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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A High-Throughput Method as a Diagnostic Tool for HIV Detection in Patient-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Generated by Different Reprogramming Methods. iPSCs, MSCs, PBMCs
2019 Bovine fetal mesenchymal stem cells exert antiproliferative effect against mastitis causing pathogen Staphylococcus aureus. ACM, CACM, CATHL2, CCM, CM, hep, MSC, NK1
2019 Cell-specific Retention and Action of Pheophorbide-based Photosensitizers in Human Lung Cancer Cells. ECs, HPPH
2019 Exchange protein activated by cyclic-adenosine monophosphate (Epac) regulates atrial fibroblast function and controls cardiac remodelling. AR, Epac, Epac, HF, LA, MI, VTP
2019 Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide reduces melanogenesis by inhibiting the paracrine effects of keratinocytes and fibroblasts via IL-6/STAT3/FGF2 pathway. ELISA, GLP, MTT, qRT-PCR
2019 Human mesenchymal stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles improve liver regeneration after ischemia reperfusion injury in mice. EV, IRI, MSC
2019 Myofibroblast modulation of cardiac myocyte structure and function. CMs, myoFb
2019 Orf virus infection of human keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts: Limited virus detection and interference with intercellular adhesion molecule-1 up-regulation. ICAM, IL, KC
2019 OTUD6B-AS1 Might Be a Novel Regulator of Apoptosis in Systemic Sclerosis. ASO, HC, HPASMC, IL, OTUD6B-AS1, PDGF, SSc, TGF-beta
10  2019 Sertoli cell-mediated differentiation of bovine fetal mesenchymal stem cells into germ cell lineage using an invitro co-culture system. bfMSC, GC, MSC, SC
11  2019 [Experimental study on the effect of desferrioxamine on targeted homing and angiogenesis of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells]. BMSCs, DFO, EGF, FGF, SDF-1
12  2018 Biofabrication of injectable fibrin microtissues for minimally-invasive therapies: application of surfactants. EC
13  2018 Bioprinting of biomimetic skin containing melanocytes. KCs, MCs
14  2018 Extracellular Vesicles Secreted by Hypoxic AC10 Cardiomyocytes Modulate Fibroblast Cell Motility. EC, EVs, Hx, NTA, Nx
15  2018 Homozygosity for CREB3L1 premature stop codon in first case of recessive osteogenesis imperfecta associated with OASIS-deficiency to survive infancy. ER, hOB, OI, qBEI
16  2018 Synthesis of a Novel Electrospun Polycaprolactone Scaffold Functionalized with Ibuprofen for Periodontal Regeneration: An In Vitro andIn Vivo Study. EC, IBU, Pg-LPS
17  2018 Three-dimensional poly lactic-co-glycolic acid scaffold containing autologous platelet-rich plasma supports keloid fibroblast growth and contributes to keloid formation in a nude mouse model. alpha-SMA, GFP, KL, PLGA, PLGA, PRP
18  2018 Transcriptome profiling reveals the complexity of pirfenidone effects in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. CEMIP, IPF, LH
19  2018 Typing of pancreatic cancer-associated fibroblasts identifies different subpopulations. CAFs, ECM, IF, j-CAFs, p-CAFs, PC, qPCR
20  2018 Use of human-derived stem cells to create a novel, in vitro model designed to explore FMR1 CGG repeat instability amongst female premutation carriers. FMR1, iPSC, mPCR, PM
21  2017 Biomaterial-Free Three-Dimensional Bioprinting of Cardiac Tissue using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes. CM, EC, hiPSC-CMs
22  2017 Fibroblast contributes for osteoblastic phenotype in a MAPK-ERK and sonic hedgehog signaling-independent manner. ALP, OM
23  2017 Metformin and caffeic acid regulate metabolic reprogramming in human cervical carcinoma SiHa/HTB-35cells and augment anticancer activity of Cisplatin via cell cycle regulation. CisPt, GLS, ME1, MET, TCA
24  2017 Neutralization of Human Cytomegalovirus Entry into Fibroblasts and Epithelial Cells. EC, HCMV, NAb, PC
25  2017 The cardiotomy reservoir - a preliminary evaluation of a new cell source for cardiovascular tissue engineering. CR, EC, ECM, SEM, TE
26  2016 Endothelial colony-forming cells for preparing prevascular three-dimensional cell-dense tissues using cell-sheet engineering. EC, ECFCs, HUVECs
27  2016 Epithelial-mesenchymal interaction during photodynamic therapy-induced photorejuvenation. IL, KC, KCM, MMPs, PDT, TGF
28  2016 Hierarchical Patterning of Cells with a Microeraser and Electrospun Nanofibers. OB
29  2016 In vitro detection of human breast cancer cells (SK-BR3) using herceptin-conjugated liquid crystal microdroplets as a sensing platform. HER2, SDS
30  2016 Olfactory Ensheathing Cell Transplantation after a Complete Spinal Cord Transection Mediates Neuroprotective and Immunomodulatory Mechanisms to Facilitate Regeneration. CSPGs, OEC
