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Long Form:   flat-panel detector
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A mobile isocentric C-arm for intraoperative cone-beam CT: Technical assessment of dose and 3D imaging performance. CBCT, HU, NEQ
2020 Case report: uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic resection of a solitary fibrous tumor preoperatively predicted visceral pleura origin using dynamic chest radiography. DCR, SFTP
2020 Characterization and potential applications of a dual-layer flat-panel detector. a-Si, CNR, DE, DL, RMSE, SE, VM
2020 Comparison of dynamic flat-panel detector-based chest radiography with nuclear medicine ventilation-perfusion imaging for the evaluation of pulmonary function: A clinical validation study. DCR
2020 Detection of the common origin of the radiculomedullary artery with the feeder of spinal dural arteriovenous fistula using slab maximum intensity projection image. MIP, SDAVF
2020 Examination of a dose evaluation method for floor-mounted kV X-ray image-guided radiation therapy systems. RPLD, Sdec
2020 Single-center experience of using high definition (Hi-Def) imaging during neurointervention treatment of intracranial aneurysms using flow diverters. DAP, FOV, Hi-Def, PED
2020 [Measurement Accuracy of CT Beam Width with a Portable Flat-panel Detector]. CR
2019 High-Definition Zoom Mode: A High Resolution X-ray Microscope for Neurointerventional Treatment Procedures. FOV, Hi-Def
10  2019 Optimal beam quality for chest flat panel detector system: realistic phantom study. ---
11  2019 Safety and accuracy of spinal instrumentation surgery in a hybrid operating room with an intraoperative cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT, ESDs, OR
12  2019 [Multicenter Survey of the Display Air Kerma and Actual Measured Values in IVR X-ray Apparatus]. CITEC, FDD, FOV, PERP
13  2018 An integrated system for clinical treatment verification of HDR prostate brachytherapy combining source tracking with pretreatment imaging. HDR
14  2018 Image Quality of the Coronary Angiography with Noise Reduction Technology to Decrease the Radiation Dose. CD, PCI
15  2018 Initial investigations of a special high-definition (Hi-Def) zoom capability in a new detector system for neuro-interventional procedures. FOV, Hi-Def, PED
16  2018 Modeling and evaluation of a high-resolution CMOS detector for cone-beam CT of the extremities. CBCT, CMOS, DQE, MTF
17  2018 Physical image properties of a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor imager for mammography systems. a-Se
18  2018 Statistical weights for model-based reconstruction in cone-beam CT with electronic noise and dual-gain detector readout. CBCT, DG, FBP, PWLS
19  2018 Two-dimensional antiscatter grid: A novel scatter rejection device for Cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT, CNR
20  2018 [Propose for the Benchmark Dose (BD) for the Optimization of Protection in Medical Exposure in General Radiography]. BD, CR, ESD
21  2017 Examination of Dose Reduction Using Image Noise Reduction Technology in Cardiovascular X-ray Systems. ESD
22  2017 Functional dynamic radiography with computer analysis-for physiological chest imaging and kinematic joint imaging. ---
23  2017 Geometry calibration between X-ray source and detector for tomosynthesis with a portable X-ray system. AMCO
24  2017 Investigation of the Section Thickness Measurement in Tomosynthesis by Thin Metal Plate Edge Method. ESF, FWHM, LSF
25  2017 Technical characterization of five x-ray detectors for paediatric radiography applications. CR, DAK, DQE, MTF, NIP, NPS, PIP
26  2017 Use of patient specific 3D printed neurovascular phantoms to evaluate the clinical utility of a high resolution x-ray imager. CMOS, HRF
27  2016 A method for verification of treatment delivery in HDR prostate brachytherapy using a flat panel detector for both imaging and source tracking. HDR, TPS
28  2016 Dynamic chest radiography: flat-panel detector (FPD) based functional X-ray imaging. FOV
29  2016 Kinematic radiography of the hip joint after hip resurfacing arthroplasty. HRA
30  2016 Monte Carlo simulation-based feasibility study of novel indirect flat panel detector system for removing scatter radiation. ---
31  2016 Quantitative comparison using Generalized Relative Object Detectability (G-ROD) metrics of an amorphous selenium detector with high resolution Microangiographic Fluoroscopes (MAF) and standard flat panel detectors (FPD). a-Se, G-ROD, G-ROD, MAF, NPWMF, PWMF, ROD
32  2016 Radiation Exposure and Contrast Agent Reduction During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: An Ongoing Experience. MDCT, TAVI
33  2016 Stochastic model for quantum noise analysis in flat-panel detectors for medical imaging applications. NPSD
