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Long Form:   divinyl sulfone
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2020 A new heterofunctional support for enzyme immobilization: PEI functionalized Fe3O4 MNPs activated with divinyl sulfone. Application in the immobilization of lipase from Thermomyces lanuginosus. EDA, ETA, PEI, SPMNs
2020 A vinyl sulfone clicked carbon dot-engineered microfluidic paper-based analytical device for fluorometric determination of biothiols. CDs, muPAD, VS
2020 Comparison of the toxicity of sulfur mustard and its oxidation products in vitro. SM, SMO
2020 Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Gels with Blood-Derived Protein Components for Soft Tissue Regeneration. HA, SPRF
2020 Exhaled breath condensate based breath analyser - a disposable hydrogen peroxide sensor and smart analyser. EBC, EG, PB
2019 Catalyst-free, aza-Michael polymerization of hydrazides: polymerizability, kinetics, and mechanistic origin of an alpha-effect. HDA
2019 Comparison of the immobilization of lipase from Pseudomonas fluorescens on divinylsulfone or p-benzoquinone activated support. BQ, PFL, TEOS, TEOS-NANO-PFL
2019 Crosslinked poly(Lactose) microgels and nanogels for biomedical applications. BCI, EDA, IEP, lac, PBS, RA
2019 Effect of crosslinking agent to design nanostructured hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels with improved relaxometric properties. CAs, HA, MRI
10  2019 Further stabilization of lipase from Pseudomonas fluorescens immobilized on octyl coated nanoparticles via chemical modification with bifunctional agents. BQ, GA, PFL
11  2019 Mesoporous, degradable hyaluronic acid microparticles for sustainable drug delivery application. HA
12  2019 Preparation of immobilized/stabilized biocatalysts of beta-glucosidases from different sources: Importance of the support active groups and the immobilization protocol. ---
13  2019 Soft hydrogel based on modified chitosan containing P. granatum peel extract and its nano-forms: Multiparticulate study on chronic wounds treatment. MIC, NF-kappaB, PGP, PGPC
14  2018 Gellan Gum Hydrogels with Enzyme-Sensitive Biodegradation and Endothelial Cell Biorecognition Sites. GG
15  2018 Guar-Based Injectable Thermoresponsive Hydrogel as a Scaffold for Bone Cell Growth and Controlled Drug Delivery. HPG-g-PNVCL, nHA, SEM
16  2018 Modifiable natural gum based microgel capsules as sustainable drug delivery systems. DETA, EDA, LBG, LBG/PEI, PEI, SDC, TETA
17  2018 Targeted Reinforcement of Macrophage Reprogramming Toward M2 Polarization by IL-4-Loaded Hyaluronic Acid Particles. Arg-1, HA, IL, MW
18  2017 Characterization of the Physicochemical Properties of beta-Cyclodextrin-Divinyl Sulfone Polymer Carrier-Bile Acid Systems. beta-CD, SEM, TGA
19  2017 Low-Temperature Cross-Linking of PEDOT:PSS Films Using Divinylsulfone. OECT, PEDOT
20  2017 Synthesis, characterization and modification of Gum Arabic microgels for hemocompatibility and antimicrobial studies. DETA, GA, TA
21  2017 Synthesis, Characterization, and Identification of New in Vitro Covalent DNA Adducts of Divinyl Sulfone, an Oxidative Metabolite of Sulfur Mustard. SM
22  2016 Growth factors-loaded stents modified with hyaluronic acid and heparin for induction of rapid and tight re-endothelialization. EDC, HA, HGF, VEGF
23  2016 Maghemite-human serum albumin hybrid nanoparticles: towards a theranostic system with high MRI r2* relaxivity. HSA, MRI, NPs
24  2015 Divinyl sulfone cross-linked cyclodextrin-based polymeric materials: synthesis and applications as sorbents and encapsulating agents. alpha-CD, beta-CD, CDPs
25  2015 Hyaluronic Acid Based Hydrogels for Regenerative Medicine Applications. HA
26  2015 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of novel cross-linked saccharide based polymers as bile acid sequestrants. BAS, beta-CD, Chol
27  2015 Protecting group-free immobilization of glycans for affinity chromatography using glycosylsulfonohydrazide donors. CC, GSH
