38  2014 Enhancing the detection of hidden occlusal caries lesions with OCT using high index liquids. PS-OCT
39  2014 Optimizing the design of bio-inspired functionally graded material (FGM) layer in all-ceramic dental restorations. FGM
40  2014 The effect of radiotherapy on dental hard tissue--a systematic review. ---
41  2014 Type IV collagen is a novel DEJ biomarker that is reduced by radiotherapy. BM
42  2014 Type VII collagen is enriched in the enamel organic matrix associated with the dentin-enamel junction of mature human teeth. ---
43  2013 Hydrogen peroxide diffusion dynamics in dental tissues. FTIR-PAS, MRS
44  2013 Image analysis of the eruptive positions of third molars and adjacent second molars as indicators of age evaluation in Thai patients. ---
45  2013 In situ study of the gelatinase activity in demineralized dentin from rat molar teeth. MMPs
46  2013 Indentation damage and crack repair in human enamel. ---
47  2013 Methods for Monitoring Erosion Using Optical Coherence Tomography. ---
48  2013 Multiphoton imaging of the dentine-enamel junction. 2PEF, SHG
49  2013 Optical coherence tomography as an auxiliary tool for the screening of radiation-related caries. CEJ, OCT
50  2013 X-ray microdiffraction, TEM characterization and texture analysis of human dentin and enamel. muXRD, TEM
51  2012 Comparative mechanical behavior of dentin enamel and dentin ceramic junctions assessed by speckle interferometry (SI). DCJ, SI
52  2012 Diagnostic accuracy of digital and conventional radiography in the detection of non-cavitated approximal dental caries. CCD, PSP
53  2012 The Distribution of Carbonate in Enamel and its Correlation with Structure and Mechanical Properties. FWHM
54  2012 The role of property gradients on the mechanical behavior of human enamel. ---
55  2011 Bonding efficiency of contemporary adhesives to the dentinoenamel junction zone. ERAs, SEAs
56  2011 Effect of gap geometry on secondary caries wall lesion development. DWL-A, DWL-B, EOL, EWL
57  2011 Kallikrein-related peptidase 4, matrix metalloproteinase 20, and the maturation of murine and porcine enamel. KLK4, MMP20
58  2011 Matrix metalloproteinase 20 promotes a smooth enamel surface, a strong dentino-enamel junction, and a decussating enamel rod pattern. ---
59  2011 Nano-scale structure and mechanical properties of the human dentine-enamel junction. ---
60  2011 Why does enamel in Klk4-null mice break above the dentino-enamel junction? KLK4
61  2010 Alteration of dentin-enamel mechanical properties due to dental whitening treatments. ---
62  2010 Coupled Nanomechanical and Raman Microspectroscopic Investigation of Human Third Molar DEJ. ---
63  2010 Crack arrest within teeth at the dentinoenamel junction caused by elastic modulus mismatch. ---
64  2010 Effect of hydration on the strain gradients in dental hard tissues after heat and cold application. ---
65  2010 High energy X-ray scattering quantification of in situ-loading-related strain gradients spanning the dentinoenamel junction (DEJ) in bovine tooth specimens. ---
66  2010 Measurement of hydroxyapatite density and Knoop hardness in sound human enamel and a correlational analysis between them. HAP, KHN, ROIs
67  2010 Mineral density of hypomineralised enamel. CEJ, MD, MIH, XMT
68  2010 On the mineral in collagen of human crown dentine. ---
69  2010 Oral features in Apert syndrome: a histological investigation. ---
70  2010 Variations in human DEJ scallop size with tooth type. ---
71  2010 Variations in the mechanical properties of Alouatta palliata molar enamel. ---
72  2009 Bio-inspired design of dental multilayers: experiments and model. DEJs, FGM, RDEASCG
73  2009 Chemical/molecular structure of the dentin-enamel junction is dependent on the intratooth location. ---
74  2009 Class II restorations with margins below the CEJ. ---
75  2009 On the R-curve behavior of human tooth enamel. ---
76  2009 The effect of the surface characteristics of various substrates on fluorapatite crystal growth, alignment, and spatial orientation. FA
77  2009 Use of focused ion beam milling for investigating the mechanical properties of biological tissues: a study of human primary molars. FIB
78  2008 Compositional determinants of mechanical properties of enamel. ---
79  2008 Estimation of clinical axial extension of Class II caries lesions with ultraspeed and digital radiographs: an in-vivo study. DDR
80  2008 Immunohistochemical localization of matrixmetalloproteinase-2 in human coronal dentin. MMP-2
81  2008 Mechanical properties of human enamel as a function of age and location in the tooth. ---
82  2008 Microstructural changes of enamel, dentin-enamel junction, and dentin induced by irradiating outer enamel surfaces with CO2 laser. ---
83  2008 Synchrotron microComputed Tomography of the mature bovine dentinoenamel junction. micro-CT
84  2008 Thermal transfer in extracted incisors during thermal pulp sensitivity testing. ---
85  2007 An investigation of thermal stimulation in intact teeth. ---
86  2007 Bioinspired design of dental multilayers. ---
87  2007 Ectopic expression of dentin sialoprotein during amelogenesis hardens bulk enamel. DPP, DSP, DSPP
88  2007 Functional significance of the microstructural detail of the primate dentino-enamel junction: a possible example of exaptation. FE
89  2007 Insular dentin formation pattern in human odontogenesis in relation to the scalloped dentino-enamel junction. SEM, TEM
90  2007 Multiscale mechanics of hierarchical structure/property relationships in calcified tissues and tissue/material interfaces. AFM, NI, SAM, UWP
91  2006 Comparison of interfacial characteristics of adhesive bonding to superficial versus deep dentine using SEM and staining techniques. CEJ, LM, SEM, UNO
92  2006 Formation of the dentino-enamel interface in enamelysin (MMP-20)-deficient mouse incisors. KO, MMP-20, TEM
93  2006 Microstructure and chemical composition of primary teeth in children with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. CP, DS, ESR
94  2006 Structure and mechanical properties of the soft zone separating bulk dentin and enamel in crowns of human teeth: insight into tooth function. ---
95  2005 Controlled failure mechanisms toughen the dentino-enamel junction zone. ---
96  2005 Effect of prism orientation and loading direction on contact stresses in prismatic enamel of primates: implications for interpreting wear patterns. OES
97  2005 Effects of one versus two-layer applications of a self-etching adhesive to dentin of primary teeth: a SEM study. Single Bond
98  2005 Finite element analysis of mechanism of cervical lesion formation in simulated molars during mastication and parafunction. CEJ
99  2005 Localization of sulfated sialic acids in the dentinal tubules during tooth formation in mice. KS
100  2005 The dentin-enamel junction and the fracture of human teeth. ---