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Long Form:   endurance training
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effect of High-Intensity Interval Training and Continuous Endurance Training on Peak Oxygen Uptake Among Seniors Aged 65 or Older: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. CRF, HIIT, RCTs
2020 Effects of green tea extract supplementation and endurance training on irisin, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and adiponectin concentrations in overweight middle-aged men. BFP, BMI, GTE, hs-CRP, IL-6, TNF-alpha, VFA
2020 Endurance training but not high-intensity interval training reduces liver carcinogenesis in mice with hepatocellular carcinogen diethylnitrosamine. DEN, HIT
2020 Endurance Training vs. Circuit Resistance Training: Effects on Lipid Profile and Anthropometric/Body Composition Status in Healthy Young Adult Women. CRF, HDL, LDL, PE, RT
2019 An anti-inflammatory phenotype in visceral adipose tissue of old lean mice, augmented by exercise. RT, VAT
2019 Association of skeletal muscle and serum metabolites with maximum power output gains in response to continuous endurance or high-intensity interval training programs: The TIMES study - A randomized controlled trial. CRF, HIIT, MPO
2019 Augmented Anabolic Responses after 8-wk Cycling with Blood Flow Restriction. BFR, CSA, RT
2019 Cardioprotective effects of high-intensity interval training are mediated through microRNA regulation of mitochondrial and oxidative stress pathways. HIIT
2019 Differential impact of endurance, strength, or combined training on quality of life and plasma serotonin in healthy older women. CG, CT, QOL, ST
10  2019 Effects of six-week sprint interval or endurance training on calculated power in maximal lactate steady state. PMLSS, SIT, SIT
11  2019 Health Benefits of Endurance Training: Implications of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor-A Systematic Review. BDNF, MetS
12  2019 Regulation of PI3K and Hand2 gene on physiological hypertrophy of heart following high-intensity interval, and endurance training. EF, HIIT, HW, LVPW, LVW, SV
13  2019 Sex Dimorphism of VO2max Trainability: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. ---
14  2019 Strength training attenuates post-infarct cardiac dysfunction and remodeling. LV, MI, ST
15  2018 Comparison of Sprint Interval and Endurance Training in Team Sport Athletes. beta-HAD, HEC, RE, SIT
16  2018 Effect of endurance versus resistance training on local muscle and systemic inflammation and oxidative stress in COPD. IL, NOX, RT, SOD2
17  2018 Effects of endurance training on autophagy and apoptotic signaling in visceral adipose tissue of prolonged high fat diet-fed rats. eWAT, HFD
18  2018 Effects of endurance training on hsa-miR-223, P2RY12 receptor expression and platelet function in type 2 diabetic patients. T2DM
19  2018 Effects of endurance training on serum lipids. HDL-C, LDL-C, TC, TG
20  2018 Effects of Sprint Interval Training With Active Recovery vs. Endurance Training on Aerobic and Anaerobic Power, Muscular Strength, and Sprint Ability. SITAR
21  2018 Efficacy of combined endurance-resistance training versus endurance training in patients with heart failure after percutaneous coronary intervention: A randomized controlled trial. CT, hs-CRP, NT-proBNP, PCI
22  2018 Functional and physiological adaptations following concurrent training using sets with and without concentric failure in elderly men: A randomized clinical trial. CMJ, CT, DXA, SJ, ST, TUG
23  2018 Regulation of Red Blood Cell Volume with Exercise Training. EPO, RBCV
24  2017 Comparing sprint and endurance training on anxiety, depression and its relation with brain-derived neurotrophic factor in rats. BDNF, EPM, SIT, TST
25  2017 Effect of Exercise on Arterial Stiffness: Is There a Ceiling Effect? AS, CD
26  2017 Erythropoiesis with endurance training: dynamics and mechanisms. EPO, PV, RBCV
27  2017 Exercise effects in Huntington disease. HD
28  2017 Impact of physical exercise on visceral adipose tissue fatty acid profile and inflammation in response to a high-fat diet regimen. eWAT, FA, FADS1, HFD, MCP, PGE2, TNF, VPA
29  2017 Moderate-intensity endurance training improves endothelial glycocalyx layer integrity in healthy young men. ---
30  2017 Physical exercise remodels visceral adipose tissue and mitochondrial lipid metabolism in rats fed a high-fat diet. AQP7, COX, eWAT, HFD, NEFA, OXPHOS, SREBP1c, VPA
31  2017 Refuting the myth of non-response to exercise training: 'non-responders' do respond to higher dose of training. CRF
32  2017 The effects of resistance and endurance training on risk factors of vascular inflammation and atherogenesis in non-athlete men. RT
33  2016 Acute-Phase Inflammatory Response to Single-Bout HIIT and Endurance Training: A Comparative Study. CRP, HIIT, IGF-1, IL, MCP-1
34  2016 Balance and coordination training, but not endurance training, enhances synaptophysin and neurotrophin-3 immunoreactivity in the lumbar spinal cord after sciatic nerve crush. BCT, NT, PNI
