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Long Form:   follicular dendritic cells
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A paracrine effect of 15 (S)-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid revealed in prostaglandin production by human follicular dendritic cell-like cells. HETE, PG, PPARgamma
2020 Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma-like lymphadenopathy in mice transgenic for human RHOA with p.Gly17Val mutation. AITL
2020 Bcl6 for identification of germinal centres in salivary gland biopsies in primary Sjogren's syndrome. pSS, SS
2020 Characterization of dendritic cells and follicular dendritic cells in the hepatic lymph nodes and liver of sheep experimentally infected with Fasciola hepatica. DC, HLN, UC
2020 Eliminating transmissibility of bovine spongiform encephalopathy by dry-heat treatment. BSE, PMCA
2020 Epstein-Barr virus-positive inflammatory follicular dendritic cell sarcoma presenting as a solitary colonic mass: two rare cases and a literature review. EBER, EBV
2020 HIV-1-Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells Fail To Recognize and Eliminate the Follicular Dendritic Cell HIV Reservoir In Vitro. CAR, CFSE, FDCs, ICAM-1, ICs, IFN-gamma, MBL, PBMCs
2020 Intra-abdominal inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell sarcoma associated with paraneoplastic pemphigus: A case report and review of the literature. IPT, PNP
2020 Mutant EZH2 Induces a Pre-malignant Lymphoma Niche by Reprogramming the Immune Response. FLs, GC
10  2020 Prostaglandin E2 stimulates COX-2 expression via mitogen-activated protein kinase p38 but not ERK in human follicular dendritic cell-like cells. COX-2, PGE2
11  2019 A Sensitivity Analysis Comparison of Three Models for the Dynamics of Germinal Centers. GC, GCs
12  2019 Adjuvants Enhance the Induction of Germinal Center and Antibody Secreting Cells in Spleen and Their Persistence in Bone Marrow of Neonatal Mice. ASCs, GC
13  2019 Antigen presentation by dendritic cells for B cell activation. cDC
14  2019 Effect of co-infection with a small intestine-restricted helminth pathogen on oral prion disease pathogenesis in mice. ---
15  2019 Immunopathology of Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease: A reappraisal using novel immunohistochemistry combinations. KFD, pDCs
16  2019 Inducible Bronchus-Associated Lymphoid Tissues (iBALT) Serve as Sites of B Cell Selection and Maturation Following Influenza Infection in Mice. GC, iBALT, iBALT, SLO, Tfh
17  2019 Inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell sarcoma: A brief report of two cases. EBV
18  2019 Inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell sarcoma: a rare presentation of a hepatic mass. IPT, ISH
19  2019 Innate immune recognition of glycans targets HIV nanoparticle immunogens to germinal centers. MBL
20  2019 Nanoparticle Size Influences Antigen Retention and Presentation in Lymph Node Follicles for Humoral Immunity. ---
21  2019 Unaltered intravenous prion disease pathogenesis in the temporary absence of marginal zone B cells. MZ
22  2019 [Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma: histopathological grading and prognosis]. AITL, IHC, ISH, SNP
23  2018 A synthetic stroma-free germinal center niche for efficient generation of humoral immunity exvivo. GC, Ig, PBMCs, sGC
24  2018 Activated human B cells stimulate COX-2 expression in follicular dendritic cell-like cells via TNF-alpha. COX
25  2018 Altered immune cell follicular dynamics in HIV infection following influenza vaccination. cART, HCs, LN, pTfh, Tfh
26  2018 Dietary Docosahexaenoic Acid Prevents Silica-Induced Development of Pulmonary Ectopic Germinal Centers and Glomerulonephritis in the Lupus-Prone NZBWF1 Mouse. DHA, ELS, p.i
27  2018 Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma of the porta hepatis. ---
28  2018 Maturation of tertiary lymphoid structures and recurrence of stage II and III colorectal cancer. GC, MSI-H, nmCRC, TLS
29  2018 Profiles of genomic alterations in primary esophageal follicular dendritic cell sarcoma: A case report. CHEK2, ERBB2IP, FAT1, TP53
30  2018 Reduced lymphotoxin-beta production by tumour cells is associated with loss of follicular dendritic cell phenotype and diffuse growth in follicular lymphoma. LTA, LTB, TNF-a
31  2018 The degree of overlap between the follicular dendritic cell meshwork and tumor cells in mantle cell lymphoma is associated with prognosis. MCL, PI
32  2018 [Clinicopathologic features and prognosis of mantle cell lymphoma: an analysis of 349 cases]. FISH, MCL
