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Abbreviation:   DMA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   dynamic mechanical analysis
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A novel graphene oxide /trans-1,4-polyisoprene (GO/TPI) shape memory polymer nanocomposite and Its multifunctional properties. DSC, SMP, TGA
2019 A Smart Epoxy Composite Based on Phase Change Microcapsules: Preparation, Microstructure, Thermal and Dynamic Mechanical Performances. DSC, FESEM, MicroPCMs, PU, Tg, TGA
2019 Crosslinking of chitosan films processed by compression molding. DSC, FTIR, SEM
2019 Damping and mechanical behavior of metal-ceramic composites applied to novel dental restorative systems. CMCs, MMCs, PDL
2019 Decellularisation affects the strain rate dependent and dynamic mechanical properties of a xenogeneic tendon intended for anterior cruciate ligament replacement. ACL, pSFT
2019 Dynamic Thermomechanical Analysis on Water Tree Resistance of Crosslinked Polyethylene. LLDPE, UV
2019 Effects of lipids on the water sorption, glass transition and structural strength of carbohydrate-protein systems. DEA, DSC, GAB, WLF
2019 Environmental Dynamic Mechanical Analysis to Predict the Softening Behavior of Neural Implants. PBS
2019 Exposure of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites in Seawater and the Effect on Their Physical Performance. GFRPs
10  2019 In situ co-amorphisation in coated tablets - The combination of carvedilol with aspartic acid during immersion in an acidic medium. DSC, FTIR, XRPD
11  2019 Mechanical properties and long-term durability of recycled polysulfone plastic. PSU, TGA
12  2019 Poly (lactic acid)/modified gum arabic (MG)based microcellular composite foam: Effect of MG on foam properties, thermal and crystallization behavior. DSC, MG, TGA
13  2019 Preparation of low shrinkage stress dental composite with synthesized dimethacrylate oligomers. DC, FS, SL, Tg, VS, WS
14  2019 Surface Modification of Carbon Fibers by Grafting PEEK-NH2 for Improving Interfacial Adhesion with Polyetheretherketone. CFs, ILSS, PEEK, SEM
15  2019 Synergetic enhancement of mechanical and fire-resistance performance of waterborne polyurethane by introducing two kinds of phosphorus-nitrogen flame retardant. CFRWPU, EDS, FTIR, LOI, MCC, NMR, SEM, TGA, TNAP
16  2019 The role of subchondral bone, and its histomorphology, on the dynamic viscoelasticity of cartilage, bone and osteochondral cores. BMD, OA, SBP
17  2019 Viscoelastic properties of human periodontal ligament: Effects of the loading frequency and location. PDL
18  2018 3D Printing of PLA/clay Nanocomposites: Influence of Printing Temperature on Printed Samples Properties. DSC, PLA, TGA
19  2018 3D printing of shape memory hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties. DSC, SMGs, TGA
20  2018 Analytical assessment to develop innovative nanostructured BPA-free epoxy-silica resins as multifunctional stone conservation materials. BPA, CHDM-DGE, DAO, GPTMS, iBuTMS, TEOS
21  2018 Anomalous toluene transport in model segmented polyurethane-urea/clay nanocomposites. DSS, SAXS
22  2018 Biobased Benzoxazine Derived from Daidzein and Furfurylamine: Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Thermal Properties Investigation. DSC, Tg
23  2018 Biodegradable and Toughened Composite of Poly(Propylene Carbonate)/Thermoplastic Polyurethane (PPC/TPU): Effect of Hydrogen Bonding. DSC, FTIR, PPC, PPC/TPU, SEM, TPU
24  2018 Bladder wall biomechanics: A comprehensive study on fresh porcine urinary bladder. BB, BW
25  2018 Characterization of Polypropylene Modified by Blending Elastomer and Nano-Silica. DSC, HVDC, PEA, POE, PP, SEM, XRD
26  2018 Comparison of mathematical models to predict glass transition temperature of rice (cultivar IRGA 424) measured by dynamic mechanical analysis. MRD, SEE
27  2018 CO₂ Separation in Nanocomposite Membranes by the Addition of Amidine and Lactamide Functionalized POSS Nanoparticles into a PVA Layer. DSC, PSf, PVA
28  2018 DMA study of water's glass transition in nanoscale confinement. ---
29  2018 Dynamic properties of human incudostapedial joint-Experimental measurement and finite element modeling. FE, FTS, ISJ
30  2018 Effect of components on the curing of glycidyl azide polymer spherical propellant through rheological method. GAP
31  2018 Effect of PDLA and Amide Compounds as Mixed Nucleating Agents on Crystallization Behaviors of Poly (l-lactic Acid). DSC
32  2018 Effect of plasticizers on microstructure, compatibility and mechanical property of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose/hydroxypropyl starch blends. HPMC, HPS, PEG, PG, SAXS, XRD
