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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A novel peroxidase from Ziziphus jujuba fruit: purification, thermodynamics and biochemical characterization properties. ---
2020 Ab initio studies of the effect of the fluorination on deprotonation reaction of the benzene sulfonic acid. BSA
2020 Adsorption Behaviour of Cr(VI) from Ternary Mesoporous Mg/Fe/Al Oxide Using Glucose as a Soft Template. MgFeAlO
2020 Adsorption Characteristics of Allura Red AC onto Sawdust and Hexadecylpyridinium Bromide-Treated Sawdust in Aqueous Solution. ARAC, NSD
2020 Antioxidants help favorably regulate the kinetics of lipid peroxidation, polyunsaturated fatty acids degradation and acidic cannabinoids decarboxylation in hempseed oil. CBD, CBDA, CDH, GLA, HSO, p-AV, PUFAs
2020 Biochemical Properties of a Partially Purified Protease from Bacillus sp. CL18 and Its Use to Obtain Bioactive Soy Protein Hydrolysates. ACE, DPP-IV, PPP, SPI
2020 Catalytic combustion performances, kinetics, reaction mechanisms and gas emissions of Lentinus edodes. LES
2020 Catalytic effect and mechanism of coexisting copper on conversion of organics during pyrolysis of waste printed circuit boards. WPCBs
2020 Catalytic Effects of rGO-MFe2O4 (M = Ni, Co, and Zn) Nanocomposites on the Thermal Decomposition Performance and Mechanism of Energetic FOX-7. THDP
10  2020 Catalytic pyrolysis of rain tree biomass with nano nickel oxide synthetized from nickel plating slag: A green path for treating waste by waste. NPS, RTB
11  2020 Characterization of raw and treated Arundo donax L. cellulosic fibers and their effect on the curing kinetics of bisphenol A-based benzoxazine. BA-a, DSC, TRF
12  2020 Comparison of the biochemical properties and thermal inactivation of polyphenol oxidase from three lily bulb cultivars. PPO
13  2020 Conductance Tunable Suspended Graphene Nanomesh by Helium Ion Beam Milling. GNM, HIBM
14  2020 Conversion of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural into 6-(Hydroxymethyl)pyridin-3-ol: A Pathway for the Formation of Pyridin-3-ols in Honey and Model Systems. ---
15  2020 Copper hexacyanoferrate nanocrystal as a highly efficient non-noble metal catalyst for reduction of 4-nitrophenol in water. 4-AP, 4-NP, AF, PBAs, TOF
16  2020 Copper Nanowires as Highly Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for Rapid Hydrogen Generation from Hydrolysis of Sodium Borohydride. ---
17  2020 Degradation Behavior of Polypropylene during Reprocessing and Its Biocomposites: Thermal and Oxidative Degradation Kinetics. KAS, OFW, PP, TGA
18  2020 Dependence of stability and electronic and optical properties of perovskite quantum dots on capping ligand chain length. BUTY-VA, DODE-LA, EIS, OCTY-CA, PLQY, PQDs
19  2020 Desulfurization Performance and Kinetics of Potassium Hydroxide-Impregnated Char Sorbents for SO2 Removal from Simulated Flue Gas. SEM/EDS, XRD
20  2020 Divergent field metabolic rates highlight the challenges of increasing temperatures and energy limitation in aquatic ectotherms. ---
21  2020 Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Photoactivity of ITO/VO₂(M)/Au Film Electrodes for Water Splitting. IPCE
22  2020 Effect of roasting conditions on the formation and kinetics of furan in various nuts. ---
23  2020 Effects of physical and chemical pretreatments on drying and quality properties of blackberry (Rubus spp.) in hot air dryer. Deff, SEC
24  2020 Effects of temperature on the dissipation of total- and water-extractable pesticides in Japanese soils. SFO
25  2020 Effects of the Different Solid Deposits on the Corrosion Behavior of Pure Fe in Water Vapor at 500C. EIS, SEM, XRD
