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Abbreviation:   DMMP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   dimethyl methylphosphonate
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Application of Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Permeability Studies of Organic Substances through Polymeric Materials. DT-IMS
2020 Binding of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents and Their Simulants to Metal Salts. DIMP, DMCP, GBE, MDCP, NAs, TMP, VX
2020 Cu-BTC Functional Microdevices as Smart Tools for Capture and Preconcentration of Nerve Agents. BET, BTC, MOF, NAs
2020 Detection of Organophosphorous Chemical Agents with CuO-Nanorod-Modified Microcantilevers. CWA
2020 Double side nanostructuring of microcantilever sensors with TiO2-NTs as a route to enhance their sensitivity. OPs
2020 Enhanced dimethyl methylphosphonate detection based on two-dimensional WSe2 nanosheets at room temperature. ---
2020 Four-Channel Monitoring System with Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors for Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents. CWAs, POSS, SAWs, TU
2020 Gas phase detection of chemical warfare agents CWAs with portable Raman. DFT
2020 Graphene Oxide-Based Membrane as a Protective Barrier against Toxic Vapors and Gases. CEES, CWAs, DMPC, EDA, GO, PEEK, PES, PU
10  2020 Hydrolysis of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate (DMMP) in Hot-Compressed Water. ---
11  2020 Kinetics of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate Adsorption and Decomposition on Zirconium Hydroxide Using Variable Temperature In Situ Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy. ATR, CWAs, DFT, ZH
12  2020 Lamellar nanoporous gold thin films with tunable porosity for ultrasensitive SERS detection in liquid and gas phase. ---
13  2020 Nanosecond Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge Ionization Mass Spectrometry. DBDI, MS
14  2020 Preparation of Flame-Retardant Rigid Polyurethane Foams by Combining Modified Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin and Phosphorus Flame Retardants. APP, EMF, RPUFs
15  2020 Sensors to Detect Sarin Simulant. ---
16  2020 Study of Light-Activated Regioregular Poly(3-Hexyltiophene) Photoconductive Polymer Sensing Properties in Nerve Agent Simulant (DMMP) Detection†. RR-P3HT
17  2020 The Effect of a Flow Field on Chemical Detection Performance of Quadrotor Drone. PIV
18  2020 The ionization process of chemical warfare agent simulants in low temperature plasma ionization. DEMP, TBP, TEP, TMP, TPP
19  2020 Toward Efficient Toxic-Gas Detectors: Exploring Molecular Interactions of Sarin and Dimethyl Methylphosphonate with Metal-Centered Phthalocyanine Structures. DFT, MPc, ZnPc
20  2019 Chitosan-Derived Porous Activated Carbon for the Removal of the Chemical Warfare Agent Simulant Dimethyl Methylphosphonate. ---
21  2019 Cotton functionalized with nanostructured TiO2-Ag-AgBr layer for solar photocatalytic degradation of dyes and toxic organophosphates. SPR
22  2019 In situ construction of metal-organic framework (MOF) UiO-66 film on Parylene-patterned resonant microcantilever for trace organophosphorus molecules detection. LOD, MOF, OP
23  2019 Numerical study of gas-phase interactions of phosphorus compounds with co-flow diffusion flames. MECs, PCCs, TMP
24  2019 Probing Coherent Vibrations of Organic Phosphonate Radical Cations with Femtosecond Time-Resolved Mass Spectrometry. DEMP, DIMP, FTRMS
25  2019 Self-Assembled Nanoscaled Metalloporphyrin for Optical Detection of Dimethylmethylphosphonate. DFT, DMSO
26  2019 Simultaneous Improvement of Mechanical and Fire-Safety Properties of Polymer Composites with Phosphonate-Loaded MOF Additives. FR, MOF, VOC
27  2019 Supramolecular Detection of a Nerve Agent Simulant by Fluorescent Zn-Salen Oligomer Receptors. GPC
28  2019 Thermal Degradation and Flame Retardant Mechanism of the Rigid Polyurethane Foam Including Functionalized Graphene Oxide. Ea, EG, FGO, FTIR, LOI, RPUF, SEM, TG
29  2019 Thermodynamic Studies on a Hydrogen Bonded Acidic 3,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)phenol-functionalized Polymer as a Gas Chromatography Stationary Phase for Selectively Speciating Chemical Warfare Agents. CWA, DEMP, DIMP, HBA, OP, TMP
30  2018 3D Fractals as SERS Active Platforms: Preparation and Evaluation for Gas Phase Detection of G-Nerve Agents. NPs, SERS
31  2018 A Novel Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor Array Based on Wireless Communication Network. CEES, GPS, SAW
32  2018 Accurate Measurement of the Optical Constants n and k for a Series of 57 Inorganic and Organic Liquids for Optical Modeling and Detection. ---
