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Abbreviation:   ETU  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   ethylenethiourea
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Analysis of human serum and urine for tentative identification of potentially carcinogenic pesticide-associated N-nitroso compounds using high-resolution mass spectrometry. ATR, HRAM, MS, N-DIM, N-OME, PANN, QuEChERS, TCPy, UHPLC
2021 Effect of ethylenethiourea on metamorphosis and ovary development: A comparative study of three larval frogs. ---
2021 Exposure to common-use pesticides, manganese, lead, and thyroid function among pregnant women from the Infants' Environmental Health (ISA) study, Costa Rica. ISA, MnH, TSH
2021 Multi Species Analyses Reveal Testicular T3 Metabolism and Signalling as a Target of Environmental Pesticides. CPF, t-T3, THs
2021 Substrate evaluation for biobeds in the degradation of ethylene bis-dithiocarbamate in wastewater from pesticide application in banana. EBDC
2021 Systemic effects of the pesticide mancozeb - A literature review. ---
2021 The fungicide Mancozeb reduces spheroid attachment onto endometrial epithelial cells through downregulation of estrogen receptor beta and integrin beta3 in Ishikawa cells. EECs
2021 Urinary metabolites of non-persistent pesticides and serum hormones in Spanish adolescent males. 3-PBA, ACTH, AMH, DHEAS, FSH, IGF-1, LH, SHBG, TSH
2020 A new alternative assay for sensitive analysis of ethylenethiourea and propylenethiourea in fruit samples after their separation. CoPc-SPCE, PTU, UHPLC
10  2020 Altered mRNA and lncRNA expression profiles in the striated muscle complex of anorectal malformation rats. ARMs, SMC
11  2020 BMP7 is Downregulated in Lumbosacral Spinal Cord of Rat Embryos With Anorectal Malformation. ARM, BMPs, IN, NF
12  2020 Development and validation of a novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for monitoring ethylene thiourea in soil and vegetable samples. EBDCs, ELISA
13  2020 N-nitrosoethylenethiourea formation at environmentally-relevant concentrations of ethylenethiourea in a pooled groundwater sample. HCl, N-ETU, PANN
14  2020 Peripheral T3 signaling is the target of pesticides in zebrafish larvae and adult liver. CPF, FT3, FT4, THDC, THs
15  2019 Abnormal expression of TBX4 during anorectal development in rat embryos with ethylenethiourea-induced anorectal malformations. ARM, TBX4, URS
16  2019 Downregulation of P2Y2 and HuD during the development of the enteric nervous system in fetal rats with anorectal malformations. ARMs, ENS, HuD
17  2019 Exposure duration and absorbed dose assessment in pesticide-exposed agricultural workers: Implications for risk assessment and modeling. EBDCs
18  2019 Methods for the Identification of Outliers and Their Influence on Exposure Assessment in Agricultural Pesticide Applicators: A Proposed Approach and Validation Using Biological Monitoring. ---
19  2018 Bone morphogenetic protein 4 expression in the developing lumbosacral spinal cord of rat embryos with anorectal malformations. ARMs, BMPs
20  2018 FOXD3/FOXD4 is required for the development of hindgut in the rat model of anorectal malformation. ARM
21  2018 Integrating lncRNAs and mRNAs expression profiles in terminal hindgut of fetal rats with anorectal malformations. ARMs, GO, lncRNAs
22  2018 Integrative analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression profiles in fetal rat model with anorectal malformation. ARMs, miRNA
23  2018 Microarray analysis of miRNAs during hindgut development in rat embryos with ethylenethiourea‑induced anorectal malformations. ARMs, GD10, miR, miRNAs
24  2018 Oxidation of ethylenethiourea in water via ozone enhanced by UV-C: identification of transformation products. EU
25  2018 Pesticides Exposure by Air in Vineyard Rural Area and Respiratory Health in Children: A pilot study. PEF
26  2018 Prenatal Mancozeb Exposure, Excess Manganese, and Neurodevelopment at 1 Year of Age in the Infants' Environmental Health (ISA) Study. ISA, Mn
27  2017 Deleterious Effects From Occupational Exposure to Ethylene Thiourea in Pregnant Women. EDCs
28  2017 Effects of hydrochemistry variables on the half-life of mancozeb and on the hazard index associated to the sum of mancozeb and ethylenethiourea. ---
29  2017 Environmental and biological monitoring for the identification of main exposure determinants in vineyard mancozeb applicators. EBDC, OECD
30  2017 Iodine nutritional status and thyroid effects of exposure to ethylenebisdithiocarbamates. ---
31  2016 Kinetic modelling of mancozeb hydrolysis and photolysis to ethylenethiourea and other by-products in water. mz, RSM
