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Abbreviation:   DMPG  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerol
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Formulation of Dronedarone Hydrochloride-Loaded Proliposomes: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation Using Caco-2 and Rat Model. dronedarone HCl, HEPC, SPC
2019 Photochemistry of Bacteriorhodopsin with Various Oligomeric Statuses in Controlled Membrane Mimicking Environments: A Spectroscopic Study from Femtoseconds to Milliseconds. mbR, PM
2019 Unsaturation of the phospholipid side-chain influences its interaction with cyclodextrins: A spectroscopic exploration using a phenazinium dye. CDs, DOPG
2018 Association and sequestered dissociation of an anticancer drug from liposome membrane: Role of hydrophobic hydration. beta-CD, FCS
2018 Conformational changes, from beta-strand to alpha-helix, of the fatty acid-binding protein ReP1-NCXSQ in anionic lipid membranes: dependence with the vesicle curvature. LUVs, SUVs
2018 Detection of Curvature-Radius-Dependent Interfacial pH/Polarity for Amphiphilic Self-Assemblies: Positive versus Negative Curvature. AOT, AOT, DeltapH, DMPC, IM, LUV, SDS, TX-100
2018 Effects of Amphipathic Polypeptides on Membrane Organization Inferred from Studies Using Bicellar Lipid Mixtures. DHPC, DMPC
2018 Liposomal Incorporation to Improve Dissolution and Stability of Rosmarinic Acid and Carvacrol Extracted from Oregano (O. onites L.). CA, P90H, RA
2018 Understanding the antimicrobial properties/activity of an 11-residue Lys homopeptide by alanine and proline scan. CD, LUV, PBS, PPII, SEM
10  2017 Antimicrobial activity and interactions of cationic peptides derived from Galleria mellonella cecropin D-like peptide with model membranes. DMPC, POPC, POPE, POPG, SUVs
11  2017 Dynamic Structure and Orientation of Melittin Bound to Acidic Lipid Bilayers, As Revealed by Solid-State NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulation. ---
12  2017 Ligand Binding Properties of the Lentil Lipid Transfer Protein: Molecular Insight into the Possible Mechanism of Lipid Uptake. LPPG
13  2017 Phospholipid/Polydiacetylene Vesicle-Based Colorimetric Assay for High-Throughput Screening of Bacteriocins and Halocins. DMPC, DMPE, DPPC, HTP, LAB, TRCDA
14  2016 2H-NMR and MD Simulations Reveal Membrane-Bound Conformation of Magainin 2 and Its Synergy with PGLa. DMPC, MAG2, POPC, POPG
15  2016 Alpha-synuclein and familial variants affect the chain order and the thermotropic phase behavior of anionic lipid vesicles. ASN, PD, WT
16  2016 Comparative evaluation of proliposomes and self micro-emulsifying drug delivery system for improved oral bioavailability of nisoldipine. DMPC, DSPC, HSPC, PAMPA, SMEDDS, SPC
17  2016 Design, Characterization, and In Vivo Pharmacokinetics of Tacrolimus Proliposomes. DMPC, DSPC, HEPC, PAMPA, SD, SPC
18  2016 DNA induced sequestration of a bioactive cationic fluorophore from the lipid environment: A spectroscopic investigation. CT-DNA, PSF
19  2016 Fusion between fluid liposomes and intact bacteria: study of driving parameters and in vitro bactericidal efficacy. PE
20  2016 Ionic strength dependent vesicle adsorption and phase behavior of anionic phospholipids on a gold substrate. DMPS
21  2016 Neutron Scattering Studies of the Interplay of Amyloid beta Peptide(1-40) and An Anionic Lipid 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoglycerol. AD
22  2016 Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Improved Oral Bioavailability of Valsartan: Proliposomes Versus Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System. DMPC, DSPC, HSPC, PAMPA, SNEDDS, SPC
23  2016 Pore Model in the Melting Regime of a Lyotropic Biomembrane with an Anionic Phospholipid. SAXS
24  2016 Structure - membrane activity relationship in a family of peptide-based gemini amphiphiles: An insight from experimental and theoretical model systems. GAPs
25  2016 Structure and dynamics of water and lipid molecules in charged anionic DMPG lipid bilayer membranes. DLPE, DMPC
26  2016 Study of curcumin behavior in two different lipid bilayer models of liposomal curcumin using molecular dynamics simulation. DPPC, PMF
27  2015 Effect of lipid head groups on double-layered two-dimensional crystals formed by aquaporin-0. AQP0, DMPA, DMPC, DMPS, EPL
28  2015 Membrane interactions in small fast-tumbling bicelles as studied by 31P NMR. DHPC, DMPC
29  2015 Potential use of phospholipids in combination with hydrophilic carriers for enhancement of the dissolution and oral bioavailability of imidazole antifungal Class II drugs. DSC, KET, PXRD, SD, SEM
