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Long Form:   equivalent current dipoles
 Abbreviation Variation
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A magnetoencephalographic study of longitudinal brain function alterations following carpal tunnel release. MEG, RMS, SEFs
2018 Mirror imaging of finger mechanical stimulation affects secondary somatosensory response. cSI
2017 Cortical response of the projected-thumb tactile sensation under TENS by MEG. MEG, PFTs, TENS
2015 An analysis of epileptic negative myoclonus by magnetoencephalography. ENM, MEG, SP, SPLA
2015 Dry phantom for magnetoencephalography -Configuration, calibration, and contribution. MEG
2014 Maximum-likelihood estimation of channel-dependent trial-to-trial variability of auditory evoked brain responses in MEG. MEG
2014 Neuromagnetic coherence of epileptic activity: an MEG study. iEEG, MEG, SAM
2014 Somatosensory evoked field in response to visuotactile stimulation in 3- to 4-year-old children. SEF
2013 Fatigue sensation induced by the sounds associated with mental fatigue and its related neural activities: revealed by magnetoencephalography. MEG
10  2013 Immediate neural responses of appetitive motives and its relationship with hedonic appetite and body weight as revealed by magnetoencephalography. BMI, MEG, PFS
11  2013 Neural correlates of central inhibition during physical fatigue. MEG, PCC
12  2013 Somatosensory mechanical response and digit somatotopy within cortical areas of the postcentral gyrus in humans: an MEG study. ---
13  2012 Neural substrates activated by viewing others expressing fatigue: a magnetoencephalography study. MEG, PCC
14  2011 Increasing the efficiency of neonatal MEG measurements by alternating auditory and tactile stimulation. MEG
15  2011 Muscle-afferent projection to the sensorimotor cortex after voluntary movement and motor-point stimulation: an MEG study. MEFs, MEG, SEFs
16  2011 Supplementary motor cortex involvement in reading epilepsy revealed by magnetic source imaging. MEG, MSI, PMJs, PSMFA, RE, SMC, SWDs
17  2010 Cortical processing of facial tactile stimuli in temporomandibular disorder as revealed by magnetoencephalography. MEG, TMD
18  2010 Current dipole orientation and distribution of epileptiform activity correlates with cortical thinning in left mesiotemporal epilepsy. MEG, MRI, MTLE
19  2010 Neuromagnetic activation of primary and secondary somatosensory cortex following tactile-on and tactile-off stimulation. MEG, SII
20  2009 Cortical source localization of infant cognition. EEG, fMRI, ICA, PET
21  2009 Dynamic statistical parametric mapping for analyzing ictal magnetoencephalographic spikes in patients with intractable frontal lobe epilepsy. dSPMs, MEG
22  2009 Localization of epileptic foci in children with intractable epilepsy secondary to multiple cortical tubers by using synthetic aperture magnetometry kurtosis. MEG, SAM, TSC
23  2009 Magnetoencephalography in Landau-Kleffner syndrome. EEG, LKS, MEG, MSTs
24  2009 Maturation of somatosensory cortical processing from birth to adulthood revealed by magnetoencephalography. MEG, SEFs
25  2008 Hemispheric asymmetry of hand representation in human primary somatosensory cortex and handedness. TMS
26  2008 Modulation of somatosensory evoked fields from SI and SII by acute GABA A-agonism and paired-pulse stimulation. EPSPs, IPIs, IPSPs, PPD, SEFs
27  2008 Oral structure representation in human somatosensory cortex. SEFs
28  2008 [Dipole tracing of visual evoked potentials in human brain]. VEP
29  2007 Magnetoencephalographic studies of focal epileptic activity in three patients with epilepsy suggestive of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. EEG, LGS, MEG
30  2007 MEG source estimation from mesio-basal temporal areas in a child with a porencephalic cyst. MEG, SAM
31  2006 Magnetoencephalography in patients with tuberous sclerosis and localization-related epilepsy. LRE, MEG, SPECT, TS
32  2006 Preoperative simulation of intracerebral epileptiform discharges: synthetic aperture magnetometry virtual sensor analysis of interictal magnetoencephalography data. EEG, MEG, SAM
