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Abbreviation:   EBF  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   early B cell factor
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2020 The Posterior Signaling Center Is an Important Microenvironment for Homeostasis of the Drosophila Lymph Gland. Antp, Col, CZ, MZ, PSC
2019 Loss of TLE3 promotes the mitochondrial program in beige adipocytes and improves glucose metabolism. TLE3
2016 Charged Amino Acid-rich Leucine Zipper-1 (Crlz-1) as a Target of Wnt Signaling Pathway Controls Pre-B Cell Proliferation by Affecting Runx/CBFbeta-targeted VpreB and lamda5 Genes. Crlz-1
2016 Induction of Epstein-Barr Virus Oncoprotein LMP1 by Transcription Factors AP-2 and Early B Cell Factor. EBV, LMP1
2015 Hind limb unloading, a model of spaceflight conditions, leads to decreased B lymphopoiesis similar to aging. CLP, HU, pre-B, pro-B
2014 Current concepts in pediatric Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia. HSCT, TKI
2012 Size control of the Drosophila hematopoietic niche by bone morphogenetic protein signaling reveals parallels with mammals. PSC, Wg
2011 Early B-cell factor regulates the expression of Hemokinin-1 in the olfactory epithelium and differentiating B lymphocytes. ---
2011 EBF factors drive expression of multiple classes of target genes governing neuronal development. ---
10  2010 Compound haploinsufficiencies of Ebf1 and Runx1 genes impede B cell lineage progression. ---
11  2010 Hoxa9 regulates Flt3 in lymphohematopoietic progenitors. BCPs
12  2010 Structural determination of functional domains in early B-cell factor (EBF) family of transcription factors reveals similarities to Rel DNA-binding proteins and a novel dimerization motif. ---
13  2009 Co-ordinated expression of lymphoid and myeloid specific transcription factors during B-1b cell differentiation into mononuclear phagocytes in vitro. B-1CDPs, IgM, PAX5
14  2009 Emerging roles of the EBF family of transcription factors in tumor suppression. ALL, CDK, GBM
15  2009 Opposing effects of SWI/SNF and Mi-2/NuRD chromatin remodeling complexes on epigenetic reprogramming by EBF and Pax5. CRCs
16  2008 Aberrant expression of Notch1 interferes with the B-lymphoid phenotype of neoplastic B cells in classical Hodgkin lymphoma. ---
17  2008 Early B cell factor: Regulator of B lineage specification and commitment. ---
18  2008 IL-7 specifies B cell fate at the common lymphoid progenitor to pre-proB transition stage by maintaining early B cell factor expression. ---
19  2008 The 'zinc knuckle' motif of Early B cell Factor is required for transcriptional activation of B cell-specific genes. DBD
20  2008 Transcription factor EBF restricts alternative lineage options and promotes B cell fate commitment independently of Pax5. ---
21  2008 Transcriptional regulation of early B cell development. ---
22  2007 Selective expression of Knot/Collier, a transcriptional regulator of the EBF/Olf-1 family, endows the Drosophila sensory system with neuronal class-specific elaborated dendritic patterns. Ab, Col, da, Kn, Olf-1
23  2007 The CD53 and CEACAM-1 genes are genetic targets for early B cell factor. ---
24  2007 The Cxcl12, periostin, and Ccl9 genes are direct targets for early B-cell factor in OP-9 stroma cells. ---
25  2006 Transcription factors drive B cell development. ---
26  2005 Early B-cell factor 'pioneers' the way for B-cell development. ---
27  2005 EBF2 regulates osteoblast-dependent differentiation of osteoclasts. OPG
28  2005 Evi3, a zinc-finger protein related to EBFAZ, regulates EBF activity in B-cell leukemia. EBFAZ, Evi3
29  2005 Gene expression analysis suggests that EBF-1 and PPARgamma2 induce adipogenesis of NIH-3T3 cells with similar efficiency and kinetics. PPAR
30  2005 Inhibition of EBF function by active Notch signaling reveals a novel regulatory pathway in early B-cell development. ---
31  2005 Interleukin-7 is necessary to maintain the B cell potential in common lymphoid progenitors. CLP, IL-7
32  2005 The lambda5-VpreB1 locus--a model system for studying gene regulation during early B cell development. LCR
33  2004 CD40 stimulation induces Pax5/BSAP and EBF activation through a APE/Ref-1-dependent redox mechanism. ---
