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Long Form:   dorsal horn
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Lamina-specific population encoding of cutaneous signals in the spinal dorsal horn using multi-electrode arrays. MEAs, vFHs
2019 New nociceptive circuits to the hypothalamic perifornical area from the spinal cord and spinal trigeminal nucleus via the parabrachial nucleus. BDA, FG, ORX, PB, PeF
2018 A link between plasma membrane calcium ATPase 2 (PMCA2), estrogen and estrogen receptor alpha signaling in mechanical pain. ERalpha, PMCA2
2018 CB1 Receptors Mediated Inhibition of ATP-Induced [Ca2+]i Increase in Cultured Rat Spinal Dorsal Horn Neurons. CB1R, P2XR
2018 Contribution of Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPases to neuronal maladaptive responses: Focus on spinal nociceptive mechanisms and neurodegeneration. CNS, DRG, PMCAs, SC
2018 Differential Regulation of Bladder Pain and Voiding Function by Sensory Afferent Populations Revealed by Selective Optogenetic Activation. ChR2-eYFP, LT
2018 Glycine receptors expression in rat spinal cord and dorsal root ganglion in prostaglandin E2 intrathecal injection models. DRGs, GlyRs, IR, PGE2
2018 Oxaliplatin Regulates Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathic Pain in the Dorsal Horn and Dorsal Root Ganglion via the Calcineurin/NFAT Pathway. CaN, CIPN, DRG, NFAT, PWT
2018 Small-Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channel 2 in the Dorsal Horn of Spinal Cord Participates in Visceral Hypersensitivity in Rats. CRD
10  2018 Somatotopic organization of central arbors from nociceptive afferents develops independently of their intact peripheral target innervation. ---
11  2018 Spinal PKCalpha inhibition and gene-silencing for pain relief: AMPAR trafficking at the synapses between primary afferents and sensory interneurons. PKCalpha
12  2018 The greater occipital nerve and its spinal and brainstem afferent projections: A stereological and tract-tracing study in the rat. GON, TCC
13  2017 Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule is involved in excitatory synaptic transmission and plasticity in the rat spinal dorsal horn. ALCAM
14  2017 Chronic Treatment with Fluoxetine Induces Sex-Dependent Analgesic Effects and Modulates HDAC2 and mGlu2 Expression in Female Mice. DRG, HDAC2, mGlu2, SSRIs
15  2017 CXCR4 antagonist AMD3100 elicits analgesic effect and restores the GlyRalpha3 expression against neuropathic pain. NP, SC, SNL
16  2017 Heteromeric alpha/betaglycine receptors regulate excitability in parvalbumin-expressing dorsal horn neurons through phasic and tonic glycinergic inhibition. ---
17  2017 Impaired sensitivity to pain stimuli in plasma membrane calcium ATPase 2 (PMCA2) heterozygous mice: a possible modality- and sex-specific role for PMCA2 in nociception. GABARs, PMCA2
18  2017 Monoamine Release in the Cat Lumbar Spinal Cord during Fictive Locomotion Evoked by the Mesencephalic Locomotor Region. IZ/VH, MLR, NE, TTP, WM
19  2017 Opposite, bidirectional shifts in excitation and inhibition in specific types of dorsal horn interneurons are associated with spasticity and pain post-SCI. SCI
20  2017 Tumor necrosis factor alpha modulates sodium-activated potassium channel SLICK in rat dorsal horn neurons via p38 MAPK activation pathway. ---
21  2016 Distinct forms of synaptic inhibition and neuromodulation regulate calretinin-positive neuron excitability in the spinal cord dorsal horn. ---
22  2016 Effect of exercise on neurogenic inflammation in spinal cord of Type 1 diabetic rats. ---
23  2016 Identification of Early RET+ Deep Dorsal Spinal Cord Interneurons in Gating Pain. GCT
24  2016 Increase of transcription factor EB (TFEB) and lysosomes in rat DRG neurons and their transportation to the central nerve terminal in dorsal horn after nerve injury. ATP, DRG, IB4, SNL, TFEB, VNUT
