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Abbreviation:   FACS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   fluorescence-activated cell sorting
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Specimen Preparation for Single-Cell Sequencing Analysis of Skeletal Cells. scRNA-seq
2021 Use of Chlamydial Elementary Bodies as Probes to Isolate Pathogen-Specific Human Monoclonal Antibodies. ---
2020 17 beta-estradiol affects proliferation and apoptosis of canine bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in vitro. BMSCs, cBMSCs, CCND1, CDKN1B, PCNA
2020 A FACS-based approach to obtain viable eosinophils from human adipose tissue. ---
2020 A Novel Imidazopyridine Derivative Exerts Anticancer Activity by Inducing Mitochondrial Pathway-Mediated Apoptosis. HeLa, MOMP, PI
2020 A pipeline for targeted metagenomics of environmental bacteria. FISH, HCR
2020 A possible interplay between HR-HPV and stemness in tumor development: An in vivo investigation of CD133 as a putative marker of cancer stem cell in HPV18 infected kb cell-line. AC133, CSCs, HR-HPVs, IHC, ISH
2020 A rare subpopulation of melanoma cells with low expression of metastasis suppressor NME1 is highly metastatic in vivo. NME1
2020 A rat H1t-GFP transgene recapitulates endogenous H1t expression pattern in mouse. ---
10  2020 Activation of protein kinase B by WNT4 as a regulator of uterine leiomyoma stem cell function. LIC, LSC
11  2020 Activity-based cell sorting reveals responses of uncultured archaea and bacteria to substrate amendment. BONCAT
12  2020 Altered Cytotoxicity Profile of CD8+ T Cells in Ankylosing Spondylitis. AS, SF
13  2020 Analyses of competent and non-competent subpopulations of Bacillus subtilis reveal yhfW, yhxC and ncRNAs as novel players in competence. TCA
14  2020 Analyses of human granulosa cell vitality by fluorescence activated cell sorting after rapid cooling. ---
15  2020 Analysis of the Mouse Y Chromosome by Single-Molecule Sequencing With Y Chromosome Enrichment. ---
16  2020 Anlotinib can overcome acquired resistance to EGFR-TKIs via FGFR1 signaling in non-small cell lung cancer without harboring EGFR T790M mutation. CCK-8, GR
17  2020 Aptamers as Reversible Sorting Ligands for Preparation of Cells in Their Native State. EGFR, MACS
18  2020 Autofluorescence mediated red spherulocyte sorting provides insights into the source of spinochromes in sea urchins. RSCs
19  2020 Automated ISH for Validated Histological Mapping of Lowly Expressed Genes. FFPE, IHC, ISH
20  2020 BDNF Expression in Cortical GABAergic Interneurons. BDNF, ER, INs, LCM, PCs, PRO, RT-qPCR
21  2020 Binding affinity determination of therapeutic antibodies to membrane protein targets: Kinetic Exclusion Assay using cellular membranes for anti-CD20 antibody. KinExA
22  2020 Bioactive fluorenes. Part III: 2,7-dichloro-9H-fluorene-based thiazolidinone and azetidinone analogues as anticancer and antimicrobial against multidrug resistant strains agents. ---
23  2020 Biochemical and Molecular Investigation of In Vitro Antioxidant and Anticancer Activity Spectrum of Crude Extracts of Willow Leaves Salix safsaf. ROS
24  2020 Biocompatible PHB Production from Bacillus Species Under Submerged and Solid-State Fermentation and Extraction Through Different Downstream Processing. FTIR, NMR, PHB, SSF, Td, Tm, XRD, YFP
25  2020 Bioorthogonal non-canonical amino acid tagging reveals translationally active subpopulations of the cystic fibrosis lung microbiota. BONCAT
26  2020 Biosensor-based monitoring of the central metabolic pathway metabolites. 3PG, E4P, HGPRT, LBD, PRPP
27  2020 Biosensor-enabled droplet microfluidic system for the rapid screening of 3-dehydroshikimic acid produced in Escherichia coli. 3-DHS
28  2020 BLI-Based Functional Assay in Phage Display Benefits the Development of a PD-L1-Targeting Therapeutic Antibody. BLI, SPR
29  2020 CD248 and integrin alpha-8 are candidate markers for differentiating lung fibroblast subtypes. IPF, ITGA8
30  2020 CD93 hematopoietic stem cells improve diabetic wound healing by VEGF activation and downregulation of DAPK-1. DAPK-1, HSCs, PCL, VEGF
31  2020 Cell Type-Specific Expression Analysis of the Inner Ear: A Technical Report. scRNA-seq
32  2020 Characterization of gene expression changes in human neural stem cells and endothelial cells modeling a neurovascular microenvironment. NSCs, VLS
33  2020 Characterization of Pancreatic and Biliary Cancer Stem Cells in Patient-derived Tissue. CAFs, CSCs, ECC, PDAC
34  2020 Characterization of sporulation dynamics of Pseudoclostridium thermosuccinogenes using flow cytometry. CFDA, FCM, PI
35  2020 Characterization of the innate immune response in a novel murine model mimicking bronchopulmonary dysplasia. BPD
