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Long Form:   encapsulation efficiency
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A Co-Encapsulation of Coenzyme Q10 and Curcumin in Liposomes Coated with Chitosan (Q10-Cur-Lip-Chi) with Enhanced Solubility and Stability for Good Release Performance and Antioxidative Activity. CUR, Q10-Cur-Lip-Chi, Q10-Cur-Lip-Chi
2022 A Macrophage Membrane-Polymer Hybrid Biomimetic Nanoplatform for Therapeutic Delivery of Somatostatin Peptide to Chronic Pancreatitis. LE, PLGA, SST
2022 A Nano-Liposomal Formulation of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester Modulates Nrf2 and NF-κβ Signaling and Alleviates Experimentally Induced Acute Pancreatitis in a Rat Model. CAPE, CAPE-loaded-NL, NF-kappaB, Nrf2, PDI, VS, ZP
2022 Antibacterial activity of enrofloxacin loaded gelatin-sodium alginate composite nanogels against intracellular Staphylococcus aureus small colony variants. LC, PDI, SA, SASCVs, ZP
2022 Antibacterial and antibiofilm activities of chitosan nanoparticles loaded with Ocimum basilicum L. essential oil. BEO, DLS, FTIR, LC, SEM, XRD
2022 Application of Xanthan-Gum-Based Edible Coating Incorporated with Litsea cubeba Essential Oil Nanoliposomes in Salmon Preservation. LCEO, PDI, SEM, V. parahaemolyticus
2022 Characteristics and structure of a soy protein isolate-lutein nanocomplex produced via high-pressure homogenization. HPH, LA, SPI
2022 Co-encapsulation of broccoli sprout extract nanoliposomes into basil seed gum: effects on in vitro antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-Listeria activities in ricotta cheese. AOA and ABA, BSE, BSG, MIC, PDI, zeta
2022 Compound Capecitabine Colon-Targeted Microparticle Prepared by Coaxial Electrospray for Treatment of Colon Tumors. CAP, COPMP, DL, DSC, FTIR, OSI
10  2022 Computational Investigation to Design Ofloxacin-Loaded Hybridized Nanocellulose/Lipid Nanogels for Accelerated Skin Repair. OFX, OFX-HNCNs, PS, ZP
11  2022 Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles Based on Copper Coordination for Real-Time Monitoring of pH-Responsive Drug Delivery. CPNs, DOX, FRET, IDA
12  2022 Cynometra cauliflora essential oils loaded-chitosan nanoparticles: Evaluations of their antioxidant, antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities. CCEOs, CCEOs-CSNPs, CSNPs, DLS, EOs, FTIR, LC, TEM, XRD
13  2022 Design and in vitro/in vivo Evaluation of Polyelectrolyte Complex Nanoparticles Filled in Enteric-Coated Capsules for Oral Delivery of Insulin. FITC, PDI, PEC
14  2022 Development and Optimization of Ciprofloxacin HCl-Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles Using Box-Behnken Experimental Design. BBD, CHCl, CS, MIC, PDI, PS, RSM, ZP
15  2022 Development of Geraniol-Loaded Liposomal Nanoformulations against Salmonella Colonization in the Pig Gut. GIT
16  2022 Development of nanocubosomes co-loaded with dual anticancer agents curcumin and temozolomide for effective Colon cancer therapy. BSA, DL, FTIR, GMO, PDI, PSD, TEM, XRD
17  2022 Development of rapamycin-encapsulated exosome-mimetic nanoparticles-in-PLGA microspheres for treatment of hemangiomas. HemSCs, RN, RNM
18  2022 Differentiation of PC12 cell line into neuron by Valproic acid encapsulated in the stabilized core-shell liposome-chitosan Nano carriers. VPA
19  2022 Effect of chitosan coating on the properties of nanoliposomes loaded with oyster protein hydrolysates: Stability during spray-drying and freeze-drying. OPH