33  2006 Single and multiple clusters of magnetoencephalographic dipoles in neocortical epilepsy: significance in characterizing the epileptogenic zone. IOZs, MEG, NE, SDEEG
34  2006 Spike orientation may predict epileptogenic side across cerebral sulci containing the estimated equivalent dipole. EEG, MEG, TLE
35  2006 The origin of the focal spike in musicogenic epilepsy. DTM, SSB
36  2006 Trigeminal somatosensory evoked magnetic fields to tactile stimulation. TSEFs
37  2005 A magnetoencephalographic study of patients with Panayiotopoulos syndrome. MEG, PS
38  2005 Abnormal crossing of the optic fibres shown by evoked magnetic fields in patients with ocular albinism with a novel mutation in the OA1 gene. VEFs
39  2005 Application of magnetoencephalography in epilepsy patients with widespread spike or slow-wave activity. dSPMs, MEG, SPECT
40  2005 Difference in somatosensory evoked fields elicited by mechanical and electrical stimulations: Elucidation of the human homunculus by a noninvasive method. SEFs
41  2005 Differential modulation in human primary and secondary somatosensory cortices during the preparatory period of self-initiated finger movement. ---
42  2005 Magnetoencephalographic analysis of secondary bilateral synchrony. EEG, MEG, SBS
43  2005 On the estimation of the number of dipole sources in EEG source localization. ---
44  2005 Opercular to interhemispheric source distribution of benign rolandic spikes of childhood. MEG
45  2005 Reproducibility of measures of neurophysiological activity in Wernicke's area: a magnetic source imaging study. ---
46  2004 Auditory evoked field responses in the left hemisphere to morphosyntactic violations in Korean sentence. ---
47  2004 Bilateral cerebral activity for unilateral foot movement revealed by whole-head magnetoencephalography. MEG
48  2004 Face area representation of primary somatosensory cortex in humans identified by whole-head magnetoencephalography. SEFs, SI, SII
49  2004 Ictal magnetoencephalographic study in a patient with ring 20 syndrome. MEG
50  2004 Multifocal magnetoencephalogram applied to objective visual field analysis. MEG, mfVEFs, VERIS
51  2004 SAM(g2) analysis for detecting spike localization: a comparison with clinical symptoms and ECD analysis in an epileptic patient. SAM
52  2004 [Serial MEG change in a boy with Landau-Kleffner syndrome]. AEF, LKS
53  2003 Brain responses for the subconscious recognition of faces. Face, MEG
54  2003 Classifying cases of fetal Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome by estimating the accessory pathway from fetal magnetocardiograms. FMCG, WPW
55  2003 Ictal magnetoencephalographic discharges from elementary visual hallucinations of status epilepticus. EVHs, MEG
56  2003 Somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following passive movement compared with tactile stimulation of the index finger. SEF
57  2003 [Combined imaging of epileptic foci and brain metabolism using MEG and FDG-PET]. MEG
58  2002 Epileptic spikes: magnetoencephalography versus simultaneous electrocorticography. ECoG, MEG
59  2002 Functional magnetic resonance imaging evidence for a representation of the ear in human primary somatosensory cortex: comparison with magnetoencephalography study. MEG
60  2002 Localization accuracy of single current dipoles from tangential components of auditory evoked fields. ---
61  2002 N400-like magnetoencephalography responses modulated by semantic context, word frequency, and lexical class in sentences. fMRI, MEG
62  2002 [Rhythmic photostimulation and a number of alpha-rhythm dipoles in the human brain]. ---
63  2001 Correspondence between short-latency somatosensory evoked brain potentials and cortical magnetic fields following median nerve stimulation. SEF, SEP, TD
64  2001 Hearing the sound of silence: a magnetoencephalographic study. ---
65  2001 Integrated approach of an artificial neural network and numerical analysis to multiple equivalent current dipole source localization. ANN, EEG, NNN
