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Long Form:   dextran sulfate
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Eco-friendly porous carboxymethyl cellulose/dextran sulfate composite beads as reusable and efficient adsorbents of cationic dye methylene blue. CMC, MB, SDS
2019 Efficacy of intravesical targeting of novel quorum sensing inhibitor nanoparticles against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm-associated murine pyelonephritis. CIP, CS, FITC, FTIR, PDI, QS, QSINPs, QSIs, SEM
2019 First-time oral administration of resveratrol-loaded layer-by-layer nanoparticles to rats - a pharmacokinetics study. LbL, PAH, RSV, RSV nanocores
2019 Layer-by-layer films of polysaccharides modified with polyethylene glycol and dextran. DEX, LbL, PEG
2019 SR-A-Targeted Phase-Transition Nanoparticles for the Detection and Treatment of Atherosclerotic Vulnerable Plaques. CS, KO, LIFU, MRI, NPs, PFH, PLGA, SR-A
2018 A Novel Polymer-Lipid Hybrid Nanoparticle for the Improvement of Topotecan Hydrochloride Physicochemical Properties. NLC, PLN, TPT
2018 Dextran sulfate inhibition on human gastric cancer cells invasion, migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transformation. EMT, HIF1A, RT-PCR
2018 Efficient delivery of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2) with dextran sulfate-chitosan microspheres. BMP-2
2018 Heat-driven size reduction of biodegradable polyelectrolyte multilayer hollow capsules assembled on CaCO3 template. PARG
10  2018 Improving the production of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-4 in Chinese hamster ovary cell cultures by inhibition of undesirable endocytosis. BMPs, CHO, HS, HSPGs, rCHO, rhBMP-4, xylt2
11  2018 Inhibition of lysyl oxidase expression by dextran sulfate affects invasion and migration of gastric cancer cells. BAPN, LOX
12  2018 Interaction of Poly(l-lysine)/Polysaccharide Complex Nanoparticles with Human Vascular Endothelial Cells. CS, EC, FITC, Hep, HUVEC, HUVEC, NP, PECNP, PLL
13  2018 Metabolic Profiling of Urine by Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry Using Non-covalently Coated Capillaries. CE-MS, PB, PVS
14  2018 PEDOT doped with algal, mammalian and synthetic dopants: polymer properties, protein and cell interactions, and influence of electrical stimulation on neuronal cell differentiation. ALG, CS, DBSA, PEDOT, ULV
15  2018 The Effect of Dextran Sulfate-as Model Glycosaminoglycan Analogue-on Membrane Lipids: DPPC, Cholesterol, and DPPC-Cholesterol Mixture. The Monolayer Study. DPPC, DS40, ECMs, GAGs
16  2017 Characterization and Quantification of Polyquaterniums via Single-Use Polymer Membrane-Based Polyion-Sensitive Electrodes. PMETAC, TDMAC
17  2017 Desorption of Lipases Immobilized on Octyl-Agarose Beads and Coated with Ionic Polymers after Thermal Inactivation. Stronger Adsorption of Polymers/Unfolded Protein Composites. OC, PEI
18  2017 Development of Functional Thin Polymer Films Using a Layer-by-Layer Deposition Technique. LbL, PAA, PAH, PLA, PVS
19  2017 Dextran sulfate nanoparticles as a theranostic nanomedicine for rheumatoid arthritis. CIA, MTX, RA, WT
20  2017 Hydrogel loaded with self-assembled dextran sulfate-doxorubicin complexes as a delivery system for chemotherapy. DOX
21  2017 Influence of molecular weight and structure on diffusion rates and mechanisms of dextran polyelectrolyte complexes. CMD, FD
22  2017 Pleiotropic effects of regular lipoprotein-apheresis. DALI, Lp
23  2017 Polysaccharides-based nanocomplexes for the prolonged delivery of enoxaparin: In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation. CS, ENOX, NCs
24  2017 Ternary polysaccharide complexes: Colloidal drug delivery systems stabilized in physiological media. Hep, HYA, PECs, TF
25  2016 Combination of dextran sulfate and recombinant trypsin on aggregation of Chinese hamster ovary cells. r-trypsin
26  2016 Detecting Levels of Polyquaternium-10 (PQ-10) via Potentiometric Titration with Dextran Sulphate and Monitoring the Equivalence Point with a Polymeric Membrane-Based Polyion Sensor. PQ-10, SLS
27  2016 Dextran sulfate as a drug delivery platform for drug-coated balloons: Preparation, characterization, in vitro drug elution, and smooth muscle cell response. DCBs, PAT, SMCs
28  2016 Dextran sulfate inhibits acute Toxoplama gondii infection in pigs. ---
29  2016 Incorporation of heparin-binding proteins into preformed dextran sulfate-chitosan nanoparticles. ---
30  2016 Inhibition of peritoneal metastasis of human gastric cancer cells by dextran sulphate through the reduction in HIF-1alpha and ITGbeta1 expression. ITGbeta1
31  2016 Inhibition of the peritoneal metastasis of human gastric cancer cells by dextran sulphate in vivo and in vitro. RT-PCR