31  2016 Perivascular Cells in Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis Overexpress Activated ADAM12 and Are Involved in Myofibroblast Transdifferentiation and Development of Fibrosis. dcSSc, MSC, SSc, TGF-beta
32  2016 Urethral Reconstruction with Small Intestinal Submucosa Seeded with Oral Keratinocytes and TIMP-1 siRNA Transfected Fibroblasts in a Rabbit Model. OK, SIS, TIMP-1 siRNA
33  2016 Vascular Network Formation by Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells in Modular Fibrin Microtissues. MVEC
34  2015 Active Nanofibrous Membrane Effects on Gingival Cell Inflammatory Response. alpha-MSH, EC, IL-6, PCL, Pg-LPS, TGF-beta
35  2015 Differential susceptibility of primary cultured human skin cells to hypericin PDT in an in vitro model. FACS, HYP-PDT, KC, Mc, PDT
36  2015 Effect of fibroblast-seeded artificial dermis on wound healing. AD
37  2015 Global comparison of chromosome X genes of pulmonary telocytes with mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblasts, alveolar type II cells, airway epithelial cells, and lymphocytes. ABC, ATII, MSC, PAC, T-BL, T-L, TCs
38  2015 Vaccine-Derived Neutralizing Antibodies to the Human Cytomegalovirus gH/gL Pentamer Potently Block Primary Cytotrophoblast Infection. HCMV, MVA, NAb, PC
39  2014 Cord blood mesenchymal stromal cell-conditioned medium protects endothelial cells via STAT3 signaling. CBMSC, CM, GSD
40  2014 Entropy-based clustering of embryonic stem cells using digital holographic microscopy. ES
41  2014 Experimental tissue engineering of fetal skin. KC
42  2014 Expression profiles of angiogenesis-related proteins in prevascular three-dimensional tissues using cell-sheet engineering. ECNA, HAECs, HGF, MMP-9, PlGF
43  2014 In-vivo comparison of the acute retention of stem cell derivatives and fibroblasts after intramyocardial transplantation in the mouse model. LAD, PET, SCD
44  2014 Why is rose bengal more phototoxic to fibroblasts in vitro than in vivo? RB
45  2013 Adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) transplantation promotes regeneration of expanded skin using a tissue expansion model. ADSCs
46  2013 Cardiac fibroblasts inhibit beta-adrenoceptor-dependent connexin43 expression in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes. CM, Cx43
47  2013 In vitro comparison of novel polyurethane aortic valves and homografts after seeding and conditioning. EC, ECM
48  2013 Production of spontaneously beating neonatal rat heart tissue for calcium and contractile studies. ECs, IBCs, NRVM
49  2013 Secretome of peripheral blood mononuclear cells enhances wound healing. EC, KC, PBMC
50  2013 The performance of an orthosilicic acid-releasing silica gel fiber fleece in wound healing. EC, KC
51  2013 [Role of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase on cyclic stretch in human facial hypertrophic scar fibroblasts differentiation into myofibroblasts]. alpha-SMA, MFB, p38 MAPK, RT-PCR, TGF-beta1
52  2012 Central role of IL-6 and MMP-1 for cross talk between human intestinal mast cells and human intestinal fibroblasts. MC, MMP-1
53  2012 Chronic nerve growth factor exposure increases apoptosis in a model of in vitro induced conjunctival myofibroblasts. myoFb, NGF
54  2012 [Analysis of the binding domain of hydroxypyruvate isomerase homologues in hypertrophic scar fibroblasts]. HYI
55  2012 [Effects of Angelica dahurica extract on biological behavior of dermal fibroblasts]. FCM
56  2012 [Effects of heat injured keratinocytes supernatant on expressions of collagen type I, collagen type III, and matrix metalloproteinase 1 of dermal fibroblasts]. KC, MMP-1
57  2012 [Effects of myrrh extract on proliferation and collagen mRNA expression of human fibroblasts in vitro]. ---
58  2012 [Role of PDGF-A/PDGFR-alpha in proliferation and transdifferentiation of fibroblasts from skin lesions of patients with systemic sclerosis]. alpha-SMA, MFB, PDGF-A, PDGFR-alpha, SSc
59  2011 Biphasic electrical field stimulation aids in tissue engineering of multicell-type cardiac organoids. CM, EC
60  2011 CD10 expressed by fibroblasts and melanoma cells degrades endothelin-1 secreted by human keratinocytes. ET-1, KC
61  2011 Quercetin decreases proliferation of orbital fibroblasts and their release of hyaluronic acid. GO, HA
62  2011 Use of gene-modified keratinocytes and fibroblasts to enhance regeneration in a full skin defect. KC
63  2011 [Diabetes mellitus ulcers treatment with Bletilla striata polysaccharide]. MPO
