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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Low-dose In Situ Perfusion With Euro-Collins Solution Is Effective for the Procurement of Marginal Kidney Grafts From Donation After Circulatory Death Donors. DCD
2014 Evaluation of liver preservation solutions by using rats transgenic for luciferase. ATP, UW
2014 Preservation solutions for cardiac and pulmonary donor grafts: a review of the current literature. CEL, HTK, PER, UW
2013 A luminance-based heart chip assay for assessing the efficacy of graft preservation solutions in heart transplantation in rats. ETK, HTK, LEW, LR, MPO, UW, ZO-1
2013 Antifreeze protein prolongs the life-time of insulinoma cells during hypothermic preservation. AFGP, AFP
2013 Improved Recovery of Hepatocytes Isolated From Warm Ischemic Rat Liver by Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD)-Supplemented Euro-Collins Solution. CPD, CPD, ETK
2013 Improvement of hepatocyte recovery from rat liver subjected to 1-hour warm ischemic injury by using citrate phosphate dextrose added to euro-collins perfusion solution. CPD, EGTA, WI
2013 Luminescence-based assay to screen preservation solutions for optimal ability to maintain viability of rat intestinal grafts. ET-K, HTK, LR, UW
2011 Dynamic instability of central airways and peripheral airspace in rat lungs perfused with cold preservation solutions. LPDG
10  2009 Cold preservation of rat osteochondral tissues in two types of solid organ preservation solution, culture medium and saline. DMEM, OCTs, UW
11  2009 Vitreous cryopreservation of tissue engineered bone composed of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and partially demineralized bone matrix. ALP, BCM, cBMSCs, DMSO, OCN, pDBM, TEB
12  2008 Construction of time-lapse scanning electrochemical microscopy with temperature control and its application to evaluate the preservation effects of antifreeze proteins on living cells. AFPs, SECM
13  2008 The effect of preservation solutions UW and EC on purine concentration in rat kidney. ADO, ADP, AMP, ATP, GMP, Guo, HPLC, Hyp, IMP, Ino, TAN, UW, Xan
14  2007 Effect of preservation solution on graft viability in single-lung transplantation from heart-beating donors in pigs. IL-8, MPO, PER, PMN
15  2007 [Comparative study of two preservation solutions in the initial function after bilateral human lung transplantation]. ICU
16  2006 Comparative efficacy of renal preservation solutions to limit functional impairment after warm ischemic injury. HOC, PBS, UW
17  2006 Improved cold preservation of kidney tubular cells by means of adding bioflavonoids to organ preservation solutions. LDH, TBARS, UW
18  2005 Calcium channel blocker and renal mitochondrial function in warm renal ischemia. ---
19  2005 [Improvements in lung preservation: 3 years' experience with a low-potassium dextran solution]. PER
20  2004 Alteration of cellular electrophysiologic properties in porcine pulmonary microcirculation after preservation with University of Wisconsin and Euro-Collins solutions. UW
21  2004 Comparison of histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate and Euro-Collins solutions for lung preservation using the minipig in situ warm ischemia model. BALF, HTK
22  2004 Time-dependent morphological alterations of cold-stored small bowel in Euro-Collins and Ringer's lactate solutions. RL
23  2004 [Pediatric renal transplantation from young children donors (aged < or = 6 years). Complications and functional clinical course]. UW
24  2003 Amylase levels in preservation solutions as a marker of exocrine tissue injury and as a prognostic factor for pancreatic islet isolation. ---
25  2003 Bioflavonoids attenuate renal proximal tubular cell injury during cold preservation in Euro-Collins and University of Wisconsin solutions. LDH, UW
26  2003 Effect of cold preservation on intracellular calcium concentration and calpain activity in rat sinusoidal endothelial cells. ALLM, ALLN, BAPTA-AM, IPRL, SEC
27  2003 Influence of preservation solution on early lung function (Euro-Collins vs Perfadex). ICU
28  2003 Low potassium dextran lung preservation solution reduces reactive oxygen species production. ---
29  2003 Perfadex for clinical lung procurement: is it an advance? ---
30  2003 Preservation of vascular tissue under hypothermic conditions. HTK, mUW, UW
31  2002 Lidocaine-containing Euro-Collins solution prevents renal injury in the isolated perfused canine kidney exposed to prolonged cold ischemia. IPK, ULDH
