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Long Form:   external oblique
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Can the Use of Unstable Surfaces and Instruction for Conscious Abdominal Contraction Increase the EMG Activity of the Periscapular Muscles During the Dynamic Push-Up? CAC, EMG, IO, LT, SA
2019 Maintaining Lumbar Spine Stability: A Study of the Specific and Combined Effects of Abdominal Activation and Lumbosacral Orthosis on Lumbar Intrinsic Stiffness. ADIM, LSO, MVA
2019 The effects of Gyrotonic expansion system exercise and trunk stability exercise on muscle activity and lumbar stability for the subjects with chronic low back pain. ES, IO, RA
2019 Ultrasound measurement of abdominal muscles during clinical isometric endurance tests in women with and without low back pain. IO, LBP, SDSLR, TrA, US
2018 Activity of periscapular muscles and its correlation with external oblique during push-up: Does scapular dyskinesis change the electromyographic response? EMG
2018 Automatic activity of deep and superficial abdominal muscles during stable and unstable sitting positions in individuals with chronic low back pain. CLBP, IO, RA, TrA
2018 Best Core Stabilization for Anticipatory Postural Adjustment and Falls in Hemiparetic Stroke. APA, BBS, DNS, ES, FES, IO, TIS, TrA
2018 Comparison between the Ki-hap technique and verbal encouragement on activation of abdominal muscles in healthy participants. EMG, IO, RA
2018 Comparison of Modular Control during Smash Shot between Advanced and Beginner Badminton Players. SP
10  2018 Comparison of the effects of stability exercise and balance exercise on muscle activity in female patients with chronic low back pain. BE, EMG, LBP, ODI, SE, VAS
11  2018 Defining normal neonatal abdominal wall musculature with ultrasonography. IO, TA
12  2018 Difference of the thickness and activation of trunk muscles during static stoop lift at different loads between subjects with and without low back pain. IO, LBP, LM, TrA
13  2018 Effect of hip position and breathing pattern on abdominal muscle activation during curl-up variations. Borg RPE, IO, RA, RF
14  2018 Effect of psoas major pre-activation on electromyographic activity of the abdominal muscles and pelvic rotation during active leg raising. ALR, cPM, EMG, IO, RA
15  2018 Effects and underlying mechanisms of unstable shoes on chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial. CI, CLBP, EMG, ES, IO, RA, ROM
16  2018 Effects of deep breathing on internal oblique and multifidus muscle activity in three sitting postures. IO, MF
17  2018 Improvements of Shooting Performance in Adolescent Air Rifle Athletes After a 6-week Balance and Respiration Training Programs. FVC, LTIO, MVV, PEF, RTIO
18  2018 Injection of Onabotulinum Toxin A into the Bilateral External Oblique Muscle Attenuated Camptocormia: A Prospective Open-Label Study in Six Patients with Parkinson's Disease. BT, CA, PD
19  2018 Magnitudes of muscle activation of spine stabilizers in healthy adults during prone on elbow planking exercises with and without a fitness ball. EMG, GM, HS, IL, IO, LD, LM, LT, PPHE, PPOB, PPOF, RA, SA, STP
20  2018 Normal values of abdominal muscles thickness in healthy children using ultrasonography. BMI, IO, SF, TA, US
21  2018 Overground walking with a robotic exoskeleton elicits trunk muscle activity in people with high-thoracic motor-complete spinal cord injury. EMG, ES, RA, SCI
22  2018 Pilates instruction affects stability and muscle recruitment during the long stretch exercise. AL, GM, MU
23  2018 Proposal of a new exercise protocol for idiopathic scoliosis: A preliminary study. ASSE, ES, IS, RA, sEMG
24  2018 Proprioceptive Stabilizerâ„¢ training of the abdominal wall muscles in healthy subjects: a quasi-experimental study. ADIM, IO, IRD, RA, TrA
