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Abbreviation:   ED  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   embryonic day
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Obstetric Ultrasonography to Detect Fetal Abnormalities in a Mouse Model for Zika Virus Infection. IUGR, USI, ZIKV
2019 Basal and dynamics mRNA expression of muscular HSP108, HSP90, HSF-1 and HSF-2 in thermally manipulated broilers during embryogenesis. HS, HSFs, HSPs, TC, TM, TM
2019 Cardiac Enlargement in the Chick Embryo Induced by Hypothermic Incubation Is Due to a Combination of Hyperplasia and Hypertrophy of Cardiomyocytes. ---
2019 Cellular elements in the developing caecum of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica): morphological, morphometrical, immunohistochemical and electron-microscopic studies. CTs, M cells
2019 Changes to mineral levels in the yolk of meat chicken embryos during incubation. Ca, Mn, Sr, Zn
2019 Effect of a post-hatch lipopolysaccharide challenge in Turkey poults and ducklings after a primary embryonic heat stress. HSP70, LPS, NO
2019 Effect of Acute Heat Stress on the mRNA Levels of Cytokines in Broiler Chickens Subjected to Embryonic Thermal Manipulation. AHS, RH, RT, TM
2019 Effect of embryonic thermal manipulation on heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) expression and subsequent immune response to post-hatch lipopolysaccharide challenge in Pekin ducklings. HSP70, LPS
2019 Effect of thermal manipulation during embryogenesis on the promoter methylation and expression of myogenesis-related genes in duck skeletal muscle. TM
10  2019 Effect of thermal manipulation of broilers embryos on the response to heat-induced oxidative stress. AHS, TM
11  2019 Effects of lighting schedule during incubation of broiler chicken embryos on leg bone development at hatch and related physiological characteristics. ---
12  2019 Embryonic Ontogeny of 5-Hydroxyindoles and 5-Methoxyindoles Synthesis Pathways in the Goose Pineal Organ. ---
13  2019 Expression of digestive enzyme and intestinal transporter genes during chronic heat stress in the thermally manipulated broiler chicken. CHS, Tc, TM
14  2019 Gestational Arsenic Trioxide Exposure Acts as a Developing Neuroendocrine-Disruptor by Downregulating Nrf2/PPARgamma and Upregulating Caspase-3/NF-B/Cox2/BAX/iNOS/ROS. ATO, GD, IGF-I, mRNA
15  2019 Gestational caffeine exposure acts as a fetal thyroid-cytokine disruptor by activating caspase-3/BAX/Bcl-2/Cox2/NF-kappaB at ED 20. GD
16  2019 Inhibition of kynurenine aminotransferase II attenuates hippocampus-dependent memory deficit in adult rats treated prenatally with kynurenine. KAT II, KYNA, SZ
17  2019 Non-canonical WNT-signaling controls differentiation of lymphatics and extension lymphangiogenesis via RAC and JNK signaling. LEC, WT
18  2019 Thermal manipulation of the broilers embryos: expression of muscle markers genes and weights of body and internal organs during embryonic and post-hatch days. BW, TM, TM
19  2019 Transcriptomic analysis of early B-cell development in the chicken embryo. ---
20  2018 DCE MRI reveals early decreased and later increased placenta perfusion after a stress challenge during pregnancy in a mouse model. DCE
21  2018 Effect of embryonic thermal manipulation on heat shock protein 70 expression and immune system development in Pekin duck embryos. EST, HSP70, YFWEBW
22  2018 Endocardial Fibroelastosis is Secondary to Hemodynamic Alterations in the Chick Embryonic Model of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. EFE, HLHS, LAL, MS
23  2018 Gestational 3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB 126) exposure disrupts fetoplacental unit: Fetal thyroid-cytokines dysfunction. ADP, GD, GH, IFN-gamma, IGF-I, IL-1beta, LEP, PCBs, RETN, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha
24  2018 Hepatic stellate cells derived from the nestin-positive cells in septum transversum during rat liver development. HSCs
25  2018 In ovo administration of Toll-like receptor ligands encapsulated in PLGA nanoparticles impede tumor development in chickens infected with Marek's disease virus. IFN, IL, iNOS, MD, MDV, PLGA, TLR-Ls
26  2018 In ovoL-leucine administration stimulates lipid metabolisms in heat-exposed male, but not female, chicks to afford thermotolerance. Leu, NEFA, TG
27  2018 miRNAs regulate acute transcriptional changes in broiler embryos in response to modification of incubation temperature. ---
28  2018 Role for Cystathionine gamma Lyase (CSE) in an Ethanol (E)-Induced Lesion in Fetal Brain GSH Homeostasis. CBS, CSE, Cys, PCNs, PN7, SD, TSP
29  2018 Temperature alterations during embryogenesis have a sex-dependent influence on growth properties and muscle metabolism of day-old chicks and 35-day-old broilers. COX, CS, CSA, GP, LDH, MRA, PFK
30  2017 Assessment of mTOR pathway molecules during implantation in rats. mTOR
