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Abbreviation:   DME  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   dimethyl ether
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A brand new zeolite catalyst for carbonylation reaction. MA
2019 Computational Study of the Reaction of Dimethyl Ether with Nitric Oxide. Mechanism and Kinetic Modeling. MS-CVT, NO
2018 A Systematic Study of Isomorphically Substituted H-MAlPO-5 Materials for the Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Reaction. MTH
2018 Bronsted/Lewis acid sites synergistically promote the initial C-C bond formation in the MTO reaction. C-C, EFAL, MTO
2018 Copper Affects the Location of Zinc in Bimetallic Ion-Exchanged Mordenite. DRIFTS, MOR, TEM, TPR, XPS
2018 Design of efficient bifunctional catalysts for direct conversion of syngas into lower olefins via methanol/dimethyl ether intermediates. ASF, FT
2018 Direct Conversion of Syngas into Methyl Acetate, Ethanol, and Ethylene by Relay Catalysis via the Intermediate Dimethyl Ether. AA, H-MOR, MA
2018 In Situ FT-IR Characterization of CuZnZr/Ferrierite Hybrid Catalysts for One-Pot CO₂-to-DME Conversion. CZZ/FER
2018 Theoretical Investigation on Hydrogen Abstraction by NO2 from Symmetric Ethers (CH3)2 xO ( x = 1-4). DBE, DEE, DPE
10  2017 CO₂ Recycling to Dimethyl Ether: State-of-the-Art and Perspectives. ---
11  2017 Direct Electro-oxidation of Dimethyl Ether on Pt-Cu Nanochains. CV, DDMEFC, MEA
12  2017 Direct Mechanism of the First Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation in the Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Process. MTH
13  2017 Effects of CO2/N2 dilution on laminar burning velocity of stoichiometric DME-air mixture at elevated temperatures. Tu
14  2017 Exploiting the sigma-Hole Concept: An Infrared and Raman-Based Characterization of the S⋅⋅⋅O Chalcogen Bond between 2,2,4,4-Tetrafluoro-1,3-dithiethane and Dimethyl Ether. C2 F4 S2
15  2017 In Situ Multimodal 3D Chemical Imaging of a Hierarchically Structured Core@Shell Catalyst. CT, mu-XRF, STXM, XAS
16  2017 Influence of low-temperature combustion and dimethyl ether-diesel blends on performance, combustion, and emission characteristics of common rail diesel engine: a CFD study. C-C, CFD, CO, CRDI, ECFM-3Z, EGR, ITE, NO
17  2017 Ring-polymer molecular dynamics studies on the rate coefficient of the abstraction channel of hydrogen plus ethane, propane, and dimethyl ether. Et, Pr, RPMD
18  2017 Side-by-Side Comparison of Hydroperoxide and Corresponding Alcohol as Hydrogen-Bond Donors. t-BuOOH
19  2017 Surface hydrophobicity and acidity effect on alumina catalyst in catalytic methanol dehydration reaction. MTD, WHSV
20  2017 Variational Effect and Anharmonic Torsion on Kinetic Modeling for Initiation Reaction of Dimethyl Ether Combustion. MS-CVT
21  2016 Adsorption Device Based on a Langatate Crystal Microbalance for High Temperature High Pressure Gas Adsorption in Zeolite H-ZSM-5. QCM, SAC
22  2016 Assessment of Novel Routes of Biomethane Utilization in a Life Cycle Perspective. CHP
23  2016 Efficient Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Methanol in a Bifunctional Zeolite Membrane Reactor. ---
24  2016 Probing Electronic Wave Functions of Sodium-Doped Clusters: Dyson Orbitals, Anisotropy Parameters, and Ionization Cross-Sections. ---
25  2016 Quantification of the Keto-Hydroperoxide (HOOCH2OCHO) and Other Elusive Intermediates during Low-Temperature Oxidation of Dimethyl Ether. ---
26  2016 Supersaturation of Calcipotriene and Betamethasone Dipropionate in a Novel Aerosol Foam Formulation for Topical Treatment of Psoriasis Provides Enhanced Bioavailability of the Active Ingredients. ---
27  2016 The atmospheric oxidation of dimethyl, diethyl, and diisopropyl ethers. The role of the intramolecular hydrogen shift in peroxy radicals. DEE, DIPE
28  2016 [Study on the Fast Quantitative Analysis of the Content of DME Adulterated in LPG]. LPG
29  2015 A novel synthetic route to transition metal phosphide nanoparticles. RHR, TPR-H2
30  2015 Detection and Identification of the Keto-Hydroperoxide (HOOCH2OCHO) and Other Intermediates during Low-Temperature Oxidation of Dimethyl Ether. ---
31  2015 Direct observation of DME carbonylation in the different channels of H-MOR zeolite by continuous-flow solid-state NMR spectroscopy. H-MOR, MR
