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Long Form:   epidermal cells
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2014 Plant cell death caused by fungal, bacterial, and viral elicitors: protective effect of mitochondria-targeted quinones. GC, HR, ROS, TMV
2011 Programmed cell death in plants: protective effect of mitochondrial-targeted quinones. GC, PCD
2010 Effect of Ca2+ on programmed death of guard and epidermal cells of pea leaves. GC, PI
2010 Inducible nitric oxide synthase downmodulates contact hypersensitivity by suppressing dendritic cell migration and survival. CHS, DC, iNOS, LCs, NO
2010 Programmed cell death in plants: protective effect of phenolic compounds against chitosan and H2O2. TMPD
2010 Use of a collagen-elastin matrix as transport carrier system to transfer proliferating epidermal cells to human dermis in vitro. CCMO
2009 Chitosan-induced programmed cell death in plants. GC
2009 Differential effects of corticosteroids and pimecrolimus on the developing skin immune system in humans and mice. BMV, LC, PIM
2005 [Construction and clinical application of tissue engineered epidermal membrane]. CG
10  2004 Autocrine IL-10 partially prevents differentiation of neonatal dendritic epidermal leukocytes into Langerhans cells. DEL, IL, LC, NB
11  2004 Corticosteroids but not pimecrolimus affect viability, maturation and immune function of murine epidermal Langerhans cells. CS, LC
12  2003 CD4 is expressed by epidermal Langerhans' cells predominantly as covalent dimers. LC
13  2003 The tolerogenic molecule CD95-L is expressed on the plasma membrane of human activated, but not resting, Langerhans' cells. CD95L, DC, IEM, LC, P-E, UCMT
14  2001 IL-1 alpha, but not IL-1 beta, is required for contact-allergen-specific T cell activation during the sensitization phase in contact hypersensitivity. CHS, LC, LN, TNCB, TNP
15  2001 Protective immunity to UV radiation-induced skin tumours induced by skin grafts and epidermal cells. DC, LC, UVR
16  2001 Ultrastructural localization of photosynthetic and photorespiratory enzymes in epidermal, mesophyll, bundle sheath, and vascular bundle cells of the C4 dicot Amaranthus viridis. BSC, CC, GC, MC, NAD-ME, VPC
17  2001 Ultraviolet AI exposure of human skin results in Langerhans cell depletion and reduction of epidermal antigen-presenting cell function: partial protection by a broad-spectrum sunscreen. APC, ELC, UV
18  2001 Ultraviolet-B radiation induces modulation of antigen presentation of herpes simplex virus by human epidermal cells. HSV, MED, UV
19  2000 Topical application of St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) and of its metabolite hyperforin inhibits the allostimulatory capacity of epidermal cells. MECLR, PBMC, SSR
20  1999 Early changes in murine epidermal cell phenotype by contact sensitizers. LCs
21  1999 Functional CD40 ligand is expressed on epidermal Langerhans cells. APC, fLC, LC, MHC, TNF-alpha
22  1999 Migration of Langerhans cells in an in vitro organ culture system: IL-6 and TNF-alpha are partially responsible for migration into the epidermis. CP, LC
23  1998 5-Lipoxygenase expression in Langerhans cells of normal human epidermis. 5-LO, FLAP, LCs, LT
24  1998 Antigen-presenting cell function of epidermal cells activated by hapten application. APC, CS, ICAM-1, KC, LC, mAb
25  1998 Comparative immunotoxicology of ultraviolet B exposure I. Effects of in vitro and in situ ultraviolet B exposure on the functional activity and morphology of Langerhans cells in the skin of different species. LC, MSLR, UV
26  1998 IL-12 promotes the accessory cell function of epidermal Langerhans cells. MECLR
27  1998 Murine Langerhans cells cultured under serum-free conditions mature into potent stimulators of primary immune responses in vitro and in vivo. DC, GM, LC, SF
28  1997 Altered permeability and disordered cutaneous immunoregulatory function in mice with acute barrier disruption. CPS, CS, DNFB, LC, PCl, TCSA, TNP
29  1997 Dendritic epidermal T-cell involvement in induction of CD8+ T cell-mediated immunity against an ultraviolet radiation-induced skin tumor. DETC, LC
30  1997 Prevention of ultraviolet radiation-induced suppression of accessory cell function of Langerhans cells by Aloe vera gel components. LC, mAb, MW, UVB
31  1997 Production of IL-18 (IFN-gamma-inducing factor) messenger RNA and functional protein by murine keratinocytes. KC
32  1997 Regulation of cytokine expression in macrophages and the Langerhans cell-like line XS52 by calcitonin gene-related peptide. CGRP, ELISA, GM-CSF, IL, LC, LPS, RT-PCR
33  1997 Regulation of tumor antigen presentation by urocanic acid. LC, TAA, UCA