66  2001 Interhemispheric differences of sensory hand areas after monohemispheric stroke: MEG/MRI integrative study. AH, MEG
67  2001 Interictal and ictal magnetoencephalographic study in patients with medial frontal lobe epilepsy. EEG, FLE, MEG
68  2001 Movement-related magnetic fields to tongue protrusion. ---
69  2000 Dipole estimation of alpha EEG during alcohol ingestion in males genotypes for ALDH2. ALDH2, EEG
70  2000 Electroclinical and magnetoencephalographic analysis of epilepsy in patients with congenital bilateral perisylvian syndrome. CBPS, MEG, MRI
71  1999 A hemispherically asymmetrical MEG response to vowels. LH, RH
72  1999 Human somatosensory cortical activation strengths: comparison between males and females and age-related changes. EP, SEFs
73  1999 Musicians with absolute pitch show distinct neural activities in the auditory cortex. ---
74  1999 Photosensitive and nonphotosensitive electronic screen game-induced seizures. ESGs, MEG
75  1999 Somatosensory evoked magnetic fields from the primary somatosensory cortex (SI) in acute stroke. MCA, SEFs
76  1999 Topography of the secondary somatosensory cortex in humans: a magnetoencephalo-graphic study. MEG
77  1999 Usefulness of the dipole tracing method with a scalp-skull-brain head model: relationship between the epileptic focus and equivalent current dipole locations. DT, TLE
78  1998 A neuromagnetic normative data set for hemispheric sensory hand cortical representations and their interhemispheric differences. ---
79  1998 Cortical-hippocampal auditory processing identified by magnetoencephalography. MRI
80  1998 Effects of tactile interference stimulation on somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following tibial nerve stimulation. SEFs, SEPs
81  1998 Interaction of finger representation in the human first somatosensory cortex: a neuromagnetic study. IR
82  1998 On the reorganization of sensory hand areas after mono-hemispheric lesion: a functional (MEG)/anatomical (MRI) integrative study. AH, MEG, MRI, SC, UH
83  1998 Reading of Japanese Kanji (morphograms) and Kana (syllabograms): a magnetoencephalographic study. PIT, SQUID
84  1998 Somatosensory homunculus as drawn by MEG. ---
85  1998 Visual evoked cortical magnetic responses to checkerboard pattern reversal stimulation: a study on the neural generators of N75, P100 and N145. PRVEPs
86  1997 Activity in posterior parietal cortex following somatosensory stimulation in man: magnetoencephalographic study using spatio-temporal source analysis. BESA, MEG, PPC, SEF, SII
87  1997 Effects of movement and movement imagery on somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following posterior tibial nerve stimulation. SEFs
88  1997 Odorant evoked magnetic fields in humans. OEFs
89  1997 Pain-related somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following lower limb stimulation. SEFs
90  1997 Somatosensory evoked magnetic fields and potentials following passive toe movement in humans. SEFs
91  1997 Somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following passive finger movement. SEF, SII
92  1997 Spatial properties and interhemispheric differences of the sensory hand cortical representation: a neuromagnetic study. ---
93  1997 Visual evoked cortical magnetic fields to pattern reversal stimulation. ---
94  1996 Differentiation of receptive fields in the sensory cortex following stimulation of various nerves of the lower limb in humans: a magnetoencephalographic study. FE, PE, PT, SU
95  1996 Intracerebral interactions caused by bilateral median nerve stimulation in man: a magnetoencephalographic study. SEFs
96  1996 Processing of complex sounds in the human auditory cortex as revealed by magnetic brain responses. ---
97  1996 Somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following stimulation of the lip in humans. SEFs
98  1995 Gating of somatosensory evoked responses during active finger movements magnetoencephalographic studies. SEFs
99  1995 Pain-related somatosensory evoked magnetic fields. SEFs
100  1995 Topography of somatosensory evoked magnetic fields following posterior tibial nerve stimulation. SEFs