34  2004 Cellular immune response to parasitization in Drosophila requires the EBF orthologue collier. col, PSC
35  2004 Early B cell factor cooperates with Runx1 and mediates epigenetic changes associated with mb-1 transcription. ---
36  2004 Early B cell factor promotes B lymphopoiesis with reduced interleukin 7 responsiveness in the absence of E2A. ---
37  2004 Early B-cell factor-associated zinc-finger gene is a frequent target of retroviral integration in murine B-cell lymphomas. BMP2, Evi-3, SMAD1
38  2004 Early hematopoietic zinc finger protein (EHZF), the human homolog to mouse Evi3, is highly expressed in primitive human hematopoietic cells. BMP, EHZF
39  2004 Pearson correlation analysis of microarray data allows for the identification of genetic targets for early B-cell factor. ---
40  2004 Regulation of E2A gene expression in B-lymphocyte development. ---
41  2003 EBF-regulating Pax5 transcription is enhanced by STAT5 in the early stage of B cells. IL-7R, STAT
42  2003 Enforced expression of EBF in hematopoietic stem cells restricts lymphopoiesis to the B cell lineage. GFP
43  2003 Evi3, a common retroviral integration site in murine B-cell lymphoma, encodes an EBFAZ-related Kruppel-like zinc finger protein. bHLH, BMP2, LTR, RIS, RT-PCR, SMAD1
44  2003 Inhibition of p300/CBP by early B-cell factor. HAT
45  2002 Cloning and characterization of a promoter flanking the early B cell factor (EBF) gene indicates roles for E-proteins and autoregulation in the control of EBF expression. ---
46  2002 Roles of EBF and Pax-5 in B lineage commitment and development. ---
47  2002 The human V-preB promoter is a target for coordinated activation by early B cell factor and E47. ---
48  2001 Localized gene-specific induction of accessibility to V(D)J recombination induced by E2A and early B cell factor in nonlymphoid cells. Ig, RAG
49  2000 Cloning of human early B-cell factor and identification of target genes suggest a conserved role in B-cell development in man and mouse. EMSA
50  2000 Overlapping expression of early B-cell factor and basic helix-loop-helix proteins as a mechanism to dictate B-lineage-specific activity of the lambda5 promoter. bHLH
51  2000 Pax-5 and EBF are expressed in committed B-cell progenitors prior to the colonization of the embryonic bursa of fabricius. ---
52  1999 A human early B-cell factor-like protein participates in the regulation of the human CD19 promoter. ---
53  1999 Early B cell factor is an activator of the B lymphoid kinase promoter in early B cell development. Blk
54  1999 The B29 (immunoglobulin beta-chain) gene is a genetic target for early B-cell factor. ---
55  1998 Differentiation-specific, octamer-dependent costimulation of kappa transcription. ---
56  1998 Induction of early B cell factor (EBF) and multiple B lineage genes by the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor E12. ---
57  1998 Transcriptional regulation of B-cell differentiation. BSAP
58  1997 Early B cell factor binds to a site critical for lambda5 core enhancer activity. ---
59  1997 EBF and E47 collaborate to induce expression of the endogenous immunoglobulin surrogate light chain genes. ---
60  1996 Early B cell factor interacts with a subset of kappa promoters. ---
61  1996 Early B-cell factor (EBF) down-regulates immunoglobulin heavy chain intron enhancer function in a plasmacytoma cell line. ---
62  1995 EBF contains a novel zinc coordination motif and multiple dimerization and transcriptional activation domains. Olf-1
63  1995 Failure of B-cell differentiation in mice lacking the transcription factor EBF. ---
64  1995 Stimulation of kappa transcription by a decamer-dependent, synergistic mechanism. pd
65  1994 Gene for a tissue-specific transcriptional activator (EBF or Olf-1), expressed in early B lymphocytes, adipocytes, and olfactory neurons, is located on human chromosome 5, band q34, and proximal mouse chromosome 11. Chr, FISH
66  1993 Cloning and functional characterization of early B-cell factor, a regulator of lymphocyte-specific gene expression. ---
67  1993 Purification of early-B-cell factor and characterization of its DNA-binding specificity. ---