34  1997 The IL-1 system in psoriatic skin: IL-1 antagonist sphere of influence in lesional psoriatic epidermis. IL-1ra, IL-1RII, NN, PN
35  1997 Up-regulation of human epidermal Langerhans' cell B7-1 and B7-2 co-stimulatory molecules in vivo by solar-simulating irradiation. KC, LC, SSR, UV
36  1996 Dendritic epidermal T cells in ultraviolet-irradiated skin enhance skin tumor growth by inhibiting CD4+ T-cell-mediated immunity. ---
37  1996 Epidermal Langerhans' cell induction of immunity against an ultraviolet-induced skin tumour. DTH, GM-CSF, LC, UV
38  1996 Evaluation of cross-sensitization among dye-intermediate agents using a modified lymphocyte transformation test. m-PDA, PAP, PPDA
39  1996 IL-12 synthesis by human Langerhans cells. LC, RIA
40  1996 Quantification of CD1a, HLA-DR, and HLA class I expression on viable human Langerhans cells and keratinocytes. KC, LC, MHC, SA-TC
41  1995 Enhanced production of biologically active interleukin-1 alpha and interleukin-1 beta by psoriatic epidermal cells ex vivo: evidence of increased cytosolic interleukin-1 beta levels and facilitated interleukin-1 release. IL
42  1995 Evaluation of contact sensitivity to formaldehyde and tetramethylthiuram monosulfide using a modified lymphocyte transformation test. TMTM
43  1995 Human Langerhans cells express E-cadherin. KC, LC
44  1995 IL-10 inhibits tumor antigen presentation by epidermal antigen-presenting cells. GM, LC, TAA
45  1995 In vitro infection of human epidermal Langerhans' cells with HIV-1. HIV-1, LC, PCR
46  1995 Inhibition of the induction of delayed-type and contact hypersensitivity by calcitonin gene-related peptide. CGRP, CHS, DTH, LC, TAA
47  1995 Supernatants from UVB radiation-exposed keratinocytes inhibit Langerhans cell presentation of tumor-associated antigens via IL-10 content. DTH, IL-10, KC, LC, TAA
48  1994 Characterization of cutaneous antigen presentation in partially inbred miniature swine. APC, TNP
49  1994 Detection of HIV-specific DNA sequences in epidermal Langerhans cells infected in vitro by means of a cell-free system. HIV, LC, RT
50  1994 Epidermal cell presentation of tumor-associated antigens for induction of tolerance. DTH, TAA
51  1994 Immunosuppressive effects of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and its analogue calcipotriol on epidermal cells. LC
52  1994 Non-coordinate synthesis of MHC class II proteins and invariant chains by epidermal Langerhans cells derived from short-term in vitro culture. FCM, LC, OVA
53  1994 Quantitation by competitive PCR of HIV-1 proviral DNA in epidermal Langerhans cells of HIV-infected patients. C region, HIV-1, LC, PCR
54  1994 Topical application of isotretinoin did not modify human Langerhans cell allostimulatory function. LC, MELR
55  1993 Aqueous humor inhibits epidermal cell antigen-presenting function. AH, DTH, LC, TAA, TGF-beta
56  1993 Direct detection of HIV-1 RNA in epidermal Langerhans cells of HIV-infected patients. LC
57  1993 Dissection of human Langerhans cells' allostimulatory function: the need for an activation step for full development of accessory function. DC, IL, LC, MHC, PF
58  1993 Expression and function of B7 on human epidermal Langerhans cells. LC
59  1993 Fresh and cultured Langerhans cells display differential capacities to activate hapten-specific T cells. LC
60  1993 In vivo activation of mouse dendritic epidermal T cells in sites of contact dermatitis. DETC, IL-2, TCR
61  1993 The effects of variation of cryopreservation protocols on the immunogenicity of allogeneic skin grafts. ---
62  1992 CD69, an early activation antigen on lymphocytes, is constitutively expressed by human epidermal Langerhans cells. LC, MoAb, NK
63  1992 Cytokine expression by epidermal cell subpopulations. LC, MIP-1alpha, RT-PCR
64  1992 Effects of the immunosuppressive dipeptide L-leucyl-L-leucine O-methyl ester on epidermal Langerhans cells. LC, MECLR, MHC
65  1992 Effects of ultraviolet radiation on murine epidermal Langerhans cells: doses of ultraviolet radiation that modulate ICAM-1 (CD54) expression and inhibit Langerhans cell function cause delayed cytotoxicity in vitro. LC, UVB
66  1992 Epidermal and splenic antigen-presenting cell function in a retrovirally induced murine immunodeficiency syndrome (MAIDS). LC, MAIDS
67  1992 Fc gamma RII/CD32-negative human Langerhans cells may be responsible for the immunostimulatory activity of freshly isolated epidermal cells. LC
68  1992 Glucocorticoid-induced keratinocyte-derived interleukin-1 receptor antagonist(s). IL-1
