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Abbreviation:   DVS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   dynamic vapor sorption
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2020 Clay-Polymer Nanocomposites Prepared by Reactive Melt Extrusion for Sustained Drug Release. FT-IR, TEM, XRPD
2019 An approach for in situ qualitative and quantitative analysis of moisture adsorption in nanogram-scaled lignin by using micro-FTIR spectroscopy and partial least squares regression. MC, RH
2019 Ca-, Sr-, and Ba-Coordination polymers based on anthranilic acid via mechanochemistry. CPs, EXAFS
2019 Characterization and topical delivery of phenylethyl resorcinol. DSC, HPLC, LOD, LOQ, NMR, PR, TGA
2019 Characterization of bound water in skin hydrators prepared with and without a 3D3P interpenetrating polymer network. DSC, HA, IPN, KF, TGA
2019 Confocal Raman micro-spectral evidence and physicochemical evaluation of triamterene salts. APIs, BA, DSC, IDR, INA, NA, PLM, PXRD, TA, TGA, TRI
2019 Kinetic study of controlled release of flavor compounds from spray-dried encapsulated yeast powder using dynamic vapor sorption-gas chromatography. RH
2019 Lipid loses and barrier function modifications of the brown-to-white hair transition. ---
2019 Photocatalytic Degradation of Selected Pharmaceuticals Using g-C3N4 and TiO2 Nanomaterials. DIC, DRS, FTIR-ATR, GC-MS, HPLC, IBU, PAR, SSA, TEM, XRD
10  2019 Reaction-diffusion approach to modeling water diffusion in glutinous rice flour particles during dynamic vapor adsorption. ---
11  2019 The use of hydrophobic amino acids in protecting spray dried trehalose formulations against moisture-induced changes. XPS
12  2018 Chemico-calorimetric analysis of amorphous granules manufactured via continuous granulation process. BMA, SolCal, TSG
13  2018 Enhanced Biopharmaceutical Performance of Rivaroxaban through Polymeric Amorphous Solid Dispersion. ASD, DSC, FTIR, NMR, PXRD, RXB, VTE
14  2018 Incubatory environment of the scalp impacts pre-emergent hair to affect post-emergent hair cuticle integrity. ZPT
15  2018 Phase transitions of antibiotic clarithromycin forms I, IV and new form VII crystals. RH
16  2018 Protective effect of sodium stearate on the moisture-induced deterioration of hygroscopic spray-dried powders. DSCG, FPF, MSLI, RH, SD, SEM, ToF-SIMS, XRPD
17  2017 Co-milled API-lactose systems for inhalation therapy: impact of magnesium stearate on physico-chemical stability and aerosolization performance. API, MgSt, RH, SEM
18  2017 Conidia of Penicillium rubens formed at low water activities can attract more water. ---
19  2017 Crystal structures and physicochemical properties of amisulpride polymorphs. PXRD
20  2017 Development of a Predictive Model for the Long-Term Stability Assessment of Drug-In-Adhesive Transdermal Films Using Polar Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives as Carrier/Matrix. DIA
21  2017 Development of a Predictive Model for the Stabilizer Concentration Estimation in Microreservoir Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems Using Lipophilic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives as Matrix/Carrier. MTDDS, PVP
22  2017 Effect of differential surface anisotropy on performance of two plate shaped crystals of aspirin form I. ---
23  2017 Hygroscopic Swelling Determination of Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC) Films by Polarized Light Microscopy Digital Image Correlation. CHS, CNC, FEA, GAB, PEK
24  2017 Investigation of L-leucine in reducing the moisture-induced deterioration of spray-dried salbutamol sulfate power for inhalation. FPFrecovered, LL, NGI, RH, SD, SEM, SS, XPS, XRD
25  2017 Mechanical characterization of curly hair: Influence of the use of nonconventional hair straightening treatments. DSC, FTIR, SEM
26  2017 Mechanism-based selection of stabilization strategy for amorphous formulations: Insights into crystallization pathways. ASD, DSC, MD, PLM
27  2017 Physicochemical properties and cell-based bioactivity of Pu'erh tea polysaccharide conjugates. ---
28  2017 Polymer coated mucoadhesive liposomes intended for the management of xerostomia. AFM, DLS, HM-EHEC, HM-pectin, LM-pectin
29  2017 Protection of hydrophobic amino acids against moisture-induced deterioration in the aerosolization performance of highly hygroscopic spray-dried powders. DSC, DSCG, FPF, Ile, Met, NGI, RH, SEM, TGA, ToF-SIMS, Val, XPS, XRPD
30  2017 Strontium-coordination polymers based on tetrafluorophthalic and phthalic acids: mechanochemical synthesis, ab initio structures determination, and spectroscopic characterization. PXRD
