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Long Form:   entorhinal cortex
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 A Non-canonical Reticular-Limbic Central Auditory Pathway via Medial Septum Contributes to Fear Conditioning. AC, MS
2018 A novel mechanism of memory loss in Alzheimer's disease mice via the degeneration of entorhinal-CA1 synapses. AD, PV
2018 ABCA7 risk variant in healthy older African Americans is associated with a functionally isolated entorhinal cortex mediating deficient generalization of prior discrimination training. AD, fMRI, mPFC, MTL
2018 Activated forms of astrocytes with higher GLT-1 expression are associated with cognitive normal subjects with Alzheimer pathology in human brain. AD, AD-D, AD-N, NFTs
2018 Acute Changes in Electrophysiological Properties of Cortical Regular-Spiking Cells Following Seizures in a Rat Lithium-Pilocarpine Model. PFC, SE
2018 An isoform-selective p38alpha mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitor rescues early entorhinal cortex dysfunctions in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. AD, MAPK, mhAPP, MW150
2018 Differential expression of entorhinal cortex and hippocampal subfields alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA) and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors enhanced learning and memory of rats following administration of Centella asiatica. AMPA, AMPARs, CA, MWM, NMDA, NMDARs, NORT, OFT
2018 Differential responsivity of neurons in perirhinal cortex, lateral entorhinal cortex, and dentate gyrus during time-bridging learning. DG, LFP
2018 Emergence of Coordinated Activity in the Developing Entorhinal-Hippocampal Network. eSPWs, MEC
10  2018 Expression of human Tau40 in the medial entorhinal cortex impairs synaptic plasticity and associated cognitive functions in mice. AD, DG, LTP, MEC, PP
11  2018 Expression Profiling of Cytokine, Cholinergic Markers, and Amyloid-beta Deposition in the APPSWE/PS1dE9 Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease Pathology. AD, IL, OB, Tg, TNF
12  2018 Functional connectivity changes in the entorhinal cortex of taxi drivers. ACC
13  2018 Functional Imbalance of Anterolateral Entorhinal Cortex and Hippocampal Dentate/CA3Underlies Age-Related Object Pattern Separation Deficits. AD, alEC
14  2018 Gender Differences in Elderly With Subjective Cognitive Decline. AD, ADNI, CSF, MCI, MTA, RAVLT-5, SCD, SMC
15  2018 Hexadirectional Modulation of Theta Power in Human Entorhinal Cortex during Spatial Navigation. ---
16  2018 Intrinsic Projections of Layer Vb Neurons to Layers Va, III, and II in the Lateral and Medial Entorhinal Cortex of the Rat. ---
17  2018 Multi-Template Mesiotemporal Lobe Segmentation: Effects of Surface and Volume Feature Modeling. AM, HP
18  2018 Negative effects of interictal spikes on theta rhythm in human temporal lobe epilepsy. aH, LFPs, TLE
19  2018 Neuronal excitability and spontaneous synaptic transmission in the entorhinal cortex of BDNF heterozygous mice. BDNF
20  2018 Neuronal Growth and Behavioral Alterations in Mice Deficient for the Psychiatric Disease-Associated Negr1 Gene. DG, EGFP, KO, NEGR1, PTZ, WT
21  2018 Neuropathological investigation of cell layer thickness and myelination in the hippocampus of obstructive sleep apnea patients. CPAP, OSA
22  2018 Opposing and Complementary Topographic Connectivity Gradients Revealed by Quantitative Analysis of Canonical and Noncanonical Hippocampal CA1 Inputs. ---
23  2018 Pattern separation and completion of distinct axonal inputs transmitted via micro-tunnels between co-cultured hippocampal dentate, CA3, CA1 and entorhinal cortex networks. DG