32  2016 Manganese concentrations in drinking water from villages near banana plantations with aerial mancozeb spraying in Costa Rica: Results from the Infants' Environmental Health Study (ISA). Cd, ISA, LOD, Mn, WHO
33  2016 Phytoremediation of groundwater contaminated with pesticides using short-rotation willow crops: A case study of an apple orchard. EU, THPI
34  2015 Characterization of Pesticide Exposure in a Sample of Pregnant Women in Ecuador. PTU, TCPy
35  2015 Expression of the P2Y2 receptor in the terminal rectum of fetal rats with anorectal malformation. ARM, ENS, IOD
36  2015 Is it possible folic acid reduce anorectal malformations ethylenethiourea induced in rats? ARMs, ASSE, FA, GD, IE
37  2015 Reduced Wnt3a expression correlates with poor development of the hindgut in rats with anorectal malformations. ARMs, qRT-PCR, WNT
38  2014 Aerial application of mancozeb and urinary ethylene thiourea (ETU) concentrations among pregnant women in Costa Rica: the Infants' Environmental Health Study (ISA). EDI, ISA, RfDs
39  2014 Degradation of ethylenethiourea pesticide metabolite from water by photocatalytic processes. ---
40  2014 Ozonation and peroxone oxidation of ethylenethiourea in water: operational parameter optimization and by-product identification. ESI-MS, TOC
41  2014 Pesticides in mixture disrupt metabolic regulation: in silico and in vivo analysis of cumulative toxicity of mancozeb and imidacloprid on body weight of mice. IMI, MCZ, MD, PPARgamma
42  2014 Spatiotemporal expression of Cdx4 in the developing anorectum of rat embryos with ethylenethiourea-induced anorectal malformations. ARM, UGS, URS
43  2013 A rapid determination method for ethylenethiourea in potato and cucumber by modified QuEChERS - high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. LOD, LOQ, MRM, RSD
44  2013 Combined determination and confirmation of ethylenethiourea and propylenethiourea residues in fruits at low levels of detection. GC/MS, HPLC/DAD, MSPD, PTU, RSDs, SLE, SPE
45  2013 Currently used pesticides and their mixtures affect the function of sex hormone receptors and aromatase enzyme activity. AR, ER, MCPA
46  2013 Development and validation of ethylenethiourea determination in foods using methanol-based extraction, solid-phase extraction cleanup and LC-MS/MS. MRM
47  2013 Effect of exogenous glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor on development of the enteric nervous system in the rectal end of fetal rats with anorectal malformations. ARMs, ENS, GDNF
48  2013 High-throughput method for the analysis of ethylenethiourea with direct injection of hydrolysed urine using online on-column extraction liquid chromatography and triple quadrupole mass spectrometry. EBDC, LOQ
49  2013 Removal of ethylenthiourea and 1,2,4-triazole pesticide metabolites from water by adsorption in commercial activated carbons. BPAC, CPAC, SEM/EDS, TOC, UV
50  2013 Reproductive toxicity and thyroid effects in Sprague Dawley rats exposed to low doses of ethylenethiourea. ---
51  2012 Isolation and characterization of antagonistic Bacillus strains capable to degrade ethylenethiourea. ---
52  2012 Liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry for the residue determination of ethylenethiourea (ETU) and propylenethiourea (PTU) in water. ILIS, PTU, SPE
53  2012 The fungicide mancozeb induces toxic effects on mammalian granulosa cells. ---
54  2011 Abnormal innervation patterns in the anorectum of ETU-induced fetal rats with anorectal malformations. ARMs, Gd16, GI, ICC, MPs, NCC, NOS
55  2011 Experimental studies on ozonation of ethylenethiourea. SMPS, SOA, VUV-ATOFMS
56  2011 Hydrogen-bond-mediated self-assembly of 26-membered diaza tetraester crowns of 3,5-disubstituted 1H-pyrazole. Dimerization study in the solid state and in CDCl3 solution. ---
57  2011 Kinetic and thermodynamic investigation of mancozeb degradation in tomato homogenate during thermal processing. HPLC, PDA
58  2011 The development of satellite cells and their niche in striated muscle complex of anorectal malformations rat embryos. ARMs, PFM, SMC, TEM
59  2011 The effect of vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy on anorectal malformations. ARMs, PGP 9.5, VAD
60  2010 Hoxd-13 expression in the development of hindgut in ethylenethiourea-exposed fetal rats. ARMs, GD
61  2010 Serum proteins and work habits in a group of farm-workers exposed to EBDCs. Gc
62  2010 The expression analysis of Notch-1 and Jagged-2 during the development of the hindgut in rat embryos with ethylenethiourea induced anorectal malformations. ARMs, RT-PCR
63  2010 [Effects of ethylenethiourea on synthesis and secretion of thyroglobulin and iodide uptake of FRTL-5 cells]. ICC, RIA, Tg
64  2009 Defective development of sensory neurons innervating the levator ani muscle in fetal rats with anorectal malformation. ARM, FG