33  2017 A model for the regulation of follicular dendritic cells predicts invariant reciprocal-time decay of post-vaccine antibody response. ---
34  2017 A Rare Case of Epstein-Barr Virus Negative Inflammatory Pseudotumor-like Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma Presenting as a Solitary Colonic Mass in a 53-Year-Old Woman; Case Report and Review of Literature. EBV, IPT
35  2017 Distinctive Histogenesis and Immunological Microenvironment Based on Transcriptional Profiles of Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcomas. Tfh, Treg
36  2017 Hemorrhagic intracranial follicular dendritic cell sarcoma: A case report. ---
37  2017 Hepatic inflammatory pseudotumour-like follicular dendritic cell tumor: A case report. EBV, IPT
38  2017 How Germinal Centers Evolve Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies: the Breadth of the Follicular Helper T Cell Response. bNAbs, pMHC, Tfh
39  2017 Identification of novel follicular dendritic cell sarcoma markers, FDCSP and SRGN, by whole transcriptome sequencing. FDC-SP, SRGN, WTS
40  2017 IgG3-antigen complexes are deposited on follicular dendritic cells in the presence of C1q and C3. MZ, TNP
41  2017 Oral Prion Disease Pathogenesis Is Impeded in the Specific Absence of CXCR5-Expressing Dendritic Cells. ---
42  2017 Positive feedback effect of PGE2 on cyclooxygenase-2 expression is mediated by inhibition of Akt phosphorylation in human follicular dendritic cell-like cells. PGs
43  2017 Structural and functional changes to lymph nodes in ageing mice. LN, SCSM
44  2017 Ultrastructure and pathology of prion protein amyloid accumulation and cellular damage in extraneural tissues of scrapie-infected transgenic mice expressing anchorless prion protein. GPI
45  2017 [Observation on destroyed architecture of splenic lymphoid follicles in mice infected with Schistosoma japonicum by immunohistochemistry]. ---
46  2016 Avian dendritic cells: Phenotype and ontogeny in lymphoid organs. BSDC, CSF1R, DC, TDC
47  2016 Clinicopathological features of inflammatory pseudotumour-like follicular dendritic cell tumour of the abdomen. EBV
48  2016 Dysplastic follicular dendritic cells in hyaline-vascular Castleman disease: a rare occurrence creating diagnostic difficulty. EGFR, HVCD
49  2016 Emergence and Evolution of Secondary Lymphoid Organs. Ag, APC, SLO, WP
50  2016 Extranodal Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma Originating in the Pancreas: A Case Report. ---
51  2016 Follicular dendritic cells and related sarcoma. ---
52  2016 miRNA expression profiling divides follicular dendritic cell sarcomas into two groups, related to fibroblasts and myopericytomas or Castleman's disease. miRNA
53  2016 Opposing roles of TGF-beta in prostaglandin production by human follicular dendritic cell-like cells. COX-2, PGs
54  2016 Paraneoplastic Pemphigus Associated with Follicular Dendritic Cell Tumor in the Mediastinum. PNP
55  2016 Prion pathogenesis is unaltered following down-regulation of SIGN-R1. SIGN-R1
56  2016 Tertiary lymphoid structures are confined to patients presenting with unifocal Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. HEVs, LCH, LN, TLS
57  2016 The tumour microenvironment influences survival and time to transformation in follicular lymphoma in the rituximab era. FL, OS, PFS, TTT
58  2015 Connexin 43 communication channels in follicular dendritic cell development and in follicular lymphomas. Cx43
59  2015 CXCL13 antibody for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. BCA-1, CIA, EAE, NP-KLH
60  2015 Ectopic Germinal Centers and IgG4-Producing Plasmacytes Observed in Synovia of HLA-B27+ Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients with Advanced Hip Involvement. AS, GCs
61  2015 Follicular Dendritic Cells Retain Infectious HIV in Cycling Endosomes. ART, HIV
62  2015 Identification of follicular T helper cells in tissue sections. GCs
63  2015 Large B-cell lymphoma with T-cell-rich background and nodules lacking follicular dendritic cell meshworks: description of an insufficiently recognized variant. NLPHL, THRLBCL
64  2015 MicroRNA-100-5p indirectly modulates the expression of Il6, Ptgs1/2 and Tlr4 mRNA in the mouse follicular dendritic cell-like cell line, FL-Y. GC, LTbetaR
65  2015 Multimodality imaging of Epstein-Barr virus-associated inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell tumor of the spleen: case report and literature review. EBV, IPTs
66  2015 The G protein-coupled receptor P2RY8 and follicular dendritic cells promote germinal center confinement of B cells, whereas S1PR3 can contribute to their dissemination. GC