25  2018 Reliability of the lateral abdominal muscle thickness measurements in idiopathic scoliosis patients. ANOVA, IO, IS, TrA, US
26  2018 Scapular muscle balance and spinal stabilizer recruitment during an inverted row. BB, EMG, IR, LD, LT, LTP, MF, MTP, MVIC, PD, RA, SA, SIS, UTP
27  2018 Single port component separation: endoscopic external oblique release for complex ventral hernia repair. CS
28  2018 The effect of movement and load on the dynamic coupling of abdominal electromyography. BW, RA, sEMG, TA
29  2018 The effect of respiratory exercise on trunk control, pulmonary function, and trunk muscle activity in chronic stroke patients. FVC, IO, RA, TIS
30  2018 The relation between abdominal muscle asymmetry and trunk postural stability: An ultrasound imaging study. AAM, IO, TrA
31  2018 Ultrasonography features of abdominal perimuscular connective tissue in elite and amateur basketball players: an observational study. IO, IRD, PMCT, PMCTEO, PMCTIO-TA, PMCTTA, RA, RUSI, TrAb
32  2018 Ultrasound Evaluation of the Abdominal Wall and Lumbar Multifidus Muscles in Participants Who Practice Pilates: A 1-year Follow-up Case Series. CSA, IO, LM, RA, TrAb, US
33  2018 Ultrasound Measures of the Abdominal Wall in Patients with Low Back Pain Before and After an 8-week Lumbar Stabilization Exercise Program, and Their Association With Clinical Outcomes. IO, LBP, LSEP, LSEPs, RUSI
34  2018 Water-filled training tubes increase core muscle activation and somatosensory control of balance during squat. BB, CE, COP, MF, OE, RA, WT
35  2018 Within-day and between-day reliability of thickness measurements of abdominal muscles using ultrasound during abdominal hollowing and bracing maneuvers. AB, AH, ICC, IO, LBP, TrA
36  2017 Abdominal draw-in maneuver combined with simulated weight bearing increases transversus abdominis and internal oblique thickness. ADIM, IO, SWB, SWB-ADIM, TrA
37  2017 Asymmetrical abdominal muscle morphometry is present in injury free adolescent cricket pace bowlers: A prospective observational study. ADIM, ES, IO, TA
38  2017 Comparison of trunk electromyographic muscle activity depends on sitting postures. ES, LD, RA, sEMG
39  2017 Effects of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization on diaphragm movement, postural control, balance and gait performance in cerebral palsy. CP, DNS, IO, TrA
40  2017 Effects of expiratory muscle activation via high-frequency spinal cord stimulation. EMG, HF-SCS, LF-SCS
41  2017 Effects of three spinal stabilization techniques on activation and thickness of abdominal muscle. DI, IO, PT, TrA
42  2017 Efficacy of a combined therapeutic approach in the management of Pisa Syndrome. PD, PS
43  2017 Electromyographic activities of the abdominal muscles during 30% and 75% of maximum expiratory pressure. EMG, IO, RA
44  2017 Electromyographical Comparison of Muscle Activation Patterns Across Three Commonly Performed Kettlebell Exercises. EMG, ES, KB, VL
45  2017 Evaluation of the internal oblique, external oblique, and transversus abdominalis muscles in patients with ankylosing spondylitis: an ultrasonographic study. AS, IO, IPAQ, TrA, US
46  2017 Influence of Scapular Position on the Core Musculature Activation in the Prone Plank Exercise. ABANT, ADANT, EMG, ES, IO, RA, RPE
47  2017 Pain intensity and abdominal muscle activation during walking in patients with low back pain: The STROBE study. HLBP, LBP, LLBP, RA
48  2017 Patterns of trunk muscle activation during walking and pole walking using statistical non-parametric mapping. EMG, ES, MU, PW, RA
49  2017 Pisa syndrome in Parkinson's disease: electromyographic quantification of paraspinal and non-paraspinal muscle activity. EMG, GM, ICL, ICT, PD, PS, RMS
50  2017 Reflex-mediated dynamic neuromuscular stabilization in stroke patients: EMG processing and ultrasound imaging. DNS, EMG, NDT, PBU, RA