33  2018 Effect of UVA/Riboflavin Collagen Crosslinking on Biomechanics of Artificially Swollen Corneas. ---
34  2018 Effects of nano-TiO2 on bonding performance, structure stability and film-forming properties of starch-g-VAc based wood adhesive. DSC, FTIR, NMR, SAXS, SEM, TGA, XRD
35  2018 Effects of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) microparticles on morphological, mechanical, thermal, and barrier properties in thermoplastic potato starch films. SEM, TGA, WAXS, WVTR
36  2018 Elastomeric Polyurethane Foams Incorporated with Nanosized Hydroxyapatite Fillers for Plastic Reconstruction. BMSCs, IR, n-HA, PU, SEM-EDX, TEM, XPS, XRD
37  2018 Enhancing strength and toughness of cellulose nanofibril network structures with an adhesive peptide. AFM, FTIR, TEMPO, XRD
38  2018 Exploring the Structural Transformation Mechanism of Chinese and Thailand Silk Fibroin Fibers and Formic-Acid Fabricated Silk Films. FTIR, GIM, SF, Tg
39  2018 Filling of Mater-Bi with Nanoclays to Enhance the Biofilm Rigidity. HNT
40  2018 Formulating Inhalable Dry Powders Using Two-Fluid and Three-Fluid Nozzle Spray Drying. BMMs, BNMs, DSC, XRPD
41  2018 Glass-Transition Temperature of the beta-Relaxation as the Major Predictive Parameter for Recrystallization of Neat Amorphous Drugs. ---
42  2018 Hybrid ZnO Nanorod Grafted Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites; Randomly versus Radially Aligned Long ZnO Nanorods Growth. CFRPs
43  2018 Hydrogen bonding and thermoplastic elastomers - a nice couple with temperature-adjustable mechanical properties. DSC, IR, SAXS
44  2018 Hydrophilicity, Viscoelastic, and Physicochemical Properties Variations in Dental Bone Grafting Substitutes. DBGS
45  2018 Hydrous CeO2-Fe3O4 decorated polyaniline fibers nanocomposite for effective defluoridation of drinking water. BET, FTIR, HCeFe, HRTEM, PANI NFs, XPS, XRD
46  2018 Improving Thermo-Oxidative Stability of Nitrile Rubber Composites by Functional Graphene Oxide. DSC, FTIR, FWO, GO, NBR, PPD, TG, XRD
47  2018 In-Situ Preparation of Aramid-Multiwalled CNT Nano-Composites: Morphology, Thermal Mechanical and Electric Properties. CNTs, FTIR, SEM
48  2018 Key acceptability attributes of orodispersible films. CMC, ODFs, PROs, PVOH
49  2018 Mechanical properties and heat resistance of stereocomplex polylactide/copolyester blend films prepared by in situ melt blending followed with compression molding. DSC, PDLA, PLLA, scPLA
50  2018 Mechanically improved polyvinyl alcohol-composite films using modified cellulose nanowhiskers as nano-reinforcement. CWs, PVA
51  2018 Microstructures and properties of photophobic films composed of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and different salts. HPMC, MC, MP, SAXS, SC, SEM, SL, XRD
52  2018 Morphology, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Containing Reduced Graphene Oxide and Graphene Nanoplatelets. DSC, FTIR, GNP, GNP, rGO, TG
53  2018 Morphology, Thermal, Mechanical Properties and Rheological Behavior of Biodegradable Poly(butylene succinate)/poly(lactic acid) In-Situ Submicrofibrillar Composites. PBS/PLA, Tg
54  2018 Multilayer bacterial cellulose/resole nanocomposites: Relationship between structural and electro-thermo-mechanical properties. BC, CTE, DSC, FESEM, TGA, TMA
55  2018 P(N-Phenylmaleimide-Alt-Styrene) Introduced with 4-Carboxyl and Its Effect on the Heat Deflection Temperature of Nylon 6. CPMI-alt-St, DSC, FT-IR, GPC, HDT, Tg
56  2018 Phantom evaluations of nonlinear inversion MR elastography. NLI-MRE
57  2018 Preparation, characterization and dynamical mechanical properties of dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticles (DIONPs). ATR-FTIR, DIONPs, DSC, DTA, MRI, TGA
58  2018 Relationship between nano/micro structure and physical properties of TiO2-sodium caseinate composite films. CE, NE
59  2018 Relationships of bone characteristics in MYO9B deficient femurs. BMD, HET, KO, micro-CT, TMD, WT
60  2018 Rheology⁻Microstructure Relationships in Melt-Processed Polylactide/Poly(vinylidene Fluoride) Blends. PLA/PVDF
61  2018 Segmental Dynamics and Cooperativity Length of PMMA/SAN Miscible Blend Intercalated in Organically Modified Nanoclay. DSC, OMNC, PMMA, Tg
62  2018 Space Charge Characteristics of Polypropylene Modified by Rare Earth Nucleating Agent for beta Crystallization. DSC, HVDC, SEM, XRD
63  2018 Study of Hyperbranched Poly(ethyleneimine) Polymers of Different Molecular Weight and Their Interaction with Epoxy Resin. DGEBA, DRS, HBPEI, MW
64  2018 Supramolecular Networks from Block Copolymers Based on Styrene and Isoprene Using Hydrogen Bonding Motifs-Part 2: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis. FTIR, PI, PS
