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2020 Cardiotoxicity and Heart Failure: Lessons from Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Anticancer Drugs. HF, hiPSC-CMs, hiPSCs
2020 Co-Administration of Tretinoin Enhances the Anti-Cancer Efficacy of Etoposide via Tumor-Targeted Green Nano-Micelles. ATRA, ChS, CI, CMC, DRI, EAT
2020 Dual Peptide-Modified Nanoparticles Improve Combination Chemotherapy of Etoposide and siPIK3CA Against Drug-Resistant Small Cell Lung Carcinoma. AG, NPs, SCLC
2020 Novel deazaflavin tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2 (TDP2) inhibitors. TDP2
2020 Physical and chemical stability of a generic etoposide formulation as an alternative to etoposide phosphate. ---
2020 Target specific intracellular quantification of etoposide by quadrupole-time of flight based mass spectrometric method. ---
2020 [Case of Primary Mediastinal Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumor with Pathological Complete Response after Induction Chemotherapy and Residual Tumor Resection Accompanied by Late-Onset Bilateral Pneumothorax]. BLM
2019 Perspectives on the Use of a Medium-Dose Etoposide, Cyclophosphamide, and Total Body Irradiation Conditioning Regimen in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: The Japanese Experience from 1993 to Present. ALL, allo-HSCT, CY, HSCT, MAC, TBI
2019 Synergistic cytotoxicity of homoharringtonine and etoposide in acute myeloid leukemia cells involves disrupted antioxidant defense. AML, HHT, NAC, ROS
10  2018 Bioengineering the spider silk sequence to modify its affinity for drugs. DOX, MTX
11  2018 Cell death mechanisms of the anti-cancer drug etoposide on human cardiomyocytes isolated from pluripotent stem cells. GO, HCM, hPSC-CMs, RTCA
12  2018 Double Strand Break DNA Repair occurs via Non-Homologous End-Joining in Mouse MII Oocytes. DSB
13  2018 Dual-targeted nano-in-nano albumin carriers enhance the efficacy of combined chemo/herbal therapy of lung cancer. BER
14  2018 Establishment of preclinical chemotherapy models for gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma. ABCB1, ABCC2, GEP-NEC
15  2018 Paclitaxel and etoposide-loaded Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres fabricated by coaxial electrospraying for dual drug delivery. HPLC, PLGA/PE, PTX, SEM, TEM
16  2018 Targeting sialic acid residues on lung cancer cells by inhalable boronic acid-decorated albumin nanocomposites for combined chemo/herbal therapy. APBA, BER, EPC, NPs
17  2018 Toxicogenomic responses of low level anticancer drug exposures in Daphnia magna. ance, IMA
18  2018 Treatment results of the second-line chemotherapy regimen for patients with low-risk gestational trophoblastic neoplasia treated with 5-day methotrexate and 5-day etoposide. GTN, MTX, SAEs
19  2017 Multifunctional nanoparticles co-delivering EZH2 siRNA and etoposide for synergistic therapy of orthotopic non-small-cell lung tumor. EZH2, NPs, NSCLC, RNAi
20  2017 PhytoNanotechnology: Enhancing Delivery of Plant Based Anti-cancer Drugs. CPT, NPs, PTX, VCR
21  2017 Polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticles-based paclitaxel and etoposide combinations for the synergistic anticancer efficacy in osteosarcoma. PE-LPN, PTX
22  2017 Transcription activator, hyaluronic acid and tocopheryl succinate multi-functionalized novel lipid carriers encapsulating etoposide for lymphoma therapy. ETP-NLCs, HA, NLCs, Tat, TOS
23  2016 Activity of cyclin B1 in HL-60 cells treated with etoposide. ---
24  2016 Boric Acid Reduces the Formation of DNA Double Strand Breaks and Accelerates Wound Healing Process. BA, DOXO
25  2016 Co-delivery of etoposide and curcumin by lipid nanoparticulate drug delivery system for the treatment of gastric tumors. CUR, ETP-CUR-NLC, GC
