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2021 A vital role of chitosan nanoparticles in improvisation the drought stress tolerance in Catharanthus roseus (L.) through biochemical and gene expression modulation. APX, CAT, CSNPs, DAT, GS, MDA, PRX1, RWC, STR
2021 Can light intensity modulate the physiological, anatomical, and reproductive responses of soybean plants to water deficit? WD
2021 Drought and Nitrogen Application Modulate the Morphological and Physiological Responses of Dalbergia odorifera to Different Niche Neighbors. ---
2021 Effect of Different Climate Change Variables on the Ecology and Management of Sesbania cannabina through Glyphosate. ---
2021 Foliar Application of Salicylic Acid Improves Water Stress Tolerance in Conocarpus erectus L. and Populus deltoides L. Saplings: Evidence from Morphological, Physiological, and Biochemical Changes. SA
2021 Metabolome profiling reveals impact of water limitation on grain filling in contrasting rice genotypes. ---
2021 Optimizing biochar application to improve soil physical and hydraulic properties in saline-alkali soils. PAW, PSWS, PWP
2021 Persistence of atrazine and trifluralin in a clay loam soil undergoing different temperature and moisture conditions. GC-ECD
2021 Rhizobium and Mycorrhizal Fungal Species Improved Soybean Yield Under Drought Stress Conditions. AMF
10  2021 The effect of soil moisture regime and biochar application on lead (Pb) stabilization in a contaminated soil. PTEs, ST
11  2020 A meta-analysis on biochar's effects on soil water properties - New insights and future research challenges. AWC, PWP, TP
12  2020 Application of hybrid ANN-whale optimization model in evaluation of the field capacity and the permanent wilting point of the soils. ANN-WOA, MLR, PWP
13  2020 Exogenous melatonin improves glutathione content, redox state and increases essential oil production in two Salvia species under drought stress. CAT, GR, GT, MDA, POD, SOD
14  2020 Hydrogen sulfide mediates defense response in safflower by regulating secondary metabolism, oxidative defense, and elemental uptake under drought. ---
15  2020 Impact of drought on growth, photosynthesis, osmotic adjustment, and cell wall elasticity in Damask rose. AWF, OA, Psiw, WC
16  2020 Leaf mass area determines water use efficiency through its influence on carbon gain in rice mutants. CE, LMA, WUE
17  2020 Linkage between machine power utilization and ergonomics, with reference to reducing exertions at work. HR, LVC, MS
18  2020 Minimizing hazard impacts of soil salinity and water stress on wheat plants by soil application of vermicompost and biochar. APX, CAT
19  2020 Proteomic analyses unraveling water stress response in two Eucalyptus species originating from contrasting environments for aridity. ---
20  2020 Quantifying the influence of water deficit on root and shoot growth in wheat using X-ray Computed Tomography. ---
21  2020 Quantitative studies of gully slope erosion and soil physiochemical properties during freeze-thaw cycling in a Mollisol region. BD, FTC, GSE, MDT, RL, RW, SL, SM, SOC, SS, ST, SW, TN, VC, WA
22  2020 Thiamin stimulates growth and secondary metabolites in turnip (Brassica rapa L.) leaf and root under drought stress. AsA, CAT, cv, GB, MDA, POD, ROS, SOD
23  2020 Two-year evaluation of hydraulic properties of biochar-amended vegetated soil for application in landfill cover system. BAS, PWP
24  2019 Exogenous application of melatonin mitigates the adverse effects of drought stress on morpho-physiological traits and secondary metabolites in Moldavian balm (Dracocephalum moldavica). ---
25  2019 Morphological, physiochemical and antioxidant responses of Maclura pomifera to drought stress. ---
26  2019 Morphophysiological changes of wild Stachys multicaulis species under physical conditions during the cultivation process. CG, DT, EOC, HP, LR, LT, MC, SMRs, ST
27  2019 Prediction of soil available water-holding capacity from visible near-infrared reflectance spectra. AWC, PLS, PTF, PWP, vis-NIR
28  2019 [The characteristics of soil water and gas transport under different land use patterns in the water-wind erosion crisscross region]. rhob
29  2018 Accumulation of N and P in the Legume Lespedeza davurica in Controlled Mixtures with the Grass Bothriochloa ischaemum under Varying Water and Fertilization Conditions. ---