32  2015 Entrance and diffusion pathway of CO2 and dimethyl ether in silicalite-1 zeolite channels as determined by single-crystal XRD structural analysis. ---
33  2015 Experimental and Modeling Investigation of the Low-Temperature Oxidation of Dimethyl Ether. cw-CRDS
34  2015 Global Uncertainty Propagation and Sensitivity Analysis in the CH3OCH2 + O2 System: Combining Experiment and Theory To Constrain Key Rate Coefficients in DME Combustion. ---
35  2015 High-activity PtRuPd/C catalyst for direct dimethyl ether fuel cells. DFT
36  2015 Reaction mechanism of methanol to formaldehyde over Fe- and FeO-modified graphene. ---
37  2015 Study of volume swelling and interfacial tension of the polystyrene-carbon dioxide-dimethyl ether system. EOS, PS, SS
38  2014 A combined experimental and theoretical study of reactions between the hydroxyl radical and oxygenated hydrocarbons relevant to astrochemical environments. ---
39  2014 Adsorption structure of dimethyl ether on silicalite-1 zeolite determined using single-crystal X-ray diffraction. ---
40  2014 Extraction of fucoxanthin from raw macroalgae excluding drying and cell wall disruption by liquefied dimethyl ether. ---
41  2014 TEPC gas gain measurements in propane. TE, TEPCs
42  2014 Tuning the halogen/hydrogen bond competition: a spectroscopic and conceptual DFT study of some model complexes involving CHF2I. MF, TMA
43  2013 Effect of surface hydroxyls on dimethyl ether synthesis over the gamma-Al₂O₃ in liquid paraffin: a computational study. DFT
44  2013 Effects of amine organic groups as lattice in ZSM-5 on the hydrolysis of dimethyl ether. ---
45  2013 Effects of Fuel Temperature on Injection Process and Combustion of Dimethyl Ether Engine. CI
46  2013 Nanostructured copper, chromium, and tin oxide multicomponent materials as catalysts for methanol decomposition: 11C-radiolabeling study. TPR, XRD
47  2013 Towards oil independence through renewable methanol chemistry. ---
48  2013 Why (1 0 0) terraces break and make bonds: oxidation of dimethyl ether on platinum single-crystal electrodes. DFT
49  2012 A GROMOS Parameter Set for Vicinal Diether Functions: Properties of Polyethyleneoxide and Polyethyleneglycol. DEE, DXE, MPH, PEG, PEO, QM
50  2012 Characteristics of biosolids in dimethyl ether dewatering method. ---
51  2012 Effect of surface hydroxyls on DME and methanol adsorption over gamma-Al(2)O(3) (hkl) surfaces and solvent effects: a density functional theory study. COSMO, DFT
52  2012 Liquid properties of dimethyl ether from molecular dynamics simulations using ab initio force fields. ---
53  2012 Monte Carlo predictions of phase equilibria and structure for dimethyl ether + sulfur dioxide and dimethyl ether + carbon dioxide. LJ
54  2012 Selective homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic conversion of methanol/dimethyl ether to triptane. ---
55  2011 Deodorization and dewatering of biosolids by using dimethyl ether. ---
56  2011 Molecular dynamics study of Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of dimethyl ether in aqueous solution. ---
57  2011 Partial oxidation of dimethyl ether using the structured catalyst Rh/Al2O3/Al prepared through the anodic oxidation of aluminum. ---
58  2010 Bio-refinery system of DME or CH4 production from black liquor gasification in pulp mills. BPP, FTPE
59  2010 Confinement effect and synergistic function of H-ZSM-5/Cu-ZnO-Al2O3 capsule catalyst for one-step controlled synthesis. ---
60  2010 Conversion of Methanol on CuO/H-MOR and CuO/H-ZSM-5 Catalysts. ---
61  2010 Cooperative hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions in the hydration of dimethyl ether. ---
62  2010 Direct synthesis of ethanol from dimethyl ether and syngas over combined H-Mordenite and Cu/ZnO catalysts. MA
63  2010 Extraction of PCBs and water from river sediment using liquefied dimethyl ether as an extractant. PCBs
64  2010 Observation of a large negative temperature dependence for rate coefficients of reactions of OH with oxygenated volatile organic compounds studied at 86-112 K. MEK
65  2009 C-X...O halogen bonding: interactions of trifluoromethyl halides with dimethyl ether. ---
66  2009 Chemical recycling of carbon dioxide to methanol and dimethyl ether: from greenhouse gas to renewable, environmentally carbon neutral fuels and synthetic hydrocarbons. ICE