51  2017 The motor cortical representation of a muscle is not homogeneous in brain connectivity. SMA
52  2017 Ultrasound Assessment of the Abdominal Muscles at Rest and During the ASLR Test Among Adolescents With Scoliosis. AIS, ASLR, IO, TrA
53  2016 Comparison of EMG activity on abdominal muscles during plank exercise with unilateral and bilateral additional isometric hip adduction. EMG, IO, RA
54  2016 Differences in the activation of abdominal muscles during trunk extension between smokers and non-smokers. RA
55  2016 Effect of neck flexion restriction on sternocleidomastoid and abdominal muscle activity during curl-up exercises. EMG, RA, SCM
56  2016 Effects of isometric hip movements on electromyographic activities of the trunk muscles during plank exercises. EMG, IO, PHAB, PHAD, TP
57  2016 Effects of low back pain and of stabilization or movement-system-impairment treatments on induced postural responses: A planned secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial. EMG, IO, LBP, MSI, RA
58  2016 Effects of Weight-shifting Exercise Combined with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Muscle Activity and Trunk Control in Patients with Stroke. TENS, WSE
59  2016 Electromyographical Comparison of Pike Variations Performed With and Without Instability Devices. BOSU, CC, RA, RF, SB, ST
60  2016 Influence of chronic low back pain and fear of movement on the activation of the transversely oriented abdominal muscles during forward bending. CLBP
61  2016 Preparatory brain activity and anticipatory postural adjustments accompanied by externally cued weighted-rapid arm rise task in non-specific chronic low back pain patients and healthy subjects. APAs, AUC, CNV, EEG, EMG, GCM, LBP
62  2016 Relationship between flexion-rotation test and ultrasound thickness measurement of the abdominal muscles. IO, TrA, US
63  2016 Reliability of Trunk Muscle Electromyography in the Loaded Back Squat Exercise. LSES, RA, RMS, sEMG, SMmax, TMA, ULES, VL
64  2016 The effects of performing a one-legged bridge with hip abduction and use of a sling on trunk and lower extremity muscle activation in healthy adults. BF, ES, GM
65  2016 The Pilates Method increases respiratory muscle strength and performance as well as abdominal muscle thickness. IO, MIP, PM, TrA
66  2016 Trunk muscles activation during pole walking vs. walking performed at different speeds and grades. ACT, AUC, CO-ACT, ES, MU, PW, RA
67  2016 Ultrasound measurement of deep and superficial abdominal muscles thickness during standing postural tasks in participants with and without chronic low back pain. CLBP, IO, LBP, TrA
68  2015 Associations between low back pain, urinary incontinence, and abdominal muscle recruitment as assessed via ultrasonography in the elderly. LBP, TrA, UI
69  2015 Core Muscle Activity during TRX Suspension Exercises with and without Kinesiology Taping in Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain: Implications for Rehabilitation. EMG, KT, LBP, LMF, RA, TrAIO
70  2015 Effect of Traditional vs. Modified Bent-Knee Sit-Up on Abdominal and Hip Flexor Muscle Electromyographic Activity. EMG, IEMG, RA, RF
71  2015 Effects of performing an abdominal hollowing exercise on trunk muscle activity during curl-up exercise on an unstable surface. EMG, IO, RA, TrA
72  2015 Electromyographic response of global abdominal stabilizers in response to stable- and unstable-base isometric exercise. ES, RA, sEMG
73  2015 External abdominal oblique muscle ultrasonographic thickness changes is not an appropriate surrogate measure of electromyographic activity during isometric trunk contractions. EMG, MVC, USI
74  2015 Intra-rater reliability of B-mode ultrasound imaging of the abdominal muscles in healthy adolescents during the active straight leg raise test. ASLR, ICC, IO, TrA, USI