30  2018 Performance Assessment of Five Different Soil Moisture Sensors under Irrigated Field Conditions in Oklahoma. WP
31  2018 Physiological and anatomical studies of two wheat cultivars irrigated with magnetic water under drought stress conditions. ---
32  2018 Physiological and Biochemical Response of Winter Triticale Crowns at Different Soil Moisture Levels. ---
33  2018 Soil Moisture Availability at Early Growth Stages Strongly Affected Root Growth of Bothriochloa ischaemum When Mixed With Lespedeza davurica. RB, RSA, TRL
34  2018 Soil pedostructure-based method for calculating the soil-water holding properties. AW, PWP
35  2018 Stay-Green QTLs Response in Adaptation to Post-Flowering Drought Depends on the Drought Severity. BILs, GY
36  2018 The Bacterial Community Structure and Microbial Activity in a Traditional Organic Milpa Farming System Under Different Soil Moisture Conditions. ---
37  2018 The defensive role of silicon in wheat against stress conditions induced by drought, salinity or cadmium. Cd, EL, MDA, Si
38  2018 [Foliar water use efficiency of Platycladus orientalis sapling under different soil water contents]. Pn, Tr
39  2017 Effects of drought stress on morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics of wheat species differing in ploidy level. Pn, WUEG
40  2017 Effects of salvage logging on soil properties and vegetation recovery in a fire-affected Mediterranean forest: A two year monitoring research. AS, BD, BSR, OM, SL, WR
41  2017 Influence of natural and synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) on primary and secondary metabolites and associated metabolism in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) plants under water deficit regimes. AsA, Car, DW, GB, MDA, NRS, OJ, POD, RMP, RWC, SOD, TSP, TSS
42  2017 Physiological and biochemical changes attenuate the effects of drought on the Cerrado species Vatairea macrocarpa (Benth.) Ducke. APX, CAT, RWC, SOD
43  2017 Proliferating effect of radiolytically depolymerized carrageenan on physiological attributes, plant water relation parameters, essential oil production and active constituents of Cymbopogon flexuosus Steud. under drought stress. DAP, DW, EO, ICA
44  2017 Seed Coating with Hydro-Absorbers as Potential Mitigation of Early Season Drought in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench). ---
45  2017 Suitable indicators using stem diameter variation-derived indices to monitor the water status of greenhouse tomato plants. SWC
46  2017 The effect of drought stress on the expression of key genes involved in the biosynthesis of phenylpropanoids and essential oil components in basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). C4H, CAD, CRD, CVOMT, EOMT, GC-MS
47  2017 [Effects of supplemental irrigation by measuring soil moisture on water consumption chara-cteristics and radiation utilization in wheat]. PAR
48  2016 Assessment of nitrogen losses through nitrous oxide from abattoir wastewater-irrigated soils. ---
49  2016 Effect of progressive drought stress on growth, leaf gas exchange, and antioxidant production in two maize cultivars. CAT, GR, MDA, POD, RWC, SOD
50  2016 Effects of water and fertilizer coupling on photosynthetic characteristics of maize leaves in ear position at filling stage in an apple-maize intercropping system in Losses Plateau of west Shanxi Province, China. Ci, Pn, Tr, WUE
51  2016 Improved tolerance to post-anthesis drought stress by pre-drought priming at vegetative stages in drought-tolerant and -sensitive wheat cultivars. ---
52  2016 Irrigation levels affects biomass yields and morphometric characteristics of range grasses in arid rangelands of Kenya. ---
53  2016 Maize plant nitrogen uptake dynamics at limited irrigation water and nitrogen. NRE, WUE
54  2016 Mode of inheritance for biochemical traits in genetically engineered cotton under water stress. Bt
55  2016 Nitrogen Nutrition Improves the Potential of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to Alleviate the Effects of Drought Stress during Vegetative Growth Periods. Chl, GFD
56  2016 Response of water deficit regime and soil amelioration on evapotranspiration loss and water use efficiency of maize (Zea mays l.) in subtropical northeastern Himalayas. DMA
57  2016 Structural Modifications of Fructans in Aloe barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera) Grown under Water Stress. ---
