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2019 mTORC1/rpS6 and spermatogenic function in the testis-insights from the adjudin model. BTB, MTs
2019 Planar cell polarity protein Dishevelled 3 (Dvl3) regulates ectoplasmic specialization (ES) dynamics in the testis through changes in cytoskeletal organization. BTB, Dvl, Dvl3, MT, PCP, RNAi, TJ
2019 Sertoli cell-specific coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor knockout regulates cell adhesion and gene transcription via beta-catenin inactivation and Cdc42 activation. BTB, Cdc42, CXADR, GC, SC
2018 Actin nucleator Spire 1 is a regulator of ectoplasmic specialization in the testis. BTB, MT, TJ
2018 Preparation of Testicular Samples for Histology and Immunohistochemistry. BTB, ICC, IF, IHC, TEM
2017 Basement Membrane Laminin alpha2 Regulation of BTB Dynamics via Its Effects on F-Actin and Microtubule Cytoskeletons Is Mediated Through mTORC1 Signaling. BTB, MT, mTORC1, TJ
2017 Cell polarity, cell adhesion, and spermatogenesis: role of cytoskeletons. PCP, Vangl2
2017 Drebrin and Spermatogenesis. Arp3
2017 Identification of KIAA1210 as a novel X-chromosome-linked protein that localizes to the acrosome and associates with the ectoplasmic specialization in testes. HSV-1, TOP2
10  2017 Regulation of the blood-testis barrier by a local axis in the testis: role of laminin alpha2 in the basement membrane. BM, BTB, MT
11  2017 Regulatory effects of autophagy on spermatogenesis. PDLIM1
12  2017 Sperm Release at Spermiation Is Regulated by Changes in the Organization of Actin- and Microtubule-Based Cytoskeletons at the Apical Ectoplasmic Specialization-A Study Using the Adjudin Model. MTs
13  2016 Autophagy is required for ectoplasmic specialization assembly in sertoli cells. ---
14  2016 Deficiency of Mkrn2 causes abnormal spermiogenesis and spermiation, and impairs male fertility. Mkrn2
15  2016 Does cell polarity matter during spermatogenesis? BTB, TJ
16  2016 F5-peptide induces aspermatogenesis by disrupting organization of actin- and microtubule-based cytoskeletons in the testis. BTB, MT, TJ
17  2016 Flutamide induces alterations in the cell-cell junction ultrastructure and reduces the expression of Cx43 at the blood-testis barrier with no disturbance in the rat seminiferous tubule morphology. Cx43
18  2016 Planar Cell Polarity (PCP) Protein Vangl2 Regulates Ectoplasmic Specialization Dynamics via Its Effects on Actin Microfilaments in the Testes of Male Rats. BTB, KD, PCP, Vangl2
19  2016 Plastins regulate ectoplasmic specialization via its actin bundling activity on microfilaments in the rat testis. ABPs, BTB
20  2016 Polarity protein Crumbs homolog-3 (CRB3) regulates ectoplasmic specialization dynamics through its action on F-actin organization in Sertoli cells. BTB, CRB3, KD, TJ
21  2016 Triptolide disrupts the actin-based Sertoli-germ cells adherens junctions by inhibiting Rho GTPases expression. AJ, ROCKs, TP
22  2015 Actin-bundling protein plastin 3 is a regulator of ectoplasmic specialization dynamics during spermatogenesis in the rat testis. BTB, KD
23  2015 Ezrin: a regulator of actin microfilaments in cell junctions of the rat testis. ERM, TNT
24  2015 Fascin - An actin binding and bundling protein in the testis and its role in ectoplasmic specialization dynamics. AJ, BTB, TJ
25  2015 Formin 1 Regulates Ectoplasmic Specialization in the Rat Testis Through Its Actin Nucleation and Bundling Activity. BTB
26  2015 Formins: Actin nucleators that regulate cytoskeletal dynamics during spermatogenesis. AJ
27  2015 Transforming growth factor-beta3 regulates cell junction restructuring via MAPK-mediated mRNA destabilization and Smad-dependent protein degradation of junctional adhesion molecule B (JAM-B). BTB, JAM-B, TGF-beta