67  2015 The Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissues in the Small Intestine, Not the Large Intestine, Play a Major Role in Oral Prion Disease Pathogenesis. GALT
68  2015 Tonsil-derived mesenchymal stromal cells produce CXCR2-binding chemokines and acquire follicular dendritic cell-like phenotypes under TLR3 stimulation. TLRs
69  2015 Two-photon microscopy for imaging germinal centers and T follicular helper cells. Tfh
70  2015 [Clinicopathologic analysis of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma with Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg-like cells]. cHL, EBER
71  2014 CD9 may contribute to the survival of human germinal center B cells by facilitating the interaction with follicular dendritic cells. GC, PC
72  2014 Clinicopathologic characteristics of inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell sarcoma. EBV, IPT
73  2014 Close interactions between sympathetic neural fibres and follicular dendritic cells network are not altered in Peyer's patches and spleen of C57BL/6 mice during the preclinical stage of 139A scrapie infection. PP, SNS, TH
74  2014 Detection of complement receptors 1 and 2 on mouse splenic B cells using flow cytometry. CR2
75  2014 Follicular dendritic cell pattern in early lymphomas involving follicles. AITL, EAITL, LP
76  2014 Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma of the Inflammatory Pseudotumor-like Variant Presenting as a Colonic Polyp. EBV, IPT
77  2014 Frequent detection of BRAF(V600E) mutations in histiocytic and dendritic cell neoplasms. LCH
78  2014 Imaging findings of inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell tumor of spleen. ---
79  2014 Inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell tumor of liver and spleen: granulomatous and eosinophil-rich variants mimicking inflammatory or infective lesions. ---
80  2014 Murine complement receptor 1 is required for germinal center B cell maintenance but not initiation. CR1, NP
81  2014 Pattern of CD14+ follicular dendritic cells and PD1+ T cells independently predicts time to transformation in follicular lymphoma. IHC, OS, TTT
82  2014 Quantification of complement receptor 2 calcium signaling enhancement using flow cytometry. CR2
83  2014 Tertiary lymphoid structures in cancer and beyond. DC, HEV, LN, TLS
84  2013 Ablation of the cellular prion protein, PrPC, specifically on follicular dendritic cells has no effect on their maturation or function. ---
85  2013 AID-expressing germinal center B cells cluster normally within lymph node follicles in the absence of FDC-M1+ CD35+ follicular dendritic cells but dissipate prematurely. AID, GC, LT
86  2013 Contribution of follicular dendritic cells to persistent HIV viremia. ---
87  2013 Cytogenetic abnormalities in follicular dendritic cell sarcoma: report of two cases and literature review. ---
88  2013 Inflammatory pseudotumor-like follicular dendritic cell sarcoma of the spleen: a report of six cases with increased IgG4-positive plasma cells. IPT, SMA
89  2013 Lymphotoxin alpha1beta2 expression on B cells is required for follicular dendritic cell activation during the germinal center response. mLT
90  2013 Retrospection to discovery of bursal function and recognition of avian dendritic cells; past and present. BSDC, PALS
91  2013 Transformation of Castleman's disease into follicular dendritic cell sarcoma, presenting as an asymptomatic intra-abdominal mass. ---
92  2013 [Immunohistochemical patterns of follicular dendritic cell meshwork and Ki-67 in small B-cell lymphomas]. MCLs, MZLs, SBLs
93  2012 A rare fraction of drug-resistant follicular lymphoma cancer stem cells interacts with follicular dendritic cells to maintain tumourigenic potential. CSC, FL, FL-SC, SP
94  2012 B cell-specific S1PR1 deficiency blocks prion dissemination between secondary lymphoid organs. S1PR, SLO
95  2012 Ectopic lymphoid neogenesis and lymphoid chemokines in Sjogren's syndrome: at the interplay between chronic inflammation, autoimmunity and lymphomagenesis. ELS, LT, SG, SS
96  2012 Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma of the nasopharynx. ---
97  2012 Follicular dendritic cells emerge from ubiquitous perivascular precursors. LTbetaR, LTi, PDGFRbeta, PrP
98  2012 Germinal center B-cells. GC, Ig, PCs
99  2012 Isolation and characterization of naive follicular dendritic cells. BAFF
100  2012 Lymphotoxin, but not TNF, is required for prion invasion of lymph nodes. HEVs, LTbetaR, TNFR1