35  2016 Effect of endurance versus resistance training on quadriceps muscle dysfunction in COPD: a pilot study. RT, SD
36  2016 Effects of endurance and high intensity training on ICAM-1 and VCAM-1 levels and arterial pressure in obese and normal weight adolescents. HIIT, ICAM-1, VCAM-1
37  2016 Endurance and Resistance Training Affect High Fat Diet-Induced Increase of Ceramides, Inflammasome Expression, and Systemic Inflammation in Mice. FAs, HFD, RT, ST
38  2016 Exercise mitigates mitochondrial permeability transition pore and quality control mechanisms alterations in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Mfn1, Mfn2, mPTP, NASH, VPA
39  2016 Inflammatory, lipid, and body composition responses to interval training or moderate aerobic training. CRP, HDL, IL-6, TC, TRG
40  2016 Limited Effects of Endurance or Interval Training on Visceral Adipose Tissue and Systemic Inflammation in Sedentary Middle-Aged Men. CON, SIT
41  2016 Physical activity intensity and type 2 diabetes risk in overweight youth: a randomized trial. CI, F/W
42  2016 The effect of different training modes on skeletal muscle microvascular density and endothelial enzymes controlling NO availability. HIT, NO
43  2016 The Effect of Low Volume Interval Training on Resting Blood Pressure in Pre-hypertensive Subjects: A Preliminary Study. CRP, HIIT
44  2016 The Effect of Short and Long Term Endurance Training on Systemic, and Muscle and Prefrontal Cortex Tissue Oxygen Utilisation in 40 - 60 Year Old Women. GAST, LTT, PFC, RI, STT, SWCL, VL, VTP
45  2015 A combination of resistance and endurance training increases leg muscle strength in COPD: An evidence-based recommendation based on systematic review with meta-analyses. COPD, HRQoL, RT
46  2015 A Systematic Review of Resistance Training Versus Endurance Training in COPD. COPD, RT
47  2015 Balance and coordination training and endurance training after nerve injury. BCT
48  2015 Combined training enhances skeletal muscle mitochondrial oxidative capacity independent of age. CT, RT
49  2015 Diet, exercise or diet with exercise: comparing the effectiveness of treatment options for weight-loss and changes in fitness for adults (18-65 years old) who are overfat, or obese; systematic review and meta-analysis. ES, RT
50  2015 Effect of concurrent training with blood flow restriction in the elderly. BFR-CT, CT
51  2015 Effect of endurance and/or strength training on muscle fiber size, oxidative capacity, and capillarity in hemodialysis patients. CSAs, MHD, SDH, ST
52  2015 Effects of endurance, circuit, and relaxing training on cardiovascular risk factors in hypertensive elderly patients. CVDs
53  2015 Effects of two deep water training programs on cardiorespiratory and muscular strength responses in older adults. ---
54  2015 Endurance Training and V˙O2max: Role of Maximal Cardiac Output and Oxygen Extraction. SMD
55  2015 Haematological rather than skeletal muscle adaptations contribute to the increase in peak oxygen uptake induced by moderate endurance training. RBCV
56  2015 High intensity interval and endurance training have opposing effects on markers of heart failure and cardiac remodeling in hypertensive rats. HIIT
57  2015 Parkinson's disease and intensive exercise therapy--a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. OITM, PD, RT, UPDRS-III
58  2015 Regulation of ubiquitin proteasome pathway molecular markers in response to endurance and resistance exercise and training. EE, RE, RT, UPP
59  2015 Role of physical exercise on hepatic insulin, glucocorticoid and inflammatory signaling pathways in an animal model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. ISI, NASH, SD, TGF, VPA
60  2015 The role of resistance training for treatment of obesity related health issues and for changing health status of the individual who is overfat or obese: a review. BM, BMI, CR, RT
61  2014 Chronically endurance-trained individuals preserve skeletal muscle mitochondrial gene expression with age but differences within age groups remain. ---
62  2014 Effects of interval and continuous training on O2 uptake kinetics during severe-intensity exercise initiated from an elevated metabolic baseline. RST
63  2014 Endurance and Strength Athlete's Heart: Analysis of Myocardial Deformation by Speckle Tracking Echocardiography. CT, HR, LVT, ST, STE, UTW
64  2014 Endurance training is feasible in severely disabled patients with progressive multiple sclerosis. MS
65  2014 Exercise mitigates diclofenac-induced liver mitochondrial dysfunction. mPTP
66  2014 Modulation of cardiac mitochondrial permeability transition and apoptotic signaling by endurance training and intermittent hypobaric hypoxia. ANT, CypD, HE, IHH, MDA, MnSOD, mPTP, NS
67  2014 Quantitative immunofluorescence microscopy of subcellular GLUT4 distribution in human skeletal muscle: effects of endurance and sprint interval training. GLUT4, SIT
