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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Effect of different levels of tryptophan on productive performance, egg quality, blood biochemistry, and caecal microbiota of hens housed in enriched colony cages under commercial stocking density. BWG, FCR, SID, Trp
2019 Effect of supplementing graded concentrations of non-phytate phosphorus on performance, egg quality and bone mineral variables in White Leghorn layers. EM, EW, FE, FI, NPP, QP, WL
2019 Interactions Between Different Selenium Compounds and Essential Trace Elements Involved in the Antioxidant System of Laying Hens. FCR, GSH-Px, MDA, Mn, NS, Se, SS, SY, T-AOC, T-SOD, Zn
2019 Upwelling modulation of functional traits of a dominant planktonic grazer during "warm-acid" El Nino 2015 in a year-round upwelling area of Humboldt Current. Chl, EBUS
2018 Dietary tea polyphenol supplementation improved egg production performance, albumen quality, and magnum morphology of Hy-Line Brown hens during the late laying period. FCR, HU, SH, TC, TP
2018 Effect of xylanase on the performance of laying hens fed a low energy corn and soybean diet. EM, EW, FC, FI, ME, NC, PC
2018 Pasture, multi-enzymes, benzoic acid and essential oils positively influence performance, intestinal organ weight and egg quality in free-range laying hens. BA, EO, EQ, FCR, FI
2017 Effects of dynamic feeding low and high methionine diets on egg quality traits in laying hens. Ca, CON, HL, LH, Met, TC, TG, TP
2016 Effect of supplementation of crystalline lysine on the performance of WL layers in tropics during summer. BWG, EM, ESD, EW, FE, HU, YC
10  2016 Effects of adding aqueous extract of Tribulus terrestris to diet on productive performance, egg quality characteristics, and blood biochemical parameters of laying hens reared under low ambient temperature (6.83C). EM, EW, FCR, FI
11  2016 Effects of metabolizable energy and crude protein levels on laying performance, egg quality and serum biochemical indices of Fengda-1 layers. EM
12  2016 Single and combined effects of peppermint and thyme essential oils on productive performance, egg quality traits, and blood parameters of laying hens reared under cold stress condition (6.8  3C). EM, EW, FCR, FI, PEO, TEO
13  2015 Effect of dietary inclusion of toasted guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) meal as a source of protein on performance of White Leghorn layers. BW, EM, EW, FE, FI, NSP, SBM, WL
14  2015 Single and combined effects of zinc and cinnamon essential oil in diet on productive performance, egg quality traits, and blood parameters of laying hens reared under cold stress condition. Ci, EM, EW, FCR, FI, Zn
15  2014 Effect of different concentrations of metabolisable energy and protein on performance of White Leghorn layers in a tropical climate. CP, EM, EW, FE, FI, ME, WL
16  2014 Effects of live and killed vaccines against Mycoplasma gallisepticum on the performance characteristics of commercial layer chickens. FMG, MG-Bacterin, ts11MG, WOA
17  2013 Molecular cloning, expression and association study with reproductive traits of the duck LRP8 gene. AW, BWSM, EW, FEW, RT-PCR, SNPs, YW
18  2011 Dried distillers grains with solubles in laying hen diets. DDGS
19  2010 Epigallocatechin-3-gallate prevents lipid peroxidation and enhances antioxidant defense system via modulating hepatic nuclear transcription factors in heat-stressed quails. CAT, EGCG, FI, GSH-Px, HS, MDA, NF-kappaB, SOD
20  2010 Influence of supplemental dietary poultry fat, phytase, and 25-hydroxycholecalciferol on the performance of commercial layers inoculated before or at the onset of lay with F-strain Mycoplasma gallisepticum. BCD, FC, FMG, PF, PHY
21  2009 Influence of supplemental dietary poultry fat on the performance of commercial layers inoculated before or at the onset of lay with F-strain Mycoplasma gallisepticum. FMG, PF