31  2017 Water dynamics of Ser-His-Glu-Cys-Asn powder and effects of moisture absorption on its chemical properties. GC-MS, MIR, MRI, NMR, SHECN
32  2016 Atypical effects of incorporated surfactants on stability and dissolution properties of amorphous polymeric dispersions. GF, PHPMA, PVP, SDS
33  2016 Crystallization of Esomeprazole Magnesium Water/Butanol Solvate. DSC, IR, NMR, PXRD, TGA
34  2016 Formation and Transformation Behavior of Sodium Dehydroacetate Hydrates. FTIR, PXRD, SEM, TGA
35  2016 High accuracy calibration of a dynamic vapor sorption instrument and determination of the equilibrium humidities using single salts. RH
36  2016 Hot melt extruded Aprepitant-Soluplus solid dispersion: preformulation considerations, stability and in vitro study. APR, DSC, FaSSIF, GFA, GS, HME, SOL
37  2016 L-Leucine as an excipient against moisture on in vitro aerosolization performances of highly hygroscopic spray-dried powders. DSC, DSCG, LL, NGI, RH, SD, SEM, TGA, ToF-SIMS, XPS, XRD
38  2016 Probing the Distribution of Water in a Multi-Component System by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy. KFT, RH, RT
39  2016 Quantification of low levels of amorphous content in crystalline celecoxib using dynamic vapor sorption (DVS). CLB
40  2016 Quantitative determination of micronization-induced changes in the solid state of lactose. DPIs, DSC, XRPD
41  2016 Strength and Water Interactions of Cellulose I Filaments Wet-Spun from Cellulose Nanofibril Hydrogels. CNF, RH
42  2016 Water Dynamics in Egg White Peptide, Asp-His-Thr-Lys-Glu, Powder Monitored by Dynamic Vapor Sorption and LF-NMR. LF-NMR
43  2015 Co-spray dried carbohydrate microparticles: crystallisation delay/inhibition and improved aerosolization characteristics through the incorporation of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin with amorphous raffinose or trehalose. DSC, FTIR, HP-beta-CD, NGI, NPMPs, RH, SEM, SSA, XRPD
44  2015 Development of an inhaled controlled release voriconazole dry powder formulation for the treatment of respiratory fungal infection. DSC, FPF, VLM, VRZ, XRPD
45  2015 Identification and physicochemical characterization of caffeine-citric acid co-crystal polymorphs. CA-CI, PXRD
46  2015 Moisture diffusion and permeability characteristics of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and hard gelatin capsules. DSC, HG, HPMC, SEM, XRD
47  2014 Clay as a matrix former for spray drying of drug nanosuspensions. Feno, MMT, NPs
48  2014 Dynamic vapor sorption as a tool for characterization and quantification of amorphous content in predominantly crystalline materials. ---
49  2014 Supramolecular structures and physicochemical properties of norfloxacin salts. DSC, FTIR, HSM, PXRD, TGA
50  2014 Water-solid interactions between amorphous maltodextrins and crystalline sodium chloride. DDS, MDs, RH, Tg
51  2013 Bone substitute materials delivering zoledronic acid: physicochemical characterization, drug load, and release properties. SEM, ZOL
52  2013 Effects of water gradients and use of urea on skin ultrastructure evaluated by confocal Raman microspectroscopy. SC
53  2013 Exploring the solid-form landscape of pharmaceutical hydrates: transformation pathways of the sodium naproxen anhydrate-hydrate system. AH, DH-I, MH, TGA, TH, XRPD
54  2013 Fumaric acid microenvironment tablet formulation and process development for crystalline cenicriviroc mesylate, a BCS IV compound. CCR2, CCR5, CVC, FBRM
55  2013 Investigation of the capacity of low glass transition temperature excipients to minimize amorphization of sulfadimidine on comilling. AA, API, GA, MA, NIR, SA, SDM
56  2013 Reducing mechanical activation-induced amorphisation of salbutamol sulphate by co-processing with selected carboxylic acids. AA, APIs, DSC, GA, PA, PXRD, SS, Tg
57  2013 Respirable low-density microparticles formed in situ from aerosolized brittle matrices. FPF, MMAD, TFF
58  2013 Salt screening and characterization for poorly soluble, weak basic compounds: case study albendazole. DSC, KFT, PSD, SEM, TGA, XRPD
59  2013 [The influence of spray drying process conditions on physical, chemical properties and lung inhaling performance of Panax notoginseng saponins - tanshinone II A composite particles]. AFM, FPF, NGI, SEM
60  2012 Comparison of physico-chemical characteristics among three pharmaceutical spherical carbon adsorbents. ---
61  2012 Identification and characterization of stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric hydrate forms of paroxetine HCl: reversible changes in crystal dimensions as a function of water absorption. ATR-FTIR, DSC, HCl, RH, TGA, XRPD