20  2022 Effect of Curcumin-loaded Photoactivatable Polymeric Nanoparticle on peri-implantitis-related biofilm. curcumin-NP, HPLF, NP, PACT, PCL, PS
21  2022 Effect of glandless cottonseed meal protein and maltodextrin as microencapsulating agents on spray-drying of sugarcane bagasse phenolic compounds. GCSMP, MD, SCB, TPC
22  2022 Effect of Wall Material and Inlet Drying Temperature on Microencapsulation and Oxidative Stability of Pomegranate Seed Oil Using Spray Drying. MD
23  2022 Effects of nano-chitosan coatings incorporating with free/nano-encapsulated essential oil of Golpar (Heracleum persicum L.) on quality characteristics and safety of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). HPEO, LAB, NCS-NEO, PV, TBARS, TPC, TVB-N, TVC
24  2022 Effects of the structure and interaction force of phytosterol/whey protein isolate self-assembly complex on phytosterol digestion properties. PS
25  2022 Elaboration of Cationic Soluble Soybean Polysaccharides-Epigallocatechin Gallate Nanoparticles with Sustained Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities. CHPTAC, CSSPS, EGCG, EGCG-CSSPS-NPs, SSPS
26  2022 Encapsulation of indole-3-carbinol in Pickering emulsions stabilized by OSA-modified high amylose corn starch: Preparation, characterization and storage stability properties. DS, EI, I3C, OSA
27  2022 Encapsulation of Pomegranate Peel Extract (Punica granatum L.) by Double Emulsions: Effect of the Encapsulation Method and Oil Phase. DEs, DME, MA, PGPR, PPE
28  2022 Encapsulation of Vitamin B12 by Complex Coacervation of Whey Protein Concentrate-Pectin; Optimization and Characterization. AFM, FTIR, RSM, VB12
29  2022 Enhanced In Vivo Wound Healing Efficacy of a Novel Hydrogel Loaded with Copper (II) Schiff Base Quinoline Complex (CuSQ) Solid Lipid Nanoparticles. HSF, MMP-9, PDI, SLN, TGF-beta1, TNF-alpha, VEGF, ZP
30  2022 Erythrocyte Membrane-Enveloped Salvianolic Acid B Nanoparticles Attenuate Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. BBB, DL, MCAO/R, MMP, OGD/R, RBCM, RES, ROS, SAB
31  2022 Evaluation of the Active Ingredient of Campsis radicans Essential Oils and its Antimicrobial Evaluation Against Pathogenic Bacteria. FTIR, GC/MS, PDI
32  2022 Evaluation of thermosensitive chitosan hydrogel containing gefitinib loaded cellulose acetate butyrate nanoparticles in a subcutaneous breast cancer model. DL, Gnb-NPs, Gnb-NPs-Hydrogel, PDI, ZP
33  2022 Evaluation of Ulcer Protective Activity of Morus alba L. Extract-Loaded Chitosan Microspheres in Ethanol-Induced Ulcer in Rat Model. ME
34  2022 Fabricating Network-Link Acetamiprid-Loading Micelles Based on Dopamine-Functionalized Alginate and Alkyl Polyglucoside To Enhance Folia Deposition and Retention. CMC, DCA, TEM
35  2022 Fabrication and Evaluation of Graphene Oxide/Hydroxypropyl Cellulose/Chitosan Hybrid Aerogel for 5-Fluorouracil Release. 5-FU, DL, DSC, FITR, GO, SEM, TG, XRD
36  2022 Fabrication of novel ruthenium loaded silk fibroin nanomaterials for fingolimod release improved antitumor efficacy in hepatocellular carcinoma. RuNMs, SF
37  2022 Fabrication, characterization of carboxymethyl konjac glucomannan/ovalbumin-naringin nanoparticles with improving in vitro bioaccessibility. FTIR, OVA, SEM, TEM
38  2022 Formulation and characterization of nano-curcumin fortified milk cream powder through microfluidization and spray drying. CP
