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Long Form:   estrogen receptor
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Endocrine disruption through membrane estrogen receptors and novel pathways leading to rapid toxicological and epigenetic effects. EDC, mESR1, nESR1
2018 17beta-Estradiol protects the esophageal epithelium from IL-13-induced barrier dysfunction and remodeling. EoE
2018 Detection of KIT Genotype in Pigs by TaqMan MGB Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction. CNV, FQ-PCR, MGB
2018 Estrogen levels, emotion regulation, and emotional symptoms of women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder: The moderating effect of estrogen receptor 1alpha polymorphism. PMDD
2018 Genetic effect and combined genotype effect of ESR, FSHbeta, CTNNAL1 and miR-27a loci on litter size in a Large White population. CTNNAL1, EBV, FSHbeta, NBA, NM, TNB
2018 Hypermethylation pattern of ESR and PgR genes and lacking estrogen and progesterone receptors in human breast cancer tumors: ER/PR subtypes. PgR
2018 Mechanism Underlying the Effects of Estrogen Deficiency on Otoconia. BPPV
2018 Transforming growth factor beta1 targets estrogen receptor signaling in bronchial epithelial cells. ECM, EMT, IPF, TGF-beta1
2017 A holistic review on the autoimmune disease vitiligo with emphasis on the causal factors. CD117, COX2, CTLA-4, FOXD3, HLA, VIT1
10  2017 A novel FOXA1/ESR1 interacting pathway: A study of Oncomine™ breast cancer microarrays. BC, Bcl-2, CMYB, ERE, FOXA1, GATA3, PgR, SIAH2
11  2017 Association of gene polymorphisms of estrogen receptor, follicle-stimulating hormone beta and leptin with follicular cysts in Large White sows. FSH
12  2017 Association of three single nucleotide polymorphisms of ESR1with breast cancer susceptibility: a meta-analysis. ---
13  2017 Epigenetic silencing of triple negative breast cancer hallmarks by Withaferin A. ADAM8, BC, DAC, PR, TNBC
14  2017 Establishment of estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1)-knockout medaka: ESR1 is dispensable for sexual development and reproduction in medaka, Oryzias latipes. ESR1, KO
15  2017 Establishment of primary mixed cell cultures from spontaneous canine mammary tumors: Characterization of classic and new cancer-associated molecules. BrCa, ERRs, FGFR
16  2017 Integrated genomic analysis of survival outliers in glioblastoma. ERK, GB, IFNG, NF-kappaB, STAT
17  2017 Mice endometrium receptivity in early pregnancy is impaired by maternal hyperinsulinemia. mTOR
18  2017 Significance of intratissue estrogen concentration coupled with estrogen receptors levels in colorectal cancer prognosis. CRC, DFS
19  2017 Takotsubo syndrome and estrogen receptor genes: partners in crime? CI, OR, TS
20  2017 The expression of nuclear and membrane estrogen receptors in the European eel throughout spermatogenesis. BPG, FW, hCG, SW
21  2017 The genetic influence in fluorosis. COL1A2, COMT, GSTP1, MMP-2, VDR
22  2017 The regulation of oxytocin and oxytocin receptor in human placenta according to gestational age. OXT, OXTR
23  2016 17alpha-Ethinylestradiol (EE2) treatment of wild roach (Rutilus rutilus) during early life development disrupts expression of genes directly involved in the feedback cycle of estrogen. AR
24  2016 Expression of Estrogen Receptor Coactivator Proline-, Glutamic Acid- and Leucine-Rich Protein 1 within Paraspinal Muscles in Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis. ---
25  2016 Progesterone, estrogen, and androgen receptors in the corpus luteum of the domestic cat, Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) and Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx). AR, CL, frCL, GPER1, perCL, PgR, PGRMC
26  2016 Transcriptome sequencing of human breast cancer reveals aberrant intronic transcription in amplicons and dysregulation of alternative splicing with major therapeutic implications. ---
27  2015 Association of Estrogen Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis in a Chinese Population: A Case-Control Study. CI, OR, PBC
28  2015 Estradiol promotes cells invasion by activating beta-catenin signaling pathway in endometriosis. HESCs
29  2015 Estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1; ERalpha), not ESR2 (ERbeta), modulates estrogen-induced sex reversal in the American alligator, a species with temperature-dependent sex determination. ESR1, MPT, PPT, TSP
30  2015 Kruppel-Like Factor 13 Deficiency in Uterine Endometrial Cells Contributes to Defective Steroid Hormone Receptor Signaling but Not Lesion Establishment in a Mouse Model of Endometriosis. KLF, PgR, WT
31  2015 Placental development during early pregnancy in sheep: estrogen and progesterone receptor messenger RNA expression in pregnancies derived from invivo-produced and invitro-produced embryos. CAR, EXP, FM, IVA, IVF, mRNA, NAT, PgR