28  2015 The crosslinking degree controls the mechanical, rheological, and swelling properties of hyaluronic acid microparticles. CD, HA
29  2015 Tuning the catalytic properties of lipases immobilized on divinylsulfone activated agarose by altering its nanoenvironment. PNPB
30  2014 Fine tuning and measurement of mechanical properties of crosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogels as biomimetic scaffold coating in regenerative medicine. AFM, ECM
31  2014 Hyaluronan microgel as a potential carrier for protein sustained delivery by tailoring the crosslink network. BSA, HA
32  2014 Poly(sucrose) micro particles preparation and their use as biomaterials. ---
33  2014 Preparation and characterization of thiophilic cryogels with 2-mercapto ethanol as the ligand for IgG purification. PHEMA, T-PHEMA
34  2014 Relationship between structure and cytocompatibility of divinyl sulfone cross-linked hyaluronic acid. HA, RPE
35  2013 Silica nanoparticles and polyethyleneimine (PEI)-mediated functionalization: a new method of PEI covalent attachment for siRNA delivery applications. EA, nts, PEI, RNAi, siRNA, SPEI NPs
36  2012 An organophosphonate strategy for functionalizing silicon photonic biosensors. ---
37  2012 Biofunctional paper via the covalent modification of cellulose. ---
38  2011 A versatile method for functionalizing surfaces with bioactive glycans. SPRi, ToF-SIMS, XPS
39  2011 The reactivity of quaternary ammonium- versus potassium-fluorides supported on metal oxides: paving the way to an instantaneous detoxification of chemical warfare agents. CWAs, QAF, TDG
40  2010 Column-switching HPLC determination of mexiletine using tris(bipyridine)ruthenium(III) electrogenerated chemiluminescence and precolumn derivatization with divinylsulfone. ECL, MEX
41  2010 Effect of cross-linking reagents for hyaluronic acid hydrogel dermal fillers on tissue augmentation and regeneration. BDDE, DEO, EDC, HA, HMDA, HOBt
42  2010 The impact of hyaluronic acid oligomer content on physical, mechanical, and biologic properties of divinyl sulfone-crosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogels. ECs, HA-o, HMW
43  2008 Control of the molecular degradation of hyaluronic acid hydrogels for tissue augmentation. ADH, HA, WATER, WATER/ETHANOL
44  2008 Physical properties of crosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogels. DMTA, DSC, GTA, HA, SEC
45  2007 A smart membrane based on an antigen-responsive hydrogel. FITC, ITC, SEM
46  2007 Effects of gamma-irradiation on physical and biologic properties of crosslinked hyaluronan tissue engineering scaffolds. HA
47  2005 Response of intestinal cells and macrophages to an orally administered cellulose-PEG based polymer as a potential treatment for intractable edemas. HEC, PEG
48  2004 Anti-inflammatory drug delivery from hyaluronic acid hydrogels. BSA, HA, PBMC, TCPS, TNF-alpha, VES
49  2004 Cellulose derivative-hyaluronic acid-based microporous hydrogels cross-linked through divinyl sulfone (DVS) to modulate equilibrium sorption capacity and network stability. HA, HEC
50  2003 Determination of aromatic and branched-chain amino acids in plasma by HPLC with electrogenerated Ru(bpy)3(3+) chemiluminescence detection. bpy, ECL, FIA
51  2003 Ultraviolet light-induced modification of crosslinked hyaluronan gels. FACE, HA, UV
52  1998 Structure of the IgG-binding ligand of the T-gel. ---
53  1997 Ligand structure of the divinylsulfone-based T-gel. ---
54  1995 Conjugation to preactivated proteins using divinylsulfone and iodoacetic acid. BSA, IAA, PPD
55  1994 Human hemoglobin anaerobically reacted with divinyl sulfone: a source for oxygen carriers. ---
56  1994 Structural and oxygen-binding properties of divinyl-sulfone-reacted bovine hemoglobin as a function of protein ligation state and reactant concentration. conc
57  1975 Agar derivatives for chromatography, electrophoresis and gel-bound enzymes. III. Rigid agarose gels cross-linked with divinyl sulphone (dvs). ---