34  2016 Survey of patient exposure from general radiography and mammography in Japan in 2014. ESD, MGD
35  2016 The utility of breast cone-beam computed tomography, ultrasound, and digital mammography for detecting malignant breast tumors: A prospective study with 212 patients. AUCs, BCBCT, BCBCT, MG, US
36  2016 Therapeutic angiographic procedures: differences in dose area product between analog image intensifier and digital flat panel detector. AII, BMI, DAP, PTA
37  2015 Anti-scatter grid artifact elimination for high resolution x-ray imaging CMOS detectors. CNR
38  2015 Application of a variable filter for presampled modulation transfer function analysis with the edge method. CR, ESF, LSF, MTF
39  2015 Automated marker tracking using noisy X-ray images degraded by the treatment beam. kV, MV
40  2015 Cone beam breast CT with multiplanar and three dimensional visualization in differentiating breast masses compared with mammography. AUC, BI-RADS, CBBCT, MTs, ROC
41  2015 Cone-Beam CT of Traumatic Brain Injury Using Statistical Reconstruction with a Post-Artifact-Correction Noise Model. CBCT, FBP, PWLS, TBI
42  2015 Development of fast patient position verification software using 2D-3D image registration and its clinical experience. AE, GD, GPU, ITG, NMI, TRE, ZNCC
43  2015 Dual-Energy Imaging of Bone Marrow Edema on a Dedicated Multi-Source Cone-Beam CT System for the Extremities. BME, CBCT, DE, HE, LE
44  2015 High-fidelity artifact correction for cone-beam CT imaging of the brain. CBCT, CNR, MC, TBI
45  2015 New Family of Generalized Metrics for Comparative Imaging System Evaluation. GM-ROD, MAF, ROD
46  2015 Practical techniques for reducing radiation exposure during cerebral angiography procedures. ---
47  2015 Region-of-interest cone beam computed tomography (ROI CBCT) with a high resolution CMOS detector. CBCT, ROI, ROI CBCT
48  2015 Statistical reconstruction for cone-beam CT with a post-artifact-correction noise model: application to high-quality head imaging. CBCT, FBP, PWLS
49  2015 The effect of calibration and detector temperature on the reconstructed cone beam computed tomography image quality: a study for the workflow of the iCAT Classicequipment. CBCT, CP, MDCT, WUP
50  2015 Transition from image intensifier to flat panel detector in interventional cardiology: Impact of radiation dose. CAG, DAP, PTCA
51  2015 [Motion Analysis of Lumbar Spine and Hip Joint on Sequential Radiographs Acquired with a Dynamic Flat-panel Detector (FPD) System]. ROM
52  2015 [Report based on fiscal 2010 diagnostic X-ray equipment questionnaire survey (conditions of radiography)]. CR, I.I.-DR, S/F
53  2014 A novel Region of Interest (ROI) imaging technique for biplane imaging in interventional suites: high-resolution small field-of-view imaging in the frontal plane and dose-reduced, large field-of-view standard-resolution imaging in the lateral plane. CCD, EIGI, FOV, ROI
54  2014 Dual-energy cone-beam CT with a flat-panel detector: effect of reconstruction algorithm on material classification. CBCT, DE, FBP, HE, LE, PL
55  2014 Focal spot measurements using a digital flat panel detector. FWTM, NR
56  2014 Functional shoulder radiography with use of a dynamic flat panel detector. fps, G-angle, S-angle
57  2014 Limitations of anti-scatter grids when used with high resolution image detectors. CNR, FOV
58  2014 Noise, sampling, and the number of projections in cone-beam CT with a flat-panel detector. CBCT
59  2014 Radiation dose evaluation in 3D rotation angiography and cone-beam computed tomography with a flat panel detector. CBCT
60  2014 Reduction of ring artifacts in CBCT: detection and correction of pixel gain variations in flat panel detectors. CBCT, PGC
61  2014 Relative object detectability (ROD): a new metric for comparing x-ray image detector performance for a specified object of interest. Ham, MAF, ROD
62  2014 Results of a 2011 national questionnaire for investigation of mean glandular dose from mammography in Japan. AEC, CR, DRLs, F/S, MGD
63  2014 [Report based on Fiscal 2010 Diagnostic X-ray Equipment Questionnaire Survey (conditions of X-ray units and similar equipment)]. ---
64  2013 Basic imaging properties of an indirect flat-panel detector system employing irradiation side sampling (ISS) technology for chest radiography: comparison with a computed radiographic system. CR, ISS, MTF
65  2013 Difference in dose area product between analog image intensifier and digital flat panel detector in peripheral angiography and the effect of BMI. BMI, DAP
66  2013 Dual-energy subtraction radiography improves laryngeal delineation in patients with moderate to severe cervical spondylosis. DES
67  2013 Evaluation of the microangiographic fluoroscope (MAF) using generalized system performance metrics. DQE, GDQE, GMTF, GNNPS, MAF, MTF