39  2022 Formulation, Characterisation and Evaluation of the Antihypertensive Peptides, Isoleucine-Proline-Proline and Leucine-Lysine-Proline in Chitosan Nanoparticles Coated with Zein for Oral Drug Delivery. CZ NP, IPP, NP, SBP, SGF, SHR, SIF
40  2022 Fucoxanthin Loaded in Palm Stearin- and Cholesterol-Based Solid Lipid Nanoparticle-Microcapsules, with Improved Stability and Bioavailability In Vivo. DSC, FTIR, FX, FX-MCs, LC, TG
41  2022 Host-guest stoichiometry affects the physicochemical properties of beta-cyclodextrin/ferulic acid inclusion complexes and films. FACD, FTIR, LC
42  2022 Hyaluronic acid and cholecalciferol conjugate based nanomicelles: Synthesis, characterization, and cytotoxicity against MCF-7 breast cancer cells. BC, CMC, DL, DOX, DOX/HAVD, DS, FITR, HA, NMR, VD
43  2022 Hyaluronic acid functionalization improves dermal targeting of polymeric nanoparticles for management of burn wounds: In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo evaluations. BWs, CUR, HA, LC, QUE
44  2022 Impact of dispersion time interval and particle size on release profiles of propranolol HCl and carbamazepines from microparticle blends system. CBZ, DTI, EC, Pro, Pro
45  2022 Improvement of Moist Heat Resistance of Ascorbic Acid through Encapsulation in Egg Yolk-Chitosan Composite: Application for Production of Highly Nutritious Shrimp Feed Pellets. AA, CS, EY
46  2022 In vitro cytocompatibility assessment and antibacterial effects of quercetin encapsulated alginate/chitosan nanoparticle. DPPH, LC
47  2022 Intranasal hydrogel of armodafinil hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. AIC, BDNF, DAT, HP-beta-CD, LE, MC, PTSD, WB
48  2022 Inulin-Modified Liposomes as a Novel Delivery System for Cinnamaldehyde. AFM, DLS, FTIR, PDI, RR
49  2022 Lactoferrin-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) as a new formulation for optimized ocular drug delivery. LC, NLC, NLCs
50  2022 Lipid nanocapsules for intracellular delivery of microRNA: A first step towards intervertebral disc degeneration therapy. DDD, DL, hASCs, IVD, LNC, miR, miR-155 LNC, oNP, qRT-PCR
51  2022 Liposomal sunitinib for ocular drug delivery: A potential treatment for choroidal neovascularization. AMD, CNV, LC, VEGFRs
52  2022 Liposomes encapsulating methylene blue and acridine orange: An approach for phototherapy of skin cancer. AO, MB, SCC
53  2022 Lutein encapsulated in whey protein and citric acid potato starch ester: Construction and characterization of microcapsules. ---
54  2022 Metagenomics Approach to the Intestinal Microbiome Structure and Abundance in High-Fat-Diet-Induced Hyperlipidemic Rat Fed with (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Nanoparticles. ApoA1, beta-CD, CAT, EGCG, FT-IR, LDL-C, MDA, NPs, PDI, XRD
55  2022 Micro- and Nano-Systems Developed for Tolcapone in Parkinson's Disease. GFAP, MPs, NPs, PD, TC, TH
56  2022 Microcapsules of Shrimp Oil Using Kidney Bean Protein Isolate and κ-Carrageenan as Wall Materials with the Aid of Ultrasonication or High-Pressure Microfluidization: Characteristics and Oxidative Stability. FTIR, KBPI, KC, PUFAs, SEM, SO
57  2022 Microencapsulation of astaxanthin based on emulsion solvent evaporation and subsequent spray drying. AXT, PLA
58  2022 Microencapsulation of Carvacrol by Complex Coacervation of Walnut Meal Protein Isolate and Gum Arabic: Preparation, Characterization and Bio-Functional Activity. FT-IR, GA, LC, WMPI