36  2020 Chemical Modification of the Yeast Cell Surface Allows the Switch Between Display and Soluble Secretion of Full-Length Antibodies. YSD
37  2020 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation of Low Number of FACS-Purified Epidermal Cells. ChIP-seq
38  2020 Comparison of gene disruption induced by cytosine base editing-mediated iSTOP with CRISPR/Cas9-mediated frameshift. CBE, DSB
39  2020 Comparison of RNA isolation procedures for analysis of adult murine brain and spinal cord astrocytes. CNS, TRAP
40  2020 Construction of Fully Segregated Genomic Libraries in Polyploid Organisms Such as Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. ---
41  2020 CRISPR-Cas13a Cleavage of Dengue Virus NS3 Gene Efficiently Inhibits Viral Replication. crRNA, qRT-PCR
42  2020 Cross-talk between ribosome biogenesis, translation, and mTOR in CD133+ 4/CD44+ prostate cancer stem cells. PCa, PPI
43  2020 Cucurbitacin IIb from Ibervillea sonorae Induces Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest via STAT3 Inhibition. CIIb
44  2020 CXCR4-SF1 bifunctional adipose-derived stem cells benefit for the treatment of Leydig cell dysfunction-related diseases. BSPRY, CXCR4-SF1-ADSCs
45  2020 Delta-like Factor 1 as a Possible Therapeutic Target for Sarcomas. CSCs, DLK1, siRNA
46  2020 Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in the Diagnostic Leukapheresis Product of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients Comparing CellSearch and ISET. CTCs, DLA, IQR, ISET, NSCLC
47  2020 Detection of mixed-strain infections by FACS and ultra-low input genome sequencing. ---
48  2020 Development and characterization of a Nannochloropsis mutant with simultaneously enhanced growth and lipid production. FAME, PUFAs, T6P, WT
49  2020 Development of a bioreactor system for pre-endothelialized cardiac patch generation with enhanced viscoelastic properties by combined collagen I compression and stromal cell culture. ECs, HLAAs
50  2020 Differential expression of alpha6 and beta1 integrins reveals epidermal heterogeneity at single-cell resolution. ---
51  2020 Digital Microfluidics for Single Bacteria Capture and Selective Retrieval Using Optical Tweezers. DMF, OT
52  2020 Dinutuximab Synergistically Enhances the Cytotoxicity of Natural Killer Cells to Retinoblastoma Through the Perforin-Granzyme B Pathway. BRB, ELISAs, FC, GSEA, NK
53  2020 Disulfiram/Copper Induces Antitumor Activity against Both Nasopharyngeal Cancer Cells and Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts through ROS/MAPK and Ferroptosis Pathways. ALDH, alpha-SMA, CAFs, IHC, NAC, NPC
54  2020 DLL4 restores damaged liver by enhancing hBMSC differentiation into cholangiocytes. DLL4, FHF, hBMSCs
55  2020 Double Emulsion Picoreactors for High-Throughput Single-Cell Encapsulation and Phenotyping via FACS. ---
56  2020 DPP-4 Inhibition with Anagliptin Reduces Lipotoxicity-Induced Insulin Resistance and Steatohepatitis in Male Mice. Ana, CDAHF, CL, DPP-4, NASH
57  2020 Efficacy of Optimized Treatment Protocol Using LAU-7b Formulation against Ovalbumin (OVA) and House Dust Mite (HDM) -Induced Allergic Asthma in Atopic Hyperresponsive A/J Mice. HDM, OVA, VLCC
58  2020 Efficient SNP editing in haploid human pluripotent stem cells. ---
59  2020 Engineering and application of a biosensor with focused ligand specificity. TRs
60  2020 Engineering of a Brighter Variant of the FusionRed Fluorescent Protein Using Lifetime Flow Cytometry and Structure-Guided Mutations. FPs, RFP
61  2020 Enhanced Immune Response Against the Thomsen-Friedenreich Tumor Antigen Using a Bivalent Entirely Carbohydrate Conjugate. CDC, ELISA, MGL2, PS A1, TF, Tn
62  2020 Enhanced Production of Bacterial Cellulose in Komagataeibacter xylinus Via Tuning of Biosynthesis Genes with Synthetic RBS. BC, GFP, RBS
63  2020 Enumeration of lymphocyte subsets during follow-up in the pulmonary tuberculosis patients with co morbid diabetes mellitus. DM, HC, HHC, PTB, TBDM
64  2020 ER-stressed MSC displayed more effective immunomodulation in RA CD4+CXCR5+ICOS+ follicular helper-like T cells through higher PGE2 binding with EP2/EP4. ER, PBMCs, RA, TG, UC-MSCs
65  2020 Establishing typical values for hemocyte mortality in individual California mussels, Mytilus californianus. ---
66  2020 Evaluating the Timeliness and Specificity of CD69, CD64 and CD25 as Biomarkers of Sepsis in MICE. CLP, CS
67  2020 Evaluation of HER2 expression in urothelial carcinoma cells as a biomarker for circulating tumor cells. CTC, EpCAM, UC, UCCs
68  2020 Evaluation of the effects of cell-dispensing using an inkjet-based bioprinter on cell integrity by RNA-seq analysis. ---