32  2002 Normothermic blood perfusion of isolated rabbit kidneys. III. In vitro physiology of kidneys after perfusion with Euro-Collins solution or 7.5 M cryoprotectant (VS4). CPA
33  2002 Pulmonary preservation with Bretscheider's HTK and Celsior solution in minipigs. BAL, HTK
34  2001 Effect of perfusion during ischemia on skeletal muscle. ATP, UW
35  2001 Flush perfusion with low potassium dextran solution improves early graft function in clinical lung transplantation. LPD
36  2001 Impact of PAF antagonist BN 52021 (Ginkolide B) on post-ischemic graft function in clinical lung transplantation. CG, HDG, I/R, LDG, PAF
37  2001 Protective effect of polyethylene glycol against prolonged cold ischemia and reperfusion injury: study in the isolated perfused rat kidney. CS, IC, IPK, UW
38  2001 The effect of nitric oxide production by sinusoidal endothelial cells on preservation injury during cold ischemia. NO, SECs, UW
39  2001 [Monitoring of oxidative stress after experimental small bowel autotransplantation]. SOD
40  2000 A new approach to the evaluation of liver graft function by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. A comparative study between Euro-Collins and University of Wisconsin solutions. UW
41  2000 A rapid, simple, and cost-effective method for screening liver preservation solutions in the rat. ACP, KC, UW
42  2000 Beneficial effect of lung preservation is related to ultrastructural integrity of tubular myelin after experimental ischemia and reperfusion. CE, I/R, TM, ul
43  2000 Cardioprotective effect of diadenosine tetraphosphate (AP4A) preservation in hypothermic storage and its relation with mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channels. ATP
44  2000 Improved biochemical preservation of lung slices during cold storage. LPD, NPS, NS, UW
45  2000 Influence of cold-storage conditions on renal function of autotransplanted large pig kidneys. DGF, IRI, TMZ, UW
46  2000 Influence of retrieval conditions on renal medulla injury: evaluation by proton NMR spectroscopy in an isolated perfused pig kidney model. CS, DGF, GFR, IPK, LDH, MOD, NAG, PF, SOD, UW
47  2000 Matrix metalloproteinases correlate with alveolar-capillary permeability alteration in lung ischemia-reperfusion injury. MMPs
48  2000 Modulation of pulmonary NA+ pump gene expression during cold storage and reperfusion. UW
49  2000 Noninvasive monitoring of citrate, acetate, lactate, and renal medullary osmolyte excretion in urine as biomarkers of exposure to ischemic reperfusion injury. DMA, TMAO, UW
50  2000 Platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase decreases lung reperfusion injury. PAF-AH, UW
51  2000 The effects of various organ preservation solutions on hepatocyte membrane potentials, intracellular calcium concentrations, and outcome following liver transplantation. MNS, NS, PDs, UW
52  2000 Trimetazidine reduces renal dysfunction by limiting the cold ischemia/reperfusion injury in autotransplanted pig kidneys. TMZ, UW
53  1999 A comparison of the new preservation solution Celsior to Euro-Collins and University of Wisconsin solutions in lung reperfusion injury. UW
54  1999 Beneficial effects of leukocyte-depleted blood and low-potassium dextran solutions on microvascular permeability in preserved porcine lung. BL, LPD, TLI
55  1999 Combined use of prostacyclin and higher perfusate temperatures further enhances the superior lung preservation by Celsior solution in the isolated rat lung. CE, IR, PVR
56  1999 Early evaluation of renal reperfusion injury after prolonged cold storage using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. CS, GFR, LDH, NAG, NMR, UW
57  1999 Eurotransplant randomized multicenter kidney graft preservation study comparing HTK with UW and Euro-Collins. INF
58  1999 Investigation of possible participation of nucleoside transport systems in the postischemic release of purines and pyrimidines from cold stored liver. LBS
59  1999 Lung procurement by low-potassium dextran and the effect on preservation injury. Munich Lung Transplant Group. LPD
60  1999 Renoprotective effects of trimetazidine against ischemia-reperfusion injury and cold storage preservation: a preliminary study. TMZ, UW
61  1999 Skin flap storage with intracellular and extracellular solutions containing trehalose. ET-K, IT-K
62  1998 Addition of aprotinin to organ preservation solutions decreases lung reperfusion injury. UW
63  1998 Effects of trimetazidine on lipid peroxidation and phosphorus metabolites during cold storage and reperfusion of isolated perfused rat kidneys. CS, IPK, MDA, PFR, TMZ, UW
64  1998 Endothelium-dependent relaxation of canine pulmonary artery endothelium after prolonged preservation. UW