59  2022 Microencapsulation of Citrus aurantifolia essential oil with the optimized CaCl2 crosslinker and its antibacterial study for cosmetic textiles. LO, OC
60  2022 Microencapsulation of Plant Phenolic Extracts Using Complex Coacervation Incorporated in Ultrafiltered Cheese Against AlCl3-Induced Neuroinflammation in Rats. BR, RB, SL, UF
61  2022 Microfluidic formulation of lipid/polymer hybrid nanoparticles for plasmid DNA (pDNA) delivery. FRR, pDNA, PLGA, RFP
62  2022 Microneedle-assisted transdermal delivery of amlodipine besylate loaded nanoparticles. AMB, LC, PG, PS, PVA, SEM, ZP
63  2022 Microplastic-Free Microcapsules to Encapsulate Health-Promoting Limonene Oil. CC, fCh, FMCG, GA, GC, HSS, LM, PET
64  2022 Millifluidic-assisted ionic gelation technique for encapsulation of probiotics in double-layered polysaccharide structure. GI
65  2022 Minocycline Hydrochloride Controlled-release Microsphere Preparation Process Optimization Based on the Robust Design Method. MCH, PLGA
66  2022 Moringa concanensis-Mediated Synthesis and Characterizations of Ciprofloxacin Encapsulated into Ag/TiO2/Fe2O3/CS Nanocomposite: A Therapeutic Solution against Multidrug Resistant E. coli Strains of Livestock Infectious Diseases. BMGE, CFU, CIP, CS, DDM, FACS, FESEM, FTIR, i.p, LC, NDDS, NPs, XRD, ZP
67  2022 Nano-Liposomes Double Loaded with Curcumin and Tetrandrine: Preparation, Characterization, Hepatotoxicity and Anti-Tumor Effects. CUR, LC, Tet
68  2022 Nanoformulations with synthetic and plant-derived compounds for cattle tick control. cip, DLS, LC, LPT, NLC, NTA, SLN
69  2022 Naturally-Sourced Antibacterial Polymeric Nanomaterials with Special Reference to Modified Polymer Variants. AR, DD, NMs
70  2022 Optimization of Maduramicin Ammonium-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Using Box-Behnken Design for Enhanced Anticoccidial Effect against Eimeria tenella in Broiler Chickens. DL, HD, MAD, MAD-NLCs, NLCs, ZP
71  2022 Optimization of Multiple W1/O/W2 Emulsions Processing for Suitable Stability and Encapsulation Efficiency. XG
72  2022 Osmoporation is a versatile technique to encapsulate fisetin using the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus. DSC, EF, FTIR, XRD
73  2022 Pentapeptide modified ethosomes for enhanced skin retention and topical efficacy activity of indomethacin. IMC
74  2022 Pickering emulsion hydrogel based on alginate-gellan gum with carboxymethyl chitosan as a pH-responsive controlled release delivery system. CMCS, FTIR, GG, PEHs, TPA, XRD
75  2022 Polysaccharide-Zein Composite Nanoparticles for Enhancing Cellular Uptake and Oral Bioavailability of Curcumin: Characterization, Anti-colorectal Cancer Effect, and Pharmacokinetics. CRC, CUR, GA, GI, HA, PC, PS
76  2022 Preparation and antibacterial and antioxidant ability of β-cyclodextrin complexes of vaporized Illicium verum essential oil. beta-CD, beta-CD-IvEO-ICs, DGZ, DSC, FTIR, IvEO, PTIO, ROS, TGA
77  2022 Preparation and Antiproliferative Activity Evaluation of Juglone-Loaded BSA Nanoparticles. DL, Jug, JUG-BSA NPs, PS, ZP
78  2022 Preparation and characterization of a novel nanoemulsion consisting of chitosan and Cinnamomum tamala essential oil and its effect on shelf-life lengthening of stored millets. AFB1, CsNe, CTEO, FTIR, GC-MS, LC, SEM, XRD
79  2022 Preparation and Characterization of Rutin-Loaded Zein-Carboxymethyl Starch Nanoparticles. CMS, RT
80  2022 Preparation and evaluation of alendronate sodium solid lipid nanoparticles with high oral bioavailability in rats. ALE, ALE-SLNs, DL