26  2016 Dose-reduced combination of mitoxantrone, etoposide, and cytarabine (miniMEC) for relapsed and refractory acute leukemia. MIT, SCT
27  2016 Dual targeting of solid lipid nanoparticles grafted with 83-14 MAb and anti-EGF receptor for malignant brain tumor therapy. AEGFR, BBB, GBM, HAs, HBMECs, PI, SLNs
28  2016 Enhanced delivery of etoposide across the blood-brain barrier to restrain brain tumor growth using melanotransferrin antibody- and tamoxifen-conjugated solid lipid nanoparticles. BBB, ETP-SLNs, GBM, HBMECs, MA, MA-TX-ETP-SLNs, TX, TX-ETP-SLNs
29  2016 Pharmacokinetics and dose adjustment of etoposide administered in a medium-dose etoposide, cyclophosphamide and total body irradiation regimen before allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. AUC, Vd
30  2016 Targeted delivery of etoposide to cancer cells by folate-modified nanostructured lipid drug delivery system. EE, FA, FA-ETP-NLCs, NLCs, PS
31  2015 Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia: potential benefit of medium-dose etoposide conditioning. ALL, allo, CY, HSCT, MAC, Ph, RIC, TBI, TRM
32  2015 Anti-proliferative effect of Fe(III) complexed with 1-(2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde)-4-aminosalicylhydrazone in HepG2 cells. HMB-ASH, OXP
33  2015 Assessment of modulated cytostatic drug resistance by automated gammaH2AX analysis. CsA, DSB, MDR, P-gp, RAPA
34  2015 Coadministration of doxorubicin and etoposide loaded in camel milk phospholipids liposomes showed increased antitumor activity in a murine model. CML, DOX, DPPC, LIP
35  2015 Etoposide incorporated into camel milk phospholipids liposomes shows increased activity against fibrosarcoma in a mouse model. ETP-Cam-liposomes, ETP-DPPC-liposomes, GC/MS
36  2015 Paclitaxel and etoposide co-loaded polymeric nanoparticles for the effective combination therapy against human osteosarcoma. PTX
37  2015 Pharmacokinetics and toxicity of repeated oral etoposide is altered by morphine coadministration in rats. MOR, P-gp
38  2015 [Role of Scaffold Proteins in Functional Alteration of Small Intestinal P-glycoprotein by Anti-cancer Drugs]. ERM, P-gp
39  2014 Changes in PtdIns(4,5)P2 induced by etoposide treatment modulates small intestinal P-glycoprotein via radixin. ERM, P-gp, p.o, RhoA, ROCK
40  2014 Delivering etoposide to the brain using catanionic solid lipid nanoparticles with surface 5-HT-moduline. BBB, CASLNs, ETP-CASLNs, HBMECs
41  2014 Dose-response modeling of etoposide-induced DNA damage response. DSBs
42  2014 Involvement of PtdIns(4,5)P2 in the regulatory mechanism of small intestinal P-glycoprotein expression. ERM, P-gp, PI4P5K, RhoA, ROCK
43  2014 Nanoemulsion based concomitant delivery of curcumin and etoposide: impact on cross talk between prostate cancer cells and osteoblast during metastasis. CUR
44  2014 The predominant role of apoptosis in gammaH2AX formation induced by aneugens is useful for distinguishing aneugens from clastogens. MMC, PT, VB
45  2014 [Effect of repeated oral treatment with etoposide on the expression of intestinal P-glycoprotein and oral morphine analgesia]. ERM, P-gp
46  2013 A validated stability-indicating LC method for estimation of etoposide in bulk and optimized self-nano emulsifying formulation: Kinetics and stability effects. ---
47  2013 Activation of ERM-family proteins via RhoA-ROCK signaling increases intestinal P-gp expression and leads to attenuation of oral morphine analgesia. ERM, p-ERM, P-gp, RhoA, ROCK
48  2013 Fully automated analysis of chemically induced gammaH2AX foci in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells by indirect immunofluorescence. DSB, PBMCs
49  2013 Radixin influences the changes in the small intestinal P-glycoprotein by etoposide treatment. ERM, P-gp
50  2013 Time-dependent changes in the activation of RhoA/ROCK and ERM/p-ERM in the increased expression of intestinal P-glycoprotein by repeated oral treatment with etoposide. ERM, p-ERM, P-gp
