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Long Form:   ethylene carbonate
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2020 A functional electrolyte of fluorinated ether and ester for stabilizing both 4.5 V LiCoO2 cathode and lithium metal anode. FEC, LiDFOB
2020 A theoretical study on Na+ solvation in carbonate ester and ether solvents for sodium-ion batteries. DEC, DMC, DME, DOL, EMC, PC, THF
2019 A green process for exfoliating electrode materials and simultaneously extracting electrolyte from spent lithium-ion batteries. AEES, LIBs, PC
2019 A mechanism of alkali metal carbonates catalysing the synthesis of beta-hydroxyethyl sulfide with mercaptan and ethylene carbonate. ---
2019 A simple non-toxic ethylene carbonate fluorescence in situ hybridization (EC-FISH) for simultaneous detection of repetitive DNA sequences and fluorescent bands in plants. EC-FISH, FISH
2019 Anodic decomposition of surface films on high voltage spinel surfaces-Density function theory and experimental study. CEI
2019 Cation Solvation and Physicochemical Properties of Ca Battery Electrolytes. DFT, DMF, GBL, PC
2019 Comparative Study of Alkali-Cation-Based (Li+ , Na+ , K+ ) Electrolytes in Acetonitrile and Alkylcarbonates. AN, DMC
2019 Impact of cis- versus trans-Configuration of Butylene Carbonate Electrolyte on Microscopic Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation Processes in Lithium-Ion Batteries. PC, SEI
10  2019 Improvement of Hard Carbon Electrode Performance by Manipulating SEI Formation at High Charging Rates. CNTs, FEC, HC, PC, SEI
11  2019 Integration of an ultra-strong poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) knitted mesh into a thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) PLGA porous structure to yield a thin biphasic scaffold suitable for dermal tissue engineering. PLGA, TIPS
12  2019 Monochromatic "Photoinitibitor"-Mediated Holographic Photopolymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries. HPEs, PC
13  2019 Na⁺/K⁺ Hybrid Battery Based on a Sulfurized Polyacrylonitrile Cathode. DMC, EMC, ESS, SPAN
14  2019 NMR Study of the Degradation Products of Ethylene Carbonate in Silicon-Lithium Ion Batteries. ---
15  2019 Operando Fourier Transform Infrared Investigation of Cathode Electrolyte Interphase Dynamic Reversible Evolution on Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2. ATR-FTIR, CEI
16  2019 Operando Raman Spectroscopy Measurements of a High-Voltage Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries. LIBs
17  2019 Projection-Based Wavefunction-in-DFT Embedding. DFT, DMC, WF
18  2018 Adsorption of Pluronic Surfactants in Alkylene Carbonates on Silica. AFM, MWC, PC, PEO, PPO
19  2018 Adsorption of Ultrathin Ethylene Carbonate Films on Pristine and Lithiated Graphite and Their Interaction with Li. DFT, HOPG
20  2018 Assessment of Simple Models for Molecular Simulation of Ethylene Carbonate and Propylene Carbonate as Solvents for Electrolyte Solutions. PC, SEI
21  2018 Computer simulation study of the solvation of lithium ions in ternary mixed carbonate electrolytes: free energetics, dynamics, and ion transport. DMC, EMC
22  2018 Deciphering the Ethylene Carbonate-Propylene Carbonate Mystery in Li-Ion Batteries. LIBs, PC
23  2018 Enhancement of Plasticizing Effect on Bio-Based Polyurethane Acrylate Solid Polymer Electrolyte and Its Properties. DSC, FTIR, HEMA, PUA, TDI, TGA, XRD
24  2018 Ethylene Carbonate-Based Electrolyte Decomposition and Solid-Electrolyte Interphase Formation on Ca Metal Anodes. SEI