68  2014 Reducing the volume of sprint interval training does not diminish maximal and submaximal performance gains in healthy men. SIT, SIT 30
69  2014 Training and cardiovascular responses from cigarette smoke exposure. HR, RPP, SBP
70  2013 A prospective randomized longitudinal study involving 6 months of endurance or resistance exercise. Conduit artery adaptation in humans. FMD, GTN, RT
71  2013 Effects of high-intensity circuit training, low-intensity circuit training and endurance training on blood pressure and lipoproteins in middle-aged overweight men. BW, FM, HDL-C, HICT, LDL-C, LICT
72  2013 Elevated energy coupling and aerobic capacity improves exercise performance in endurance-trained elderly subjects. ---
73  2013 Endurance training modulates intramyocellular lipid compartmentalization and morphology in skeletal muscle of lean and obese women. IMCLs
74  2013 Regulation of the STARS signaling pathway in response to endurance and resistance exercise and training. EE, MRTF-A, RE, RT, STARS
75  2013 Single and concurrent effects of endurance and resistance training on pulmonary function. ERT, ERT, FVC, MVV, PEF, RT, VC
76  2013 Sprint interval and endurance training are equally effective in increasing muscle microvascular density and eNOS content in sedentary males. SIT
77  2013 Sprint interval and traditional endurance training increase net intramuscular triglyceride breakdown and expression of perilipin 2 and 5. IMTG, PLIN2, PLIN5, SIT
78  2013 Synergistic impact of endurance training and intermittent hypobaric hypoxia on cardiac function and mitochondrial energetic and signaling. HE, IHH, NS, RCR
79  2012 Differences in adaptations to 1 year of aerobic endurance training: individual patterns of nonresponse. eHR, HR, IAT, RHR
80  2012 Effect of resistance, endurance, and concurrent training on TNF-alpha, IL-6, and CRP. CRP, CT, IL-6, RT, TNF-alpha
81  2012 Effects of endurance and resistance training on calcitonin gene-related Peptide and acetylcholine receptor at slow and fast twitch skeletal muscles and sciatic nerve in male wistar rats. ET and RT, RT, SED, SOL, TA
82  2012 Effects of high-intensity interval training on pulmonary function. HIT, PImax, TT
83  2012 Endurance training and chronic intermittent hypoxia modulate in vitro salicylate-induced hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction. HE, HS, IHH, NE, NS
84  2012 Resistance training restores the gene expression of molecules related to fat oxidation and lipogenesis in the liver of ovariectomized rats. ACC, HS, Ovx-Sed, RT, Sham-Sed
85  2012 Similar health benefits of endurance and high-intensity interval training in obese children. HIT, HR
86  2012 Strength training increases maximum working capacity in patients with COPD--randomized clinical trial comparing three training modalities. COPD, ST
87  2012 The effects of three training methods endurance, resistance and concurrent on adiponectin resting levels in overweighed untrained men. ---
88  2011 Hydrotherapy added to endurance training versus endurance training alone in elderly patients with chronic heart failure: a randomized pilot study. 6MWT, CHF, CT, HR, HT, MVC, PT
89  2011 Leucine supplementation improves adiponectin and total cholesterol concentrations despite the lack of changes in adiposity or glucose homeostasis in rats previously exposed to a high-fat diet. HFD, LS, REF, TNF-alpha
90  2011 Run sprint interval training improves aerobic performance but not maximal cardiac output. ---
91  2011 Tai chi enhances the effects of endurance training in the rehabilitation of elderly patients with chronic heart failure. 6MWT, BP, CHF, CT, HR, MVC, PT, QOL
92  2010 Contrasting effects in anthropometric measures of total fatness and abdominal fat mass following endurance and concurrent endurance and resistance training. CT, FM, SSF, WC, WSR
93  2010 Effects of basic training on acute physiological responses to a combat loaded run test. BT, NT, ST
94  2010 Examining matched acute physiological responses to various modes of exercise in individuals who are overweight. CRT, HR, MI-ET
95  2010 Is diabetes associated with poorer self-efficacy and motivation for physical activity in older adults with arthritis? CI, OR, PA, ST
96  2010 Motor unit behavior during submaximal contractions following six weeks of either endurance or strength training. CT, MVC, RFD, ST
97  2010 The effect of endurance training on resting oxygen stores in muscle evaluated by near infrared continuous wave spectroscopy. CWS
98  2010 The effects of resistance training on road cycling performance among highly trained cyclists: a systematic review. CT, RCTs, RT
99  2010 The use of an 8-week mixed-intensity interval endurance-training program improves the aerobic fitness of female soccer players. MI-ET
100  2009 Changes in maximal and explosive strength, electromyography, and muscle thickness of lower and upper extremities induced by combined strength and endurance training in soldiers. EMG, NT, RFD, ST