67  2009 Composition of reaction intermediates for stoichiometric and fuel-rich dimethyl ether flames: flame-sampling mass spectrometry and modeling studies. ---
68  2009 Emission reduction potential of using gas-to-liquid and dimethyl ether fuels on a turbocharged diesel engine. GTL
69  2009 Explosion and detonation characteristics of dimethyl ether. LPG
70  2009 High-temperature shock tube measurements of dimethyl ether decomposition and the reaction of dimethyl ether with OH. TBHP
71  2009 Process simulation of single-step dimethyl ether production via biomass gasification. ---
72  2009 Scale study of direct synthesis of dimethyl ether from biomass synthesis gas. ---
73  2009 Three intermolecular bonds form a weak but rigid complex: O(CH3)2...N2O. ---
74  2008 Development of an ion attachment mass spectrometer for direct detection of intermediates in combustion flames. IA
75  2008 Isomer-specific influences on the composition of reaction intermediates in dimethyl ether/propene and ethanol/propene flame. ---
76  2007 Calculation of the free energy of polarization: quantifying the effect of explicitly treating electronic polarization on the transferability of force-field parameters. ---
77  2007 Combined QM/MM Molecular Dynamics Study on a Condensed-Phase SN2 Reaction at Nitrogen:  The Effect of Explicitly Including Solvent Polarization. COS, MD, PMF
78  2007 Specificity of sites within eight-membered ring zeolite channels for carbonylation of methyls to acetyls. ---
79  2007 Structural requirements and reaction pathways in dimethyl ether combustion catalyzed by supported Pt clusters. DFT
80  2006 A simplified noninvasive method to measure airway blood flow in humans. ---
81  2006 Development of a dimethyl ether (DME) sensor using platinum nanoparticles and thick-film printing. ---
82  2006 Energy and emission benefits of alternative transportation liquid fuels derived from switchgrass: a fuel life cycle assessment. FTD, GREET, LDV, WTW
83  2006 Insight into selected reactions in low-temperature dimethyl ether combustion from Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics. BOMD, HPMF, IVR
84  2005 Dimethyl ether oxidation at elevated temperatures (295-600 K). ---
85  2005 Mechanisms and kinetics of noncatalytic ether reaction in supercritical water. 2. Proton-transferred fragmentation of dimethyl ether to formaldehyde in competition with hydrolysis. ---
86  2005 Pulsed-field ionization electron spectroscopy and binding energies of alkali metal-dimethyl ether and -dimethoxyethane complexes. DXE, ZEKE
87  2005 Rotational spectrum of the dimethyl ether-acetylene complex: evidence for an effective C2v geometry. ---
88  2005 The application of diffuse reflectance infrared spectroscopy and temperature-programmed desorption to investigate the interaction of methanol on eta-alumina. DRIFTS, TPD
89  2003 Aerosol generation by metered-dose inhalers containing dimethyl ether/propane inverse microemulsions. FPF, GSD, MDIs, MMAD
90  2002 Formation and decomposition of N,N,N-trimethylanilinium cations on zeolite H-Y investigated by in situ stopped-flow MAS NMR spectroscopy. CF, N,N-DMA, NMA, SF
91  2002 Lecithin microemulsions in dimethyl ether and propane for the generation of pharmaceutical aerosols containing polar solutes. DMEG, fPHEAs, MDIs
92  2001 Probing reactive sites for ion-molecule reactions of anthraquinones with dimethyl ether using an external source ion trap tandem mass spectrometer and computational chemistry. CAD
93  2001 Semi-volatile and particulate emissions from the combustion of alternative diesel fuels. CI, CNG, SOF
94  2000 Difference spatial distribution function analysis of aqueous solutions. II. Hydration structures of dimethyl ether, 180 degrees ethyl methyl ether and 0 degree ethyl methyl ether solutions. BE, DSDF, HA, HH, SDF
95  2000 Dimethyl ether chemical ionization of arylalkylamines. ---
96  2000 Lecithin inverse microemulsions for the pulmonary delivery of polar compounds utilizing dimethylether and propane as propellants. CMC, DMEG, MDIs, PFG
97  1999 Ion-molecule reactions of dimethyl ether cations with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer PAHs
98  1999 Sites of reaction of pilocarpine. TMB
99  1998 Dimethyl ether chemical ionization mass spectrometry of alpha-amino acids. CID
100  1998 Effect of modified hemes on the spectral properties and activity of manganese peroxidase. Deut, Etio, MPP, rMnP