26  2020 Efficient decomposition of perfluorooctanic acid by persulfate with iron-modified activated carbon. AC, PFCAs, PFOA, PS
27  2020 Elucidation of Degradation Behavior of Tricyclic Antidepressant Amoxapine in Artificial Gastric Juice. AMX
28  2020 Evaluation of kinetics and mechanism properties of CO2 adsorption onto the palm kernel shell activated carbon. ---
29  2020 Evaluation of Strength Development in Concrete with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Using Apparent Activation Energy. GGBFS, OPC
30  2020 Extraction and characterization of pectin methylesterase from muskmelon biowaste for pectin remodeling. PME
31  2020 Formation of Cubic Ice via Clathrate Hydrate, Prepared in Ultrahigh Vacuum under Cryogenic Conditions. CH, RAIRS, RHEED, UHV
32  2020 Green and Facile Synthesis of Metal-Organic Framework Cu-BTC-Supported Sn (II)-Substituted Keggin Heteropoly Composites as an Esterification Nanocatalyst for Biodiesel Production. FTIR, NH3-TPD, OA, SEM, TEM, TG, XRD
33  2020 Highly Efficient Catalysts of Bimetallic Pt-Ru Nanocrystals Supported on Ordered ZrO2 Nanotube for Toluene Oxidation. ---
34  2020 Highly efficient hydrogen production from hydrolysis of ammonia borane over nanostructured Cu@CuCoOx supported on graphene oxide. AB, NM
35  2020 Hydrolysis and enzymatic degradation of Novichok nerve agents. OPAA
36  2020 i-Propylammonium Lead Chloride Based Perovskite Photocatalysts for Depolymerization of Lignin Under UV Light. FTIR, PL, PXRD, SEM
37  2020 Identification and functional characterization of a beta-glucosidase from Bacillus tequelensis BD69 expressed in bacterial and yeast heterologous systems. GH, MOE
38  2020 Identification of Precursors and Formation Pathway for the Heterocyclic Aromatic Amine 2-Amino-3-methylimidazo(4,5-f)quinoline (IQ). HAAs
39  2020 Indirect Nano-sensing approach: A universal potentiometric silver ion selective sensor for inline quantitative profiling of the kinetics and thermodynamics of formation and decay of silver nanoparticles. ---
40  2020 Investigating the Influence of Infrared Drying Method on Linden (Tilia platyphyllos Scop.) Leaves: Kinetics, Color, Projected Area, Modeling, Total Phenolic, and Flavonoid Content. IR, PA, TFC, TPC
41  2020 Is the Arrhenius-correction of biodegradation rates, as recommended through REACH guidance, fit for environmentally relevant conditions? An example from petroleum biodegradation in environmental systems. HL
42  2020 Isothermal crystallization kinetics of (Cu60Zr25Ti15)99.3Nb0.7 bulk metallic glass. DSC
43  2020 Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of fenton oxidative decolorization of methylene blue. MB
44  2020 Kinetic Parameter Calculation and Trickle Bed Reactor Simulation Based on Pilot-Scale Hydrodesulfurization Test of High-Temperature Coal Tar. HDS, HTCT, L-H, LHSV, M/LTCT
45  2020 Kinetic studies on the pyrolysis of plastic waste using a combination of model-fitting and model-free methods. ---
46  2020 Kinetics and mechanism of radium-isotopes dissolution in TENORM scale waste associated with petroleum production using certain organic carbon source: lactic acid solution-case study. LA
47  2020 Kinetics of partially depolymerized lignin as co-curing agent for epoxy resin. DLS, DSC, EP-DLS, EP-LS, LS, Tg
48  2020 Kinetics of thermal degradation and lifetime study of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) subjected to bioethanol fuel accelerated aging. PVDF
49  2020 Lens culinaris beta-galactosidase (Lsbgal): Insights into its purification, biochemical characterization and trisaccharides synthesis. ONPG