32  2015 Polymorphism analysis in estrogen receptors alpha and beta genes and their association with infertile population in Pakistan. FSH, RFLP
33  2015 Understanding the molecular basis for differences in responses of fish estrogen receptor subtypes to environmental estrogens. EDCs
34  2014 Aromatase (Cyp19a1b) in the pituitary is dynamically involved in the upregulation of lhb but not fshb in the vitellogenic female ricefield eel Monopterus albus. ---
35  2014 Association of FokI and PvuII polymorphisms with breast cancer staging and survival among Caucasian women: a prospective study. VDR
36  2014 Brain volumes in late life: gender, hormone treatment, and estrogen receptor variants. CSF, HT, ICV, WML
37  2014 Daidzein supplementation decreases serum triglyceride and uric acid concentrations in hypercholesterolemic adults with the effect on triglycerides being greater in those with the GA compared with the GG genotype of ESR-beta RsaI. TGs
38  2014 Estrogen receptor polymorphisms and incident dementia: the prospective 3C study. AD, APOE, CI, HR
39  2014 Investigation of the effects of subchronic low dose oral exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) and ethinyl estradiol (EE) on estrogen receptor expression in the juvenile and adult female rat hypothalamus. AVPV, BPA, BW, EE, MPOA, NOAEL
40  2014 Low-dose bisphenol A disrupts gonad development and steroidogenic genes expression in adult female rare minnow Gobiocypris rarus. AR, BPA, Nr5a1, VTG
41  2014 The ESR1 gene in unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion. RSA, URSA
42  2013 BIX-01294 induces autophagy-associated cell death via EHMT2/G9a dysfunction and intracellular reactive oxygen species production. BIX, DPI, EHMT2, GFP, LC3, NAC, ROS
43  2013 Correlation between erythropoietin receptor(s) and estrogen and progesterone receptor expression in different breast cancer cell lines. CSF2RB, EPHB4, EPO, GPR30, HER2, PgR, rHuEPO
44  2013 Prenatal bisphenol A exposure alters sex-specific estrogen receptor expression in the neonatal rat hypothalamus and amygdala. BPA, GDs
45  2013 Tamoxifen inhibits migration of estrogen receptor-negative hepatocellular carcinoma cells by blocking the swelling-activated chloride current. Cl,vol, PKC, RVD
46  2012 Activation of southern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum) estrogen receptors by phytoestrogens: potential role in the reproductive failure of captive-born females? GOHR, SWR
47  2012 Data mining in networks of differentially expressed genes during sow pregnancy. EP, GO, IGF2, LP, RBP4, SOM
48  2012 Estrogen receptor (ESR) 2 partially offsets the absence of ESR1 in gonadotropes of pituitary-specific Esr1 knockout female mice. ESR1 and 2, KO, WT
49  2012 Estrogen-induced maldevelopment of the penis involves down-regulation of myosin heavy chain 11 (MYH11) expression, a biomarker for smooth muscle cell differentiation. AR, DES, DHT, MYH11
50  2011 Association of dental fluorosis with polymorphisms of estrogen receptor gene in Chinese children. CI, DF, OR
51  2011 Estrogen, efferent ductules, and the epididymis. ---
52  2011 Ovarian steroid receptors and activated MAPK in the regional decidualization in rats. p-MAPK3-1, PgR
53  2010 Association analyses of candidate single nucleotide polymorphisms on reproductive traits in swine. PRLR
54  2010 Association of testicular germ cell tumor with polymorphisms in estrogen receptor and steroid metabolism genes. CI, OR, TGCT
55  2010 Cloning and functional characterization of Chondrichthyes, cloudy catshark, Scyliorhinus torazame and whale shark, Rhincodon typus estrogen receptors. ---
56  2010 Dehydroepiandrosterone stimulates neurogenesis in mouse embryonal carcinoma cell- and human embryonic stem cell-derived neural progenitors and induces dopaminergic neurons. DHEA, TH
57  2010 Developmental programming: impact of fetal exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals on gonadotropin-releasing hormone and estrogen receptor mRNA in sheep hypothalamus. BPA, EDCs, GnRH, LH, MXC
58  2010 Nucleotide sequence, tissue expression patterns and phylogenetic analysis of estrogen receptor one mRNA in the Murray rainbowfish (Melanotaenia fluviatilis) (Atheriniformes, Actinopterygii). ---
59  2010 Polymorphisms of estrogen receptors and risk of biliary tract cancers and gallstones: a population-based study in Shanghai, China. CI, OR, SNPs
60  2010 Upregulation of estrogen receptor subtypes and vitellogenin mRNA in cinnamon clownfish Amphiprion melanopus during the sex change process: profiles on effects of 17beta-estradiol. VTG
61  2010 [Effects of multi-genes for reproductive traits in Tibet pig]. PRLR, RBP4
62  2009 A variant affecting a putative miRNA target site in estrogen receptor (ESR) 1 is associated with breast cancer risk in premenopausal women. CI, miRNAs, OR, SNPs
63  2009 Characterization of vtg-1 mRNA expression during ontogeny in Oreochromis mossambicus (PETERS). dpf, q-PCR, VTG, WBHs