64  2010 CD10-bearing fibroblast inhibits matrigel invasive potency of interleukin-1alpha-producing squamous cell carcinoma by diminishing substance P levels in the tumor microenvironment. IL-1alpha, MMP, SCC
65  2010 Human uterine leiomyoma-derived fibroblasts stimulate uterine leiomyoma cell proliferation and collagen type I production, and activate RTKs and TGF beta receptor signaling in coculture. ECM, RTKs, SMAD, UtLM
66  2010 Involvement of integrins alpha(3)beta(1) and alpha(5)beta(1) and glycoprotein IIb in megakaryocyte-induced osteoblast proliferation. GP, IL, MKs, OB
67  2010 Shedding of microparticles by myofibroblasts as mediator of cellular cross-talk during normal wound healing. MP
68  2010 [Effect of heat injured keratinocytes supernatant on biological behavior of fibroblasts]. HKCM, KC, NKCM, PCH
69  2010 [Proliferation of normal and tumor cells at the presence of serum from patients with breast cancer after phototherapy with visible and near infrared light]. KC, NIR, VIS
70  2010 [The expression of Cyclin A and p21cip1 in fibroblast of hypertrophic scar]. ---
71  2009 Microfabricated poly(ethylene glycol) templates enable rapid screening of triculture conditions for cardiac tissue engineering. CM, EC
72  2009 Recellularization of biological heart valves with human vascular cells: in vitro hemocompatibility assessment. EC
73  2009 The functional effect of pathogenic mutations in Rab escort protein 1. CHM, REP1
74  2009 [Exploratory study on the micro-remodeling of dermal tissue]. MPGCC
75  2008 An approach to achieve long-term expression in skin gene therapy. HSE, KC, KSC
76  2008 Analysis of the pathomorphology of the intra- and extrahepatic biliary system in biliary atresia. ---
77  2008 Evidence for a physiological role of intracellularly occurring photolabile nitrogen oxides in human skin fibroblasts. NO, PNOs
78  2008 Selectable bicistronic vectors in skin gene therapy. BCV, GFP, KC, MDR
79  2008 The skin as a biofactory for systemic secretion of erythropoietin: potential of genetically modified keratinocytes and fibroblasts. EPO, KC, SE
80  2007 Acetylcholine-induced proliferation of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts in vitro is inhibited by tiotropium bromide. ACh, COPD, MyFb
81  2007 Adult human fibroblasts are potent immunoregulatory cells and functionally equivalent to mesenchymal stem cells. MSC
82  2007 Gene profile in periodontal ligament cells and clones with enamel matrix proteins derivative. MTF, PDL
83  2007 Hepatocyte growth factor establishes autocrine and paracrine feedback loops for the protection of skin cells after UV irradiation. HGF, KC, siRNA, UV
84  2007 Matrix metalloproteinase-2, caveolins, focal adhesion kinase and c-Kit in cells of the mouse myocardium. Cav, CEC, CM, ICLC, LV, MMP-2
85  2007 The impact of nitrite and antioxidants on ultraviolet-A-induced cell death of human skin fibroblasts. ASC, TRL
86  2007 [Effects of myoblast determining gene and connexin 43 gene on fibroblast differentiation and biological function in rats]. Cx43, IHD, MyoD
87  2007 [Histologic characteristics of in vitro constructed skin basement membrane]. Col IV, COLVII, KC, LN
88  2007 [Influence of epidermis from different sources on the proliferation and collagen content of fibroblasts]. C group, NSE
89  2006 DNA transfer into human lung cells is improved with Tat-RGD peptide by caveoli-mediated endocytosis. SMC, TR, TRD, TRDL
90  2006 Identification of molecular targets for immunotherapy of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. HNSCC
91  2006 Microvascular regeneration in established pulmonary hypertension by angiogenic gene transfer. eNOS, MCT, PAH, RVSP, VEGF
92  2006 Seeding of human vascular cells onto small diameter polyurethane vascular grafts. EC, Eto, PUVP, SEM, SMC
93  2006 Skin basement membrane and extracellular matrix proteins characterization and quantification by real time RT-PCR. BM, ECM, gelatin-C6S-HA
94  2006 The in vitro effect of different PRP concentrations on osteoblasts and fibroblasts. OB, OCN, OPG, PRP, TGF-beta1
95  2005 A low-flow adaptation phase improves shear-stress resistance of artificially seeded endothelial cells. EC, SMC
96  2005 Epidermis promotes dermal fibrosis: role in the pathogenesis of hypertrophic scars. HK, NK
97  2005 [The effect of nandrolone phenylpropionate on fibroblasts after injury in rats]. NP, PI
98  2005 [The research of assembling animal models of keloid employing the method of tissue engineering]. RCCS, RER
99  2004 Alveolar macrophage cytotoxicity for normal lung fibroblasts is mediated by nitric oxide release. AM, LI, NO, PN, SOD
100  2004 Arginine-aminopeptidase in rat cardiac fibroblastic cells participates in angiotensin peptide turnover. AP