31  2017 BMP2 expression in the endocardial lineage is required for AV endocardial cushion maturation and remodeling. AV, VS, VSDs
32  2017 Developmental mechanism of muscle-tendon-bone complex in the fetal soft palate. ALP, MPP, TRAP, TVP
33  2017 Epithelial-mesenchymal transformation and apoptosis in rat urethra development. ---
34  2017 l-Leucine acts as a potential agent in reducing body temperature at hatching and affords thermotolerance in broiler chicks. L-Ile, l-Val, Leu, TM
35  2017 Maternal administration of meclozine for the treatment of foramen magnum stenosis in transgenic mice with achondroplasia. ACH, FGFR3, FMS, PD
36  2017 Maternal carbamazepine alters fetal neuroendocrine-cytokines axis. CBZ, GD, GH, IFN-gamma, PGE2, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha
37  2017 Maternal diabetes causes developmental delay and death in early-somite mouse embryos. ---
38  2017 Precocious glucocorticoid exposure reduces skeletal muscle satellite cells in the fetal rat. BrdU, CON, CSA, DEX, GLC, MyHC, PF
39  2017 Regenerative capacity of the enteric nervous system: is immaturity defining the point of no return? ENS
40  2017 Thermal manipulation during late embryogenesis: Effect on body weight and temperature, thyroid hormones, and differential white blood cell counts in broiler chickens. BW, PCV, Tb, TC, TM
41  2017 Transcriptional comparison of myogenesis in leghorn and low score normal embryos. Cad, fsMyHC, LOESS, LSN, PM, SCWL
42  2017 Unexpected regulation of miRNA abundance during adaptation of early-somite mouse embryos to diabetic pregnancy. ---
43  2016 Altered incubation temperatures between embryonic Days 7 and 13 influence the weights and the mitochondrial respiratory and enzyme activities in breast and leg muscles of broiler embryos. MRA
44  2016 Effect of Hyperglycemia on Gene Expression during Early Organogenesis in Mice. ---
45  2016 Expression profile of interferon tau-stimulated genes in ovine peripheral blood leukocytes during embryonic death. ISGs, PBLs, RTP4
46  2016 Highly reproducible skeletal deformities induced by administration of beta-aminopropionitrile to developing chick embryos. BAPN
47  2016 Identification of Genes Differentially Expressed Between Midgestational and Postnatal Mouse Skin Through Suppression Subtractive Hybridization. BLASTN, RNA, SSH
48  2016 Identification of Histone Deacetylase 2 as a Functional Gene for Skeletal Muscle Development in Chickens. GWAS, HDAC2, MYOD1, Pax7
49  2016 In ovo L-arginine supplementation stimulates myoblast differentiation but negatively affects muscle development of broiler chicken after hatching. L-Arg, L-NAME, MSTN, MyoD, NO, NOS, PM
50  2016 Maternal bisphenol A alters fetal endocrine system: Thyroid adipokine dysfunction. ADP, BPA, GD, GH, IGF1, TNF-alpha
51  2016 mRNA expression in different developmental stages of the chicken bursa of Fabricius. ---
52  2016 Neuroprotection by GH against excitotoxic-induced cell death in retinal ganglion cells. BSO, GH, LDH, rcGH, RGCs
53  2016 Prenatal kynurenine exposure in rats: age-dependent changes in NMDA receptor expression and conditioned fear responding. alpha7 nAChRs, KP, KYNA, NMDARs, PD, SZ, TFC
54  2016 The effect of insulin on plasma glucose concentrations, expression of hepatic glucose transporters and key gluconeogenic enzymes during the perinatal period in broiler chickens. BW, FBP1, p.i, PCK1 and 2
55  2016 Transient Shifts of Incubation Temperature Reveal Immediate and Long-Term Transcriptional Response in Chicken Breast Muscle Underpinning Resilience and Phenotypic Plasticity. DEGs
56  2015 Differential Toll-like receptor (TLR) mRNA expression patterns during chicken embryological development. TLR, TLRs
57  2015 Elevated levels of kynurenic acid during gestation produce neurochemical, morphological, and cognitive deficits in adulthood: implications for schizophrenia. alpha7 nAChRs, KYNA, PD, PFC, SZ
58  2015 Evidence in duck for supporting alteration of incubation temperature may have influence on methylation of genomic DNA. MBPS
59  2015 Identifying a novel role for X-prolyl aminopeptidase (Xpnpep) 2 in CrVI-induced adverse effects on germ cell nest breakdown and follicle development in rats. EDCs, GCN, GD, PND, POF
60  2015 Management Strategies Aiming to Improve Horse Welfare Reduce Embryonic Death Rates in Mares. ---
61  2015 Prenatal tolbutamide treatment alters plasma glucose and insulin concentrations and negatively affects the postnatal performance of chickens. ---
62  2015 Reduction of Nfia gene expression and subsequent target genes by binge alcohol in the fetal brain. FAS, NMDA, PBS
63  2015 Reversible small bowel obstruction in the chicken foetus. ---
64  2015 The effect of hyperammonemia on myostatin and myogenic regulatory factor gene expression in broiler embryos. ---
65  2014 Adenylyl cyclase signaling in the developing chick heart: the deranging effect of antiarrhythmic drugs. AC