51  2012 Antagonism between curcumin and the topoisomerase II inhibitor etoposide: a study of DNA damage, cell cycle regulation and death pathways. CUR, DDR, DSB, NS
52  2012 Drug-targeting in combined cancer chemotherapy: tumor growth inhibition in mice by association of paclitaxel and etoposide with a cholesterol-rich nanoemulsion. LDE, PTX
53  2012 Etoposide modulates the effects of oral morphine analgesia by targeting the intestinal P-glycoprotein. P-gp
54  2012 Human MutY homolog induces apoptosis in etoposide-treated HEK293 cells. ATM, hMYH, TopBP1
55  2012 Potentiation of etoposide and temozolomide cytotoxicity by curcumin and turmeric force™ in brain tumor cell lines. CUR, TF, TMZ
56  2012 Relationship of DNA damage signaling to DNA replication following treatment with DNA topoisomerase inhibitors camptothecin/topotecan, mitoxantrone, or etoposide. CPT, DSBs, EdU, MXT, TPT
57  2012 RhoA affects oral morphine analgesia depending on functional variation in intestinal P-glycoprotein induced by repeated etoposide treatment. P-gp
58  2011 Amyloid precursor protein binding protein Fe65 is cleaved by caspases during DNA damage-induced apoptosis. AD, APP, CPT
59  2011 [Poorly-differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma of ascending colon with liver metastases successfully treated with carboplatin and etoposide]. PDNEC
60  2010 MRE11 function in response to topoisomerase poisons is independent of its function in double-strand break repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. CPT, DSB
61  2010 [Renal salt-wasting syndrome progressing to severe hyponatremia after chemotherapy--a case report]. RSWS, SIADH
62  2008 Serine protease inhibitors N-alpha-tosyl-L-lysinyl-chloromethylketone (TLCK) and N-tosyl-L-phenylalaninyl-chloromethylketone (TPCK) are potent inhibitors of activated caspase proteases. delta psi, STS, TLCK, TPCK
63  2008 Wilms' tumor gene WT1-shRNA as a potent apoptosis-inducing agent for solid tumors. DOX
64  2008 [A case of survival--excellent response to chemotherapy in long-term postoperative recurrence of non-small cell lung cancer]. CDDP, CR, CT, VNR
65  2007 Checkpoint kinase 1 is cleaved in a caspase-dependent pathway during genotoxic stress-induced apoptosis. Chk1, CIS
66  2007 CPT-11 (SN-38) chemotherapy may be selectively applicable to biliary tract cancer with low hMLH1 expression. CPT, dsRNA, MMR, RT-PCR, si
67  2007 Truncated midkine correlates with sensitivity to anticancer drugs and malignancy in human tumor cell line. MK, MMC, PAX, tMK
68  2007 Tuftsin augments antitumor efficacy of liposomized etoposide against fibrosarcoma in Swiss albino mice. Lip-ETP, Tuft-Lip-ETP
69  2006 [A case of small-cell lung cancer effectively treated by bi-weekly administration of amrubicin]. AMR
70  2005 [A case of thymic carcinoma responding to combination chemotherapy with nedaplatin, etoposide, and ifosfamide]. CT, IFO
71  2005 [The second-line chemotherapy for urological cancers]. BLM, GEM, IFM, MVAC, VLB
72  2004 Mobilization of peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) after etoposide, adriamycin and cisplatin therapy, and a multimodal cell therapy approach with PBSCs in advanced gastric cancer. DCs, PBSCs, PBSCT
73  2004 Pharmacokinetic analysis of combination chemotherapy with carboplatin and etoposide in small-cell lung cancer patients undergoing hemodialysis. CBDCA, HD, SCLC
74  2004 Treatment of relapsed Wilms' tumor with high-dose therapy and autologous hematopoietic stem-cell rescue: the experience at Children's Memorial Hospital. CP, EFS, HDT, HSCR, OS, TT
75  2003 Multicyclic dose-intensive chemotherapy supported by autologous blood progenitor cell transplantation for relapsed small cell lung cancer. ABPCT, DI-CT, SCLC
