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Long Form:   embryonic stem cell test
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Low-dose exposure to triclosan disrupted osteogenic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells via BMP/ERK/Smad/Runx-2 signalling pathway. TCS
2019 Pre-validation study of alternative developmental toxicity test using mouse embryonic stem cell-derived embryoid bodies. EBs, EBT, ECVAM, ESCs
2018 A comparison of the embryonic stem cell test and whole embryo culture assay combined with the BeWo placental passage model for predicting the embryotoxicity of azoles. WEC
2018 Prenatal developmental toxicity testing of petroleum substances using the zebrafish embryotoxicity test. AhR, GTL, PAH, PDT, PS, ZET
2018 The Validated Embryonic Stem Cell Test with Murine Embryonic Stem Cells. ---
2017 Advanced developmental toxicity test method based on embryoid body's area. EBs, ESCs
2017 Embryotoxicity estimation of commonly used compounds with embryonic stem cell test. ---
2017 In vitro to in vivo extrapolation of effective dosimetry in developmental toxicity testing: Application of a generic PBK modelling approach. PBK, QIVIVE, WEC, ZET
2017 Integrating in vitro data and physiologically based kinetic (PBK) modelling to assess the in vivo potential developmental toxicity of a series of phenols. PBK, PODs
10  2017 Interactions between three typical endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in binary mixtures exposure on myocardial differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cell. BPA, EDCs, PFOA, PFOS
11  2017 Prenatal developmental toxicity testing of petroleum substances: Application of the mouse embryonic stem cell test (EST) to compare in vitro potencies with potencies observed in vivo. GTL, PAHs, PDT, PS
12  2016 Application of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Test to Detect Gender-Specific Effect of Chemicals: A Supplementary Tool for Embryotoxicity Prediction. DOU, ESC, HTS, LOOCV, MHC, MLC
13  2016 Development of technique for in vitro embryotoxicity of dental biomaterials. ---
14  2016 Editor's Highlight: Identification and Characterization of Teratogenic Chemicals Using Embryonic Stem Cells Isolated From a Wnt/beta-Catenin-Reporter Transgenic Mouse Line. ESCs
15  2016 Evaluation of biological effects of intermediate frequency magnetic field on differentiation of embryonic stem cell. ES, IF, IH, MF
16  2016 Growing knowledge of using embryonic stem cells as a novel tool in developmental risk assessment of environmental toxicants. ---
17  2016 Impact of homeopathic remedies on the expression of lineage differentiation genes: an invitro approach using embryonic stem cells. ES
18  2015 A Modified Murine Embryonic Stem Cell Test for Evaluating the Teratogenic Effects of Drugs on Early Embryogenesis. CAT, FDA
19  2015 A toxicology study to evaluate the embryotoxicity of metformin compared with the hypoglycemic drugs, the anticancer drug, the anti-epileptic drug, the antibiotic, and the cyclo-oxygenase (COX)-2 inhibitor. 5-FU, COX, DPH, EB, GLIM, MET, MTT, NIM, Pen G, RSG
20  2015 Assessment of the embryotoxicity of four Chinese herbal extracts using the embryonic stem cell test. ESCs, ID50ES
21  2015 Classification of reproductive toxicants with diverse mechanisms in the embryonic stem cell test. CLP
22  2015 Comparison of gene expression regulation in mouse- and human embryonic stem cell assays during neural differentiation and in response to valproic acid exposure. GO
23  2015 Comprehensive In Vitro Toxicity Testing of a Panel of Representative Oxide Nanomaterials: First Steps towards an Intelligent Testing Strategy. ITS, NMs
24  2015 Developing osteoblasts as an endpoint for the mouse embryonic stem cell test. mESCs
25  2015 Evaluation of developmental toxicity using undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells. EDNRB, hES, PTEN, SFRP2, TDGF1
26  2015 Hand1-Luc embryonic stem cell test (Hand1-Luc EST): a novel rapid and highly reproducible in vitro test for embryotoxicity by measuring cytotoxicity and differentiation toxicity using engineered mouse ES cells. 5-FU, Hand1, Hand1-Luc EST
27  2015 Morphological observation of embryoid bodies completes the in vitro evaluation of nanomaterial embryotoxicity in the embryonic stem cell test (EST). EBs, NMs
28  2015 Non-human primate and rodent embryonic stem cells are differentially sensitive to embryotoxic compounds. ESCs
29  2015 RNA transcripts for the quantification of differentiation allow marked improvements in the performance of embryonic stem cell test (EST). ---
30  2014 A statistical approach towards the derivation of predictive gene sets for potency ranking of chemicals in the mouse embryonic stem cell test. ---