30  2015 Temperature and Hydration Dependence of Low-Frequency Spectra of Lipid Bilayers Studied by Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy. DMPC, THz-TDS
31  2014 Application of glucosylceramide-based liposomes increased the ceramide content in a three-dimensional cultured skin epidermis. DMPC, GlcCer
32  2014 Galleria mellonella native and analogue peptides Gm1 and DeltaGm1. I) biophysical characterization of the interaction mechanisms with bacterial model membranes. AMPs, DMPE, DSC, FRET, FTIR, Gm, ITC, LPS
33  2014 Interactions between phospholipids and titanium dioxide particles. DHP, DMPA, DMPC, DMPE, DMPS, SM
34  2014 Interactions in lipid stabilised foam films. BLM, DMPC, DMSO, EtOH, SFA
35  2014 Interactions of a bacterial trehalose lipid with phosphatidylglycerol membranes at low ionic strength. TL
36  2014 Proliposomes as a drug delivery system to decrease the hepatic first-pass metabolism: case study using a model drug. HEPC, PAMPA, SPC
37  2014 Solid-state NMR shows that dynamically different domains of membrane proteins have different hydration dependence. DAGK, DMPC, MAS, SSNMR
38  2014 Thermal stabilization of bicelles by a bile-salt-derived detergent: a combined P and H nuclear magnetic resonance study. CHAPSO-d6, DHPC, DMPC
39  2013 Competitive binding of nile red between lipids and beta-cyclodextrin. beta-CD, DMPC, NR
40  2013 Dependence of bicellar system phase behavior and dynamics on anionic lipid concentration. DHPC
41  2013 Drug-membrane interaction studies applied to N'-acetyl-rifabutin. DLS, DMPC
42  2013 Enhanced bactericidal potency of nanoliposomes by modification of the fusion activity between liposomes and bacterium. DMPA, DMPS, DOPE
43  2013 First experimental evidence of dopamine interactions with negatively charged model biomembranes. DMPC
44  2013 Growth kinetics of lipid-based nanodiscs to unilamellar vesicles-a time-resolved small angle neutron scattering (SANS) study. DHPC, DLVO, DMPC, low-T, SANS, ULVs
45  2013 Interactions of N'-acetyl-rifabutin and N'-butanoyl-rifabutin with lipid bilayers: a synchrotron X-ray study. DMPC, DPPE, DPPG, MLVs
46  2013 Lipid-protein nanodiscs promote in vitro folding of transmembrane domains of multi-helical and multimeric membrane proteins. IMPs, POPC, SDS
47  2013 Membrane defects enhance the interaction of antimicrobial peptides, aurein 1.2 versus caerin 1.1. DMPC
48  2013 Membrane interaction of disease-related dynorphin A variants. CD, DMPC, Dyn A, NMR
49  2013 Morphological characterization of DMPC/CHAPSO bicellar mixtures: a combined SANS and NMR study. CHAPSO, DMPC, PFG, SANS, STE
50  2013 Proline facilitates membrane insertion of the antimicrobial peptide maculatin 1.1 via surface indentation and subsequent lipid disordering. AMP, DPI
51  2013 Recombinant production and solution structure of lipid transfer protein from lentil Lens culinaris. ---
52  2013 Response to hydrostatic pressure of bicellar dispersions containing an anionic lipid: pressure-induced interdigitation. DHPC
53  2013 Simulations of anionic lipid membranes: development of interaction-specific ion parameters and validation using NMR data. POPC, POPS
54  2013 Structural effects of the antimicrobial peptide maculatin 1.1 on supported lipid bilayers. DMPC
55  2013 The effect of polymer coatings on physicochemical properties of spray-dried liposomes for nasal delivery of BSA. SPC, TMC
56  2013 The influence of rifabutin on human and bacterial membrane models: implications for its mechanism of action. anti-TB, DMPC, DPPE, DPPG, MLVs, RFB
57  2013 Zinc coordination to the bapbpy ligand in homogeneous solutions and at liposomes: zinc detection via fluorescence enhancement. DMPC
58  2012 Aqueous dispersions of DMPG in low salt contain leaky vesicles. DMPC, ESR
59  2012 Comparative study of the interaction of synthetic methionine-enkephalin and its amidated derivate with monolayers of zwitterionic and negatively charged phospholipids. DMPC, Met-Enk
60  2012 Determining the mode of action involved in the antimicrobial activity of synthetic peptides: a solid-state NMR and FTIR study. DMPC
61  2012 Differential interactions of a biological photosensitizer with liposome membranes having varying surface charges. DMPC, HM
62  2012 Ibuprofen-phospholipid solid dispersions: improved dissolution and gastric tolerance. ---
63  2012 Light scattering on the structural characterization of DMPG vesicles along the bilayer anomalous phase transition. DMPC
64  2012 Ruthenium polypyridyl complexes hopping at anionic lipid bilayers through a supramolecular bond sensitive to visible light. ---
65  2011 Antigen-specific enhancement of natural human IgG antibodies to phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate, cholesterol, and lipid A by a liposomal vaccine containing lipid A. DMPC, MPLA, NA, PIP