25  2018 Fluoroethylene Carbonate as a Directing Agent in Amorphous Silicon Anodes: Electrolyte Interface Structure Probed by Sum Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics. a-Si, AIMD, FEC, Li, SEI, SFG
26  2018 Fluoroethylene Carbonate Induces Ordered Electrolyte Interface on Silicon and Sapphire Surfaces as Revealed by Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy and X-ray Reflectivity. FEC, LIBs, SEI, SFG, XRR
27  2018 High Capacity and High Efficiency Maple Tree-Biomass-Derived Hard Carbon as an Anode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries. DEC, HC-1400, SIBs, XRD
28  2018 Investigation of Ion-Solvent Interactions in Nonaqueous Electrolytes Using in Situ Liquid SIMS. DMC, DME, LiFSI
29  2018 Molecular Dynamics of Lithium Ion Transport in a Model Solid Electrolyte Interphase. MD, SEI
30  2018 Organic dye-sensitized solar cells containing alkaline iodide-based gel polymer electrolytes: influence of cation size. DSSCs, PAN, PC
31  2018 Singlet Oxygen Reactivity with Carbonate Solvents Used for Li-Ion Battery Electrolytes. DMC, LIBs, VC
32  2018 Solvation-controlled lithium-ion complexes in a nonflammable solvent containing ethylene carbonate: structural and electrochemical aspects. IR, nEC, TFEP
33  2018 The effect of different organic solvents on sodium ion storage in carbon nanopores. EMC, GCMC, PC
34  2018 Time-dependent pair distribution functions based on Smoluchowski equation and application to an electrolyte solution. ---
35  2018 Understanding transport mechanisms in ionic liquid/carbonate solvent electrolyte blends. DMC, IL, LiTFSI, MD, PFG-NMR
36  2017 Ab Initio Modeling of Electrolyte Molecule Ethylene Carbonate Decomposition Reaction on Li(Ni,Mn,Co)O2 Cathode Surface. DFT, SEI
37  2017 Chemical Reactivity Descriptor for the Oxide-Electrolyte Interface in Li-Ion Batteries. ---
38  2017 Degradation of an Ethylene Carbonate/Diethyl Carbonate Mixture by Using Ionizing Radiation. DEC
39  2017 Density Functional Theory Research into the Reduction Mechanism for the Solvent/Additive in a Sodium-Ion Battery. ES, FEC, PC, PS, SEI, VC
40  2017 Fluorinated Electrolytes for Li-Ion Batteries: The Lithium Difluoro(oxalato)borate Additive for Stabilizing the Solid Electrolyte Interphase. FEC, LIBs, LiDFOB, SEI
41  2017 Formation of Reversible Solid Electrolyte Interface on Graphite Surface from Concentrated Electrolytes. LIB, SEI
42  2017 Improvement of N-phthaloylchitosan based gel polymer electrolyte in dye-sensitized solar cells using a binary salt system. DMF, DSSC, LiI, PhCh, TPAI
43  2017 Ion-solvation structure and battery electrode characteristics of nonflammable organic electrolytes based on tris(trifluoroethyl)phosphate dissolving lithium salts. TFEP
44  2017 Li+ solvation and kinetics of Li+-BF4-/PF6- ion pairs in ethylene carbonate. A molecular dynamics study with classical rate theories. ---
45  2017 Solvent Effect on the Photoinduced Structural Change of a Phosphorescent Molecular Butterfly. DCM, PSC
46  2017 Suppressing Lithium Dendrite Growth with a Single-Component Coating. DMC, Li, LMC
47  2017 Theoretical Study of the Solvation Effect on the Reductive Reaction of Vinylene Carbonate in the Electrolyte Solution of Lithium Ion Batteries. MD, VC
48  2017 Tris(trimethylsilyl) Phosphite as an Efficient Electrolyte Additive To Improve the Surface Stability of Graphite Anodes. LIBs, SEI
49  2017 Wide-Temperature Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries. EMC, Li, PC
50  2016 Characterization of the Cathode Electrolyte Interface in Lithium Ion Batteries by Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry. CEI, DESI-MS, DMC, EMC, SEI