58  2015 Effect of Rht alleles on wheat grain yield and quality under high temperature and drought stress during booting and anthesis. HFN, NILs, Rht, SDS
59  2015 Physiological and transcriptional regulation in poplar roots and leaves during acclimation to high temperature and drought. ABA, AT, HT, IAA
60  2015 Potential of soil amendments (Biochar and Gypsum) in increasing water use efficiency of Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench. Tr, WUE
61  2015 Temperature profile in apricot tree canopies under the soil and climate conditions of the Romanian Black Sea Coast. LBLs, SWC, Ta, Tc
62  2015 [Effects of supplemental irrigation by measuring moisture content in different soil layers on water consumption characteristics, photosynthesis and grain yield of winter wheat]. ---
63  2014 Leaf micromorphology and sugar may contribute to differences in drought tolerance for two apple cultivars. NC, Pamp
64  2014 Penconazole induced changes in photosynthesis, ion acquisition and protein profile of Mentha pulegium L. under drought stress. PEN
65  2014 Predicting field capacity, wilting point, and the other physical properties of soils using hyperspectral reflectance spectroscopy: two different statistical approaches. PLSR, raw, RMSE, RPD, WP
66  2014 Quantitative trait locus mapping of the transpiration ratio related to preflowering drought tolerance in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). MAS, RILs
67  2012 Drought effect on growth, gas exchange and yield, in two strains of local barley Ardhaoui, under water deficit conditions in southern Tunisia. RWC
68  2012 Effects of soil water content and organic matter addition on the speciation and bioavailability of heavy metals. FIA
69  2012 Emission and distribution of fumigants as affected by soil moistures in three different textured soils. ---
70  2012 Selenate-enriched urea granules are a highly effective fertilizer for selenium biofortification of paddy rice grain. Se, SeM
71  2012 [Effects of different irrigation minima on green period and cold-resistance physiological indices of Festuca arundinacea]. ---
72  2011 Water deficit improved the capacity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) for inducing the accumulation of antioxidant compounds in lettuce leaves. AMF, CD
73  2010 Effects of water deficit stress on growth, water relations and osmolyte accumulation in Medicago truncatula and M. laciniata populations. MDA, OP, RSR, RWC, TDW, WUE
74  2009 Physiological and proteomic responses of two contrasting Populus cathayana populations to drought stress. MDA, ROS
75  2008 Biomass production, photosynthesis, and leaf water relations of Spartina alterniflora under moderate water stress. ---
76  2008 Combined effects of long-term salinity and soil drying on growth, water relations, nutrient status and proline accumulation of Sesuvium portulacastrum. ---
77  2007 Assessment of change in soil water content properties irrigated with industrial sugar beet wastewater. OM, PWP, SP, TAW
78  2007 Effect of soil moisture stress on growth and yield of cassava in Nigeria. ---
79  2007 Growth, biochemical modifications and proline metabolism in Helianthus annuus L. as induced by drought stress. ---
80  2007 [Transformation of Fe, Mn, Co, and Ni compounds in humic podzols at different moisture]. RP
81  2006 Investigation on water consumption characteristics and water use efficiency of poplar under soil water deficits on the Loess Plateau. WUE
82  2006 Relationship between water use efficiency (WUE) and production of different wheat genotypes at soil water deficit. GN, GWSS, PL, SL, WUE
83  2006 Salmonella survival in manure-treated soils during simulated seasonal temperature exposure. ---
84  2005 [Effects of soil moisture on photosynthetic characteristics of different specialized end-uses winter wheat at their later growth stages and on their yields]. ETR, qN, qP
85  2003 [Effects of soil factors on root colonization of wheat by luxAB genes-marked Pseudomonas fluorescens Xl6L2]. ---
86  2002 Effect of drought stress on the yield and composition of volatile oils of drought-tolerant and non-drought-tolerant clones of Tagetes minuta. ---
87  1977 Effects of soil moisture on control of Heterodera schachtii with Aldicarb. ---