65  2009 Determination of ethylenethiourea in urine by liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation-mass spectrometry for monitoring background levels in the general population. ---
66  2009 Expression of EphB2 in the development of anorectal malformations in fetal rats. ARMs, GD, IOD, mRNA, PCR, URS
67  2009 Spatiotemporal pattern analysis of transcription factor 4 in the developing anorectum of the rat embryo with anorectal malformations. ARM, RT-PCR, TCF4, URS
68  2009 Teratogenic effects of chronic treatment with corticosterone on tadpoles of Xenopus laevis. CRF, PRL, TH, TRbeta
69  2008 Analysis of ethylenethiourea as a biomarker in human urine using liquid chromatography/triple quadrupole mass spectrometry. BW, EBDCs, IS, LOD, PFBBr, SRM
70  2008 Biological monitoring and questionnaire for assessing exposure to ethylenebisdithiocarbamates in a multicenter European field study. EBDC
71  2008 Liquid chromatographic analysis of maneb and its main degradation product, ethylenethiouera, in fruit juice. DAD, LC
72  2008 Occupational exposure to ethylenebisdithiocarbamates in agriculture and allergy: results from the EUROPIT field study. EDBC
73  2008 Perchlorate and ethylenethiourea induce different histological and molecular alterations in a non-mammalian vertebrate model of thyroid goitrogenesis. PER, TH, TSH
74  2008 Study of density of interstitial cells of cajal in the terminal intestine of rats with anorectal malformation. ARM, ICC
75  2008 Study of the density of ganglion cells in the terminal bowel of rats with anorectal malformations. ARM, GC
76  2008 Toxicological evaluation of the immune function of pesticide workers, a European wide assessment. ---
77  2007 Evaluation of an experimental model for anorectal anomalies induced by ethylenethiourea. ---
78  2007 Quantitative analysis of sacral parasympathetic nucleus innervating the rectum in rats with anorectal malformation. FG, SPN
79  2007 The contribution of the sonic hedgehog cascade in the development of the enteric nervous system in fetal rats with anorectal malformations. ARMs, ENS, PCR, Shh
80  2007 [Quantitative analysis of sensory neurons innervating the muscle levator ani in rats with anorectal malformation]. ARM, FG
81  2006 Evaluation of histological and molecular endpoints for enhanced detection of thyroid system disruption in Xenopus laevis tadpoles. FLE, RT-PCR
82  2006 Persistence and degradation of metalaxyl, mancozeb fungicides and its metabolite ethylenethiourea in soils. ---
83  2006 Sonic hedgehog, BMP4, and Hox genes in the development of anorectal malformations in Ethylenethiourea-exposed fetal rats. GD
84  2005 Application of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of urinary ethylenethiourea in humans. ---
85  2005 Description and initial evaluation of a Xenopus metamorphosis assay for detection of thyroid system-disrupting activities of environmental compounds. PTU, XEMA
86  2005 Determination of ethylene thiourea in urine by HPLC-DAD. EBDCs, HPLC-DAD
87  2005 Determination of ethylenethiourea (ETU) and propylenethiourea (PTU) in foods by high performance liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation-medium-resolution mass spectrometry. DCM, i-PTU, PTU
88  2005 Immunomodulatory effects of the fungicide Mancozeb in agricultural workers. EBDCs, NK
89  2005 Molecular mechanisms underlying mancozeb-induced inhibition of TNF-alpha production. EBDTCs, LPS, NF-kappaB, TNF
90  2005 Reference values for ethylenethiourea in urine in Northern Italy: results of a pilot study. EBDC
91  2005 Sonic hedgehog expression in the development of hindgut in ETU-exposed fetal rats. ARMs, PCR, RT, Shh
92  2005 Stability of the dithiocarbamate pesticide maneb in tomato homogenates during cold storage and thermal processing. ---
93  2005 Studies on the goitrogenic mechanism of action of N,N,N',N'-tetramethylthiourea. ID-I, PTU, TMTU, TPO
94  2004 Abnormalities of the vertebral column and ribs associated with anorectal malformations. ARMs
95  2004 Kinetics of maneb degradation during thermal treatment of tomatoes. ---
96  2004 Normal and abnormal embryonic development of the anorectum in rats. ARM, URS
97  2004 Twenty-four-hour urinary excretion of ten pesticide metabolites in healthy adults in two different areas of Italy (Florence and Ragusa). 3-PBA, DEDTP, DEP, DMDTP, DMP, DMTP, METH, TCP
98  2004 [Occupational exposure to fungicides in floriculture in Ecuador]. EBDTCs
99  2004 [Using the FRTL-5 cell to screen the thyroxine disrupting effects of the two pesticides-ethylenethiourea and pendimethalin]. Tg
100  2003 Analytical method for the quantitative determination of urinary ethylenethiourea by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. CV, ESI, HPLC, LOD, LOQ, MRM