51  2016 Comprehensive Insights into the Reactivity of Electrolytes Based on Sodium Ions. DEC, DMC, FTFSI, PC, SEI
52  2016 Decomposition of the fluoroethylene carbonate additive and the glue effect of lithium fluoride products for the solid electrolyte interphase: an ab initio study. DFT, FEC, HF, LIBs, LiF, SEI, SFCs, VC
53  2016 Degradation of Ethylene Carbonate Electrolytes of Lithium Ion Batteries via Ring Opening Activated by LiCoO2 Cathode Surfaces and Electrolyte Species. ---
54  2016 Dielectric Relaxation of Ethylene Carbonate and Propylene Carbonate from Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Li, PC
55  2016 Evaluating the Free Energies of Solvation and Electronic Structures of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes. LMO-EDA
56  2016 In Situ Potentiodynamic Analysis of the Electrolyte/Silicon Electrodes Interface Reactions--A Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy Study. DEC, Li, SEI, SFG-VS, Si
57  2016 In situ Raman investigation of electrolyte solutions in the vicinity of graphite negative electrodes. DEC, PC, SEI
58  2016 Investigation of Ternary Mixtures Containing 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)azanide, Ethylene Carbonate and Lithium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)azanide. DSC, EMIM-TFSA, Li-TFSA, VFTH
59  2016 Lithium ion solvation by ethylene carbonates in lithium-ion battery electrolytes, revisited by density functional theory with the hybrid solvation model and free energy correction in solution. LIBs
60  2016 Models of Ion Solvation Thermodynamics in Ethylene Carbonate and Propylene Carbonate. PC
61  2016 Scaling Atomic Partial Charges of Carbonate Solvents for Lithium Ion Solvation and Diffusion. PC, QCT
62  2016 SEI Formation and Interfacial Stability of a Si Electrode in a LiTDI-Salt Based Electrolyte with FEC and VC Additives for Li-Ion Batteries. DMC, FEC, HAXPES, LiTDI, VC
63  2016 Study on Ion-Conducting Properties of Ionic Liquid Containing Carbonate Electrolytes Against Carbon Electrode. AN, DMC
64  2016 Vibrational studies of flexible solid polymer electrolyte based on PCL-EC incorporated with proton conducting NH4SCN. PCL, SPE
65  2016 Visualization of Steady-State Ionic Concentration Profiles Formed in Electrolytes during Li-Ion Battery Operation and Determination of Mass-Transport Properties by in Situ Magnetic Resonance Imaging. ---
66  2015 A stable fluorinated and alkylated lithium malonatoborate salt for lithium ion battery application. EMC, LiBMFMB
67  2015 Characteristics and Electrochemical Performance of Si-Carbon Nanofibers Composite as Anode Material for Binder-Free Lithium Secondary Batteries. CNFs, CVD, EDS, EMC, PC, SEM, XPS, XRD
68  2015 Chemical Modification of Polyisobutylene Succinimide Dispersants and Characterization of Their Associative Properties. DETA, HMDA, Mb-PIBSI, meq, PEHA, PIBSA, TEPA, TETA
69  2015 Continuous synthesis of methanol: heterogeneous hydrogenation of ethylene carbonate over Cu/HMS catalysts in a fixed bed reactor system. AE, EG
70  2015 Effect of organic solvents on Li+ ion solvation and transport in ionic liquid electrolytes: a molecular dynamics simulation study. AN, ILEs
71  2015 Electrochemical characterization of electrospun nanocomposite polymer blend electrolyte fibrous membrane for lithium battery. DEC, NCPBE
72  2015 Electronic Structure Insights into the Solvation of Magnesium Ions with Cyclic and Acyclic Carbonates. ---
73  2015 Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) Investigation of the Silicon Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) in Lithium-Ion Batteries. BF-Si, FEC, HAXPES, LEDC, SEI