31  2014 Dynamic changes in energy metabolism upon embryonic stem cell differentiation support developmental toxicant identification. ESC, TCA
32  2013 Assessment of Developmental Toxicants using Human Embryonic Stem Cells. EBs, ES
33  2013 Combining in vitro embryotoxicity data with physiologically based kinetic (PBK) modelling to define in vivo dose-response curves for developmental toxicity of phenol in rat and human. PBK, POD
34  2013 Cytotoxic effects of mono-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate on human embryonic stem cells. DEHP, DMSO, EBs, MEHP
35  2013 Dose response analysis of monophthalates in the murine embryonic stem cell test assessed by cardiomyocyte differentiation and gene expression. MBuP, MBzP, MEHP, MMP
36  2013 Establishment of a molecular embryonic stem cell developmental toxicity assay. ---
37  2013 Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) induced embryotoxicity and disruption of cardiogenesis. ESCs, PFOS, ROS
38  2013 The teratology testing of cosmetics. MM, WEC
39  2012 Assaying embryotoxicity in the test tube: current limitations of the embryonic stem cell test (EST) challenging its applicability domain. ---
40  2012 Embryonic stem cell test: stem cell use in predicting developmental cardiotoxicity and osteotoxicity. ESCs
41  2012 Embryotoxicity assessment of developmental neurotoxicants using a neuronal endpoint in the embryonic stem cell test. ---
42  2012 Innovative approaches in the embryonic stem cell test (EST). ---
43  2012 Primary cell and micromass culture in assessing developmental toxicity. ESC, MM, WEC
44  2012 Relative embryotoxic potency of p-substituted phenols in the embryonic stem cell test (EST) and comparison to their toxic potency in vivo and in the whole embryo culture (WEC) assay. WEC
45  2012 Relative potency of albendazole and its sulfoxide metabolite in two in vitro tests for developmental toxicity: the rat whole embryo culture and the mouse embryonic stem cell test. ABZ, ASO, WEC
46  2012 Testing strategies for embryo-fetal toxicity of human pharmaceuticals. Animal models vs. in vitro approaches: a workshop report. ---
47  2012 Transferability of a modified embryonic stem cell test using a new endpoint for developmental neurotoxicity. bFGF, MAP2, mESCs
48  2011 Comparison of the mouse Embryonic Stem cell Test, the rat Whole Embryo Culture and the Zebrafish Embryotoxicity Test as alternative methods for developmental toxicity testing of six 1,2,4-triazoles. WEC, ZET
49  2011 Concentration-dependent gene expression responses to flusilazole in embryonic stem cell differentiation cultures. ESC
50  2011 Defined culture medium for stem cell differentiation: applicability of serum-free conditions in the mouse embryonic stem cell test. ---
51  2011 Discriminating classes of developmental toxicants using gene expression profiling in the embryonic stem cell test. ESC, GO, MOA
52  2011 Evaluation of developmental toxicant identification using gene expression profiling in embryonic stem cell differentiation cultures. ESC
53  2011 Evaluation of novel high-throughput embryonic stem cell tests with new molecular markers for screening embryotoxic chemicals in vitro. Cmya1, ES, Hand1
54  2011 Gene set assembly for quantitative prediction of developmental toxicity in the embryonic stem cell test. ESC
55  2011 Human embryonic stem cell proliferation and differentiation as parameters to evaluate developmental toxicity. EBs, ESC, hESC
56  2011 Low doses of pristine and oxidized single-wall carbon nanotubes affect mammalian embryonic development. ROS, SWCNTs
57  2011 Mouse and human embryonic stem cells: can they improve human health by preventing disease? hESCs, mESC
58  2011 Potency ranking of valproic acid analogues as to inhibition of cardiac differentiation of embryonic stem cells in comparison to their in vivo embryotoxicity. ---
59  2011 Present state and future perspectives of using pluripotent stem cells in toxicology research. ESCs, hPSCs, iPSCs
60  2011 Shortening and Improving the Embryonic Stem Cell Test through the Use of Gene Biomarkers of Differentiation. ---
61  2011 The embryonic stem cell test as tool to assess structure-dependent teratogenicity: the case of valproic acid. VPA
62  2011 The embryonic stem cell test combined with toxicogenomics as an alternative testing model for the assessment of developmental toxicity. ESC
63  2011 The validated embryonic stem cell test to predict embryotoxicity in vitro. ECVAM, mESCs
64  2010 Assessment of embryotoxicity of compounds in cosmetics by the embryonic stem cell test. ECVAM, PM
65  2010 Comparing three novel endpoints for developmental osteotoxicity in the embryonic stem cell test. ---
