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Abbreviation:   DMN  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   dorsomedial nucleus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Oxyntomodulin induces satiety and activates the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus in Japanese quail. ARC, i.c.v, i.p, OXM
2020 Prolactin-releasing peptide increases food intake and affects hypothalamic physiology in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica). ARC, CRF, PrRP
2019 A spontaneous leptin receptor point mutation causes obesity and differentially affects leptin signaling in hypothalamic nuclei resulting in metabolic dysfunctions distinct from db/db mice. ARC, LEP, VMN
2019 Central injection of oxytocin reduces food intake and affects hypothalamic and adipose tissue gene expression in chickens. ARC, CRF, LH, LWS, MGLL, MT, OT, PVN, VMH
2019 Hypothalamic mechanisms associated with corticotropin-releasing factor-induced anorexia in chicks. AgRP, ARC, CRF, CRFR2, i.c.v, NPYR1, PVN, VMH
2018 Molecular cloning and expression of ghrelin in the hypothalamus-pituitary-gastrointestinal tract axis of the Yak (Bos grunniens) in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. ARC, VMN
2017 Differential expression of appetite-regulating genes in avian models of anorexia and obesity. ARC, LHA, MC3R, NPYR1, PVN, VMH
2017 The central anorexigenic mechanism of amylin in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) involves pro-opiomelanocortin, calcitonin receptor, and the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus. AADC, ARC, CALCR, LH, POMC, PVN, RAMP1, VMH
2017 The central effects of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) in chicks involve changes in gene expression of neuropeptide Y and other factors in distinct hypothalamic nuclei. AgRP, alpha-MSH, ARC, DDC, i.c.v, LH, NPY, NPYR1, OXTR, PVN
10  2016 Leptin Responsive and GABAergic Projections to the Rostral Preoptic Area in Mice. ARC, GnRH, Lepr-eGFP, rPOA
11  2015 Dorsomedial hypothalamic lesions counteract decreases in locomotor activity in male Syrian hamsters transferred from long to short day lengths. LMA
12  2014 Connexin36 in gap junctions forming electrical synapses between motoneurons in sexually dimorphic motor nuclei in spinal cord of rat and mouse. Cx36, DLN, EGFP
13  2013 Dorsomedial hypothalamic lesions block Syrian hamster testicular regression in short day lengths without diminishing increased testosterone negative-feedback sensitivity. ---
14  2013 Kisspeptin neurones do not directly signal to RFRP-3 neurones but RFRP-3 may directly modulate a subset of hypothalamic kisspeptin cells in mice. ISH, NKB
15  2013 Orexin receptors in the developing piglet hypothalamus, and effects of nicotine and intermittent hypercapnic hypoxia exposures. ARC, IHH, LHA, PFA, PVN, SONr, TMN, VMN
16  2011 A novel rodent model that mimics the metabolic sequelae of obese craniopharyngioma patients. ARC, CMHL, CP, MSG, VMN
17  2008 Electron-microscopic characteristics of neuroendocrine neurons in the amygdaloid body of the brain in male rats and female rats at different stages of the estral cycle. ---
18  2007 Central neuropeptide FF reduces feed consumption and affects hypothalamic chemistry in chicks. DMP, i.c.v, LH, PVN, VMN
19  2007 Stress-induced alterations in catecholamine enzymes gene expression in the hypothalamic dorsomedial nucleus are modulated by caudal brain and not hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus neurons. IMO, PVN
20  2006 Galanin-like peptide stimulates food intake via activation of neuropeptide Y neurons in the hypothalamic dorsomedial nucleus of the rat. ARC, GALP, i.c.v, NYP, PVN
21  2006 Microinjection of galanin-like peptide into the medial preoptic area stimulates food intake in adult male rats. ARC, GALP, imPOA, iPVN, MPOA, PVN, rPOA
22  2006 [Electron microscopic characteristics of the neuroendocrine neurons of the amygdaloid body of the brain in male and female rats at different stages of estrous cycle]. ---
23  2005 Neuroanatomical evidence for participation of the hypothalamic dorsomedial nucleus (DMN) in regulation of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN) by alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. alpha-MSH, CTB, PVN
24  2004 Chronic exercise lowers the defended body weight gain and adiposity in diet-induced obese rats. ARC, CRH, NPY, POMC, PVN
25  2003 Chapter 10 Dorsomedial nucleus (DMN). ---
26  2003 Ethanol intake increases galanin mRNA in the hypothalamus and withdrawal decreases it. DA, GAL, NAc, NPY, PLH, PVN
27  2002 A magnetization transfer analysis of the thalamus in schizophrenia. MTR
28  2001 Hypothalamic dorsomedial nucleus neurons innervate thyrotropin-releasing hormone-synthesizing neurons in the paraventricular nucleus. PHA-L, PVN, TRH
29  2001 Lesion of central part of the dorsomedial nucleus alters vasopressin but not corticotropin releasing hormone mRNA levels in rat hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus. CRH, POMC, PVN
30  2000 Sex differences in GABA turnover and glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD(65) and GAD(67)) mRNA in the rat hypothalamus. AM, AVPV, ME
31  2000 SOCS-3 expression in leptin-sensitive neurons of the hypothalamus of fed and fasted rats. ARC, FISH, ISH
32  1999 Disruption of neural signaling within the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus upregulates galanin gene expression in association with hyperphagia: an in situ hybridization analysis. ARC, COL, GAL, LHA, PVN, VMN
