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Abbreviation:   Eya  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   Eyes absent
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2018 Pleiotropy in Drosophila organogenesis: Mechanistic insights from Combgap and the retinal determination gene network. Cg, RDGN, SMW
2017 Antagonistic regulation of the second mitotic wave by Eyes absent-Sine oculis and Combgap coordinates proliferation and specification in the Drosophila retina. Cg, SMW
2017 Eya2 overexpression promotes the invasion of human astrocytoma through the regulation of ERK/MMP9 signaling. ERK, MMP
2017 Mutations that impair Eyes absent tyrosine phosphatase activity in vitro reduce robustness of retinal determination gene network output in Drosophila. RDGN
2017 Quantitative microscopy of the Drosophila ovary shows multiple niche signals specify progenitor cell fate. Cas, FSC
2016 Distinct Biochemical Activities of Eyes absent During Drosophila Eye Development. TPM
2016 Identification of novel direct targets of Drosophila Sine oculis and Eyes absent by integration of genome-wide data sets. TFs
2016 Retinal Axon Guidance Requires Integration of Eya and the Jak/Stat Pathway into Phosphotyrosine-Based Signaling Circuitries in Drosophila. ---
2016 Retinal determination genes coordinate neuroepithelial specification and neurogenesis modes in the Drosophila optic lobe. Abd-B, Hth
10  2015 Multiple Functions of the Eya Phosphotyrosine Phosphatase. ---
11  2014 Caenorhabditis elegans eyes absent ortholog EYA-1 is required for stress resistance. HSP-16.2, sod-3
12  2014 Hipk promotes photoreceptor differentiation through the repression of Twin of eyeless and Eyeless expression. Dac, Dpp, Ey, Hh, Hipk, RDGN, Toy
13  2014 miR-30a suppresses breast cancer cell proliferation and migration by targeting Eya2. miRNAs, siRNA
14  2014 The Drosophila Wilms׳ Tumor 1-Associating Protein (WTAP) homolog is required for eye development. Elav, Gro, Lz, WT1, WTAP
15  2013 Castor is required for Hedgehog-dependent cell-fate specification and follicle stem cell maintenance in Drosophila oogenesis. Cas, FSCs
16  2013 Eyes absent tyrosine phosphatase activity is not required for Drosophila development or survival. eyaGR
17  2012 Dual transcriptional activities of SIX proteins define their roles in normal and ectopic eye development. Gro
18  2012 Eya1 and Eya2 gene expression is down-regulated during somitic myogenesis in the cadmium-induced omphalocele chick model. Cd
19  2012 MAPK target sites of eyes absent are not required for eye development or survival in Drosophila. MAPK
20  2012 Nemo phosphorylates Eyes absent and enhances output from the Eya-Sine oculis transcriptional complex during Drosophila retinal determination. MAPK
21  2012 The "eyes absent" (eya) gene in the eye-bearing hydrozoan jellyfish Cladonema radiatum: conservation of the retinal determination network. RDGN
22  2010 The retinal determination gene eyes absent is regulated by the EGF receptor pathway throughout development in Drosophila. EGFR
23  2009 Interactions with the Abelson tyrosine kinase reveal compartmentalization of eyes absent function between nucleus and cytoplasm. Abl
24  2008 Direct control of the proneural gene atonal by retinal determination factors during Drosophila eye development. ato, Dac, RD
25  2008 Drosophila nemo promotes eye specification directed by the retinal determination gene network. Dac, Ey, NLK, RDGN
26  2008 Eyes absent proteins: characterization of substrate specificity and phosphatase activity of mutants associated with branchial, otic and renal anomalies. BO, BOR, ED, pY
27  2007 distal antenna and distal antenna-related function in the retinal determination network during eye development in Drosophila. ato, Dac, dan, danr, Ey, RD
28  2007 The eyes absent family of phosphotyrosine phosphatases: properties and roles in developmental regulation of transcription. ---
29  2006 Branchio-oto-renal syndrome associated mutations in Eyes Absent 1 result in loss of phosphatase activity. BOR
30  2006 Eya1 regulates the growth of otic epithelium and interacts with Pax2 during the development of all sensory areas in the inner ear. BOR
31  2004 Independent roles of the dachshund and eyes absent genes in BMP signaling, axon pathfinding and neuronal specification. Dac, Fmrf
32  2004 Structure-function analysis of the Drosophila retinal determination protein Dachshund. Dac, Ey, RD
33  2003 Eya protein phosphatase activity regulates Six1-Dach-Eya transcriptional effects in mammalian organogenesis. Dach
34  2003 The transcription factor Eyes absent is a protein tyrosine phosphatase. HAD
35  2002 Eya1 is required for the morphogenesis of mammalian thymus, parathyroid and thyroid. BOR
36  2002 Six3-mediated auto repression and eye development requires its interaction with members of the Groucho-related family of co-repressors. ---