33  2018 Adsorption and decomposition of dimethyl methylphosphonate on size-selected (MoO3)3 clusters. CWA, DFT, TPR, XPS
34  2018 Chemical warfare agent simulant DMMP reactive adsorption on TiO2/graphene oxide composites prepared via titanium peroxo-complex or urea precipitation. CWA, GO
35  2018 Detection of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate (DMMP) Using Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS). CWAs, POSS, PVDF, QCM, VOCs
36  2018 Dimethyl methylphosphonate adsorption and decomposition on MoO2 as studied by ambient pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and DFT calculations. APXPS, CWAs
37  2018 Gold nanoparticles-enhanced ion-transmission mass spectrometry for highly sensitive detection of chemical warfare agent simulants. CWA, DIMP, LTP, MS
38  2018 High Accuracy Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Instrument Calibration. COIs, IMS
39  2018 Integration of paper spray ionization high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry for forensic applications. DIMP, FAIMS, MS, PETN, PSI, TNT
40  2018 Machine Learning Algorithms for Liquid Crystal-Based Sensors. LC, ML, RH
41  2018 MAPLE Assembled Acetylcholinesterase⁻Polyethylenimine Hybrid and Multilayered Interfaces for Toxic Gases Detection. AChE, DIMP, PEI
42  2018 Measurement of Ultrafast Vibrational Coherences in Polyatomic Radical Cations with Strong-Field Adiabatic Ionization. OPA
43  2018 Oxidative Destruction of Multilayer Diisopropyl Methylphosphonate Films by O(3P) Atomic Oxygen. DIMP, RAIRS, XPS
44  2018 Raman Spectroscopic Detection for Simulants of Chemical Warfare Agents Using a Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer. CEES, CWAs, DEM, DIMP, MeS, SHRS, TEP
45  2018 Temperature dependent time resolved mid-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy of a nerve gas simulant DMMP. ---
46  2018 Ultrafast coherent vibrational dynamics in dimethyl methylphosphonate radical cation. ---
47  2017 A Theoretical and Mass Spectrometry Study of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate: New Isomers and Cation Decay Channels in an Intense Femtosecond Laser Field. ---
48  2017 Atomic-Level Structural Dynamics of Polyoxoniobates during DMMP Decomposition. ---
49  2017 Comparative studies of long-wave laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy emissions excited at 1.064 m and eye-safe 1.574 m. LIBS, LWIR, MCT
50  2017 Detection of chemical warfare agent simulants and hydrolysis products in biological samples by paper spray mass spectrometry. CHMPA, CWA, DIMP, EMPA, iBuMPA, IMPA, PinMPA, PS-MS, TMP
51  2017 Effects of Different Waveforms on the Performance of Active Capillary Dielectric Barrier Discharge Ionization Mass Spectrometry. DBDI, PFOA
52  2017 Environmental Effects on Zirconium Hydroxide Nanoparticles and Chemical Warfare Agent Decomposition: Implications of Atmospheric Water and Carbon Dioxide. CWAs
53  2017 Evaluating and modeling the effects of surface sampling factors on the recovery of organic chemical attribution signatures using the accelerated diffusion sampler and solvent extraction. ADS-SPME, CAS, GC/MS, PWB
54  2017 Hydrolysis of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate by the Cyclic Tetramer of Zirconium Hydroxide. DFT
55  2017 In Situ Probes of Capture and Decomposition of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants by Zr-Based Metal Organic Frameworks. MOFs
56  2017 Mechanistic Insight into the Molecular TiO2-Mediated Gas Phase Detoxication of DMMP: A Theoretical Approach. DFT
57  2017 Nitrogen oxides as dopants for the detection of aromatic compounds with ion mobility spectrometry. IMS, LODs, NOx, PA, TEP
58  2017 Optical biochemical sensor based on half-circled microdisk laser diode. HC-MDL
59  2017 Structural Effect of Thioureas on the Detection of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants. CWAs, DFT, QCM
60  2017 Tuning Mobility Separation Factors of Chemical Warfare Agent Degradation Products via Selective Ion-Neutral Clustering. MPA
61  2016 Biasing hydrogen bond donating host systems towards chemical warfare agent recognition. CWA, PMP
62  2016 Broad-Spectrum Liquid- and Gas-Phase Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents by One-Dimensional Heteropolyniobates. P-PONb
63  2016 Carboxylic Acid-Functionalized Conducting-Polymer Nanotubes as Highly Sensitive Nerve-Agent Chemiresistors. PPy
64  2016 Chemically modulated graphene quantum dot for tuning the photoluminescence as novel sensory probe. GQD, HFHPB, PL, QCM
65  2016 Complex Coacervate Core Micelles for the Dispersion and Stabilization of Organophosphate Hydrolase in Organic Solvents. CWAs, DLS, OP, OPH, PAA, SANS, TEM