66  2010 Embryotoxic effects of the marine biotoxin okadaic acid on murine embryonic stem cells. OA, PP1
67  2010 Embryotoxicity of cobalt ferrite and gold nanoparticles: a first in vitro approach. HA-Au, NPs
68  2010 Improvement of the embryonic stem cell test endpoint analysis by use of field potential detection. ---
69  2010 Metabolic activation capacity by primary hepatocytes expands the applicability of the embryonic stem cell test as alternative to experimental animal testing. CPA, VPA, VPD
70  2010 Monitoring developmental toxicity in the embryonic stem cell test using differential gene expression of differentiation-related genes. ESC
71  2010 Monolayer cultivation of osteoprogenitors shortens duration of the embryonic stem cell test while reliably predicting developmental osteotoxicity. 5-FU, EB, RA
72  2010 Protein biomarkers for in vitro testing of embryotoxicity. ---
73  2010 Transcriptomics-based identification of developmental toxicants through their interference with cardiomyocyte differentiation of embryonic stem cells. ESC, PCA
74  2010 Usefulness of field potential as a marker of embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes, and endpoint analysis of embryonic stem cell test. cTnT
75  2009 A review of the implementation of the embryonic stem cell test (EST). The report and recommendations of an ECVAM/ReProTect Workshop. ---
76  2009 Disentangling cellular proliferation and differentiation in the embryonic stem cell test, and its impact on the experimental protocol. 5-FU, 6-AN, BrdU, ESC, MBP
77  2009 Early gene expression changes during embryonic stem cell differentiation into cardiomyocytes and their modulation by monobutyl phthalate. EB, ESC, GSEA, MBP
78  2009 Embryonic stem cell test remastered: comparison between the validated EST and the new molecular FACS-EST for assessing developmental toxicity in vitro. FACS
79  2009 Relative developmental toxicity of glycol ether alkoxy acid metabolites in the embryonic stem cell test as compared with the in vivo potency of their parent compounds. ---
80  2008 Assessment of the Embryonic Stem Cell Test and application and use in the pharmaceutical industry. ECVAM, ESC
81  2008 Automated analysis of contractility in the embryonic stem cell test, a novel approach to assess embryotoxicity. REP
82  2008 Embryotoxicity hazard assessment of cadmium and arsenic compounds using embryonic stem cells. ---
83  2008 Estimation of embryotoxic effect of fluoxetine using embryonic stem cell differentiation system. ES, SSRI
84  2008 Evaluation of the embryotoxic potency of compounds in a newly revised high throughput embryonic stem cell test. 6-AN
85  2008 First steps in establishing a developmental toxicity test method based on human embryonic stem cells. 5-FU, hES, RA
86  2008 Optimisation of the cell cultivation methods in the embryonic stem cell test results in an increased differentiation potential of the cells into strong beating myocard cells. ---
87  2007 An in vitro embryotoxicity assay based on the disturbance of the differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells into endothelial cells. II. Testing of compounds. 5-FU, DPH, ES, Pen G, PM, RA, VAL
88  2007 Embryotoxicity hazard assessment of methylmercury and chromium using embryonic stem cells. Mtap2
89  2007 The antibiotic streptomycin assessed in a battery of in vitro tests for reproductive toxicology. ART, FBA, IVF, MEA
90  2007 The embryonic stem cell test for the early selection of pharmaceutical compounds. ---
91  2006 In vitro embryotoxicity testing of metals for dental use by differentiation of embryonic stem cell test. ---
92  2006 Prediction of in vivo embryotoxic effect levels with a combination of in vitro studies and PBPK modelling. ---
93  2006 Use of murine embryonic stem cells in embryotoxicity assays: the embryonic stem cell test. ES
94  2005 [Embryonic stem cell test in screening of medicine and other chemicals]. ---
95  2004 Improvement of an in vitro stem cell assay for developmental toxicity: the use of molecular endpoints in the embryonic stem cell test. EB, ES, MHC
96  2004 Molecular multiple endpoint embryonic stem cell test--a possible approach to test for the teratogenic potential of compounds. ES, mme-EST
97  2004 Trends in improving the embryonic stem cell test (EST): an overview. EB, FACS, HTS, PM, PMs
98  2004 Validation of the embryonic stem cell test in the international ECVAM validation study on three in vitro embryotoxicity tests. ECVAM
99  2002 Detection of the embryotoxic potential of cyclophosphamide by using a combined system of metabolic competent cells and embryonic stem cells. CPA, ES
100  2002 Statement of the scientific validity of the embryonic stem cell test (EST) -- an in Vitro test for embryotoxicity. ---