69  1992 Isolation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 from human epidermis: virus replication and transmission studies. HIV-1, LC, LCH, MNP
70  1992 Langerhans cells are the major source of mRNA for IL-1 beta and MIP-1 alpha among unstimulated mouse epidermal cells. FACS, GM-CSF, IFN-gamma, LC, MIP-1alpha, PCR, TNF-alpha
71  1991 Adhesion molecules CD11a, CD18, and ICAM-1 on human epidermal Langerhans cells serve a functional role in the activation of alloreactive T cells. APC, LC, MoAb, PBML
72  1991 Adhesion molecules on the plasma membrane of epidermal cells. III. Keratinocytes and Langerhans cells constitutively express the lymphocyte function-associated antigen 3. KC, LC, LFA-3
73  1991 Biochemical properties of MHC class II molecules endogenously synthesized and expressed by mouse Langerhans cells. LC, MHC
74  1991 Cyclosporin A inhibits the antigen-presenting functions of freshly isolated human Langerhans cells in vitro. CsA, LC, MECLR
75  1991 Detection of HIV-1 in epidermal Langerhans cells of HIV-infected patients using the polymerase chain reaction. HIV, LC
76  1991 Effect of topical sunscreens on the UV-radiation-induced suppression of the alloactivating capacity in human skin in vivo. MECLR, UV
77  1991 Gamma-interferon promotes the release of IgE-binding factors (soluble CD23) by human epidermal Langerhans cells. LC
78  1991 In vitro activation of immune lymph node cell proliferation by photohapten-modified cells in murine contact photosensitivity. CPS, IL-1, LNC, SC, TCSA, TNP-coupled, UVA
79  1991 Lack of demonstrable effect of cyclosporin A on human epidermal Langerhans cell function. CsA, LC, MSLR
80  1991 Regulation of epidermal cell interleukin-6 production by UV light and corticosteroids. CS, IL, UV
81  1991 The autologous mixed epidermal cell-T lymphocyte reaction is elevated in psoriasis: a crucial role for epidermal HLA-DR+/CD1a- antigen-presenting cells. APC, CsA, MLR
82  1991 Tumor antigen presentation by murine epidermal cells. TF
83  1990 An optimized lymphocyte blastogenesis assay for detecting the response of contact sensitized or photosensitized lymphocytes to hapten or photohapten modified antigen presenting cells. OXAZ, TCSA, UVA
84  1990 Antigen presentation in patients with recrudescent orofacial herpes simplex virus infections. AC, APC, HSV
85  1990 Human epidermal Langerhans cells express only the 40-kilodalton Fc gamma receptor (FcRII). ---
86  1990 Langerhans cells that migrate to skin after intravenous infusion regulate the induction of contact hypersensitivity. CH, LC, UVB
87  1990 Low dose ultraviolet B-irradiated Langerhans cells preferentially activate CD4+ cells of the T helper 2 subset. CH, LC, SAC
88  1990 Murine epidermal antigen-presenting cells in primary and secondary T-cell proliferative responses to a soluble protein antigen in vitro. APC, BSA
89  1990 Phenotype, ultrastructure, and function of CD1+DR+ epidermal cells that express CD36 (OKM5) in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. APC, CTCL
90  1990 The distribution of Fc gamma RI, Fc gamma RII and Fc gamma R III on Langerhans' cells and keratinocytes in normal skin. FcR, KC, LC, MoAbs
91  1990 Use of an optimized in vitro lymphocyte blastogenesis assay to detect contact sensitivity to nickel sulfate in mice. ---
92  1990 [Culture of human normal keratinocytes. Main models and clinical applications]. ---
93  1989 Antigen-presenting capacity of epidermal cells infected with vaccinia virus recombinants containing the herpes simplex virus glycoprotein D, and protective immunity. LNC
94  1989 Decreased number and function of antigen-presenting cells in the skin following application of irritant agents: relevance for skin cancer? LC
95  1989 Disparate effects of in vitro low-dose UVB irradiation on intravenous immunization with purified epidermal cell subpopulations for the induction of contact hypersensitivity. CH, TNCB, UV
96  1989 Flow cytometric analysis and sorting of HLA-DR+CD1+ Langerhans cells. LCs
97  1989 IFN-beta 2, B cell differentiation factor 2, or hybridoma growth factor (IL-6) is expressed and released by human epidermal cells and epidermoid carcinoma cell lines. EC-IL 6
98  1989 Immediate decrease in antigen-presenting function and delayed enhancement of interleukin-1 production in human epidermal cells after in vivo UVB irradiation. IL-1
99  1989 Maturational steps of bone marrow-derived dendritic murine epidermal cells. Phenotypic and functional studies on Langerhans cells and Thy-1+ dendritic epidermal cells in the perinatal period. BM, DETC, LC
100  1989 On the extraordinary capacity of allogeneic epidermal Langerhans cells to prime cytotoxic T cells in vivo. LC