66  2014 Continuous kynurenine administration during the prenatal period, but not during adolescence, causes learning and memory deficits in adult rats. KYNA, PD, SZ
67  2014 CpG-ODNs induced changes in cytokine/chemokines genes expression associated with suppression of infectious bronchitis virus replication in chicken lungs. IBV
68  2014 Desmin and nerve terminal expression during embryonic development of the lateral pterygoid muscle in mice. LPM, RT-PCR
69  2014 Developmental expression of chicken FOXN1 and putative target genes during feather development. ---
70  2014 Differences in maternal behavior and development of their pups depend on the time of methamphetamine exposure during gestation period. MA
71  2014 Enhanced heat shock protein 25 immunoreactivity in cranial nerve motoneurons and their related fiber tracts in rats prenatally-exposed to X-irradiation. HSP25
72  2014 Exposure to methamphetamine during first and second half of prenatal period and its consequences on cognition after long-term application in adulthood. MA, MWM
73  2014 Genetically encoded probes provide a window on embryonic arrhythmia. AV
74  2014 Minocycline alleviates behavioral deficits and inhibits microglial activation in the offspring of pregnant mice after administration of polyriboinosinic-polyribocytidilic acid. ---
75  2014 Regional difference in sex steroid action on formation of morphological sex differences in the anteroventral periventricular nucleus and principal nucleus of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis. ARKO, AVPV, ERalpha, ERbeta, PD
76  2013 2D DIGE analysis of the bursa of Fabricius reveals characteristic proteome profiles for different stages of chicken B-cell development. ---
77  2013 Developmental and hypoxia-induced cell death share common ultrastructural and biochemical apoptotic features in the central nervous system. HxCD, RGC
78  2013 Dose-related cerebellar abnormality in rats with prenatal exposure to X-irradiation by magnetic resonance imaging volumetric analysis. MRI
79  2013 Heart rate changes mediate the embryotoxic effect of antiarrhythmic drugs in the chick embryo. ---
80  2013 Investigation on the role of Spirulina platensis in ameliorating behavioural changes, thyroid dysfunction and oxidative stress in offspring of pregnant rats exposed to fluoride. PND
81  2013 Methylmercury egg injections: part 2--pathology, neurochemistry, and behavior in the avian embryo and hatchling. GABA, GAD, GS, NMDA, ph
82  2013 Sequential Shh expression in the development of the mouse upper functional incisor. Shh
83  2013 Targeted inactivation of dipeptidyl peptidase 9 enzymatic activity causes mouse neonate lethality. DPP, EGF, gki, MEFs
84  2013 The dynamics of supernumerary tooth development are differentially regulated by Sprouty genes. ---
85  2013 Thermal manipulation during chicken embryogenesis results in enhanced Hsp70 gene expression and the acquisition of thermotolerance. BW, RH, TC, TM
86  2012 A longer tracheal occlusion period results in increased lung growth in the nitrofen rat model. TO
87  2012 Epicardially derived fibroblasts preferentially contribute to the parietal leaflets of the atrioventricular valves in the murine heart. ---
88  2012 Expansion, folding, and abnormal lamination of the chick optic tectum after intraventricular injections of FGF2. ---
89  2012 In ovo temperature manipulation differentially influences limb musculoskeletal development in two lines of chick embryos selected for divergent growth rates. ---
90  2012 In utero glucocorticoid exposure reduces fetal skeletal muscle mass in rats independent of effects on maternal nutrition. FSR, GLC, PF, TAT
91  2012 Increased sphingoid base-1-phosphates and failure of neural tube closure after exposure to fumonisin or FTY720. MEFs, NTDs, Sa1P, Sa1P, SFME
92  2012 Involvement of postnatal apoptosis on sex difference in number of cells generated during late fetal period in the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area in rats. BrdU, PD, SDN-POA, ssDNA
93  2012 Morphology of the developing muscularis externa in the mouse esophagus. alpha-SCA, alpha-SMA, dUTP
94  2012 Notch is the key factor in the process of fetal liver stem/progenitor cells differentiation into hepatocytes. ESLD, FLSPCs, HGF
95  2012 Periostin Expression is Altered in Aortic Valves in Smad6 Mutant Mice. ECM, OT
96  2012 Survivin expression is associated with lens epithelial cell proliferation and fiber cell differentiation. IAP, PCNA, TdT
97  2011 Correlation between formation of the calcarine sulcus and morphological maturation of the lateral ventricle in cynomolgus monkey fetuses. MR
98  2011 Derivation of two new human embryonic stem cell lines from nonviable human embryos. hESC, IVF
99  2011 Developmental defects of coronary vasculature in rat embryos administered bis-diamine. VCAM
100  2011 Effect of incubation temperature on nutrient transporters and small intestine morphology of broiler chickens. DOH