76  2003 Sterically stabilized etoposide liposomes: evaluation of antimetastatic activity and its potentiation by combination with sterically stabilized pentoxifylline liposomes in mice. PTX
77  2003 [A case of recurrent lung cancer successfully treated with vinorelbine and cisplatin/carboplatin]. CR
78  2002 Chemotherapeutic agents sensitize osteogenic sarcoma cells, but not normal human bone cells, to Apo2L/TRAIL-induced apoptosis. CPM, DOX, FADD, MTX, NHB, OPG, TNF
79  2001 [Refractory non-small-cell lung cancer responding to combination chemotherapy with docetaxel, gemcitabine and cisplatin]. GEM
80  2000 [Correlation between DNA topoisomerase II alpha expression and sensitivity to etoposide in human glioma cell lines]. topo IIalpha
81  2000 [Three cases of liver metastasis of colon cancer responding to systemic combination chemotherapy utilizing CPT-11]. PR
82  1999 [CBDCA, etoposide and epirubicin high-dose combination chemotherapy supported by peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT) in metastatic breast cancer]. EPI, PBSCT
83  1999 [Evaluation of antitumor activity of etoposide administered orally for 21 consecutive days against human uterine cancer subcutaneous and/or orthotopic xenografts in nude mice]. ---
84  1999 [The role of mitochondria in apoptosis in U937 and Molt-4 cells: difference in order of mitochondrial membrane potential (delta psi m) reduction and interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme (ICE) on signal transduction pathway in each cell type]. ICE, NAC
85  1998 Synergy of the combination of nedaplatin with etoposide in murine and human lung carcinoma. NDP
86  1998 The in vitro anti-tumor activity of some crude and purified components of blackseed, Nigella sativa L. DIM, DOX, MDR, TQ
87  1998 [Augmented antitumor activity in combination chemotherapy of nedaplatin with etoposide]. NDP
88  1997 Cellular pharmacokinetics and cytotoxicity of camptothecin and topotecan at normal and acidic pH. CPT, topo, TPT
89  1997 Down-regulation of topoisomerase II by camptothecin does not prevent additive activity of the topoisomerase II inhibitor etoposide in vitro. CPT, P-gp, topo
90  1997 Phase II study of daily oral etoposide in children with recurrent brain tumors and other solid tumors. PR
91  1997 Platelet factor 4 and other CXC chemokines support the survival of normal hematopoietic cells and reduce the chemosensitivity of cells to cytotoxic agents. BFU-E, CB, CFU-GEMM, CFU-GM, CFU-MK, IL-8, NAP-2, PF4, TGF-beta1
92  1996 [Chemohyperthermic peritoneal perfusion and high-dose chemotherapy followed by peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in advanced colon cancer--a case report]. HDC, PBSCT
93  1995 Effect of biological response modifiers on growth and cell proliferation of human tumor xenografts in nude mice. GM-CSF, IFN-alpha, TNF-alpha
94  1995 [Induction chemotherapy followed by adjuvant surgery (IC-AS) in patients with stage I-II small cell lung cancer (SCLC)]. ADM, CPA, IC-AS, MTX, SCLC, VCR
95  1994 Experimental combination chemotherapy of pirarubicin with various antitumor drugs against P388 murine leukemia. 5-FU, CPM, MMC, MTX, VDS
96  1994 In vitro and in vivo effects of cisplatin and etoposide in combination on small cell lung cancer cell lines. ---
97  1993 Treatment of a human renal cell carcinoma in nude mice with recombinant human tumor necrosis factor alpha and etoposide. LI, TNF-alpha
98  1992 Woodfruticosin (woodfordin C), a new inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase II. Experimental antitumor activity. ADR, topo-II
99  1991 [Antitumor activity by long-term administration of low-dose etoposide]. 5-FU
100  1990 Enhanced in vivo cytotoxicity of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor with etoposide in human renal cell carcinoma. Evaluation in a pre-clinical model. TNF