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2019 Discovery of Complex Metal Oxide Materials by Rapid Phase Identification and Structure Determination. PND, PXRD
2019 Novel TEM Microscopy and Electron Diffraction Techniques to Characterize Cultural Heritage Materials: From Ancient Greek Artefacts to Maya Mural Paintings. TEM
2019 Understanding hydrogen-bonding structures of molecular crystals via electron and NMR nanocrystallography. SSNMR
2018 Characterization of Atomic Structures of Nanosized Intermetallic Compounds Using Electron Diffraction Methods. ---
2018 Floating catalyst CVD synthesis of single walled carbon nanotubes from ethylene for high performance transparent electrodes. FCCVD, SWCNTs
2018 Influences of Conjugation Length on Organic Field-Effect Transistor Performances and Thin Film Structures of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Oligomers. DPP, GIWAXS, OFET
2017 A-Site and B-Site Charge Orderings in an s-d Level Controlled Perovskite Oxide PbCoO3. DFT, HAXPES, NPD, SXRD, XAS
2017 Application of X-ray Diffraction and Electron Crystallography for Solving Complex Structure Problems. ADT, EC, HRTEM, PXRD, RED, SCXRD, XFEL
2017 Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structure, and Superconductivity of Simple Cubic Perovskite (Ba0.62K0.38)(Bi0.92Mg0.08)O3 with Tc ∼ 30 K. SXRD, TEM
10  2017 Solid-state NMR meets electron diffraction: determination of crystalline polymorphs of small organic microcrystalline samples. CPMAS, SSNMR
11  2016 Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles from magnesium. SEM, TEM, XRD
12  2015 Designing casein-coated iron oxide nanostructures (CCIONPs) as superparamagnetic core-shell carriers for magnetic drug targeting. DLS, FTIR, Ms, SEM, TEM, VSM, XPS, XRD
13  2015 Silica-coated upconversion lanthanide nanoparticles: The effect of crystal design on morphology, structure and optical properties. DLS, OM, TEM, TGA, XRD
14  2015 Three-dimensional electron diffraction as a complementary technique to powder X-ray diffraction for phase identification and structure solution of powders. ADT, PXRD, RED, XRD
15  2015 Water-Soluble Gold Nanoparticles: From Catalytic Selective Nitroarene Reduction in Water to Refractive Index Sensing. EDS, HR, LSPR, PEG
16  2013 Correlation among the gas-phase, solution, and solid-phase geometrical and NMR parameters of dative bonds in the pentacoordinate silicon compounds. 1-Substituted silatranes. ---
17  2013 Low-flux electron diffraction study for the intercellular lipid organization on a human corneocyte. LFED, SC
18  2013 Metal loading determines the stabilization pathway for Co2+ in titanate nanowires: ion exchange vs. cluster formation. HRTEM
19  2013 Structural characterization of iron oxide/hydroxide nanoparticles in nine different parenteral drugs for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia by electron diffraction (ED) and X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD). INPs, NBCD, XRPD
20  2013 Synthesis of one-dimensional SiC nanostructures from a glassy buckypaper. EDX, HRTEM, SEM, SWNTs, XRD
21  2013 Three-dimensional rotation electron diffraction: software RED for automated data collection and data processing. RED
22  2012 Hydrothermal synthesis of SrTiO3 nanoplates through epitaxial self-assembly of nanocubes. TEM
23  2012 Image resolution and sensitivity in an environmental transmission electron microscope. EELS, HRTEM, S/N, STEM
24  2012 K and Au bicatalyst assisted growth of carbon nanocoils from acetylene: effect of deposition parameters on field emission properties. CNCs, CVD, EDX, EFE, NPs, SEM, TEM, VLS
25  2011 Comparison of simulated and experimental order parameters in FePt--II. XRD
26  2011 Formation and morphology of Zn(2)Ti(3)O(8) powders using hydrothermal process without dispersant agent or mineralizer. SEM, TEM, XRD
27  2011 Hydrogen peroxide sensors for cellular imaging based on horse radish peroxidase reconstituted on polymer-functionalized TiO₂ nanorods. AFM, apo-HRP, CLSM, HRP, HRTEM, TEM, XRD
28  2011 Morphology and magnetic characterisation of aluminium substituted yttrium-iron garnet nanoparticles prepared using sol gel technique. HRTEM
29  2011 Porous anodic alumina on galvanically grown PtSi layer for application in template-assisted Si nanowire growth. PAA