25  2016 Inhibition of Spinal Ca(2+)-Permeable AMPA Receptors with Dicationic Compounds Alleviates Persistent Inflammatory Pain without Adverse Effects. CFA, i.t
26  2016 Localization of Brain Natriuretic Peptide Immunoreactivity in Rat Spinal Cord. BNP, CGRP, ChAT, DRG, IC, NPR-B, NPRA, RT-PCR, VH
27  2016 Neuronal networks and nociceptive processing in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. ---
28  2016 Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: Prevention or Suppression? DRG, PDN
29  2016 The role of Cx36 and Cx43 in 4-aminopyridine-induced rhythmic activity in the spinal nociceptive dorsal horn: an electrophysiological study invitro. 4-AP, Cx, SG, TMA
30  2015 Bimodal Modulation of Ipsilateral Spinal-Coeruleo-Spinal Pathway in CRPS: A Novel Model for Explaining Different Clinical Features of the Syndrome. CRPS, IML, SMP, VH
31  2015 Circuitry and plasticity of the dorsal horn--toward a better understanding of neuropathic pain. ---
32  2015 Electrical maturation of spinal neurons in the human fetus: comparison of ventral and dorsal horn. APs
33  2015 In vivo activation of the SK channel in the spinal cord reduces the NMDA receptor antagonist dose needed to produce antinociception in an inflammatory pain model. CFA, DL-AP5, i.t, NMDAR, SK
34  2015 Induction of long-term potentiation and long-term depression is cell-type specific in the spinal cord. ACS, GABAn, LTD, LTP, STTn
35  2015 Inflammatory-induced changes in synaptic drive and postsynaptic AMPARs in lamina II dorsal horn neurons are cell-type specific. AMPARs, CFA
36  2015 Microvascular disturbance with decreased pericyte coverage is prominent in the ventral horn of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS, ARS, MVD, PC, VH
37  2015 Spinal cord-midbrain functional connectivity is related to perceived pain intensity: a combined spino-cortical FMRI study. PAG
38  2015 Time course of spinal doublecortin expression in developing rat and porcine spinal cord: implication in in vivo neural precursor grafting studies. ES, iPS
39  2015 Ultrasound follow-up of posttraumatic injuries of the sagittal band of the dorsal hood treated by a conservative approach. MCP, US
41  2014 Activation of transient receptor potential vanilloid 2-expressing primary afferents stimulates synaptic transmission in the deep dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord and elicits mechanical hyperalgesia. DRG, sEPSCs, TRPV
42  2014 Central connectivity of transient receptor potential melastatin 8-expressing axons in the brain stem and spinal dorsal horn. TRPM8, TSN
43  2014 Fos and pERK immunoreactivity in spinal cord slices: Comparative analysis of in vitro models for testing putative antinociceptive molecules. pERK
44  2014 Genomewide analysis of rat periaqueductal gray-dorsal horn reveals time-, region- and frequency-specific mRNA expression changes in response to electroacupuncture stimulation. EA, PAG
45  2014 Nongenomic effect of levothyroxine on the synchronous electrical activity of the spinal dorsal horn in the rat. CNS
46  2014 Orexin A and orexin receptor 1 axonal traffic in dorsal roots at the CNS/PNS interface. DRG, PNS, SP
47  2014 Postnatal maturation of endogenous opioid systems within the periaqueductal grey and spinal dorsal horn of the rat. MOR, PAG, RVM
48  2014 Properties of bilateral spinocerebellar activation of cerebellar cortical neurons. coLF, DSCT, iLF
49  2014 Protease-activated receptor 2 in dorsal root ganglion contributes to peripheral sensitization of bone cancer pain. DRG, PAR-2, TCI
50  2014 Role of nerve growth factor-tyrosine kinase receptor A signaling in paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy in rats. DRG, i.p, i.t, NGF, TrkA