81  2022 Preparation of gastrodin-modified dendrimer-entrapped gold nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury. CIRI, GAS, HE, MCAO, SD, TNF-alpha
82  2022 Preparation of the Chitosan/Poly-γ-Glutamic Acid/Glabridin Hybrid Nanoparticles and Study on its Releasing Property. CS, DLS, FTIR, gamma-PGA, GB, LC, MW, TEM
83  2022 Preparation, Characterization and Pharmacokinetics of Tolfenamic Acid-Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles. DLS, DSC, FM, FTIR, LC, PDI, SEM, SLNs, TA-SLN
84  2022 Preparation, characterization, and in-vitro cytotoxicity of nanoliposomes loaded with anti-tubercular drugs and TGF-β1 siRNA for improving spinal tuberculosis therapy. siRNA, TB, TGF
85  2022 Preparation, optimization, and in vitro-in vivo evaluation of sorafenib-loaded polycaprolactone and cellulose acetate nanofibers for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis. CA, CL, DL, NFs, PCL, SF
86  2022 Preparation, physical properties, and evaluation of antioxidant capacity of aqueous grape extract loaded in chitosan-TPP nanoparticles. DLS, DPPH, FTIR, LC, NPs, SEM, XRD
87  2022 Protection of hair color with pomegranate peel extract-loaded liposomal formulation: Preparation, characterization, and ex-vivo activity studies. LC
88  2022 Recent advancements in encapsulation of chitosan-based enzymes and their applications in food industry. CS
89  2022 Silibinin-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Growth Inhibition of Cisplatin-Resistant Ovarian Cancer Cells. NLCs, OC, silibinin-NLCs, ZP
90  2022 Sonoprocessing is an effective strategy to encapsulate fisetin into Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. AA, BBD, EY, RSM
91  2022 Spanlastics nanovesicular ocular insert as a novel ocular delivery of travoprost: optimization using Box-Behnken design and in vivo evaluation. PDI, PS, ZP
92  2022 Sustained Release of Risedronate from PLGA Microparticles Embedded in Alginate Hydrogel for Treatment of Bony Lesions Alg, SEM
93  2022 Synthesis and characterization of carboxymethyl chitosan/epoxidized soybean oil based conjugate catalyed by UV light, and its application as drug carrier for fusarium wilt. CMCS, ESO, Foc, LC
94  2022 Synthesis of spirulina loaded chitosan nanoparticles from prawn, Macrobrachium nipponense shell for extending the shelf life of pike-perch (Sander lucioperca) fillet during refrigerated storage. CSNPs, LC, SPE, TPP, TVB-N
95  2022 Synthesis, Characterization, and In Vivo Cytokinome Profile of IL-12-Loaded PLGA Nanospheres. DESE, ELISA, PLGA, rmIL-12, SEM
96  2022 Targeted delivery of quercetin by biotinylated mixed micelles for non-small cell lung cancer treatment. DSPE-PEG-biotin, EPR, NSCLC, PEGMA-PDMAEA-PCL, QUE, Que-MMICs
97  2022 Targeted treprostinil delivery inhibits pulmonary arterial remodeling. CTGF, GlcA, GLUT1, PAH, PAs, PASMCs, RVH, TGF-ss1, TPS
98  2022 Targeting lung cancer cells with MUC1 aptamer-functionalized PLA-PEG nanocarriers. LC
99  2022 The Anti-Tumor and Immunomodulatory Effects of PLGA-Based Docetaxel Nanoparticles in Lung Cancer: The Potential Involvement of Necroptotic Cell Death through Reactive Oxygen Species and Calcium Build-Up. DTX, NSCLC, PBMCs, PLGA, PLGA-Dtx
100  2022 The development of a redox-sensitive curcumin conjugated chitosan oligosaccharide nanocarrier for the efficient delivery of docetaxel to glioma cells. BBB, CSO, CSO-ss-CUR, CUR, DiR, DL, DLS, DTX, TEM