62  2012 Impact of process variables on the micromeritic and physicochemical properties of spray-dried microparticles--Part II. Physicochemical characterisation of spray-dried materials. BA, MeOH
63  2012 Moisture plasticization for enteric Eudragit L30D-55-coated pellets prior to compression into tablets. ---
64  2011 A novel crystal form of cabergoline, form L. IR, SEM, XRPD
65  2011 Raman microspectroscopic and dynamic vapor sorption characterization of hydration in collagen and dermal tissue. RH
66  2011 Solid-state characterization of novel active pharmaceutical ingredients: cocrystal of a salbutamol hemiadipate salt with adipic acid (2:1:1) and salbutamol hemisuccinate salt. SSU.MeOH
67  2011 The effect of various cosmetic pretreatments on protecting hair from thermal damage by hot flat ironing. ---
68  2011 Use of ramping and equilibrium water vapor sorption methods to determine the critical relative humidity at which the glassy to rubbery transition occurs in polydextrose. DSC, Tg
69  2010 An investigation into the crystallisation behaviour of an amorphous cryomilled pharmaceutical material above and below the glass transition temperature. ---
70  2010 Comparison of the mechanical properties of cellulose and starch films. NMR
71  2010 Determination of low levels of amorphous content in inhalation grade lactose by moisture sorption isotherms. BET
72  2010 Determining critical relative humidity by measuring air humidity in equilibrium directly. ---
73  2010 Influence of excipients in comilling on mitigating milling-induced amorphization or structural disorder of crystalline pharmaceutical actives. AA, HSDSC, LAC, MgSt, PVP, SS
74  2010 Influence of polymer content on stabilizing milled amorphous salbutamol sulphate. HSDSC, PVP, RM, SEM, SS, XRPD
75  2010 Preformulation investigation of some clopidogrel addition salts. CSA, CSA, HBr, HCl, NMR, SEM, XRPD
76  2010 Synthesis and preliminary characterization of sulfamethazine-theophylline co-crystal. APIs, STH, TP
77  2009 Bioactivated collagen-based scaffolds embedding protein-releasing biodegradable microspheres: tuning of protein release kinetics. CLSM, DSC, ECM, FCS, GPC, HA, PLGA, semi-IPNs
78  2009 Characterization of moisture-protective polymer coatings using differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic vapor sorption. DSC, HPMC, RH
79  2008 Determination of outer layer and bulk dehydration kinetics of trehalose dihydrate using atomic force microscopy, gravimetric vapour sorption and near infrared spectroscopy. AFM, NIR
80  2008 Effect of berry size and sodium hydroxide pretreatment on the drying characteristics of blueberries under infrared radiation heating. IR
81  2008 Indomethacin-saccharin cocrystal: design, synthesis and preliminary pharmaceutical characterization. ---
82  2008 Investigating the moisture sorption behavior of amorphous sucrose using a dynamic humidity generating instrument. RH
83  2007 Effect of oil films on moisture vapor absorption on human hair. CMCs
84  2007 Effect of water content on the structural reorganization and elastic properties of biopolymer films: a comparative study. DMTA, DSC, FTIR, GAB, HPC
85  2007 Interaction of moisture with sodium starch glycolate. LOD, PGS, PS, RH, SSG
86  2007 Photocatalytic oxidation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in water using a cocurrent downflow contactor reactor (CDCR). 2,4,6-TCP, CDCR
87  2007 Sorption behavior of mixtures of glycerol and starch. mo
88  2006 Use of the dynamic vapor sorption meter to measure skin hydration properties, in vitro. RH, SLS
89  2005 Development and validation of a dynamic vapor sorption-fast gas chromatography-flame ionization detection method for rapid analysis of volatile release from glassy matrices. ---
90  2005 Dynamic vapor sorption properties of sodium starch glycolate disintegrants. BET, GAB, MCC, RH
91  2005 Physical characterization of pantoprazole sodium hydrates. IR, NIR, XRPD
92  2005 The use of inverse gas chromatography and gravimetric vapour sorption to study transitions in amorphous lactose. IGC
93  2003 Release mechanism of insulin encapsulated in trehalose ester derivative microparticles delivered via inhalation. ATR-FTIR, OED
94  2001 Effect of molecular weight and glass transition on relaxation and release behaviour of poly(DL-lactic acid) tablets. MDSC, TMA
95  2000 Characterisation of the influence of micronisation on the crystallinity and physical stability of revatropate hydrobromide. ---