68  2013 Finding an improved amorphous-silicon x-ray flat-panel detector configuration for the in-line geometry. ---
69  2013 Investigation of image lag and modulation transfer function in fluoroscopy images obtained with a dynamic flat-panel detector. DQE, MTF, NPS
70  2013 Quantitative analysis of an enlarged area Solid State X-ray Image Intensifier (SSXII) detector based on Electron Multiplying Charge Coupled Device (EMCCD) technology. EMCCD, INEE, MTF, SSXII
71  2013 Simulation approach for the evaluation of tracking accuracy in radiotherapy: a preliminary study. NPS
72  2013 Simulation system for understanding the lag effect in fluoroscopic images. ---
73  2012 Axial and tangential views of the acromioclavicular joint: the introduction of new projections. AC, DR
74  2012 Comparison of anti-scatter grids for digital imaging with use of a direct-conversion flat-panel detector. SIF
75  2012 Comparison of digital flat-panel detector and conventional angiography machines: evaluation of stent detection rates, visibility scores, and dose-area products. ---
76  2012 Development of digital reconstructed radiography software at new treatment facility for carbon-ion beam scanning of National Institute of Radiological Sciences. DRR
77  2012 First clinical experience in carbon ion scanning beam therapy: retrospective analysis of patient positional accuracy. CT
78  2012 Foramen tympanicum or foramen of Huschke: anatomical cone beam CT study. CBCT
79  2012 Incorporation of Prior Knowledge for Region of Change Imaging from Sparse Scan Data in Image-Guided Surgery. CBCT, DRR, PL, RoC
80  2012 Radiation dose of digital tomosynthesis for sinonasal examination: comparison with multi-detector CT. DT, MDCT
81  2012 Structural noise from automatic exposure control device and its relationship to X-ray tube voltage used for calibration of a flat-panel detector system. AEC, MSE, NPS
82  2012 SU-D-218-04: Evaluation of the Performance of the Solid State X-Ray Image Intensifier (SSXII) Using Generalized Metrics. SSXII
83  2012 [Physical image properties of digital radiography systems in low dose range]. CR, CR, DQEs, FPDcsi, pre-sampled MTFs
84  2012 [Subject about the long view examination using flat panel detector (FPD)]. ---
85  2012 [The comparison between dose rates at the interventional reference point of the angiography systems in many facilities]. I.I, IVR, PCI
86  2011 A comparative study of the accuracy and reliability of multidetector computed tomography and cone beam computed tomography in the assessment of dental implant site dimensions. CBCT, FOV, MDCT
87  2011 A theoretical and experimental evaluation of the microangiographic fluoroscope: A high-resolution region-of-interest x-ray imager. EIGIs, FOV, LII, MAF, ROI
88  2011 AAPM/RSNA physics tutorial for residents: physics of flat-panel fluoroscopy systems: Survey of modern fluoroscopy imaging: flat-panel detectors versus image intensifiers and more. FOVs
89  2011 Development of quality control system for flat-panel detectors. QC
90  2011 Evaluation and Comparison of High-Resolution (HR) and High-Light (HL) Phosphors in the Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscope (MAF) using Generalized Linear Systems Analyses (GMTF, GDQE) that include the Effect of Scatter, Magnification and Detector Characteristics. HL, HR, MAF
91  2011 Inter-plane artifact suppression in tomosynthesis using 3D CT image data. CNR, ROI
92  2011 Radiation dose reduction in scoliosis patients: low-dose full-spine radiography with digital flat panel detector and image stitching system. ISS
93  2011 Study of Stent Deployment Mechanics Using a High-Resolution X-ray Imaging Detector. MAF
94  2011 [Characteristic evaluation and clinical usefulness of dose area product meter at radiography]. ---
95  2011 [Reduction method of patients' radiation dose considering the size of field of view with a digital cine X-ray system loading a flat-panel detector]. FOV, IRP
96  2010 A method for the determination of the two-dimensional MTF of digital radiography systems using only the noise response. NPS, SSXII
97  2010 Ability of chest X-ray to detect faint shadows documented as ground-glass attenuation in images of computed tomography: a comparison between flat-panel detector radiography and film-screen radiography. CT, FS, GGA, SOR
98  2010 Detection of small pulmonary nodules on chest radiographs: efficacy of dual-energy subtraction technique using flat-panel detector chest radiography. AUC, DES, ROC
99  2010 Development of pulmonary blood flow evaluation method with a dynamic flat-panel detector: quantitative correlation analysis with findings on perfusion scan. ---
100  2010 Does a flat panel detector reduce the patient radiation dose in interventional cardiology? ---