66  2016 Concise and Efficient Fluorescent Probe via an Intromolecular Charge Transfer for the Chemical Warfare Agent Mimic Diethylchlorophosphate Vapor Detection. CWAs, PAMP, TEP
67  2016 Detection of dimethyl methylphosphonate by thin water film confined surface-enhanced Raman scattering method. SERS
68  2016 Electron Spectroscopy and Computational Studies of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate. DFT, NEXAFS
70  2016 Mesoporous Non-stacked Graphene-receptor Sensor for Detecting Nerve Agents. NSrGO
71  2016 Poly(3-Methylthiophene) Thin Films Deposited Electrochemically on QCMs for the Sensing of Volatile Organic Compounds. PMeT, VOC
72  2016 Self-Decontaminating Fibrous Materials Reactive toward Chemical Threats. DAAP, DFP, NVF, NYCO, polyBPP, Pyr
73  2016 Solid-phase microextraction low temperature plasma mass spectrometry for the direct and rapid analysis of chemical warfare simulants in complex mixtures. DEEP, LTA, PinMPA, SPME, ZSM-5
74  2016 Standoff Mechanical Resonance Spectroscopy Based on Infrared-Sensitive Hydrogel Microcantilevers. IR, PEGDA, PETN, SMRS, UV
75  2015 Development of a Wireless and Passive SAW-Based Chemical Sensor for Organophosphorous Compound Detection. COM, FMCW, OC, SAW, SPUDTs
76  2015 Elucidating the thermal decomposition of dimethyl methylphosphonate by vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) photoionization: pathways to the PO radical, a key species in flame-retardant mechanisms. iPEPICO, VUV
77  2015 Halo and Pseudohalo Cu(I)-Pyridinato Double Chains with Tunable Physical Properties. DFT
78  2015 Synthesis of magnetron sputtered WO₃ nanoparticles-degradation of 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide and dimethyl methyl phosphonate. CEES
79  2015 The Different Sensitive Behaviors of a Hydrogen-Bond Acidic Polymer-Coated SAW Sensor for Chemical Warfare Agents and Their Simulants. DCP, HBA, SAW
80  2014 Adsorbate-induced anchoring transitions of liquid crystals on surfaces presenting metal salts with mixed anions. LCs, PM-IRRAS
81  2014 Detecting recalcitrant organic chemicals in water with microbial fuel cells and artificial neural networks. ANN, BPA, FM, MFC
82  2014 Direct measurement of chemical distributions in heterogeneous coatings. CEES, CWA, EDS, SEM
83  2014 Evaluation of activated carbon respirator filter effectiveness by concentration mapping of dimethyl methylphosphonate. AC, PPE
84  2014 High-separation efficiency micro-fabricated multi-capillary gas chromatographic columns for simulants of the nerve agents and blister agents. CWA, MEMS, TEP
85  2014 Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry of small volatile molecules using a parylene-matrix chip. CEES, LOD, MALDI-TOF, MS
86  2014 Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) for detoxification of hazardous organophorous chemicals. MSNs
87  2014 Microgravimetric thermodynamic modeling for optimization of chemical sensing nanomaterials. MSNs
88  2014 Response mechanism for surface acoustic wave gas sensors based on surface-adsorption. BET, GC, SAW
89  2013 23Na chemical shift imaging and Gd enhancement of myocardial edema. CE, CSA, LV, PPA, SI
90  2013 Collection method for chemical particulates on surfaces with detection using thermal desorption-ion trap mass spectrometry. PDMS, SG, TD-CITMS
91  2013 Investigation of the interaction of gamma-Al2O3 with aqueous solutions of dimethyl methylphosphonate using infrared multiple internal reflection spectroscopy. ---
92  2013 Rapid quantification of dimethyl methylphosphonate from activated carbon particles by static headspace gas chromatography mass spectrometry. AC
93  2012 Cavitand-functionalized porous silicon as an active surface for organophosphorus vapor detection. FTIR, MeCav, PSi, XPS
94  2012 Effects of surface and morphological properties of zeolite on impedance spectroscopy-based sensing performance. ---
95  2012 Interactions and binding energies of dimethyl methylphosphonate and dimethyl chlorophosphate with amorphous silica. DMCP, TPD
96  2012 Ionization, transport, separation, and detection of ions in non-electrolyte containing liquids. LPIMS
97  2012 Molecular interactions of dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP) with metalloporphyrins: determination of the binding mechanism by spectroscopic methods. B-H
98  2012 Multidimensional conducting polymer nanotubes for ultrasensitive chemical nerve agent sensing. NNs, NRs, PEDOT, VDP
99  2012 Multifrequency interrogation of nanostructured gas sensor arrays: a tool for analyzing response kinetics. ---
100  2012 New poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate)/polyvinyl alcohol copolymer coated QCM sensor for interaction with CWA simulants. CWA, DCE, DCP, PDMAEMA/PVA