75  2015 Maximum expiration activates the abdominal muscles during side bridge exercise. IO, RA
76  2015 Recurrence quantification analysis and support vector machines for golf handicap and low back pain EMG classification. BF, DET, EMG, Hc, LBP, RF, RQA, RR, ST
77  2015 The effects of a bridge exercise with vibration training and an unstable base of support on lumbar stabilization. IO, RA
78  2015 The effects of prone bridge exercise on trunk muscle thickness in chronic low back pain patients. IO, TrA
79  2015 The impact of the pelvic floor muscles on dynamic ventilation maneuvers. EMG, MVV, PFM, RA, SCM
80  2015 The influences of position and forced respiratory maneuvers on spinal stability muscles. CB, DB, ES, FRM, MF, PLB, RA, RMET
81  2015 Trunk extensor muscle fatigue influences trunk muscle activities. LES, LMF, RA, TES
82  2015 Trunk muscles activation pattern during walking in subjects with and without chronic low back pain: a systematic review. EMG, ES, MF, RA
83  2015 Ultrasound assessment of trunk muscles and back flexibility, strength and endurance in off-road cyclists with and without low back pain. CSA, IO, LBP, LM, TrA, US
84  2015 Ultrasound evaluation of the symmetry of abdominal muscles in mild adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. AIS, IO, TrA
85  2014 Abdominal muscle EMG-activity during bridge exercises on stable and unstable surfaces. AM, IO-TA, RA
86  2014 Angular velocity affects trunk muscle strength and EMG activation during isokinetic axial rotation. IO, LD
87  2014 Change in onset times of the abdominal muscles following functional task in lumbar spinal stenosis. EMG, IO, LSS, RA
88  2014 Comparative radiographic analysis of changes in the abdominal wall musculature morphology after open posterior component separation or bridging laparoscopic ventral hernia repair. IO, LVHR, RM, TA, TAR
89  2014 Comparison between muscle activation measured by electromyography and muscle thickness measured using ultrasonography for effective muscle assessment. EMG, MF, MMT, MVC, RMS, US
90  2014 Comparison of the electromyographic activity of the anterior trunk during the execution of two Pilates exercises - teaser and longspine - for healthy people. CI, EMG, MD, RA
91  2014 Effect of head and limb orientation on trunk muscle activation during abdominal hollowing in chronic low back pain. ATNR, CLBP, EMG, IO, PR, RA
92  2014 Electromechanical delay of abdominal muscles is modified by low back pain prevention exercise. EMD, EMG, ES, RA
93  2014 Electromyographic Activities of Trunk Muscles Due to Different Exercise Intensities during Pulley-based Shoulder Exercises on an Unstable Surface. ES, PBSE, RA, USS
94  2014 Electromyographic and kinetic comparison of the back squat and overhead squat. ES, RA
95  2014 Electromyographical comparison of plank variations performed with and without instability devices. EMG, RA
96  2014 Maximum expiration activates the abdominal muscles during side bridge exercise. IO, RA
97  2014 Reliability of ultrasound in combination with surface electromyogram for evaluating the activity of abdominal muscles in individuals with and without low back pain. ADIM, EMG, ICC, IO, RA, TrA
98  2014 Slow expiration reduces sternocleidomastoid activity and increases transversus abdominis and internal oblique muscle activity during abdominal curl-up. EMG, RA, SCM
99  2014 Surface electromyographic analysis of core trunk and hip muscles during selected rehabilitation exercises in the side-bridge to neutral spine position. EMG, FESS, GM, LM, LT, MVIC, RA, RSB, TESS
100  2014 The effect of abdominal bracing in combination with low extremity movements on changes in thickness of abdominal muscles and lumbar strength for low back pain. AB, ABDF, IO, TrA