65  1998 Evaluation of new improved solution containing trehalose in free skin flap storage. HE
66  1998 Evaluation of various solutions for small bowel graft preservation. HC-A, LR, TAN
67  1998 Function of rat skeletal muscles after storage at 10 degrees C in various preservation solutions. CT, HTK, KH, SOL, UW
68  1998 Organ preservation with EC, HTK, and UW solutions in orthotopic liver transplantation in syngeneic rats. Part I: Functional parameters. HTK, UW
69  1998 Preservation with 8-bromo-cyclic GMP improves pulmonary function after prolonged ischemia. cGMP
70  1998 The changes in main pulmonary artery pressure after bilateral lung autotransplantation in dogs. mPAP
71  1998 The effect of organ preservation solutions on kidney tubular and endothelial cells. PEG, UW
72  1998 Trimetazidine reverses deleterious effects of ischemia-reperfusion in the isolated perfused pig kidney model. TMZ
73  1997 Effects of perfluorocarbon emulsions on cultured human endothelial cells. PFCs
74  1997 Evaluation of injury preservation in pig kidney cold storage by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of urine. Ccr, CSP, IPK, IR, NMR, PFR
75  1997 In vivo measurement of lung preservation solution efficacy: comparison of LPD, UW, EC and low K+-EC following short and extended ischemia. DLC, LPD, PVR, UW
76  1997 Potassium-reduced lung preservation solutions: a screening study. ET-K, LPEC, PVR
77  1997 The effect of trehalose on human lung fibroblasts stored in euro-collins and low potassium dextran solutions. LPD, T-EC
78  1997 Trimetazidine prevents renal injury in the isolated perfused pig kidney exposed to prolonged cold ischemia. CS, UW
79  1996 Beneficial effects of Eurocollins as aortic flush for the procurement of human livers. AST, LT, PT, UW
80  1996 Cold- and cryopreservation of dog liver and kidney slices. FCS, SP
81  1996 Effects of Euro-Collins, University of Wisconsin, and new extracellular-type trehalase-containing Kyoto solutions in an ex vivo rat lung preservation model. ET-K, PGE1, UW
82  1996 Evaluation of a new solution containing trehalose for twenty-hour canine lung preservation. ---
83  1996 Functional and biochemical evaluation of the preserved lung in a rat model. AST, LDH, PBS
84  1996 Preservation of skin free-flap using trehalose. ---
85  1996 Protective effect of UW solution on postischemic injury in rat liver: suppression of reduction in hepatic antioxidants during reperfusion. UW
86  1996 Rat whole-limb viability after cold immersion using University of Wisconsin and Euro-Collins solutions. UW
87  1996 Trehalose-containing solutions enhance preservation of cultured endothelial cells. ET-K, IT-K, UW
88  1995 Beneficial effect of thromboxane A2 synthetase inhibitor (OKY-046) on 24-hr simple hypothermic preservation of the canine pancreas graft. 6ket-PGF1 alpha, TXB2
89  1995 Evaluation of a high sodium-low potassium cold-storage solution by the isolated perfused rat kidney technique. IPK
90  1995 Evaluation of a preservation solution containing fructose-1,6-diphosphate and mannitol using the isolated perfused rat kidney. Comparison with Euro-Collins and University of Wisconsin solutions. FRNa, GFR, MDA, PFR, RVR, UFR, UW
91  1995 Improved 20-hour canine lung preservation with a new solution--ET-Kyoto solution. ET-K, PGE1
92  1995 In vitro evaluation of donor liver preservation fluids on human hepatocyte function. UW
93  1995 Neutrophil modulation results in improved pulmonary function after 12 and 24 hours of preservation. ---
94  1995 Small bowel tissue high-energy phosphate regeneration after 7 hr of cold ischemic storage: comparison of University of Wisconsin and Eurocollins solutions. KHB, UW
95  1995 The effect of nicardipine on renal functions following 72-hour cold ischemia. ---
96  1995 The endothelium-derived relaxing factor-mediated acetylcholine response of the arterial perfusion pressure after cold storage of the isolated rabbit kidney. ACh, EDRF
97  1995 Thromboxane synthase inhibitor, UK 38485, prevents renal injury in the rabbit isolated perfused kidney exposed to cold ischemia. TXA2
98  1995 Ultrastructural damage of the pulmonary endothelial cell after storage in lung preservation solutions. Comparison between Belzer and Euro-Collins solutions. TEM
99  1995 [Histopathological changes in the small intestine after hypothermic preservation with University of Wisconsin and Euro-Collins solutions. Experimental study]. UW
100  1994 Assessment of injury in transplanted and nontransplanted lungs after 6 h of cold storage with glutathione. PRR, VIA