32  2016 New nasal nanocomplex self-assembled from charged biomacromolecules: N,N,N-Trimethyl chitosan and dextran sulfate. PECs, TMC
33  2016 Polyanionic Biopolymers for the Delivery of Pt(II) Cationic Antiproliferative Complexes. ---
34  2016 The molecular weight and concentration of dextran sulfate affect cell growth and antibody production in CHO cell cultures. mAb, rCHO
36  2016 [Effect Of Polyelectrolytes on Catalytic Activity of Alcohol Dehydrogenase]. ADH, PDADMA, PSS
37  2015 Crosslinked chitosan-dextran sulfate nanoparticle for improved topical ocular drug delivery. CDNs, CS, EDC, LCDNs, PEG 400
38  2015 Drug delivery and cell interaction of adhesive poly(ethyleneimine)/sulfated polysaccharide complex particle films. CS, DLS, Ge, NPs, PEC, PEI, ZOL
39  2015 Effect of dextran and dextran sulfate on the structural and rheological properties of model acid milk gels. Dx
40  2015 Engineering bio-adhesive functions in an antimicrobial polymer multilayer. AFM, CL, CS
41  2015 Influence of salt type and ionic strength on self-assembly of dextran sulfate-ciprofloxacin nanoplexes. CIP, ITC
42  2015 Mucoadhesive polyethylenimine-dextran sulfate nanoparticles containing Punica granatum peel extract as a novel sustained-release antimicrobial. PDNPs, PEI
43  2015 Multilayer Capsules of Bovine Serum Albumin and Tannic Acid for Controlled Release by Enzymatic Degradation. BSA, LbL, PARG, TA, THCP, TRITC-BSA
44  2015 Preparation and characterization of SDF-1alpha-chitosan-dextran sulfate nanoparticles. CS
45  2015 Protein-polyelectrolyte interactions: Monitoring particle formation and growth by nanoparticle tracking analysis and flow imaging microscopy. MFI, NTA, SEC
46  2015 Removal of plasma mature and furin-cleaved proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9 by low-density lipoprotein-apheresis in familial hypercholesterolemia: development and application of a new assay for PCSK9. apoB, DM, FH, LDL-A, LDL-C, PCSK9
47  2015 Stability, Intracellular Delivery, and Release of siRNA from Chitosan Nanoparticles Using Different Cross-Linkers. CS, PGA, TPP
48  2014 A novel approach for antibody nanocarriers development through hydrophobic ion-pairing complexation. HIP, NPs
49  2014 Dextran sulfate-resistant A/Puerto Rico/8/34 influenza virus is associated with the emergence of specific mutations in the neuraminidase glycoprotein. NA, PR8
50  2014 Dynamic contact angle analysis of protein adsorption on polysaccharide multilayer's films for biomaterial reendothelialization. AFM, BSA, DCA, PEM
51  2014 Improving the catalytic properties of immobilized Lecitase via physical coating with ionic polymers. PEI
52  2014 Interaction between immobilized polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles and human mesenchymal stromal cells. CS, FITC, hMSCs, PECNPs, PEI, PLL
53  2014 Interactions between acidified dispersions of milk proteins and dextran or dextran sulfate. Dx
54  2014 Single-chain factor XII exhibits activity when complexed to polyphosphate. polyP
55  2013 Design and evaluation of a novel nanoparticulate-based formulation encapsulating a HIP complex of lysozyme. HIP
56  2013 Development of Chitosan Nanoparticles as a Stable Drug Delivery System for Protein/siRNA. CS-NPs
57  2013 Effects of dextran sulfates on the acute infection and growth stages of Toxoplasma gondii. DS10, GAGs
58  2013 Enhanced delivery system of flutamide loaded chitosan-dextran sulphate nanoparticles for prostate cancer. CS, FLT, LDH, NPs
59  2013 Improved capillary electrophoresis method for the analysis of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin in human serum, avoiding interference by complement C3. CE, CMC
60  2013 Laser receptive polyelectrolyte thin films doped with biosynthesized silver nanoparticles for antibacterial coatings and drug delivery applications. MH
61  2013 Luminescence response of an osmium(II) complex to macromolecular polyanions for the detection of heparin and chondroitin sulfate in biomedical preparations. 4-phpy, CS, phen
62  2013 Mucoadhesive chitosan-dextran sulfate nanoparticles for sustained drug delivery to the ocular surface. CDNs, CS, FTIR, NR, RhB
63  2013 Multilayers based on cationic nanocomplexes for co-delivery of doxorubicin and DNA. DOX
64  2013 Polyelectrolyte/silver nanocomposite multilayer films as multifunctional thin film platforms for remote activated protein and drug delivery. BSA, CH, PAH
65  2013 Selective pathogen targeting and macrophage evading carbon nanotubes through dextran sulfate coating and PEGylation for photothermal theranostics. Ab, SWNTs
66  2013 Synthesis and in-vitro photodynamic studies of the superparamagnetic chitosan hydrogel/chlorin E6 nanocarriers. chn E6, CS