28  2014 Dysregulation of nectin-2 in the testicular cells: an explanation of cadmium-induced male infertility. BTB, Cd
29  2014 Ezrin is an actin binding protein that regulates sertoli cell and spermatid adhesion during spermatogenesis. BTB, RNAi
30  2014 Fascin 1 is an actin filament-bundling protein that regulates ectoplasmic specialization dynamics in the rat testis. ---
31  2014 New insights into FAK function and regulation during spermatogenesis. BM, FAK
32  2013 Breast cancer resistance protein (Bcrp) and the testis--an unexpected turn of events. BCRP, BTB, TJs
33  2013 Focal adhesion kinase and actin regulatory/binding proteins that modulate F-actin organization at the tissue barrier: Lesson from the testis. AJ, BTB, FAK, GJ, TJ
34  2013 Intercellular adhesion molecule-2 is involved in apical ectoplasmic specialization dynamics during spermatogenesis in the rat. ICAM2
35  2013 Intercellular adhesion molecules (ICAMs) and spermatogenesis. BTB, ICAMs, sICAM-1
36  2013 Palladin is a regulator of actin filament bundles at the ectoplasmic specialization in adult rat testes. TJ
37  2013 Rai14 (retinoic acid induced protein 14) is involved in regulating f-actin dynamics at the ectoplasmic specialization in the rat testis*. AJ, BTB
38  2013 Secreted Frizzled-related protein 1 (sFRP1) regulates spermatid adhesion in the testis via dephosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase and the nectin-3 adhesion protein complex. FAK, SFRP1
39  2012 C-Src and c-Yes are two unlikely partners of spermatogenesis and their roles in blood-testis barrier dynamics. BTB, SFKs, SSC, TJ
40  2011 Actin binding proteins and spermiogenesis: Some unexpected findings. AJ
41  2011 Adjudin disrupts spermatogenesis via the action of some unlikely partners: Eps8, Arp2/3 complex, drebrin E, PAR6 and 14-3-3. AJ, PAR6, SSCs
42  2011 Regulation of spermiogenesis, spermiation and blood-testis barrier dynamics: novel insights from studies on Eps8 and Arp3. BTB
43  2011 The myotubularin family of lipid phosphatases in disease and in spermatogenesis. ---
44  2010 The role of Mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) in sperm functions. MAPK
45  2009 14-3-3 Protein regulates cell adhesion in the seminiferous epithelium of rat testes. BTB, TJ
46  2009 An in vivo study on adjudin and blood-testis barrier dynamics. BTB
47  2009 Connexin 43 and plakophilin-2 as a protein complex that regulates blood-testis barrier dynamics. BTB, Cx43, PKP2, TJ
48  2009 Epidermal growth factor receptor pathway substrate 8 (Eps8) is a novel regulator of cell adhesion and the blood-testis barrier integrity in the seminiferous epithelium. BTB, Eps8
49  2008 Continual maintenance of the blood-testis barrier during spermatogenesis: the intermediate compartment theory revisited. BTB, TEM
50  2008 Par3/Par6 polarity complex coordinates apical ectoplasmic specialization and blood-testis barrier restructuring during spermatogenesis. BTB
51  2008 Review of the histological effects of the anti-androgen, flutamide, on mouse testis. FLUT
52  2007 Ectoplasmic specialization: a friend or a foe of spermatogenesis? ---
53  2007 Structural abnormalities in spermatids together with reduced sperm counts and motility underlie the reproductive defect in HIP1-/- mice. ALH, HIP1, HTT
54  2006 Anti-estrogen ICI 182.780 and anti-androgen flutamide induce tyrosine phosphorylation of cortactin in the ectoplasmic specialization between the Sertoli cell and spermatids in the mouse testis. FLUT
55  2006 Estrogen agonists, 17beta-estradiol, bisphenol A, and diethylstilbestrol, decrease cortactin expression in the mouse testis. ---
56  2006 Flutamide depresses expression of cortactin in the ectoplasmic specialization between the Sertoli cells and spermatids in the mouse testis. FLUT