50  2020 Macroscopic Hexagonal Co3O4 Tubes Derived from Controllable Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Layer Single Crystals: Formation Mechanism and Catalytic Activity. DRIFTS, MeCN, MOL
51  2020 Magnetic nanoadsorbents with amino-functionalized polymers for magnetic separation removal of copper ion. ---
52  2020 Molecular characterization, catalytic, kinetic and thermodynamic properties of protease produced by a mutant of Bacillus cereus-S6-3. MMS
53  2020 Nickel-Iron Nitride-Nickel Sulfide Composites for Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis. OER
54  2020 Parameters and mechanism of membrane-oriented processes for the facilitated extraction and recovery of norfloxacin active compound. EDS, FTIR, NRF, PIM, SEM, Tw20
55  2020 Photocatalytic Reduction of Fluorescent Dyes in Sunlight by Newly Synthesized Spiroindenoquinoxaline Pyrrolizidines. ACN, EDX, FTIR, HOMO, HRTEM, LUMO, MB, NIQ, NOESY, PCR, SIQP I, SIQP II, SIQP III, SIQPs, TGA
56  2020 Pilot scale oxidative fast pyrolysis of sawdust in a fluidized bed reactor: A biorefinery approach. ---
57  2020 Preparation of MnO2 decorated Co3Fe1Ox powder/monolithic catalyst with improved catalytic activity for toluene oxidation. IM
58  2020 Preparation, characterization, and luminescence properties of BiLaWO6:Eu3+ red-emitting phosphors for w-LEDs. XRD
59  2020 Production, purification and physicochemical characterization of D-xylose/glucose isomerase from Escherichia coli strain BL21. ECXI-BL21, Vmax
60  2020 Purification and Characterization of Mannanase from Aspergillus awamori for Fruit Juice Clarification. LBG
61  2020 Pyrolysis and combustion kinetics of Sida cordifolia L. using thermogravimetric analysis. FWO, KAS, TGA
62  2020 Roles of Salicylate Donors in Enhancement of Productivity and Isotacticity of Ziegler-Natta Catalyzed Propylene Polymerization. DiBP, Eads, PP, SID
63  2020 Soft-Mode Parameter as an Indicator for the Activation Energy Spectra in Metallic Glass. PEL
64  2020 Statistical analyses on effective removal of cadmium and hexavalent chromium ions by multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). AIC, BET, BIC, D-R, FTIR, HQIC, MWCNTs, SEM
65  2020 Structure elucidation and formation mechanistic study of a methylene-bridged pregabalin dimeric degradant in pregabalin extended-release tablets. RRT
66  2020 Temperature dependent morphological changes on algal growth and cell surface with dairy industry wastewater: an experimental investigation. DIWW
67  2020 The co-combustion performance and reaction kinetics of refuse derived fuels with South African high ash coal. RDF, ROM
68  2020 The Combined Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Kefir Production-A Case Study of Food Fermentation in Unconventional Conditions. Va
69  2020 The Kinetics of Total Phenolic Content and Monomeric Flavan-3-ols during the Roasting Process of Criollo Cocoa. TPC
70  2020 Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Wood Polymer Composites. BFs, CR, FWO, HDPE, TGA, WF
71  2020 Thermal inactivation kinetics of peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase from pomegranate arils (Punica granatum L. cv. Wonderful). POD, PPO
72  2020 Thermochemical Analysis of Ammonia Gas Sorption by Struvite from Livestock Wastes and Comparison with Biochar and Metal-Organic Framework Sorbents. BC, MOF, STA-PTA-FTIR
73  2020 Thermostable and alkalistable exopolygalacturonase of Bacillus pumilus DCSR1: Characteristics and applicability. CD
74  2020 Ultrasound-engineered synthesis of WS2@CeO2 heterostructure for sonocatalytic degradation of tylosin. TYL
75  2020 Use of silica-based homogeneously distributed gold nickel nanohybrid as a stable nanocatalyst for the hydrogen production from the dimethylamine borane. DMAB, TOF