67  2013 Ternary interpolyelectrolyte complexes insulin-poly(methylaminophosphazene)-dextran sulfate for oral delivery of insulin. PMAP
68  2013 Thickness and morphology of polyelectrolyte coatings on silica surfaces before and after protein exposure studied by atomic force microscopy. AFM, CE, PB, PVS
69  2012 A genetic screen to isolate Toxoplasma gondii host-cell egress mutants. CDPK, EMS, ENU, PDTC
70  2012 Analysis of oligo-arginine cell-permeable peptides uptake by prostate cells. 37LRP, CPP, GAGs, PentS
71  2012 Improved capillary electrophoresis frontal analysis by dynamically coating the capillary with polyelectrolyte multilayers. HSA, PEML
72  2012 Influenza virus neuraminidase contributes to the dextran sulfate-dependent suppressive replication of some influenza A virus strains. DD, HA, NA
73  2012 Insulin-containing layer-by-layer films deposited on poly(lactic acid) microbeads for pH-controlled release of insulin. LbL, PLA, PVS
74  2012 Synthesis and characterization of modified starch hydrogels for photodynamic treatment of cancer. CMS
75  2011 A facile route to synthesize silver nanoparticles in polyelectrolyte capsules. LbL, NPs, PAH
76  2011 Adaptation of the Se301 insect cell line to suspension culture. Effect of turbulence on growth and on production of nucleopolyhedrovius (SeMNPV). OB, PVA, PVP
77  2011 Encapsulation of Protein-Polysaccharide HIP Complex in Polymeric Nanoparticles. BSA, HIP
78  2011 Iron/dextran sulfate multilayered microcapsules for controlled release of 10-hydroxycamptothecin. HCPT, LbL
79  2011 Noncovalent PEGylation by polyanion complexation as a means to stabilize keratinocyte growth factor-2 (KGF-2). CD, FGF-10, KGF-2, PEG, PPS
80  2011 Polyanionic carbohydrate doxorubicin-dextran nanocomplex as a delivery system for anticancer drugs: in vitro analysis and evaluations. DOX, ITC
81  2011 Silver nanoparticle synthesis: novel route for laser triggering of polyelectrolyte capsules. LbL, NPs, PAH, PECs
82  2011 Synthesis and characterization of pH-dependent glycol chitosan and dextran sulfate nanoparticles for effective brain cancer treatment. GCS, MTX, NPs
83  2010 Antioxidant coating of micronsize droplets for prevention of lipid peroxidation in oil-in-water emulsion. BSA, CLSM, DLS, MDA, MT, PARG, TA, TBARS
84  2010 Evaluation of CE methods for global metabolic profiling of urine. PB, PVS
85  2010 Layer-by-layer surface modification of lipid nanocapsules. CS, FP, LbL, LC, LNCs, PEs, TFF
86  2010 Maintaining adequate nutrition, not probiotic administration, prevents growth stunting and maintains skeletal muscle protein synthesis rates in a piglet model of colitis. C-MRP, FSR, IBD
87  2010 Nanoglycan complex formulation extends VEGF retention time in the lung. CS, VEGF
88  2010 Pentosan polysulfate promotes proliferation and chondrogenic differentiation of adult human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal precursor cells. HA, MMC, MPC, PG, PPS
89  2010 Successive multiple ionic polymer layer coated capillaries in the separation of proteins - recombinant allergen variants as a case study. SMIL
90  2009 An ion pairing approach to increase the loading of hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs into PEGylated PLGA nanoparticles. ---
91  2009 Capillary electrophoresis of intact basic proteins using noncovalently triple-layer coated capillaries. PB
92  2009 Effectiveness of charged noncovalent polymer coatings against protein adsorption to silica surfaces studied by evanescent-wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy and capillary electrophoresis. CE, cyt c, EW-CRDS, PB
93  2009 Enhanced biosensing performance of mesoporous SnO2 multilayer film in interfacing hemoglobin. Hb, Meso-SnO2, Nonmeso-SnO2
94  2009 Novel iron-polysaccharide multilayered microcapsules for controlled insulin release. ---
95  2009 Novel thrombo-resistant coating based on iron-polysaccharide complex multilayers. APTT, Hep
96  2009 Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 removal using dextran sulphate columns. Evidence of PAI-1 homeostasis. PAI-1
97  2009 Preparation and properties of dextran sulfate-lysozyme conjugate. ---
98  2008 Comparison and validation of drug loading parameters of PEGylated nanoparticles purified by a diafiltration centrifugal device and tangential flow filtration. PVA, TFF
99  2008 Controlled complexation of plasmid DNA with cationic polymers: effect of surfactant on the complexation and stability of the complexes. PEI, PLL, POES
100  2008 Effect of formulation factors on incorporation of the hydrophilic peptide dalargin into PLGA and mPEG-PLGA nanoparticles. EE, mPEG, PLGA, SB-CD, SDS