24  2018 Rhynchophylline suppresses soluble Abeta1-42-induced impairment of spatial cognition function via inhibiting excessive activation of extrasynaptic NR2B-containing NMDA receptors. AD, DG, LTP, RIN
25  2018 Septal cholinergic neurons gate hippocampal output to entorhinal cortex via oriens lacunosum moleculare interneurons. ACh, O-LM
26  2018 Single-unit Activity in the in vitro Entorhinal Cortex During Carbachol-induced Field Oscillations. CCh
27  2018 T2 Relaxometry and Diffusion Tensor Indices of the Hippocampus and Entorhinal Cortex Improve Sensitivity and Specificity of MRI to Detect Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease Dementia. ADD, aMCI, DTI, qMRI
28  2018 Target selectivity of septal cholinergic neurons in the medial and lateral entorhinal cortex. ---
29  2018 The hippocampus and related neocortical structures in memory transformation. mPFC, TTT
30  2017 A Comparison of Different Slicing Planes in Preservation of Major Hippocampal Pathway Fibers in the Mouse. DiI, fEPSPs, GCL, HEC, MFs, PP, SCs, SL, SL-M
31  2017 A distinct entorhinal cortex to hippocampal CA1 direct circuit for olfactory associative learning. dCA1, PCs
32  2017 A protocol for preparation and transfection of rat entorhinal cortex organotypic cultures for electrophysiological whole-cell recordings. NMDG
33  2017 Architecture of the Entorhinal Cortex A Review of Entorhinal Anatomy in Rodents with Some Comparative Notes. LEC, MEC, RSC
34  2017 Cognitive memory and mapping in a brain-like system for robotic navigation. ---
35  2017 Connectivity Reveals Sources of Predictive Coding Signals in Early Visual Cortex During Processing of Visual Optic Flow. BOLD, CSv, EVC, PC, RSC
36  2017 Context-dependent spatially periodic activity in the human entorhinal cortex. ---
37  2017 Decrease of high voltage Ca2+ currents in the dentate gyrus granule cells by entorhinal amyloidopathy is reversed by calcium channel blockade. AD, DG
38  2017 Depressive Symptoms and Tau Accumulation in the Inferior Temporal Lobe and Entorhinal Cortex in Cognitively Normal Older Adults: A Pilot Study. AD, CN, GDS, IT, PET
39  2017 Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC)-Derived Neurons in Mouse Hippocampal Slice Cultures. DG, hiPSC, hiPSC-neurons
40  2017 Disentangling the Role of the MEC and LEC in the Processing of Spatial and Non-Spatial Information: Contribution of Lesion Studies. LEC, MEC
41  2017 Distant Space Processing is Controlled by tPA-dependent NMDA Receptor Signaling in the Entorhinal Cortex. NMDAR, tPA
42  2017 Distinct Functional Groups Emerge from the Intrinsic Properties of Molecularly Identified Entorhinal Interneurons and Principal Cells. NGF
43  2017 Driving and regulating temporal association learning coordinated by entorhinal-hippocampal network. ---
44  2017 Entorhinal Cortex dysfunction can be rescued by inhibition of microglial RAGE in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model. AD, DNMSR
45  2017 Entorhinal Cortical Deep Brain Stimulation Rescues Memory Deficits in Both Young and Old Mice Genetically Engineered to Model Alzheimer's Disease. AD, DBS
46  2017 Entorhinal tau pathology disrupts hippocampal-prefrontal oscillatory coupling during associative learning. AD, GFP, LFPs
47  2017 Expression of P301L-hTau in mouse MEC induces hippocampus-dependent memory deficit. AD, MEC
48  2017 Expression of Tau Pathology-Related Proteins in Different Brain Regions: A Molecular Basis of Tau Pathogenesis. AD, FC, OB, OTC, PTC
49  2017 Glutamatergic Projections from the Entorhinal Cortex to Dorsal Dentate Gyrus Mediate Context-Induced Reinstatement of Heroin Seeking. dDG
50  2017 HCN1 channels reduce the rate of exocytosis from a subset of cortical synaptic terminals. mEPSCs