69  2020 Evaluation of two methods to isolate Schwann cells from murine sciatic nerve. PNI, SC
70  2020 Evaluation of whole genome amplification and bioinformatic methods for the characterization of Leishmania genomes at a single cell level. WGA
71  2020 Exosomal miRNA-320a Is Released from hAMSCs and Regulates SIRT4 to Prevent Reactive Oxygen Species Generation in POI. AMPK, ELISA, hAMSC-Exos, hAMSCs, hGCs, miR-320a, POI, SIRT4
72  2020 Extracellular allograft inflammatory factor-1 (AIF-1) potentiates Th1 cell differentiation and inhibits Treg response in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells from normal subjects. AIF-1, PBMCs, Rb-CDK
73  2020 Extracellular metabolism of the enteric inhibitory neurotransmitter beta-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (beta-NAD) in the murine colon. beta-NAD, eADO, eADPR, ICC, NEJ, SMCs
74  2020 FACS isolation and analysis of human circulating and tumor neutrophils. ---
75  2020 FACS-Based Functional Protein Screening via Microfluidic Co-encapsulation of Yeast Secretor and Mammalian Reporter Cells. GFP, mIL-3
76  2020 FACS-Based Proteomics Enables Profiling of Proteins in Rare Cell Populations. MS
77  2020 FGF21 alleviates neuroinflammation following ischemic stroke by modulating the temporal and spatial dynamics of microglia/macrophages. FGFR1, MACS, MCAO, NF-kappaB, PPARgamma, rhFGF21
78  2020 Fibroblasts direct differentiation of human breast epithelial progenitors. hTERT, MSC, TDLUs, TGF-beta
79  2020 Fibulin-1 Integrates Subendothelial Extracellular Matrices and Contributes to Anatomical Closure of the Ductus Arteriosus. DA, ECs, IT, SMCs
80  2020 Flow Cytometry Analysis and Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting of Myeloid Cells from Lung and Bronchoalveolar Lavage Samples from Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected Mice. Mtb
81  2020 Flow-cytometric microglial sorting coupled with quantitative proteomics identifies moesin as a highly-abundant microglial protein with relevance to Alzheimer's disease. AD, MACS, MSN, TMT-MS, TNF
82  2020 Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting for the Isolation of Scleractinian Cell Populations. ---
83  2020 Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting Using the D-Root Device and Optimization for Scarce and/or Non-Accessible Root Cell Populations. GFP
84  2020 Fluorescent Aminoglycoside Antibiotics and Methods for Accurately Monitoring Uptake by Bacteria. ---
85  2020 FRET-based fluorescent nanoprobe platform for sorting of active microorganisms by functional properties. FRET
86  2020 Gene expression profiles of bovine uninucleate trophoblast cells and trophoblast giant cells: a data note. TGCs, UTCs
87  2020 Germinal center formation, immunoglobulin production and hindlimb nociceptive sensitization after tibia fracture. CRPS, Tfh
88  2020 Gestation and breastfeeding in schistosomotic mice differentially alters the expression of histone deacetylases (HDACs) in adult offspring. HDACs, qPCR
89  2020 Glycogen synthase kinase 3beta inhibitor- CHIR 99021 augments the differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells. MSCs
90  2020 Growth associated polyhydroxybutyrate production by the novel Zobellellae tiwanensis strain DD5 from banana peels under submerged fermentation. PHB, Td, Tm
91  2020 High accuracy gene expression profiling of sorted cell subpopulations from breast cancer PDX model tissue. IEGs, ITH, PDX
92  2020 Highly Fluorescent Distyrylnaphthalene Derivatives as a Tool for Visualization of Cellular Membranes. DSNNs
93  2020 Hippocampal interleukin-33 mediates neuroinflammation-induced cognitive impairments. IL, rmIL-33
94  2020 Human CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cell-Engrafted NSG Mice: Morphological and Immunophenotypic Features. HSC
95  2020 Hydroxyapatite-collagen augments osteogenic differentiation of dental pulp stem cells. DPSCs, HA-Col, MSCs, SEM
96  2020 Identification and characterization a novel polar tube protein (NbPTP6) from the microsporidian Nosema bombycis. IFA, PTPs
97  2020 Improvement of l-Valine Production by Atmospheric and Room Temperature Plasma Mutagenesis and High-Throughput Screening in Corynebacterium glutamicum. ---
98  2020 In tube immunocytochemistry for fluorescence-activated cell sorting that prevents RNA degradation in sorted cells. DTT, RT-PCR
99  2020 In vitro Chicken Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cells Comprise Subsets at Different States of Maturation. chBM-DCs, DCs, GM-CSF, MHC-II
100  2020 Increase in liver gammadelta T cells with concurrent augmentation of IFN-beta production during the early stages of a mouse model of acute experimental hepatitis B virus infection. HBV, IFN, NK, NKT, TNF-alpha