22  2008 The in vivo digestive fate of the Cry3Bb1 protein in laying hens fed diets containing MON 863 corn. FI
23  2004 Biological and economic optimum level of calcium in White Leghorn laying hens. ADFI, BOL, EM, EOL, FC, SG
24  2004 Effects of supplemental vitamin E during the laying period on the reproductive performance of Taiwan native chickens. BW, ESG, ESS, EW, FC, FE
25  2004 The combined effects of dietary lysine and total sulfur amino acid level on egg production parameters and egg components in Dekalb Delta laying hens. EW
26  2003 Influences of supplemental dietary poultry fat and F-strain Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection on the early performance of commercial egg laying hens. FMG, PF
27  2003 The effect of different levels of nonphytate phosphorus with and without phytase on the performance of four strains of laying hens. NPP
28  2002 Effects of F-strain Mycoplasma gallisepticum inoculation at twelve weeks of age on performance and egg characteristics of commercial egg-laying hens. FMG
29  2002 Influence of dietary phosphorus on performance of Hy-line W36 hens. BBS, BD, BMC, ESG, EW, FC, NPP
30  2002 Influence of supplemental lysine, isoleucine, threonine, tryptophan and total sulfur amino acids on egg weight of Hy-line W-36 hens. EW, FC, LITT, SG
31  2002 Re-evaluation of the isoleucine requirement of the commercial layer. aa, EM, EW, FC
32  2002 Threonine requirement of commercial laying hens fed a corn-soybean meal diet. aa, EM
33  2001 Evaluation of valine requirement of the commercial layer using a corn-soybean meal basal diet. EC, EW
34  2001 Influence of cage density and prior dietary phosphorus level on phosphorus requirement of commercial leghorns. ESG, EW, FC, NPP
35  2000 Evaluation of the isoleucine requirement of the commercial layer in a corn-soybean meal diet. aa, EC, EW
36  2000 Evaluation of tryptophan requirement of the commercial layer by using a corn-soybean meal basal diet. aa, EC, EW
37  1999 The effect of dietary wheat middlings and enzyme supplementation. 1. Late egg production efficiency, egg yields, and egg composition in two strains of Leghorn hens. EC, EM, EW, FC, FE, SP
38  1999 Tryptophan requirement of the commercial hen. EC, EM
39  1998 Response to ten generations of divergent selection for tibial dyschondroplasia in broiler chickens: growth, egg production, and hatchability. TD
40  1997 Comparison of selection based on phenotype, selection index and best linear unbiased prediction using data from a closed broiler line. BLUP, BM, JW, SI
41  1997 Effects of consecutive thiouracil exposures in the juvenile and adult single comb White Leghorn chicken on body weight and reproductive performance. EW, TU
42  1995 Effect of feeding raw and treated common vetch seed (Vicia sativa) on the performance and egg quality parameters of laying hens. EW, FC, FI, HU, ST, UV, YC
43  1994 Effect of removing trace minerals from the diet of hens laying eggs with heavy or light shell weight. EM, EW, FC, HF, HSW, HT, LSW, PS, SG, SW
44  1994 Effects of dietary thiouracil on thyroid activity, egg production, and eggshell quality in commercial layers. FC, TU
45  1994 Selection for high and low threshold body weight at first egg in broiler strain females. 4. Photoperiodic drive in the selection lines and in commercial layers and broiler breeders. HL, LL, ThrWtLay
46  1991 Effect of dietary boron supplementation on egg production, shell quality, and calcium metabolism in aged broiler breeder hens. SG, ST
47  1990 Some observations on the influence of vitamin D metabolites when added to the diet of commercial laying hens. Ca, ESQ, EW, FC, TA, TBS
48  1987 Egg production efficiency in dwarf lines selected for high and low body weight as influenced by feed restriction. BW, DFI, EM, EW, FE, FF, PE
49  1983 Divergent selection for mature body weight in dwarf White Leghorns. 1. Growth and reproductive responses to selection. BW, EW, SM