51  2017 High-frequency oscillations and seizure-like discharges in the entorhinal cortex of the in vitro isolated guinea pig brain. HFOs
52  2017 Hippocampal alpha-Synuclein in Dementia with Lewy Bodies Contributes to Memory Impairment and Is Consistent with Spread of Pathology. DLB
53  2017 Hippocampus and Entorhinal Cortex Recruit Cholinergic and NMDA Receptors Separately to Generate Hippocampal Theta Oscillations. ---
54  2017 Impaired In Vivo Gamma Oscillations in the Medial Entorhinal Cortex of Knock-in Alzheimer Model. AD, APPKI
55  2017 Interaction of nucleus reuniens and entorhinal cortex projections in hippocampal field CA1 of the rat. fEPSPs, L-M, peri, PPF, RE
56  2017 Intrahippocampal Pathways Involved in Learning/Memory Mechanisms are Affected by Intracerebral Infusions of Amyloid-beta25-35 Peptide and Hydrated Fullerene C60 in Rats. DG
57  2017 KB-R7943 reduces 4-aminopyridine-induced epileptiform activity in adult rats after neuronal damage induced by neonatal monosodium glutamate treatment. 4-AP, HP, i.c.v, MSG, PD
58  2017 Long-term effects of aripiprazole exposure on monoaminergic and glutamatergic receptor subtypes: comparison with cariprazine. CPu-L, CPu-M, DFC, HIPP-CA1, MPC, NAc
59  2017 Medial and Lateral Entorhinal Cortex Differentially Excite Deep versus Superficial CA1 Pyramidal Neurons. LEC, MEC, PNs
60  2017 MicroRNA Expression in the Locus Coeruleus, Entorhinal Cortex, and Hippocampus at Early and Middle Stages of Braak Neurofibrillary Tangle Pathology. AD, CA1, DG, LC, MA, miRNA, NFT
61  2017 Multiregional Age-Associated Reduction of Brain Neuronal Reserve Without Association With Neurofibrillary Degeneration or beta-Amyloidosis. CA1
62  2017 Neuroanatomical foundations of delayed reward discounting decision making. DRD, GMV, MTG
63  2017 Neuropathological findings in entorhinal cortex of subjects aged 50 years or older and their correlation with dementia in a sample from Southern Brazil. ALBP, DG, NDG
64  2017 On the role of the entorhinal cortex in the effective connectivity of the hippocampal formation. DG, GC, PTE
65  2017 Optogenetic Low-Frequency Stimulation of Specific Neuronal Populations Abates Ictogenesis. LFS
66  2017 Protective Effects of Proline-Rich Peptide in a Rat Model of Alzheimer Disease: An Electrophysiological Study. AD, HP, i.c.v
67  2017 Reduced Mitochondrial Activity is Early and Steady in the Entorhinal Cortex but it is Mainly Unmodified in the Frontal Cortex in Alzheimer's Disease. AD
68  2017 Respective role of the dorsal hippocampus and the entorhinal cortex during the recombination of previously learned olfactory-tactile associations in the rat. DH, OT
69  2017 Resting State Functional Connectivity Signature of Treatment Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. DLPFC, MdDS, RSFC, rTMS
70  2017 Tau and amyloid-related pathologies in the entorhinal cortex have divergent effects in the hippocampal circuit. hAPP
71  2017 Temporal Lobe Volume Decrements in Psychosis Spectrum Youths. AM
72  2017 The Bioinformatic Analysis of the Dysregulated Genes and MicroRNAs in Entorhinal Cortex, Hippocampus, and Blood for Alzheimer's Disease. AD, DEGs, GEO, HIP
73  2017 The Human Periallocortex: Layer Pattern in Presubiculum, Parasubiculum and Entorhinal Cortex. A Review. PaS, PrS
74  2017 Transient reduction in theta power caused by interictal spikes in human temporal lobe epilepsy. aH, SSs, TLE
75  2017 Western-style diet induces object recognition deficits and alters complexity of dendritic arborization in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex of male rats. NOR, WSD
