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略語:   FC  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   febrile control
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 A Diagnostic Model for Kawasaki Disease Based on Immune Cell Characterization From Blood Samples. AUC, KD
2022 Altered endometrial oestrogen-responsiveness and recurrent reproductive failure. ERbeta, PR, RFL, RIF, RLEP, RPL, RRF, WOI
2022 Human Transcriptome Array Analysis Identifies CDR2 as a Novel Suppressed Gene for Kawasaki Disease. HC, HTA, KD
2022 Single center blind testing of a US multi-center validated diagnostic algorithm for Kawasaki disease in Taiwan. KD
2021 Cross-sex testosterone therapy modifies the renal morphology and function in female rats and might underlie increased systolic pressure. FTT, GFR, MC, SBP
2021 Sex Differences in Exercise-Training-Related Functional and Morphological Adaptation of Rat Gracilis Muscle Arterioles. FE, MC, ME
2021 Upregulation of type 1 conventional dendritic cells implicates antigen cross-presentation in multisystem inflammatory syndrome. APCs, DCs, HCs, MIS-C, NK, RCV, SARS-CoV-2, UMAP
2020 Oxidative stress-related miRNAs in spermatozoa may reveal the severity of damage in grade III varicocele. miRNAs, ROS, VN
2020 Transcriptome Profiling and Analysis of Genes Associated with High Temperature-Induced Masculinization in Sex-Undifferentiated Nile Tilapia Gonad. MC, TSPs
10  2019 Circulating endothelial glycocalyx components as a predictive marker of coronary artery lesions in Kawasaki disease. AC, CALs, IVIG, KD
11  2019 Is the profile of transcripts altered in the eutopic endometrium of infertile women with endometriosis during the implantation window? DEG, END, IC, IW, NGS
12  2019 Profiling expression changes of genes associated with temperature and sex during high temperature-induced masculinization in the Nile tilapia brain. DEGs, MC, TSP
13  2017 Expression of PGR, HBEGF, ITGAV, ITGB3 and SPP1 genes in eutopic endometrium of infertile women with endometriosis during the implantation window: a pilot study. END, IC, IW, PgR
14  2017 Gender-Related Hippocampal Proteomics Study from Young Rats After Chronic Unpredicted Mild Stress Exposure. CUMS, M-D, mGluR1, NR2B
15  2017 Pre-weaning maternal separation increases eating later in life in male and female offspring, but increases brainstem dopamine receptor 1a and 2a only in males. FSD, FSL, MC, MS, MSD, MSL, PND1
16  2016 A Novel Truncated Form of Serum Amyloid A in Kawasaki Disease. KD, SELDI
17  2016 Sex differences in renal transcriptome and programmed hypertension in offspring exposed to prenatal dexamethasone. BP, DEX, FD, MC, MD, NGS
18  2016 Urinary Colorimetric Sensor Array and Algorithm to Distinguish Kawasaki Disease from Other Febrile Illnesses. AUC, KD, ROC
19  2015 Microdeletion of Y chromosome as a cause of recurrent pregnancy loss. AS, NS, RPL
20  2015 Novel data-mining approach identifies biomarkers for diagnosis of Kawasaki disease. KD
21  2014 The diagnosis of febrile urinary tract infection in children may be facilitated by urinary biomarkers. AUC, fUTI, KIM-1, NFC, NGAL, UTI
22  2012 Proteomic investigation of falciparum and vivax malaria for identification of surrogate protein markers. FM, HC, ROC, VM
23  2011 Cardiovascular biomarkers in acute Kawasaki disease. cTnI, HC, KD, NT-proBNP, sST2
24  2011 Specific and extensive endometrial deregulation is present before conception in IVF/ICSI repeated implantation failures (IF) or recurrent miscarriages. IF, RM
25  2010 Association of tubal factor infertility with elevated antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis caseinolytic protease P. Clp, HSP, IFC, TFI
26  2010 Reactive oxygen species measurement in neat and washed semen: comparative analysis and its significance in male infertility assessment. NS, OS, ROS, SA
27  2009 Pyuria associated with acute Kawasaki disease and fever from other causes. KD, RBC, WBC
28  2009 The relationship of hamstrings and quadriceps strength to anterior cruciate ligament injury in female athletes. ACL, FACL, MC
29  2008 Effects of long-term exposure of extremely low frequency magnetic field on oxidative/nitrosative stress in rat liver. 3-NT, ELF-MF, M-MF, MC, MDA
30  2007 Deterioration of bone quality by long-term magnetic field with extremely low frequency in rats. BMD, MC
31  2007 Pretreatment of male guinea pigs by 17-beta-estradiol induces hypersensitivity of beta-adrenoceptors in electrically driven left atria. FTT, ISO, MC, MTE, NOR, ttp
32  2003 Expression of CD40 ligand on CD4+ T-cells and platelets correlated to the coronary artery lesion and disease progress in Kawasaki disease. CD40L, IVIG, KD, sCD40L
33  2003 [Laboratory indicators of endothelial involvement in rheumatic diseases associated with vasculitis in children]. CRP, E-sel, ESR, HSP, ICAM-1, JIA, SLE, vWF
34  2002 Association between nutrition and gender during lactation influencing glucose homeostasis and blood pressure of the adult offspring. FU, MC, MU
35  1991 Vasomotor functions of skin microcirculation in vasospastic Raynaud's phenomena. CRP, MC, PRP, RP, VWF
36  1990 Organizational effects of early gonadal secretions on sexual differentiation in spatial memory. FNE, MC
37  1987 Comparison of estradiol and testosterone levels during and immediately following prolonged exercise in moderately active and trained males and females. ABS, FR, MC, MR
38  1986 Insulin-receptor development in normal and diabetic pregnancies. Role of membrane fluidity. ANOVA, DPH, FD
39  1986 Sex and training differences in human growth hormone levels during prolonged exercise. CRE, FR, Glc, hGH, MC, MR