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2020 Advances in nanomaterials for electrochromic devices. ---
2020 All solid state electrochromic devices based on the LiF electrolyte. ---
2020 Avoiding Voltage-Induced Degradation in PET-ITO-Based Flexible Electrochromic Devices. ITO, PB, PEDOT
2020 Colorless-to-Black Electrochromism from Binary Electrochromes toward Multifunctional Displays. EC, ITO, PTPA-HDI
2020 Comparison of Machine Learning Models on Performance of Single- and Dual-Type Electrochromic Devices. KNN, ML, RMSE
2020 Constructing Alternated Heterobimetallic [Fe(II)/Os(II)] Supramolecular Polymers with Diverse Solubility for Facile Fabrication of Voltage-Tunable Multicolor Electrochromic Devices. EC, HBPs, ITO, MSP
2020 Fast response of complementary electrochromic device based on WO3/NiO electrodes. CAP
2020 Highly transparent TiO2 nanowires as charge-balancing layers for assembling electrochromic devices: effect of thickness on electrode potentials and electrochromic performance. ---
2020 Simultaneously enabling dynamic transparency control and electrical energy storage via electrochromism. PB
10  2020 Ultra-Low Power Electrochromic Heat Shutters Through Tailoring Diffusion-Controlled Behaviors. poly-viologens
11  2020 Various Coating Methodologies of WO3 According to the Purpose for Electrochromic Devices. EC, EFAD
12  2020 Voltage-Tunable Dual Image of Electrostatic Force-Assisted Dispensing Printed, Tungsten Trioxide-Based Electrochromic Devices with a Symmetric Configuration. EFAD
13  2019 Applications of Copolymers Consisting of 2,6-di(9H-carbazol-9-yl)pyridine and 3,6-di(2-thienyl)carbazole Units as Electrodes in Electrochromic Devices. ITO, PProdot-Me2
14  2019 Highly Transparent Conductive Reduced Graphene Oxide/Silver Nanowires/Silver Grid Electrodes for Low-Voltage Electrochromic Smart Windows. ITO, RAM, rGO, TCEs
15  2019 Low-Temperature Thermally Annealed Niobium Oxide Thin Films as a Minimally Color Changing Ion Storage Layer in Solution-Processed Polymer Electrochromic Devices. ECPs, MCC-CE, UVO
16  2019 Novel tunneled phosphorus-doped WO3 films achieved using ignited red phosphorus for stable and fast switching electrochromic performances. EC
17  2019 On-Surface Self-Assembly of Stimuli-Responsive Metallo-Organic Films: Automated Ultrasonic Spray-Coating and Electrochromic Devices. Df, PEDOT, PET, TCOs
18  2019 Substituent effects of AIE-active alpha-cyanostilbene-containing triphenylamine derivatives on electrofluorochromic behavior. AIE, EC, EFC
19  2019 Toward Simplified Electrochromic Devices Using Silver as Counter Electrode Material. PEDOT
20  2019 Viologen-Based Electrochromic Materials: From Small Molecules, Polymers and Composites to Their Applications. EC
21  2018 A facile approach to prepare porous polyamide films with enhanced electrochromic performance. PA
22  2018 All Polymer Solution Processed Electrochromic Devices: A Future without Indium Tin Oxide? TCEs
23  2018 All-in-One Gel-Based Electrochromic Devices: Strengths and Recent Developments. ---
24  2018 Applications of Electrochromic Copolymers Based on Tris(4-carbazoyl-9-ylphenyl)amine and Bithiophene Derivatives in Electrochromic Devices. ITO
25  2018 Electrochromic Devices Based on Poly(2,6-di(9H-carbazol-9-yl)pyridine)-Type Polymer Films and PEDOT-PSS. CPDTK, DiCP, PEDOT-PSS
26  2018 Flash-induced nanowelding of silver nanowire networks for transparent stretchable electrochromic devices. ITO, PDMS, TCE
27  2018 Graphene Electrode Enabling Electrochromic Approaches for Daylight-Dimming Applications. MLG, PEDOT
28  2018 Highly Transparent Crosslinkable Radical Copolymer Thin Film as the Ion Storage Layer in Organic Electrochromic Devices. PTMA- co-BP
29  2018 Solution-Processed Interfacial PEDOT:PSS Assembly into Porous Tungsten Molybdenum Oxide Nanocomposite Films for Electrochromic Applications. PEDOT, spray-LbL, TMO
30  2018 Transparent Wood Smart Windows: Polymer Electrochromic Devices Based on Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene):Poly(Styrene Sulfonate) Electrodes. PEDOT
31  2017 Applications of Three Dithienylpyrroles-Based Electrochromic Polymers in High-Contrast Electrochromic Devices. MPO
32  2017 Electrostatic-Force-Assisted Dispensing Printing of Electrochromic Gels for Low-Voltage Displays. EC, eta
33  2017 Electrosynthesis of Copolymers Based on 1,3,5-Tris(N-Carbazolyl)Benzene and 2,2'-Bithiophene and Their Applications in Electrochromic Devices. bTp, PtnCz, tnCz
34  2017 ITO-Free Solution-Processed Flexible Electrochromic Devices Based on PEDOT:PSS as Transparent Conducting Electrode. CPW, FOM, ITO, TCE
35  2017 Poly(tris(4-carbazoyl-9-ylphenyl)amine)/Three Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Derivatives in Complementary High-Contrast Electrochromic Devices. ITO, PEDOT, PtCz
36  2017 Three Carbazole-Based Polymers as Potential Anodically Coloring Materials for High-Contrast Electrochromic Devices. PCEC, PDTC, PS2CBP
37  2017 Voltage-Tunable Multicolor, Sub-1.5 V, Flexible Electrochromic Devices Based on Ion Gels. dmFc, EC
38  2016 Achieving Low-Energy Driven Viologens-Based Electrochromic Devices Utilizing Polymeric Ionic Liquids. Dapp, ETPTA, Fc
39  2016 Applications of Tris(4-(thiophen-2-yl)phenyl)amine- and Dithienylpyrrole-based Conjugated Copolymers in High-Contrast Electrochromic Devices. ---
40  2016 Bifunctional MoO3-WO3/Ag/MoO3-WO3 Films for Efficient ITO-Free Electrochromic Devices. DMD, EC, MWAMW, TC
41  2016 Colorless to Neutral Color Electrochromic Devices Based on Asymmetric Viologens. ---
42  2016 Copolymers Based on 1,3-Bis(carbazol-9-yl)benzene and Three 3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene Derivatives as Potential Anodically Coloring Copolymers in High-Contrast Electrochromic Devices. BCz, EDTT, PEDOT-PSS
43  2016 Thermally Cured Dual Functional Viologen-Based All-in-One Electrochromic Devices with Panchromatic Modulation. MMA, PMMA, PV, VBV
44  2014 Acrylated poly(3,4-propylenedioxythiophene) for enhancement of lifetime and optical properties for single-layer electrochromic devices. ProDOT
45  2014 Neutral color tuning of polymer electrochromic devices using an organic dye. ---
46  2013 High-performance flexible electrochromic device based on facile semiconductor-to-metal transition realized by WO32H2O ultrathin nanosheets. DFT
47  2013 TiO2 nanowires for potential facile integration of solar cells and electrochromic devices. DSSCs
48  2012 Reversible electroswitchable luminescence in thin films of organic-inorganic hybrid assemblies. PYDS
49  2011 Material strategies for black-to-transmissive window-type polymer electrochromic devices. BTD, D-A, ProDOT, PTMA
50  2008 The donor-acceptor approach allows a black-to-transmissive switching polymeric electrochrome. ECPs