74  2015 Heterogeneous selective hydrogenation of ethylene carbonate to methanol and ethylene glycol over a copper chromite nanocatalyst. ---
75  2015 Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Based Non-Volatile Gel Polymer Electrolytes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Applications using 1-methyl-3-propylimidazolium iodide ionic liquid. DSC, DSSC, GPE, HPC, IL, MPII, PC, STA
76  2015 In Situ AFM Imaging of Solid Electrolyte Interfaces on HOPG with Ethylene Carbonate and Fluoroethylene Carbonate-Based Electrolytes. EC-AFM, FEC, LIB, SEI
77  2015 Lithium ion solvation and diffusion in bulk organic electrolytes from first-principles and classical reactive molecular dynamics. EMC
78  2015 The Role of Cesium Cation in Controlling Interphasial Chemistry on Graphite Anode in Propylene Carbonate-Rich Electrolytes. PC
79  2014 Computational study of structural properties of lithium cation complexes with carbamate-modified disiloxanes. DMC, ESP, NBO
80  2014 Depth profile studies on nickel rich cathode material surfaces after cycling with an electrolyte containing vinylene carbonate at elevated temperature. VC, XPS
81  2014 Diffusional motion of redox centers in carbonate electrolytes. EMC, Fc, MD, NMR, PC
82  2014 Effect of ethylene carbonate as a plasticizer on CuI/PVA nanocomposite: Structure, optical and electrical properties. ---
83  2014 Electrochemical stability of non-aqueous electrolytes for sodium-ion batteries and their compatibility with Na(0.7)CoO2. CV, DMC, GC, GDL, LSV, WE
84  2014 Fluoroethylene carbonate as an important component in electrolyte solutions for high-voltage lithium batteries: role of surface chemistry on the cathode. FEC, HRSEM, XPS
85  2014 General observation of lithium intercalation into graphite in ethylene-carbonate-free superconcentrated electrolytes. ---
86  2014 Impedance and structural studies on plasticized PCL-LiSO3CF3-SiO2 polymer electrolytes. EIS, FTIR, PCL, XRD
87  2014 In situ TEM study of the Li-Au reaction in an electrochemical liquid cell. DEC, TEM
88  2014 Making non-aqueous high internal phase pickering emulsions: influence of added polymer and selective drying. HIPE, PS
89  2014 Mechanism of dissolution of a lithium salt in an electrolytic solvent in a lithium ion secondary battery: a direct ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) study. AIMD
90  2014 Performance improvement and failure mechanism of LiNi(0.5)Mn(1.5)O4/graphite cells with biphenyl additive. BP, EMC, FEC, LiBOB
91  2014 Reduction mechanisms of additives on Si anodes of Li-ion batteries. ads, FEC, SEI, VC
92  2014 Structure sensitivity in the decomposition of ethylene carbonate on Si anodes. ---
93  2014 Temperature-induced structural and chemical changes of ultrathin ethylene carbonate films on Cu(111). STM, UHV, XPS
94  2013 Additive effect on reductive decomposition and binding of carbonate-based solvent toward solid electrolyte interphase formation in lithium-ion battery. LIB, SEI, VC
95  2013 Glycerol carbonate as green solvent for pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse. AC, AG, CR, EG, GC, MCC, SEM
96  2013 Local Li coordination and ionic transport in methacrylate-based gel polymer electrolytes. DMC
97  2013 Organic Li4C8H2O6 nanosheets for lithium-ion batteries. DMC
98  2013 Reduction mechanisms of ethylene carbonate on si anodes of lithium-ion batteries: effects of degree of lithiation and nature of exposed surface. ---
99  2013 Solid-state graft copolymer electrolytes for lithium battery applications. GCE, POEA, POEM, Tg, VTF
100  2013 Storage of Lithium in Hydrothermally Synthesized GeO2 Nanoparticles. FEC