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Abbreviation:   DPE  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   downstream promoter element
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2019 Identification of evolutionarily conserved downstream core promoter elements required for the transcriptional regulation of Fushi tarazu target genes. Ftz, Inr, Pol II, TSS
2019 The RNA Polymerase II Core Promoter in Drosophila. Inr
2016 Core promoter-specific gene regulation: TATA box selectivity and Initiator-dependent bi-directionality of serum response factor-activated transcription. ACTB, Inr, SRF, TBP
2016 The Trypanosomatid Pr77-hallmark contains a downstream core promoter element essential for transcription activity of the Trypanosoma cruzi L1Tc retrotransposon. SSRs
2015 Structure-Function Analysis of the Drosophila melanogaster Caudal Transcription Factor Provides Insights into Core Promoter-preferential Activation. CDX, dCBP, ftz
2014 Core promoter functions in the regulation of gene expression of Drosophila dorsal target genes. ---
2014 Drosophila TRF2 is a preferential core promoter regulator. Inr, TBP
2014 RNA polymerase III accurately initiates transcription from RNA polymerase II promoters in vitro. MTE, pol
2014 Stage-specific activation of the E74B promoter by low ecdysone concentrations in the wing disc of Bombyx mori. EcREs, Inr
10  2014 The core promoter composition establishes a new dimension in developmental gene networks. GRN
11  2014 Transcriptional properties and splicing of the flamenco piRNA cluster. Inr
12  2014 TRF2 and the evolution of the bilateria. TBP, TRF2
13  2013 Human TFIID binds to core promoter DNA in a reorganized structural state. EM, Inr, MTE
14  2013 Investigation of dmyc Promoter and Regulatory Regions. ---
15  2012 Lysyl oxidase polymorphisms and susceptibility to osteosarcoma. CI, LOX, OR
16  2012 Perspectives on the RNA polymerase II core promoter. BRE, Inr, MTE
17  2011 Identification of the core sequence elements in Penaeus stylirostris densovirus promoters. ASL, PstDNV
18  2009 Characterization of transcription from TATA-less promoters: identification of a new core promoter element XCPE2 and analysis of factor requirements. Inr, RNA pol II, TSSs, XCPE2
19  2009 Transcriptional regulation of PP2A-A alpha is mediated by multiple factors including AP-2alpha, CREB, ETS-1, and SP-1. PP2A
20  2008 A short ultraconserved sequence drives transcription from an alternate FBN1 promoter. bp, Inr
21  2008 Caudal, a key developmental regulator, is a DPE-specific transcriptional factor. ---
22  2008 Functional characterization of cis-acting elements involved in basal transcription of the human Tbx2 gene: a new insight into the role of Sp1 in transcriptional regulation. ---
23  2008 TBP, Mot1, and NC2 establish a regulatory circuit that controls DPE-dependent versus TATA-dependent transcription. ---
24  2007 Characterization of core promoter elements for ecdysone receptor isoforms of the silkworm, Bombyx mori. EcR, Inr
25  2006 A novel synthetic mammalian promoter derived from an internal ribosome entry site. Inr, SAMY, SEAP
26  2006 Genome-wide analysis of core promoter elements from conserved human and mouse orthologous pairs. BRE, Inr, PWMs
27  2006 Rational design of a super core promoter that enhances gene expression. AdML, CMV, Inr, MTE, SCP1, SCPs
28  2006 TAF4 nucleates a core subcomplex of TFIID and mediates activated transcription from a TATA-less promoter. TAFs, TBP
29  2006 The features of Drosophila core promoters revealed by statistical analysis. BRE, DCE, MTE
30  2006 The general transcription machinery and general cofactors. GTFs, NC2, PIC, Pol II, TAFs, TRFs, USA
31  2005 Functional characterization of core promoter elements: DPE-specific transcription requires the protein kinase CK2 and the PC4 coactivator. ---
32  2005 Functional characterization of core promoter elements: the downstream core element is recognized by TAF1. DCE
33  2005 Synergy of human Pol II core promoter elements revealed by statistical sequence analysis. BRE, Inr
34  2004 Human potassium chloride cotransporter 1 (SLC12A4) promoter is regulated by AP-2 and contains a functional downstream promoter element. Inr
35  2003 Structural basis of core promoter recognition in a primitive eukaryote. C-domain, IBD, IBP39, Inr
36  2002 A novel intragenic sequence enhances initiator-dependent transcription in human embryonic kidney 293 cells. DE1, Inr, TF
37  2002 Computational analysis of core promoters in the Drosophila genome. ESTs, TSS
38  2002 Sp1 and AP2 regulate but do not constitute TATA-less human TAF(II)55 core promoter activity. Inr
39  2002 Transcription regulation of human chemokine receptor CCR3: evidence for a rare TATA-less promoter structure conserved between drosophila and humans. ---
40  2001 Enhancer-promoter specificity mediated by DPE or TATA core promoter motifs. ---
41  2001 The downstream activation sequence of the strict late Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 U(L)38 promoter interacts with hTAF(II)70, a component of TFIID. HSV-1
42  2000 A basal transcription factor that activates or represses transcription. ---
43  2000 Involvement of Sp1 and microsatellite repressor sequences in the transcriptional control of the human CD30 gene. TNF
44  2000 The downstream promoter element DPE appears to be as widely used as the TATA box in Drosophila core promoters. Inr
45  1998 Analysis of the human and mouse promoter region of the non-Hodgkin's lymphoma-associated CD30 gene. ---
46  1997 Sequencing and analysis of function of the promoter region of draTG genes from Azospirillum brasilense Yu62. UAS
47  1997 The downstream core promoter element, DPE, is conserved from Drosophila to humans and is recognized by TAFII60 of Drosophila. IRF-1
48  1996 Drosophila TFIID binds to a conserved downstream basal promoter element that is present in many TATA-box-deficient promoters. eTFIID
49  1990 A cis downstream element participates in regulation of in vitro transcription initiation from the P38 promoter of minute virus of mice. MVM, WCE
50  1989 Regulatory structures of gene expression, DNA-replication and DNA-rearrangement in macronuclear genes of Stylonychia lemnae, a hypotrichous ciliate. IR, DR