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■ 略語/展開語 : FO/forest

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略語:   FO  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   forest
             ((動詞)) 植林, 森
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 Dataset for effects of the transition from dry forest to pasture on diversity and structure of bacterial communities in Northeastern Brazil. ANOVA, LMM, NDVI, SIMPER
2022 Response of three local chicken ecotypes of Ghana to lentogenic and velogenic Newcastle disease virus challenge. CS, IS, NDV
2021 Assessing the WEPP model performance for predicting daily runoff in three terrestrial ecosystems in western Syria. AG, BF, WEPP
2016 Soil Carbon-Fixation Rates and Associated Bacterial Diversity and Abundance in Three Natural Ecosystems. 14C-SOC, GR, RuBisCO, WL