51  2014 Spinal cord dopamine D2/D3 receptors: in vivo and ex vivo imaging in the rat using (18)F/(11)C-fallypride. BP, PC, SDH, VH
52  2014 The search for novel analgesics: re-examining spinal cord circuits with new tools. ---
53  2014 Tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors alleviation of experimentally induced neuropathic pain is associated with modulation of TNF receptor expression. CCI, DRG, TNFR
54  2013 A feed-forward spinal cord glycinergic neural circuit gates mechanical allodynia. ---
55  2013 Identifying spinal sensory pathways activated by noxious esophageal acid. CGRP, DRG, IB4, IR, p-ERK, TRPV1
56  2013 Intraganglionic AAV6 results in efficient and long-term gene transfer to peripheral sensory nervous system in adult rats. AAV, DRG, sc
57  2013 Ionotropic glutamate receptors and voltage-gated Ca⁺ channels in long-term potentiation of spinal dorsal horn synapses and pain hypersensitivity. LTP
58  2013 Localization of neurones expressing the gap junction protein Connexin45 within the adult spinal dorsal horn: a study using Cx45-eGFP reporter mice. Cx, EGFP, eGFP-IR, IB4
59  2013 Segmental disinhibition suppresses C-fiber inputs to the rat superficial medullary dorsal horn via the activation of GABAB receptors. GABA, MDH
60  2013 The segmental morphometric properties of the horse cervical spinal cord: a study of cadaver. CC, CSC, GM, GS, VH, WM
61  2013 [Pre- and postsynaptic expression mechanisms of long-term depression in rats glutamatergic primary afferent synapses on dorsal horn spinal cord neurons in co-culture]. CV, DRG, LFS, LTD, PPR
62  2012 Chronic pregabalin inhibits synaptic transmission between rat dorsal root ganglion and dorsal horn neurons in culture. DRG, EPSCs, PGB, TRPV1
63  2012 Differences in neural-immune gene expression response in rat spinal dorsal horn correlates with variations in electroacupuncture analgesia. EA, HR, NR, TFL
64  2012 Functional significance of M-type potassium channels in nociceptive cutaneous sensory endings. ---
65  2012 pH-dependent inhibition of native GABA(A) receptors by HEPES. DRG, GC, PIPES
66  2012 Presynaptic Cav3.2 channels regulate excitatory neurotransmission in nociceptive dorsal horn neurons. ---
67  2012 Sprouting of colonic afferent central terminals and increased spinal mitogen-activated protein kinase expression in a mouse model of chronic visceral hypersensitivity. CACTs, CRD, LI
68  2012 [Transcriptomics study of the transcriptional response of the spinal dorsal horn to electroacupuncture stimulation with different frequencies]. EA, ESTs, KEGG
69  2011 Crucial roles of NGF in dorsal horn plasticity in partially deafferentated cats. CB-HRP, DRGs, NGF
70  2011 Modulation of spinal cord synaptic activity by tumor necrosis factor alpha in a model of peripheral neuropathy. DRG, TNF-alpha, TNFR, TTX
71  2011 Neurotensin inhibits background K+ channels and facilitates glutamatergic transmission in rat spinal cord dorsal horn. NT, PKC
72  2011 Protein kinase A-dependent spinal alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazoleproprionate-receptor trafficking mediates capsaicin-induced colon-urethra cross-organ reflex sensitization. AMPARs, PKA
73  2011 The somatostatin analogue octreotide inhibits capsaicin-mediated activation of nociceptive primary afferent fibres in spinal cord lamina II (substantia gelatinosa). CAP, IB4, OCT, PAFs, SST, SSTR2
74  2010 Changes in synaptic populations in the spinal dorsal horn following a dorsal rhizotomy in the monkey. DRL, GABA, PSD
75  2010 Expression of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) in the rat trigeminal sensory afferents and spinal dorsal horn. TG, TRPA1, TSN