30  2011 Preparation of LiCoO2 concaved cuboctahedra and their electrochemical behavior in lithium-ion battery. FESEM
31  2011 Preparation of TiO2 anatase nanocrystals by TiCl4 hydrolysis with additive H2SO4. EDS, TEM
32  2011 Reaction of silver diamine [corrected] fluoride with hydroxyapatite and protein. EDX, HAP, SDF, SEM, TEM
33  2011 Synthesis, structure, chemical stability, and electrical properties of Nb-, Zr-, and Nb-codoped BaCeO3 perovskites. XRD
34  2011 Unprecedented zeolite-like framework topology constructed from cages with 3-rings in a barium oxonitridophosphate. CBU, DQ, SQ, STEM, TQ
35  2010 Hydrophobic iron oxide and CdSe/ZnS nanocrystal loaded polyglutamate/polyelectrolyte micro- and nanocapsules. LbL, RBITC
36  2010 Low-temperature large-scale synthesis and electrical testing of ultralong copper nanowires. EDS, NWs, XRD
37  2010 Molecular geometry of vanadium dichloride and vanadium trichloride: a gas-phase electron diffraction and computational study. ---
38  2010 Multi-walled carbon nanotubes fabricated by electrospinning of acrylonitrile/nylon solution and subsequent carbonization. AN, EA, MWCNTs, PAN, TEM, XRD
39  2010 Precession electron diffraction using a digital sampling method. PED
40  2010 Structure and defect characterization of multiferroic ReMnO(3) films and multilayers by TEM. HRTEM, MOCVD
41  2010 Study of structures at the boundary and defects in organic thin films of perchlorocoronene by high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscopy. EELS, EFTEM, ELNES, HRTEM
42  2009 Fabrication of metal nanoparticles using toroidal plasmid DNA as a sacrificial mold. AFM, TEM
43  2009 Facile fabrication of ultrathin Pt overlayers onto nanoporous metal membranes via repeated Cu UPD and in situ redox replacement reaction. DAFCs, NPG, RRR, UPD
44  2009 Rational design of Ag/TiO2 nanosystems by a combined RF-sputtering/sol-gel approach. EF-TEM, FESEM, GIXRD, HAADF-STEM, RF, SG, SIMS, TEM, XPS, XE-AES
45  2009 Synthesis of CdS nanorods in soft template under gamma-irradiation. PL, TAA, TEM, UV, VAc, XRD
46  2008 Cerium dioxide/polyaniline core-shell nanocomposites. ---
47  2008 Facile loading of metal ions in the nanopores of polymer thin films and insitugeneration of metal sulfide nanoparticle arrays. AFM, EDS, FESEM, PI, PS-b-PI, TEM
48  2008 Facile synthesis of hollow Co3O4 microspheres and its use as a rapid responsive CL sensor of combustible gases. CL, EDS, SEM, TEM, TPD, XRD
49  2008 Hydrothermal synthesis of PbS hollow spheres with single crystal-like electron diffraction patterns. FESEM, FTIR, HRTEM, NIR, TEM, UV-vis, XRD
50  2008 Microstructure and composition of biosynthetically synthesised hydroxyapatite. CDHA, EDX, FTIR, HA, SEM, TEM, XRD
51  2008 Notes of the recent structural studies on lead zirconate titanate. MPB, TEM
52  2008 Ti, Ni and TiNi nanoparticles physically synthesized by Ar+ beam milling. HAADF, HRTEM, PVD
53  2007 A template-based electrochemical method for the synthesis of high dense nickel nanotube arrays. AAO, FESEM, TEM, XRD
54  2007 Facile synthesis of monodispersed barium sulphate particles via an in situ templated process. PMAA, SEM, TEM, XRD
55  2007 Precession technique and electron diffractometry as new tools for crystal structure analysis and chemical bonding determination. ---
56  2007 Synthesis and characterization of biocompatible Fe3O4 nanoparticles. FT-IR, TEM, VSM, XRD
57  2007 [Biomimetics of crystal texture in dental enamel prism by self-assembly oligopeptide]. SEM, TEM
58  2006 A simple approach to the synthesis of silver nanowires by hydrothermal process in the presence of gemini surfactant. TEM, XPS, XRD
59  2006 Fabrication of symmetric hierarchical hollow PbS microcrystals via a facile solvothermal process. EDS, FESEM, FTIR, HRTEM, near-IR, TEM, UV-vis, XRD
60  2006 Facile "green" synthesis, characterization, and catalytic function of beta-D-glucose-stabilized Au nanocrystals. FTIR, TEM, XRD
61  2006 Formation and transformation of amorphous calcium phosphates on titanium alloy surfaces during atmospheric plasma spraying and their subsequent in vitro performance. ACP, APS, EDX, EELS, FIB
62  2006 Organic-inorganic interaction and the growth mechanism of hydroxyapatite crystals in gelatin matrices between 37 and 80 degrees C. DT/TGA, FTIR, Gel, HAP, SEM, TEM