57  2006 FSH regulates the formation of adherens junctions and ectoplasmic specialisations between rat Sertoli cells in vitro and in vivo. ---
58  2006 Laminin alpha 3 forms a complex with beta3 and gamma3 chains that serves as the ligand for alpha 6beta1-integrin at the apical ectoplasmic specialization in adult rat testes. ---
59  2006 The Sertoli-spermatid junctional complex adhesion strength is affected in vitro by adjudin. AJ, FSH, MPTS, STJC
60  2005 Disruption of Sertoli-germ cell adhesion function in the seminiferous epithelium of the rat testis can be limited to adherens junctions without affecting the blood-testis barrier integrity: an in vivo study using an androgen suppression model. AJ, BTB, TJ
61  2005 Mitogen-activated protein kinases, adherens junction dynamics, and spermatogenesis: a review of recent data. AJ, ERK, JNK, MAPKs
62  2005 Myotubularin phosphoinositide phosphatases, protein phosphatases, and kinases: their roles in junction dynamics and spermatogenesis. AJ, MTMR2, PI
63  2005 Regulation of ectoplasmic specialization dynamics in the seminiferous epithelium by focal adhesion-associated proteins in testosterone-suppressed rat testes. p-FAK
64  2005 Sertoli-germ cell anchoring junction dynamics in the testis are regulated by an interplay of lipid and protein kinases. PAK2, PI3K, PKB
65  2005 Strength measurement of the Sertoli-spermatid junctional complex. MPTS
66  2004 Adaptors, junction dynamics, and spermatogenesis. AJs, TJ
67  2004 Cell-cell interactions at the ectoplasmic specialization in the testis. ---
68  2004 Ectoplasmic specialization, a testis-specific cell-cell actin-based adherens junction type: is this a potential target for male contraceptive development? AJ
69  2004 Extracellular matrix: recent advances on its role in junction dynamics in the seminiferous epithelium during spermatogenesis. BTB, TJs
70  2004 Zyxin, axin, and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein are adaptors that link the cadherin/catenin protein complex to the cytoskeleton at adherens junctions in the seminiferous epithelium of the rat testis. AJ, WASP
71  2003 Characterization of normal spermiation and spermiation failure induced by hormone suppression in adult rats. ---
72  2002 A human homologue of Drosophila kelch associates with myosin-VIIa in specialized adhesion junctions. ---
73  1998 Junctional contacts between Sertoli cells in normal and aspermatogenic rat seminiferous epithelium contain alpha6beta1 integrins, and their formation is controlled by follicle-stimulating hormone. ---
74  1993 [Distribution of the intermediate filaments in rat Sertoli cells: an electron microscopic study]. IFs, MFs
75  1992 A cytological and cytoskeletal comparison of Sertoli cells without germ cell and those with germ cells using the W/WV mutant mouse. ---
76  1991 Deep-etch visualization of the Sertoli cell (blood-testis) barrier in the boar. ---
77  1991 Testicular damage by high doses of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) in rats: a light and electron microscopical study. ER
78  1989 Postnatal development of the Sertoli cell barrier, tubular lumen, and cytoskeleton of Sertoli and myoid cells in the rat, and their relationship to tubular fluid secretion and flow. PN
79  1988 Detection of microfilaments in rat Sertoli cell ectoplasmic specializations with NBD-phallicidin. NBDP
80  1988 Effects of cytochalasin D on the integrity of the Sertoli cell (blood-testis) barrier. CD, IMPs
81  1988 The consequences of actin disruption at Sertoli ectoplasmic specialization sites facing spermatids after in vivo exposure of rat testis to cytochalasin D. CD
82  1987 A comparative study of Sertoli cell ectoplasmic specializations in selected non-mammalian vertebrates. ---