76  2019 A copper(ii)-coordination polymer based on a sulfonic-carboxylic ligand exhibits high water-facilitated proton conductivity. BPG, CP, MD, NEB
77  2019 A Kinetic Study of the Pozzolanic Reaction of Fly Ash, CaO, and Na2O in the Preparation of Fly Ash Belite Cement. ---
78  2019 A Novel Polymethyl Methacrylate Derivative Grafted with Cationic Iridium(III) Complex Units: Synthesis and Application in White Light-Emitting Diodes. CCT, CIE, CRI, LEDs, Td
79  2019 A Novel Resistive Switching Identification Method through Relaxation Characteristics for Sneak-path-constrained Selectorless RRAM application. NL, RRAM, SPC
80  2019 A Novel Study: The Effect of Graphene Oxide on the Morphology, Crystal Structure, Optical and Electrical Properties of Lanthanum Ferrite Based Nano Electroceramics Synthesized by Hydrothermal Method. Ec, Pr, Ps
81  2019 Amano Lipase PS-catalyzed Hydrolysis of Pine Nut Oil for the Fatty Acids Production Using Deep Eutectic Solvent as Co-solvent. DESs, DH, FFAs, PNO
82  2019 An experimental and kinetic study of thermal decomposition of phenanthrene. MSW, PAHs
83  2019 An extreme halophilic xylanase from camel rumen metagenome with elevated catalytic activity in high salt concentrations. ---
84  2019 Boosted Reactivity of Ammonia Borane Dehydrogenation over Ni/Ni2P Heterostructure. AB
85  2019 Characterization of Carbonyl-Phenol Adducts Produced by Food Phenolic Trapping of 4-Hydroxy-2-hexenal and 4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal. ---
86  2019 Characterization of cross-linked amyloglucosidase aggregates from Aspergillus fumigatus KIBGE-IB33 for continuous production of glucose. CLAAs
87  2019 Co-hydrothermal carbonization of corn stalk and swine manure: Combustion behavior of hydrochar by thermogravimetric analysis. CS, FWO, HTC, KAS, SM
88  2019 Effect of Different Amino Acids and Heating Conditions on the Formation of 2-Amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP) and Its Kinetics Formation Using Chemical Model System. HPLC-FLD, PhIP
89  2019 Enhanced denitrification performance and biocatalysis mechanisms of polyoxometalates as environmentally-friendly inorganic redox mediators. POMs
90  2019 Exploring the Coordination Effect of GO@MOF-5 as Catalyst on Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Perchlorate. DSC-TG, FTIR, GO, SEM, XRD
91  2019 Fabrication of layered membrane electrolytes with spin coating technique as anhydrous proton exchange membranes. CdTe, PA, PEMs, PVDF
92  2019 Fast degradation of phthalate acid esters by polyoxometalate nanocatalysts through adsorption, esterolysis and oxidation. CH3, COD, DEP, PAEs, POM, TOC
93  2019 Fluidized Bed Drying of Pumpkin (Cucurbita sp.) Seeds. MR
94  2019 Fuel production from waste polystyrene via pyrolysis: Kinetics and products distribution. PS
95  2019 Functional Chitosan Derivative and Chitin as Decolorization Materials for Methylene Blue and Methyl Orange from Aqueous Solution. MB, MO
96  2019 Guar Gum as an Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor for Pure Aluminium in 1-M HCl Solution. FTIR, GG
97  2019 Hydrogen Desorption Properties of LiBH4/xLiAlH4 (x = 0.5, 1, 2) Composites. DSC, MS, SEM, TG, XRD
98  2019 Impact of pH on the high-pressure inactivation of microbial transglutaminase. HPP, MTG, Va
99  2019 Juglans regia and Ribes nigrum as potential nutraceuticals: Source of thermostable superoxide dismutase enzyme. SOD
100  2019 Kinetic Analysis of the Thermal Degradation of Recycled Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene by non-Isothermal Thermogravimetry. ABS, CKA, FWO, KAS, TGA, Tm