63  2006 Quasilinear molecule par excellence, SrCl2: structure from high-temperature gas-phase electron diffraction and quantum-chemical calculations--computed structures of SrCl2.argon complexes. ---
64  2006 Solvothermal preparation and gas sensing properties of ZnO whiskers. CTAB, SEM, TEM, XRD
65  2006 Structural, magnetic, and magnetoresistive properties of electrodeposited Ni5Zn21 alloy nanowires. EPMA, FESEM, HRTEM, XRD, ZFC/FC
66  2006 Superlattice induced by electron-beam irradiation in magnetic ferroelectric BiMnO(3). HRTEM
67  2005 A facile hydrothermal synthesis route to single-crystalline lead iodide nanobelts and nanobelt bundles. FESEM, HRTEM, SEM, TEM, XRD
68  2005 In situ studies of phase transitions in thin discotic films. GID, VASE
69  2005 Microwave-assisted synthesis of sulfide M2S3 (m = Bi, Sb) nanorods using an ionic liquid. EG, TEM, XRD
70  2005 Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium: a new fast biomimetic method. HA, SBF, TEM
71  2005 Synthesis and microstructure of Cd4SiS6/Si composite nanowires. HRTEM, TEM
72  2005 Synthesis of MnWO(4) nanofibres by a surfactant-assisted complexation-precipitation approach and control of morphology. HRTEM, TEM, XRD
73  2005 Synthesis of single-crystal gold nanosheets of large size in ionic liquids. SEM, TEM, XRD
74  2004 High-resolution transmission electron microscopy: the ultimate nanoanalytical technique. HRTEM
75  2004 Synthesis of aligned zinc sulfide nanostructures and the influence of experimental conditions on their morphologies and phase. en, HCl, HREM
76  2003 Domino phase-retrieval algorithm for structure determination using electron diffraction and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy patterns. HRTEM
77  2003 Formation of zinc sulfide nanorods and nanoparticles in ternary W/O microemulsions. EDAX, TEM
78  2003 G1 dendrimers-mediated evolution of silver nanostructures from nanoparticles to solid spheres. DCF, FTIR, PAMAM, TEM, XPS, XRD
79  2002 Branched crystal morphology of linear polyethylene crystallized in a two-dimensional diffusion-controlled growth field. AFM, TEM
80  2002 From 2D framework to quasi-1D nanomaterial: preparation, characterization, and formation mechanism of Cu(3)SnS(4) nanorods. EDXA, IR, PL, TEM, UV-vis, XPS, XRD
81  2002 Growth of compound Bi(III)- VI(A)-VII(A) crystals with special morphologies under mild conditions. SEM, XRD
82  2002 Growth of Sb(2)E(3) (E = S, Se) polygonal tubular crystals via a novel solvent-relief-self-seeding process. SEM, SRSS, TEM, XPS, XRD
83  2002 Incommensurate modulation in the microporous silica SSZ-24. HREM
84  2001 Definitive support by transmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction, and electron density maps for the formation of a BCC lattice from poly[N-[3,4,5-tris(n-dodecan-1-yloxy)benzoyl]ethyleneimine]. bcc, DP, EDM, TEM, XRD
85  2001 The influence of two azones and sebaceous lipids on the lateral organization of lipids isolated from human stratum corneum. SC
86  2000 Effect of the continuous solution exchange on the in vitro reactivity of a CaO-SiO(2) sol-gel glass. EDS, FTIR, SBF, SEM, TEM, XRD
87  2000 Solvothermal route to tin monoselenide bulk single crystal with different morphologies. SEM, XPS, XRD
88  2000 Zinc accumulation in phosphate granules of Ucides cordatus hepatopancreas. AAS, EDX, ESI, GB, RB, SB
89  1999 In vitro calcium phosphate layer formation on sol-gel glasses of the CaO-SiO(2) system. EDS, FTIR, HCA, SBF, SEM, TEM, XRD
90  1999 The interaction between oxytetracycline and divalent metal ions in aqueous and mixed solvent systems. CD, OTC
91  1999 The phase transitions and crystal structures of Ba3RM2O7.5 complex oxides (R = rare-earth elements, M = Al, Ga). DTA, HREM
92  1993 Electron diffraction and imaging of uncompressed monolayers of amphiphilic molecules on vitreous and hexagonal ice. ---
93  1989 High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of inorganic materials in cellular and topological random systems. HRTEM, RDF
94  1989 Study of local atomic order in amorphous materials in a computerized transmission electron microscope. EXELFS
95  1979 X-ray analysis of pathological calcifications including urinary stones. EPM, SEM, TEM