33  1999 Endogenous lectin (RL-29) expression of the autonomic preganglionic neurons in the rat spinal cord. IML, RL-29 IR, SPN
34  1999 Food intake elicited by central administration of orexins/hypocretins: identification of hypothalamic sites of action. ARC, CeA, LH and PFH, NTS, POA, PVN, VMN
35  1999 Glucose and [11C]flumazenil positron emission tomography abnormalities of thalamic nuclei in temporal lobe epilepsy. FDG, FMZ, GABA, LAT, TLE
36  1999 Hypothalamic obesity: multiple routes mediated by loss of function in medial cell groups. ARC, PVN, VMN
37  1999 Rats with hypothalamic obesity are insensitive to central leptin injections. ARC, PVN, VMN
38  1998 Effect of streptozotocin-induced diabetes on rat brain sulfonylurea binding sites. ATP, SURs, VMN
39  1998 Neural substrates for leptin and neuropeptide Y (NPY) interaction: hypothalamic sites associated with inhibition of NPY-induced food intake. FLI, i.c.v, mPVN, NPY, SON, VMN
40  1998 Serotonin is not synthesized, but specifically transported in the neurons of the hypothalamic dorsomedial nucleus. TPOH
41  1996 Aging and the hypothalamus: research perspectives. LHA, VMN
42  1996 Lesions of the melatonin- and androgen-responsive tissue of the dorsomedial nucleus of the hypothalamus block the gonadal response of male Syrian hamsters to programmed infusions of melatonin. IMEL, LD, MBH, PRL, SD
43  1996 Opposite influence of carbohydrates and fat on hypothalamic neurotensin in Long-Evans rats. HC, HC, HF, PVN
44  1996 Sex differences in estrogen receptor and progestin receptor induction in the guinea pig hypothalamus and preoptic area. ARC, EB, ER, MPO, PR, PVP, VLH, VLN
45  1995 Hypothalamic paraventricular, but not supraoptic neurons, mediate the serotonergic stimulation of oxytocin secretion. PVN
46  1995 Role of the dorsomedial nucleus of the thalamus in Alzheimer's disease. AD, NFT, SP
47  1995 The tachycardia associated with the defense reaction involves activation of both GABAA and GABAB receptors in the nucleus tractus solitarii. NTS
48  1992 Expression of GAL mRNA in rat hypothalamus: effect of frontal deafferentation and colchicine treatment. AN, GAL, PVN, SON
49  1991 Contribution of noradrenergic neurons to 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid concentrations in the regions of the rat brain containing incertohypothalamic dopaminergic neurons. 5-ADMP, DA, DOPAC, MHPG, MZI, NE
50  1990 Aging in male rats modifies castration and testosterone-induced neuropeptide Y response in various microdissected brain nuclei. ARC, LH, LHRH, ME, MPOA, NPY, VMN
51  1989 Corticosterone-dependent alterations in utilization of catecholamines in discrete areas of rat brain. alpha-MPT, ARC-ME, CORT, DA, NE, PLH, PVN, SON, VMH
52  1989 Profile of NE, DA and 5-HT activity shifts in medial hypothalamus perfused by 2-DG and insulin in the sated or fasted rat. 2-DG, DA, HPLC-EC, NE, PVN, VMH
53  1988 Effect of electrical stimulation of the ventromedial nucleus and the dorsomedial nucleus on the activity of tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neurons. ARN, DA, ME, TIDA, VMN
54  1988 Food deprivation and ingestion induce reciprocal changes in neuropeptide Y concentrations in the paraventricular nucleus. ARC, FD, FI, ME, MPOA, NPY, PVN, VMN
55  1988 [Electrophysiological analysis of septum-amygdala interaction at the level of the dorsomedial thalamic nucleus in the rat]. APC, SLN
56  1987 Effect of ventral noradrenergic bundle lesions on concentrations of monoamine neurotransmitters and metabolites in several discrete areas of the rat brain. NE, VMN, VNB
57  1987 Effects of ventromedial nucleus lesions on the display of lordosis behavior in the male rat. Interactions with facilitory effects of male urine. EB, ORCH, VMN
58  1987 The lateral line mechanoreceptive mesencephalic, diencephalic, and telencephalic regions in the thornback ray, Platyrhinoidis triseriata (Elasmobranchii). AEPs, AN, MUA, PCT, PLLn, RFs
59  1987 [Neuronal correlates of the functional reorganization of the dorsomedial thalamic nucleus in the rat after damage to the amygdala]. ---
60  1986 Plasma thyrotrophin (TSH) response to intrahypothalamic injection of an alpha 2-adrenergic receptor agonist (clonidine). NE, PVN
61  1986 [Dynamics of recovery of evoked responses of the dorsomedial nucleus of the thalamus of the rat after injuries to the amygdala]. PC
62  1985 Long-term reorganization of afferents to the mediobasal hypothalamus following retrochiasmatic knife cuts. A study using horseradish peroxidase. AHA, FC, HRP, LHA, MBH, POA, PVN, Schn, SON, VMN, ZI
63  1984 Are the amygdaloid projections to the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus involved in estrous rhythm regulation in the female rat? CMA, ST, VMN
64  1983 [Interaction of afferent inputs from structures of the amygdalar complex at the level of the dorsomedial nucleus of the thalamus in the rat]. AAA, APC, BLA
65  1982 Distribution and characterization of corticotropin-releasing factor and arginine vasopressin in rat hypothalamic nuclei. ARC, AVP, AVP-AS, CFR, ME, PVN, SCN, SON, VMN
66  1978 Hypothalamic neuron number of old female rats. AHA, ARN, MPOA, PVN, SO, VMN
67  1976 Changes in the nuclear volume of rat hypothalamic neurons in old age. AHA, ARN, ML, NV, POA, PVC, PVN, SC, SO, VMN
68  1976 Progesterone action on estrous rhythm in the rat following ventromedial nucleus lesions. SVMN