64  2009 Early regulation of brain aromatase (cyp19a1b) by estrogen receptors during zebrafish development. hpf, RT-PCR
65  2009 Effects of fulvestrant, an estrogen receptor antagonist, on MMQ cells and its mechanism. ---
66  2009 Estrogen in combination with 5-azacitidine up-regulates p75NTR expression and induces apoptosis in 22Rv1 prostate cancer cells. 5-azaC
67  2009 Estrogen receptor immunoreactivity in late-gestation fetal lambs. AHi, Arc, IGL, MPOA, VMH
68  2009 Estrogen-induced developmental disorders of the rat penis involve both estrogen receptor (ESR)- and androgen receptor (AR)-mediated pathways. AR, DES, DHT
69  2009 Genetic and environmental factors in human osteoporosis from Sub-Saharan to Mediterranean areas. BMD, CTR, QUS, VDR
70  2008 Androgen actions and the ovary. AR
71  2008 Lack of association between the functional polymorphisms in the estrogen-metabolizing genes and risk for hepatocellular carcinoma. EME
72  2007 Anti-hepatitis C virus activity of tamoxifen reveals the functional association of estrogen receptor with viral RNA polymerase NS5B. HCV, RC
73  2007 Estrogen Receptor 1 gene (ESR1) variants in Alzheimer's disease. Results of a meta-analysis. AD, ESR1
74  2007 Impact of constitutive IGF1/IGF2 stimulation on the transcriptional program of human breast cancer cells. IGF, INS
75  2007 Induction of three vitellogenins by 17beta-estradiol with concurrent inhibition of the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor 1 axis in a euryhaline teleost, the tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus). GH, IGF-1, VTG
76  2007 The altered distribution of the steroid hormone receptors and the chaperone immunophilin FKBP52 in a baboon model of endometriosis is associated with progesterone resistance during the window of uterine receptivity. GE, PgR, WB
77  2007 Vasorelaxant action of 17 -estradiol in rat uterine arteries: role of nitric oxide synthases and estrogen receptors. NOS, NP
78  2006 Temperature effects on sex determination and ontogenetic gene expression of the aromatases cyp19a and cyp19b, and the estrogen receptors esr1 and esr2 in atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus). ---
79  2006 [A new polymorphic site of ESR gene in pigs]. ---
80  2005 Expression of estrogen receptor ESR1 and its 46-kDa variant in the gubernaculum testis. AR, RT-PCR
81  2005 Genetic polymorphisms of estrogen receptors in patients with premature coronary artery disease. ---
82  2005 Perspectives for artificial insemination and genomics to improve global swine populations. AI
83  2005 [Estrogen receptor as a candidate gene for prolificacy of small tail Han sheep]. ---
84  2004 Association of estrogen receptor 1 intron 1 C/T polymorphism in Korean vitiligo patients. ---
85  2003 Relation between Ava I polymorphism within the estrogen receptor gene (ESR) and meatiness in Polish Large White boars. ---
86  2003 The effect of hormone replacement therapy on atherosclerotic severity in relation to ESR1 genotype in postmenopausal women. AS, EV, HRT
87  2003 [Investigation on the distribution and their effects on reproduction traits of three major genes in Jinhua pigs]. FBW, FSH beta, NBA, PRLR, TNB
88  2002 Coronary artery wall atherosclerosis in relation to the estrogen receptor 1 gene polymorphism: an autopsy study. ---
89  2002 Examination of the relationship between the estrogen receptor gene and reproductive traits in swine. ---
90  2002 Piglet and placental traits at term in relation to the estrogen receptor genotype in gilts. ESRp
91  2002 Simultaneous identification of ryanodine receptor 1 (RYR1) and estrogen receptor (ESR) genotypes with the multiplex PCR-RFLP method in Polish Large White and Polish Landrace pigs. RyR1
92  2002 The effect of estrogen receptor genotype on litter size and placental traits at term in F2 crossbred gilts. ---
93  2002 [Relationship between Pvu II polymorphisms at estrogen receptor gene and litter size in swine]. ---
94  2001 Candidate gene markers for litter size in different German pig lines. PRLR, RBP4
95  2000 Fetal and placental traits at day 35 of pregnancy in relation to the estrogen receptor genotype in pigs. AA, BB
96  2000 Periovulatory hormone profiles and components of litter size in gilts with different estrogen receptor (ESR) genotypes. AA, BB
97  2000 [The genetic effect of estrogen receptor(ESR) on litter size traits in pig]. ---
98  1999 Lack of association between estrogen receptor genotypes and bone mineral density, fracture history, or muscle strength in elderly women. BMD, VDR
99  1997 Brief communication: comparative mapping of the human estrogen receptor (ESR) and the Kallmann (KAL) regions to the chromosomes of the great apes. KAL
100  1997 Effect of the estrogen receptor locus on reproduction and production traits in four commercial pig lines. BF, NBA, TN, TNB