76  2017 [Quantitative evaluation of inhibitory effects of epileptic spikes on theta rhythms in the network of hippocampal CA3 and entorhinal cortex in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy]. EEG, LFPs, REM, SSs, TLE
77  2016 3D Visualization of the Temporal and Spatial Spread of Tau Pathology Reveals Extensive Sites of Tau Accumulation Associated with Neuronal Loss and Recognition Memory Deficit in Aged Tau Transgenic Mice. AD
78  2016 A Working Memory Buffer in Parahippocampal Regions: Evidence from a Load Effect during the Delay Period. WM
79  2016 Alteration of transcriptional networks in the entorhinal cortex after maternal immune activation and adolescent cannabinoid exposure. ACE, GD, MIA, miRNA, PND
80  2016 APOE-Sensitive Cholinergic Sprouting Compensates for Hippocampal Dysfunctions Due to Reduced Entorhinal Input. AD, MCI
81  2016 Calcium channel blockade attenuates abnormal synaptic transmission in the dentate gyrus elicited by entorhinal amyloidopathy. AD, CCBs, DG
82  2016 Developmental Profile, Morphology, and Synaptic Connectivity of Cajal-Retzius Cells in the Postnatal Mouse Hippocampus. CR, GABA
83  2016 Distinct Spatiotemporal Activation Patterns of the Perirhinal-Entorhinal Network in Response to Cortical and Amygdala Input. GABAA, LA, LEC, MEC, PER, VSD
84  2016 Distribution of PSA-NCAM in normal, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease human brain. CB, CN, PD, PSA-NCAM
85  2016 Downstream effects of hippocampal sharp wave ripple oscillations on medial entorhinal cortex layer V neurons in vitro. LV, MEC, MTL, SPW-R
86  2016 Electrical and Network Neuronal Properties Are Preferentially Disrupted in Dorsal, But Not Ventral, Medial Entorhinal Cortex in a Mouse Model of Tauopathy. MEC, MEC, RI
87  2016 Entorhinal cortex: a good biomarker of mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer's disease. AD, MCI
88  2016 Grid-like Processing of Imagined Navigation. MTL
89  2016 Heterotypic seeding of Tau fibrillization by pre-aggregated Abeta provides potent seeds for prion-like seeding and propagation of Tau-pathology in vivo. AD
90  2016 Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes through Integrated Study of Alzheimer's Disease Affected Brain Regions. AD, HIP, MTG, PC, SFG, VCx
91  2016 Impaired neurogenesis of the dentate gyrus is associated with pattern separation deficits: A computational study. DG
92  2016 Inhibition of TRPV1 channels enables long-term potentiation in the entorhinal cortex. CAP, LTP, mIPSCs, PPR, TRPV1, WT
93  2016 Intrahippocampal Administration of Ibotenic Acid Induced Cholinergic Dysfunction via NR2A/NR2B Expression: Implications of Resveratrol against Alzheimer Disease Pathophysiology. AD, IBO, RSV
94  2016 Opposing presynaptic roles of BDNF and ProBDNF in the regulation of persistent activity in the entorhinal cortex. BDNF, PF, sEPSC
95  2016 Physiological Properties of Neurons in Bat Entorhinal Cortex Exhibit an Inverse Gradient along the Dorsal-Ventral Axis Compared to Entorhinal Neurons in Rat. MEC
96  2016 Propofol postsynaptically suppresses stellate neuron excitability in the entorhinal cortex by influencing the HCN and TREK-2 channels. ---
97  2016 Running rewires the neuronal network of adult-born dentate granule cells. ---
98  2016 Short-term sleep deprivation disrupts the molecular composition of ionotropic glutamate receptors in entorhinal cortex and impairs the rat spatial reference memory. SD
99  2016 Structural and functional neural correlates of spatial navigation: a combined voxel-based morphometry and functional connectivity study. GMV, HPC, MRI, RSC, THAL
100  2016 The effect of beta-amyloid positivity on cerebral metabolism in cognitively normal seniors. ADNI-2, AM, CN, FDG-PET, PC, ROI, SUVR