65  2018 Surfactant-free emulsion Pickering polymerization stabilized by aldehyde-functionalized cellulose nanocrystals. CN
66  2018 Synthesis of Nanocomposites of Polypropylene with Graphite Nanosheets by In Situ Polymerization Using a Fourth Generation Ziegler-Natta Catalyst. DSC, xGN
67  2018 Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition kinetics of a bio-based transparent nylon 10I/10T. FT-IR, nylon10I, Tg, TGA
68  2018 The Role of Glass Transition Temperatures in Coamorphous Drug-Amino Acid Formulations. AA, CAR, DSC, IND, XRPD
69  2018 Thermoplastic starch foamed composites reinforced with cellulose nanofibers: Thermal and mechanical properties. CNFs, Tg, TPS
70  2018 Time-Dependent ATR-FTIR Spectroscopic Studies on Solvent Diffusion and Film Swelling in Oil Paint Model Systems. ATR-FTIR
71  2017 A multi-level comparative analysis of human femoral cortical bone quality in healthy cadavers and surgical safe margin of osteosarcoma patients. FTIR, SEM, XRD
72  2017 DMA analysis of the structure of crosslinked poly(methyl methacrylate)s. DC, TEGDMA, Tg
73  2017 Dynamic mechanical analysis of carbon nanotube-reinforced nanocomposites. MWCNT, SEM
74  2017 Dynamic mechanical analysis to assess viscoelasticity of liver tissue in a rat model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD, NASH, SS
75  2017 Dynamic property changes in stapedial annular ligament associated with acute otitis media in the chinchilla. AOM, FTS, SAL
76  2017 Effect of sample treatment on biomechanical properties of insect cuticle. ---
77  2017 Fabricating poly(1,8-octanediol citrate) elastomer based fibrous mats via electrospinning for soft tissue engineering scaffold. PLLA, POC, SEM
78  2017 Flame Retardancy of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Sorbitol Based Bioepoxy Composites with Phosphorus-Containing Additives. APP, FRs, LOI, RDP, SPE
79  2017 Grafting Modification of the Reactive Core-Shell Particles to Enhance the Toughening Ability of Polylactide. PLA, RCS, TDDM
80  2017 Immiscible poly(lactic acid)/poly(epsilon-caprolactone) for temporary implants: Compatibility and cytotoxicity. CT, DSC, PCL, PLA, SEM
81  2017 In vivo, high-frequency three-dimensional cardiac MR elastography: Feasibility in normal volunteers. MRE
82  2017 Influence of Thermo-Oxidative Ageing on the Thermal and Dynamical Mechanical Properties of Long Glass Fibre-Reinforced Poly(Butylene Terephthalate) Composites Filled with DOPO. DOPO, EDAX, LOI, PBT, SEM, TGA
83  2017 Interfacial modification on polyhydroxyalkanoates/starch blend by grafting ​in-situ. AF, DCP, Ea, FT-IR, PHAs
84  2017 Liquid-crystal order during synthesis affects main-chain liquid-crystal elastomer behavior. DSC, LCEs, PNE, TNI, WAXS
85  2017 Manufacture and characterization of chitosan/PLGA nanoparticles nanocomposite buccal films. EFF-Cg, SEM
86  2017 Material property analytical relations for the case of an AFM probe tapping a viscoelastic surface containing multiple characteristic times. ---
87  2017 Material Viscoelasticity-Induced Drift of Micro-Accelerometers. FE
88  2017 Mechanical characterisation of agarose-based chromatography resins for biopharmaceutical manufacture. ---
89  2017 New in-situ synthetized hydrogel composite based on alginate and brushite as a potential pH sensitive drug delivery system. Alg-Bru, FTIR, IBU, SEM, XRD
90  2017 ortho-Cycloalkyl substituted N,N'-diaryliminoacenaphthene-Ni(ii) catalysts for polyethylene elastomers; exploring ring size and temperature effects. ---
91  2017 Properties and Applications of High Emissivity Composite Films Based on Far-Infrared Ceramic Powder. ---
92  2017 Quantitative 3D magnetic resonance elastography: Comparison with dynamic mechanical analysis. ICC, MRE
93  2017 Revealing the glass transition in shape memory polymers using Brillouin spectroscopy. DSC, SMPs, Tg
94  2017 Sex dependent mechanical properties of the human mandibular condyle. TMJ
95  2017 Shape Memory Polymers Containing Higher Acrylate Content Display Increased Endothelial Cell Attachment. AFM, HUVEC, PEGDMA, SMPs, tBA
96  2017 Sodium alginate-assisted exfoliation of MoS2 and its reinforcement in polymer nanocomposites. SA, SA-MoS2, TEM, TGA, XRD
97  2017 Standardized static and dynamic evaluation of myocardial tissue properties. ---
98  2017 The effect of poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid composition on the mechanical properties of electrospun fibrous mats. DMF, EFMs, GA, LA, SEM, THF
99  2017 The fabrication of microcrystalline cellulose-nanoZnO hybrid composites and their application in rubber compounds. MCC
100  2017 Thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of cellulose nanofibers reinforced epoxy composites. CNFs, Tg