76  2010 Modulation of AMPA excitatory postsynaptic currents in the spinal cord dorsal horn neurons by insulin. EPSCs, IRs
77  2010 Modulation of inhibitory neurotransmission by the vanilloid receptor type 1 (TRPV1) in organotypically cultured mouse substantia gelatinosa neurons. ---
78  2010 Topography and time course of changes in spinal neuropeptide Y immunoreactivity after spared nerve injury. DRG, NG, NPY-ir, SNI
79  2009 An in vivo mouse model of long-term potentiation at synapses between primary afferent C-fibers and spinal dorsal horn neurons: essential role of EphB1 receptor. HFS, LTP
80  2009 Functional anatomy of the dorsal hood or the hand: correlation of ultrasound and MR findings with cadaveric dissection. ET, MCP, MR, SB
81  2009 Modulation of transient receptor potential Vanilloid 4-mediated membrane currents and synaptic transmission by protein kinase C. 4 alpha-PDD, BIM, DRG, mEPSCs, PDBu, TRPV
82  2009 Selective inhibitory effects of pregabalin on peripheral C but not A-delta fibers mediated nociception in intact and spinalized rats. BV, NS
83  2009 The role of the TRPV1 endogenous agonist N-Oleoyldopamine in modulation of nociceptive signaling at the spinal cord level. DRG, mEPSCs, OLDA
84  2008 Altered gene expression of NIDD in dorsal root ganglia and spinal cord of rats with neuropathic or inflammatory pain. DRG, NIDD, SC
85  2008 Endogenous steroid production in the spinal cord and potential involvement in neuropathic pain modulation. SC
86  2008 EphrinB-EphB receptor signaling contributes to neuropathic pain by regulating neural excitability and spinal synaptic plasticity in rats. DRG, LTP
87  2008 Involvement of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors and glutamate transporters in the slow excitatory synaptic transmission in the spinal cord dorsal horn. EPSC, mGluR, PAFs, SG, TBOA
88  2008 Long-lasting descending and transitory short-term spinal controls on deep spinal dorsal horn nociceptive-specific neurons in response to persistent nociception. NK-1, NS, WDR
89  2008 Neuropathic pain memory is maintained by Rac1-regulated dendritic spine remodeling after spinal cord injury. SCI
90  2008 Regional differences in the decay kinetics of GABA(A) receptor-mediated miniature IPSCs in the dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord are determined by mitochondrial transport of cholesterol. mIPSCs
91  2008 Upregulation and redistribution of ephrinB and EphB receptor in dorsal root ganglion and spinal dorsal horn neurons after peripheral nerve injury and dorsal rhizotomy. CCI, DR, DRG, SC
92  2007 Cadherin-8 is required for the first relay synapses to receive functional inputs from primary sensory afferents for cold sensation. cad8, DRGs
93  2007 Potentiation of glutamatergic synaptic transmission by protein kinase C-mediated sensitization of TRPV1 at the first sensory synapse. BIM, BK, DRG, mEPSCs, PDBu, PKC, TRPV1
94  2007 Selective vulnerability to ischemia in the rat spinal cord: a comparison between ventral and dorsal horn neurons. ISM, VH
95  2006 Evidence for spinal dorsal horn hyperexcitability in rats following sustained morphine exposure. ---
96  2006 Evidence of a role for descending serotonergic facilitation in a rat model of cancer-induced bone pain. CIBP
97  2006 Neurogenic pain and steroid synthesis in the spinal cord. Chol, P450scc, PREG, PROG, SC
98  2006 Short-term plasticity at primary afferent synapse in rat spinal dorsal horn and its biological function. PAFs, STP
99  2006 Systemic administration of minocycline inhibits formalin-induced inflammatory pain in rat. SG
100  2006 Systemic clonidine activates neurons of the dorsal horn, but not the locus ceruleus (A6) or the A7 area, after a formalin test: the importance of the dorsal horn in the antinociceptive effects of clonidine. FC1, FC10, FS, LC, LORR