66  2011 C- and N-truncated antimicrobial peptides from LFampin 265 - 284: Biophysical versus microbiology results. AMPs, CD, DMPC, DSC, LFampin
67  2011 Conformational changes of beta2-human glycoprotein I and lipid order in lipid-protein complexes. beta2GPI, DPPG, POPG
68  2011 Effect of acyl chain structure and bilayer phase state on binding and penetration of a supported lipid bilayer by HPA3. DMPC, DPI, POPC, POPG, RPL1
69  2011 Interaction of the cationic peptide bactenecin with mixed phospholipid monolayers at the air-water interface. DPPC
70  2011 Interactions of a synthetic Leu-Lys-rich antimicrobial peptide with phospholipid bilayers. CD, DMPC, LUV
71  2011 Membrane binding and perturbation studies of the antimicrobial peptides caerin, citropin, and maculatin. DMPC, MIC, SPR
72  2011 Peptide-induced asymmetric distribution of charged lipids in a vesicle bilayer revealed by small-angle neutron scattering. DMPC
73  2011 Phase transitions and spatially ordered counterion association in ionic-lipid membranes: theory versus experiment. PG
74  2011 Revisiting peptide amphiphilicity for membrane pore formation. ---
75  2011 Ruthenium-decorated lipid vesicles: light-induced release of [Ru(terpy)(bpy)(OH2)]2+ and thermal back coordination. DMPC
76  2011 Spectroscopic probing of location and dynamics of an environment-sensitive intramolecular charge transfer probe within liposome membranes. DMPC, DPDAME, ICT, REES
77  2011 Temperature driven annealing of perforations in bicellar model membranes. DHPC, DMPC, PFG, SANS
78  2011 The role of electrostatic interactions in the membrane binding of melittin. DMPC, DMPE, SPR
79  2011 Thermal phase behavior of DMPG bilayers in aqueous dispersions as revealed by 2H- and 31P-NMR. ---
80  2010 Bicellar mixtures containing pluronic F68: morphology and lateral diffusion from combined SANS and PFG NMR studies. NMR, PFG, SANS
81  2010 Binding of a cationic phenazinium dye in anionic liposomal membrane: a spectacular modification in the photophysics. PSF
82  2010 Differential interaction of beta-cyclodextrin with lipids of varying surface charges: a spectral deciphering using a cationic phenazinium dye. beta-CD, DMPC, PSF
83  2010 Effects of charge density and thermal history on the morphologies of spontaneously formed unilamellar vesicles. DHPC, DMPC, SANS, ULVs
84  2010 Enhanced Dissolution and Oral Bioavailability of Piroxicam Formulations: Modulating Effect of Phospholipids. Form II
85  2010 How does proteinase 3 interact with lipid bilayers? DMPC, PR3
86  2010 Influence of the lipid phase state and electrostatic surface potential on the conformations of a peripherally bound membrane protein. DLPA, DMPA, DPPG, L-BABP, POPG
87  2010 Ionization and structural changes of the DMPG vesicle along its anomalous gel-fluid phase transition: a study with different lipid concentrations. DSC
88  2010 Kinetic studies of the interaction of beta-lactoglobulin with model membranes: stopped-flow CD and fluorescence studies. beta-LG, DLS, FTIR
89  2010 Laurdan spectrum decomposition as a tool for the analysis of surface bilayer structure and polarity: a study with DMPG, peptides and cholesterol. ---
90  2010 Melting regime of the anionic phospholipid DMPG: new lamellar phase and porous bilayer model. ---
91  2010 Modulated photophysics of an ESIPT probe 1-hydroxy-2-naphthaldehyde within motionally restricted environments of liposome membranes having varying surface charges. DMPC, ESIPT, REES
92  2010 The intermediate state of DMPG is stabilized by enhanced positive spontaneous curvature. ---
93  2010 The membrane insertion of helical antimicrobial peptides from the N-terminus of Helicobacter pylori ribosomal protein L1. DMPC, DPI, RPL1, SPR
94  2009 An in vitro study of liposomal curcumin: stability, toxicity and biological activity in human lymphocytes and Epstein-Barr virus-transformed human B-cells. Con A, CsA, DMPC, EBV, LCL, PBS
95  2009 Effect of headgroup on the dipole potential of phospholipid vesicles. DMPA, DMPC, DMPS, MMPC
96  2009 Extensive bilayer perforation coupled with the phase transition region of an anionic phospholipid. DSC
97  2009 Headgroup-dependent lipid self-assembly on zirconium phosphate-terminated interfaces. DMPA, DMPC, DMPE, DMPS, SAM
98  2009 Models for phosphatidylglycerol lipids put to a structural test. PG, POPG
99  2009 Morphology modifications in negatively charged lipid monolayers upon mitochondrial creatine kinase binding. DPPG, DSPG, MtCK, TMCL
100  2009 NaCl-dependent formation of the highly crystalline phase in sufficiently hydrated dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerol bilayers. HC